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tv   Russia Today Programming  RT  August 31, 2017 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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as more children from the full held city of mosul arrive at a baghdad all finish helping to find their relatives. abused. children exposed. also this hour a russian journalist working for the country's child one is the portion from ukraine security services warn this will happen to anyone. ukrainian. and germany's foreign minister says it's time to kick america's nuclear weapons out of his country issues one of several that have emerged in the run up to the general
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election. will be here with you next hour for a full look at the day's top stories coming up next though it's cross revisiting the cover up of an israeli attack on an american naval vessel over fifty years ago . hello and welcome to all things considered i'm peter lavelle fifty years ago the american naval vessel u.s.s. liberty was brutally attacked by israeli forces the attack on the liberty was one of the worst assaults ever carried out on a u.s. naval vessel in peacetime and committed by an allied country since then the survivors of this unprovoked attack have been seeking. this.
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crosstalk in the u.s.s. liberty i'm joined by my guest ken o'keefe in new york he is a political analyst and the ex u.s. marine who renounced us citizenship in greenville we have philip nelson he is the primary arthur of remember the liberty as well as author of two books on lyndon johnson and in lake jackson we cross to daniel mcadams he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate phil if i can go to you holding the book there in greenville you've written about this. just real quickly i know it's there's a lot of detail in the book is been told is very good but a lot of our viewers have never ever heard of this event so could you in a nutshell tell us what happened fifty years ago in the mediterranean go ahead.
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well it's a long story and i'll try to condense it as best i can but it had to do with an attack that had been preplanned i believe for many months maybe two years in the planning yet it was it was portrayed as being a spontaneous war and that egypt had attacked israel. that was anything with the truth and and in fact since then most of the subsequent leaders of israel admitted that menachem begin for example admitted that others you talk are being admitted that that it was that it had been provoked by israel against syria jordan and egypt for many months the us everything came off the track when when the war commenced ten days earlier it was scheduled had been scheduled for months to start on june the fifteenth it started on june the fifth because of
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all these provocations that worked so effectively it was beyond their expects spectate ok ok ok but let's let's talk about the attack itself what happened how this ship was attacked by israelis give this you know five major points what happened on that day go ahead ok on that on that day after surveilling the ship for several hours about six or seven hours starting at six in the morning. up to thirteen at least twelve or thirteen overflights of the ship some as low as a thousand feet. by by different israeli aircraft. they were doing that for a purpose and i believe the purpose was to map out exactly where the strategy we're . told that is what what vulnerable points ok there's not a before and how we're going on ok phil phil i want to get i want to get everybody
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in here because we got a lot to talk about here you know ken phillips the expert on what happened here but you know again i want to stress here that this assault in peace time by alleged ally on an american naval vessel it's not part of popular culture or popular common knowledge and then there's a reason for that isn't that true go ahead ken. what yes if we could just recap briefly this attack took place over two hours on a clear blue sunny day this ship was an allied ship of israel the united states had been supporting israel hand and foot to that point so when the israelis were doing their overflights all the americans were waving to the israeli jets to the point they could actually see the pilots in the cockpits they were that close this attack occurred over about a two hour period thousands of rounds were fired fifty caliber machine gun napalm rockets they were brought in submarine they brought in torpedoes i believe four torpedoes were fired at the u.s.s. liberty one of them hit it was an act of god that the captain managed to avoid
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three of the others if that one torpedo it hit fifteen inches over it would have hit the boiler room and that entire ship would have sunk another aspect of this is a blatant war crime whereby when the captain actually gave the order to abandon ship all of the life rafts that were launched in the water were shot out of the water by the israeli side is a patent war crime the real objective here was to frame egypt for having been responsible for this attack to kill every single member of that ship over two hundred and ultimately because they were not able to sink the ship the phantom jets that had been launched towards cairo which were nuclear armed were not able to be used but make no mistake about it i believe having read many of the details of this and read phil tourney's excellent book what i saw that day that it is absolutely clear that the only thing that saved us from world war three at that time was the fact that that ship did not sink and there were witnesses and it also brings up a very interesting subject about a russian ship that was in the area and may very well have staved off the sinking
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of the ship as well as all that is a blatant attack it was a false flag and it didn't go according to plan but daniel but you know when when it's ever mentioned that read an article in herat system few days ago it was a mistake it was an honest mistake that's what it's being fed to publics right now whenever it cup ops up go ahead daniel. well certainly that's the word that came down from l.g. l.b.j. on down the you know the commission of inquiry the court of inquiry was told before the investigation what the conclusion was to be and i think he was quoted at least maybe apocryphally saying i'm not going to go to war or embarrass an ally for a few sailors so that was obviously from the top on down you know admiral admiral mccain the father of our great senator from arizona was obviously was involved in the coverup as well but make a good point earlier most of america doesn't know what happened i have to be honest i have to confess i didn't know anything about it until i was up on the hill probably fifteen years ago and someone dropped off a v.h.s.
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that shows how old it was what happened i put off watching it for a while because i had no idea what this was all about when you finally do watch and get the whole story it's extremely compelling why is it i mean it for me this is been a conspiracy of silence for fifty years i mean i know that you've worked with survivors i mean and philip giraldi and ray mcgovern you write eloquently about it and i'm very thankful for them but you know you guys are having a hard time getting your story out it's amazing go ahead fill. ok well the reason for that was because of the cover up there was a media mediately in vote by president johnson directing it to the joint chiefs to robert mcnamara to. john mccain the second the father of the center and it was so effectively and so brutally enforced all of the survivors were threatened with prison time if if they said a word about it to anybody including their wives their mothers their fathers and
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anybody and right immediately after the attack after they were all they managed to survive this they were all dispersed throughout the world on different ships so that no two of them would be together anywhere and they were watched very closely to be sure that they did talk and that that cover up still persists today that's the reason ninety eight percent of the people have never heard of it and those who do have generally accepted the canard that it was was just an accident it was not never an actual can't plan for at least two years one of the interesting things ken is that the us s. liberty is the most decorated ship i think in an american naval history they gave them all the awards all of the arc lights but they did it in secret they did it behind closed doors i mean they got these they got some kind of recognition but absolutely zero public recognition because the true story would come out this is
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not a mistake this was an intentional attack and the implications of that attack we feel to this very moment go ahead ken. yes indeed and there are court transcripts there are transcripts of tapes between israeli pilots and the command centers in israel in which the israeli pilots are actually squashed i mean the orders which are to attack because they understand very clearly that they are attacking an american ship and the orders are repeated by the command centers in israel to indeed attack the ship there is no accident here and where this becomes really relevant is that for a long time israel and the jewish supremacists how would it say tannic mass media that we have which pushes agendas like weapons of mass destruction which results in the death of a million to two million people in iraq a country completely devastated that same power structure remains in place from one nine hundred sixty seven to this day and the cover up of nine eleven and israeli mossad agents involved in nine eleven which is indisputable by any serious
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investigation remains the same in the real point here is that israel can do anything including murdering thirty four american service members in cold blood and attempting to murder every single member of the u.s.s. liberty so as to justify a policy which would have sucked american sons and daughters into a third world war because israel does not have the integrity nor the courage or any kind of author whatsoever to go and attack its enemies itself it uses america and continues to use america as lambs to go off and fight their wars so that israel can expand this is the bigger issue and the u.s.s. liberty as long as the american people refuse to face this and actually make sure that justice is served we're going to continue to get more of the same but these false flag endeavors to sacrifice more and more americans and let us not forget the twenty two american service members a day that commits suicide because they've been sent off to fight israeli wars and you know daniel and when i when i understand the lyndon johnson's reaction the president the time he was a coward he was simply a coward. he was
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a politicians don't take extra that say saudi arabia that's a repetitive yeah go ahead. but you know there is their business unfortunate taint you know and i think it's one way of keeping the conspiracy of silence there's a taint of some sort of anti-semitism if you bring it up you know i just met a liberty survivor in april he was at one of our conferences here and you know this man had not an anti-semitic bone in his body what he cared about when the people he served with on that ship when he cared about is having some acknowledgement of what happened some validation of their experiences for the historical record to be corrected that's what he's looking for and that's what's normal and that's the grotesqueness of this entire cover up is because it didn't allow these soldiers and these sailors to have closure that's why they suffer from p.t.s.d. times one hundred they couldn't even talk to their wives about it and that's the most cruel injustice i think of all ok gentlemen to jump in here we're going to go
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to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the attack on the u.s.s. liberty fifty years ago stay with our team. i . think. last time we chased. each one of the carrying twenty kilos of drugs. pushed. into the very.
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well i don't know maybe it'll make or. break right. now well. welcome back to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the attack on the u.s.s. liberty fifty years ago.
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ok phil i'd like to go back to you in greenville it seems to me and correct me if i'm wrong that the the u.s. turning a blind eye to this gross enjoy. this done to the the sailors of the u.s.s. liberty that it seems to me an interesting point of departure because we've seen how the israeli lobby influences american foreign policy actually even drives that some people would say in the middle east so if you can get away with committing murder and i think that on the face of it that's exactly what it was committing murder and you can get away with it you can get away with just about anything else go ahead kill well that's true and that's obviously an atrocity that cannot be forgiven in any way but it's important to for me to stress the fact that all of the other books ever written about the liberty sort of skipped over the involvement of lyndon johnson and our book does not do that penn's much of the responsibility on
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him i believe that having surrounded himself with with very overly zealous zionists as advisors. knew numerous men i'm not going to name all of them they're all in the book of course but. i believe that they that he through them and their counterparts in israel had planned this action for up to two years and i believe that the sinking of the liberty was was a piece that johnson personally and vote i believe that it was all driven by his desire to have another landslide election the following year in one hundred sixty eight just as he used the previous falls flag attack and nine one thousand nine hundred sixty four called the gulf of tonkin as a means to ensure himself a landslide election in that year that that's what this was about for him i think
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that no one has ever produced any kind of rationale that that that israel could possibly benefit from such an attack. a lot of things have been projected in that article you you one of you mentioned in herat just two or three days ago. it was written by by people who and quoting michael oren who had been the previous embassador from israel to the us. he had written a book as well as a.j. crystal both of them are filled with lies and deceit that were planted at johnson's order fifty years ago. and i really need to go here i'm not understanding the practice i can i please ask are you are you suggesting are you suggesting that israel was simply manipulated by lyndon johnson and that israel wasn't very much having a huge interest in getting america into
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a fight with egypt are you concluding that lyndon johnson manipulated israel or am i mistaken here forgive me if i am. i believe that that part of it was or was primarily advanced by johnson and johnson himself for his own personal reasons the by the way you have you have to remember that it was the fourth day of a six day war the war was essentially over that already beaten egypt they were they were having peace negotiations at the un well i mean phil you're the expert on it but it really is a lot of people would say is that taking out the u.s. is u.s.s. liberty we didn't i the americans knowing exactly what the israelis intended to do as that war was coming to an end ok and like taking illegally seizing arab territory palestinian territory the golan heights i mean there was a lot of the israelis didn't want washington to be listening to what their plans were at all it seems to me logic would dictate that. ok let me go to daniel but
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what i really like about it i have to. that is a theory that has been proposed ok i'm right and there are others and daniel let me go to you again i kind of want to stress you know that this is kind of a ground zero moment here because ever since one thousand nine hundred seven we've been able to see you know it's wag the dog dog i mean our eyes do not understand the how america benefits from its bizarre close relationship with israel what does the u.s. get out of it what has it ever got out of it except for a lot of pain a lot of blood and a lot of wasted treasury go ahead daniel. well unfortunately you're right i mean the liberty liberty attack was sort of ground zero and what has become a very unhealthy relationship between the u.s. and israel it's a one sided relationship as you point out what i think the israelis learned that if they can do something like this go test with impunity they can do literally almost
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anything and unfortunately i would blame israel less than i would blame the cowards in congress the cowards in the administration the cowards in the media who are too afraid to question this for fear of being tarnished with some bad words they're afraid to do this you know members of congress have said behind the scenes you know gosh israel lobby is so strong they'll never go out in public and say you know it's it's it's something that's toxic on our own government and i think that's where the focus should be why are they so afraid you know they might lose their job they might get voted out of office you know it's pathetic you know you know can i i would seem to recall the congressman running for reelection saying you could never be too pro israel in a congressional election i think he's probably right. listen i really need to may pay my respects to the u.s.s. liberty survivor's guilt or any and all of those who know damn well that that
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attack was carried out by israel and i don't to die for one second but lyndon baines johnson is a first class traitor on many levels and a pervert to boot so i'm not in any way defending that traitor however to suggest that lyndon baines johnson manipulated the israelis into it in tack for his own personal gains is insulting and absolutely contrary to the facts as i mentioned earlier their radio transcripts which are now a matter of public record in which the israeli pilots themselves are saying or questioning the order to attack what is clearly an american ship and the order is repeated to attack that ship so please don't tell me or anybody else that lyndon baines johnson manipulated that it is insulting now i'd like to get back to another point as well which is that of course as soon as we talk about the jewish state of israel and the jewish supremacists talmudic ideology which effectively pits all of us the rest of us the glory as cattle to be used and we look at the actual pattern the lavon affair the u.s.s.
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liberty and direct direct involvement in nine eleven in fact it was a joint operation between us intelligence and military and its rating mossad agents lists audience who were arrested on the day with explosives in their bands celebrating and all of this on record israel has continued to get away with their false flag but if you lay sions in order to use american sons and daughters as cattle to be sacrificed for their wars and i really seriously resent the idea that lyndon baines johnson did this and manipulated israel i find that really disgusting and borderline treasonous myself no serious historian can seriously put that board and i imagine that book has one hell of a lot of tap dancing in it if indeed that's what it says phil not i don't know what percentage of the documents that have been released do you see that ever happening were yourself another. writers would have access to more of the documents because it because it's made a long conspiracy i know that in two thousand and three that there was some kind of
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investigation it was admiral moore that was involved with that i mean when with do you think the public will ever have access to that or are you even convinced those documents even exist anymore well there was one document that does exist and it was discovered by accident by james innes when he was at the l.b.j. library of all places. which which was a document dated april the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred sixty seven almost two months before the attack the clearly showed that that operation the larger operation not the attack on the liberty but the plans for the six day war which was called front let's six fifteen were discussed and somehow that document was misplaced and a virtually put into a file the liberty file that was at the l.b.j. library and missed by everybody until about nine hundred eighty eight when james arness discovered it he showed it on that video the b.b.c.
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video dead in the water and it shows that that that committee the three zero three committee it was called was discussing. the operation and that someone noted on that memo memorandum it was it was basically the minutes of this meeting. handwritten on there is that there would be a submarine and u.a.r. waters united arab republic that's egypt. and so how i mean that is positive proof that there was there was something on the agenda that was a continuing agenda item and who knows for how long because the rest of the documents have never been. released probably never will be. and it hides the fact that it was that three o three committee headed up by walter ross now and there were a number of other people of course this have the cia helms mcnamara they were all
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on this committee it doesn't mean necessarily that this other piece of it the u.s.s. liberty attack was was ever known to all of the people in that committee but certainly some must have and then it had to let's talk about no it said i have no idea is in the other the other the other where we brought rapidly running out of time here daniel. what do you think give me your assessment here let's say somebody in middle america is flipping the stations and they suddenly see us talking about this what do you think the average response will be they'll probably think it's a movie or a docu drama i suppose go ahead daniel well they probably won't see it because trying to prevent our team from being seen in the in middle america but if they did they probably feel they were in a minefield that something that they've never heard before and you know if that's what makes it such an unhealthy relationship that we can't talk about these things in a rational way the issue is we are still seeing the same players in the same place
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today you see israel doing cross border attacks on the syrian army in defense of in offense and defense devices we see the u.s. and russia playing that we see us being on the verge of world war three once again that's why it's important for us to look back objective lee on is free and take a lesson from that so that we can survive you know into the next year without a world war and that's what i'm of what i'm afraid is not happening. ok gentlemen we've run out of time here i want to speak to directly to all the survivors of the u.s.s. liberty and their families i'm very happy we made this program and i hope it gives you a little bit of comfort many thanks to my guests in new york greenville and in lake jackson and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember.
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oh they are already. there more. they're not ones. that don't want the definition. i'm back. to the.
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only think i'm. not. going to. get. them to go find it. it is what it was because did it because it didn't seem clinical towards you for the. banal affair.
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of. living. ligeti our. life. decisions for the us mexico or every major job or school concert a protest against your president our plan to militarize. it.
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so. i sent a list up. so that under the most immediate thought oh you're
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a. global weather but i go to the listen knowing that it was going. to meet.
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somebody else on the board biosphere and a conclusive proof of the shortfall and also the noise a couple of the say so you know must come to me come across but i'm going to. close the loop with both ladies from the. get him will let us if i mean and get most of the month. the mental code in them and there was a. i don't know this by norm. mendoza look at the. scene the scene when the person who was in the sport or the. person. that wanted. to nuke us that. was the mother.
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will say so to put us on this is. simple said would. be on the. media. as. much as. ritualised killer on the. media well until. the onset of. the single. letters but over the notes the last
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of them to lose so was that a lot of. them but the. the more you become a number but all the numbers go inside of the and it's good to mozilla that it don't walk on the tracks or on the trail. run right off to the sidelines and also by doing that you're not leaving your tracks they see that your they're trying to walk on the harder the ground you don't want them to know that you're in there. are drugs observed better my shoe is better and. we're a volunteer organization made up of former military and law enforcement who
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come down here for seven to ten days a time and we saw dollars once of the wars weekend to the drug trafficking you know and you could sit there and you could think that well that's just an old. well it's not it's a new one sitting on top of somebody else's if this is going on twenty four hours a day seven days a week you're not going to stop all of it when you're doing it with a nine to five shift mentality you have to come down in occupy the territory just like you would in a in a war. to us this is a war they're bringing in marijuana coke heroin meth and now they're bringing in send all synthetic hair when. you can see other questions. that is there a big difference between male and female track. size depth to him
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because they're lighter smaller because you never have to worry about that out here to do and women or children out there i've seen. trackers be as his. and. misspend the biggest mexican nobody will ever meet and. fall him down had something heavy on because he was. illusion baghdad missile kuwait i did four tours in iraq one tour in afghanistan. got a plate my head my arm so my goal to stop the drug trade i'm from mississippi so i drive twenty five hours to get here. and there several at a steady state we got one from south carolina i think it's the right thing to do the government's not doing anything down here that much so we're here to to try to
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stop the drugs. the. last time we chased eighteen of them. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. and they got it from us and so we call border patrol and border patrol get on the other side of the. kitchen when they come on the other side. so if you look up there that's one of the towers that. that's our cost us ninety billion dollars and that towers what is supposed to be watching the border right now and then when that tower sees something they call the border patrol. and they try to get the gays in the air but it's so far away from anything that by the time they gave years already passed it.
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charlie to base. world and former military and law enforcement we know how to go both doing this and i'm slow in the time we run into somebody. but it was a a ok we'll sit him down and then we ask him if they need any food or water or medical aid. regardless if you're bringing him jordan's or killing people in there then you know or if you're just sneaking into the country we don't want to see you die out there and be dying for those. horrible ways like. food water medical aid we call border patrol we'll put them up. listen this is why the open list people from seventy eight different countries come in through this length and the big problem is those who are that little was
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happening in europe fall by god we're going to help these poor people while you just let in a whole bunch of bad guys because you don't know who the hell they are for because . society that our days is so politically correct they're afraid of offending somebody else. may feel. you if i offend you. beth i'm trying to protect my people my family my friends so if you're offended i'm sorry and that's why they call us races and the reason.
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for it is important as i'm helping that. i live here at the bunker if you could would you want to visit a flea's days actually sit on the couch and i do this whole time i would have stopped doing what i was doing then we would be oh well you know these guys out every single one of my guys would be very if i went to prison they have what's considered an aggravated only you know it could be anywhere from writing a bad check which is fraud in. the discharging a firearm we could be a small amount of drugs like unknowns used to be five pounds of marijuana i mean it's really very small so i want to be very upfront these people need to know leg
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that there is a crime involved and they went to prison. i joined the military in one thousand nine hundred two thousand and one i served with the eighty second airborne i got with honorable discharge in two thousand and one after i got of the military i was involved where somebody shot a firearm in a vehicle i went to prison i was sentence for three years but only did a year and like eight months and then i was deployed in two thousand and four i came back to united states illegally got caught begin in two thousand and ten and i stayed in mexico ever since and opened up a shelter in two thousand and thirteen. if you commit and i grieve phony could be deported that means people who served in the military they committed a felony their green cards will be taken away and that's the short and simple. idiocy.
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right right right. i'm in here for seven years now will deported in two thousand and ten on may eighteenth. yeah that was a day i'll never forget i was scared. i didn't know anybody didn't know the city. didn't know how to get around our only had thirty two dollars in my pocket. immigration took my only form of id had no id and now only had that money and i didn't know what to do i didn't know where to go and they just dropped off the board and say they go and you got to continue on a walk and try to figure it out on your own welcome to the wonderful world. blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive in. my body gets and produce itself around the world giving
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blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. applies more. to put money on your car radio we. have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as most. of you know. one of the risks of paid donation. there is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher paid. in it. if i would fly. over two years old. in the money. and who runs the blood business. the outgoing american ambassador to russia has given
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a series of farewell interviews on the stage of u.s. russia relations it all boils down to we have a problem and russia needs to fix it does blaming the other side is a political strategy. where they are. right. it is right. over three hundred people but there's only about thirty names on here so whenever a new the board of veteran like alex comes here he can put his name on the wall.
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my name was in up here and i've been here seven years so i was out of the loop and now i feel like i'm tied in now their cause becomes my awful one one for all. so that people know that we're not just a number we're not just a group no we're actually living people. this just made it personal i mean this is no longer just about me but about all my brothers. especially the ones that have passed away that lost their life. here while here in mexico we didn't have the chance to go back home. you know this is very very important now and this is now become my life i.
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just. totally fell apart i have no relatives here it's very. safe here organized crime runs this city. forty three years. and it just sucks. you get deported i mean you're going to serve the state even though you've. got no new felonies and. just sucks. i think. it was just. a
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yes yes. yes. that is my belongings right now. that's only my business cards for my business which. if i don't do something about it and still have my contract those license on hand and i don't have a crate and i don't have anything else but i. i do have. been. my go can be three dollars and that's. going to get that last days. but i'd better get by saying i don't want to go. with it and i just got to say you know what i don't want to do well because there's a lot of back get into it that is just put in a photo of all of us you know where oh no i was you know doing just what i do you
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know the simplest example when you have a salad and community i'm going to go to motive that is going to. came from i was in love with the i'm the one who can judge just. a little bit what. you think you know. what happened is like following up with my paperwork to became one hundred percent documented i have to go to the immigration office be there once
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a week once a month. you have to report yourself. bring proof. so that anyway this last time when i showed up. i walk in the nine o'clock in the morning. and i was detained according with the officer she said it very clearly i don't deserve to be here. as well remember you were not. own there the a minister of obama you are now on the mistress of donald trump. and that's the big change. i got arrested in by five o'clock it was poured it into what. it is a real nightmare because you get up in the morning at five thirty in the morning
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and you are. with your family and. you go to sleep somewhere else as a shock. when your grandson. my oldest boy and see how you happy boy his. he loves the pirates. i really don't know what's my feeling right now i don't know if i want to fight when the rhyme nor what you know what what i can do. nothing they can do so. he there or out there all of this year or so i hope to learn a new way of leaving. a
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place in. the abuse so. you can walk on the street because you will be follower and you will be either or rob the. son. you got. used. to. i.
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will throw the list the real mccoy out of that i am it fair to say let go of the unilateral yet you say me there but i damn it for the sake of the risk that they were a new thing oh no this is. he. i will not be again you know it us your. meta to say otherwise dominate an upset. go look you see it at the liverpool that drove by this those who had rid us. so i was good move. maybe it was just did. i get to slightest bit on. me. in some of the screen.
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york in a low income you know much i. mean you walk along. and this is the no business and. this is the money it is they mean mess in to me i'm. used to it is a way but i want. to move forward that this woman horribly the sequels out or number horridest i believe. we hold. up.
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this is you know this is the one leave that thank you we'll keep doing. this is so then we've got our voice they are real story is the most real. because it was and is doing really really hard. and doesn't reassign the pseudo so to lean epidemic to every step. we see similar stuff. is there is to him and all those quotes. because that is true you. never see a side of you. is the real life and when they're going to comment david boy there is the bills that is worse. i'll admit. legal. move is made for the up we'll talk i don't kiss up for no they don't they don't make all.
12:55 am
i've received via me a state that i post like i'd love me some believe the audacity to put us through that but it's. here you know unless you're the whitest lady here ok nor can anyone else. yeah they read a soap where some of us us us. listen listen listen to your was no make it any but i took a place that is tommy that yon's pompous i am from we left i don't care for movement took at two in case he came in the back i say oh now what do they want us to. consist of is this even the adam in the middle y'all use business use. you look at the whole day's business killing dental you know pull us out you know what i am only a song do you know in general we are a bit of
12:56 am
a. timid little is it. see. new mom. down not once not. enough leaves off not done one might have been a tough the finish is enough i'm by any. one seeking i need south. j. to be an equal city. yes. and then you're going to bring. me think i'm.
12:57 am
good enough to let the. saudis out. but let. them tokyo find it who's going to help. him. out. with because. he's. kind of financial for a long shot about money laundering first to visit the us in the three different. we have our three banks all set up something in your something in america something
12:58 am
over the cayman islands and it will hold these banks are complicit in their. need to do some serious. ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury. for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for a watch guys record. the two thousand and eight economic crisis turn some countries into paid. these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work it makes millions of people very unhappy and employed to see down. which is the. almost a decade good of the results. of which to watch.
12:59 am
a. movie she was i mean if i eat the whole. thing she said. while the same mission is still in place who one of the consequences. of this is the truth you consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision.
1:00 am
of the. u.n. estimates that's an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every day trapped in the ongoing siege. civilian victims of both coalition air strikes terrorists fighting. nato airstrikes killed eleven civilians in afghanistan. raising questions about the accuracy of coalition bombardments. dissatisfaction among americans with troop party political system bros. suggests more than a hard. independent by the next presidential election.
1:01 am
and a migrant camp in central brussels swells raising fears of another. about of a notorious cleared just across the border in france crews had to decide. just a few weeks ago there were many people and now as you can see from the evidence around us many people. face. thursday morning here at moscow and a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at international. to syria now where the battle for what was once considered i suppose defacto capital is taking a horrendous toll on civilians caught in the crossfire the u.n. estimates now that dozens of civilians are being killed on a daily basis. the
1:02 am
u.n. estimates that's an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq every day. up to twenty five thousand civilians still remain trapped in the city and they're increasingly exposed to the crossfire of the ongoing fighting. they risk being killed either by astroids. mines if they try to flee. there is. constant air raids from the coalition so the civilian casualties are. large and they seem to be no real escape for these civilians.
1:03 am
one of the planes bombed us heavily this happens in downtown bend around isobel slaughtering people that many were killed and houses were destroyed in the coalition shelling targets civilians and civilians four story houses full of people all over the neighborhood certainly many have been killed among the my cousin he died in iraq and that strike. we count with around twenty thousand people ereka. our children. are suffering. family of the children is actually. getting. well a former pentagon official michael maloof believes the way the rock operations
1:04 am
being carried out is a recipe for mass civilian casualties. i think the pentagon has made a determination that they can accept a certain number of civilian casualties if they're going after high value targets and but but it's just unconscionable to be doing aerial bombing on very densely populated city areas they know there will be casualties and yet they're willing to accept that and they're not saying anything there if the pentagon's confronted about it they just defer and say well we'll investigate you never hear another word again but this is not the way you do it in a we're not in a total war situation as we were in world war two and and the way that this is being conducted is a guarantee for civilian casualties and i'm very very high number. within days iraq's prime minister is expected to announce the full liberation of
1:05 am
the city of tal afar from islamic state thought to be the last stronghold of the terror group in the north of the country but how close to peace really is the war weary nation. but i guess d.f. speaks to people on the course. for the bits of pots of fourteen years as iraq has been and with the violence and it has adapted following invasion and occupation by america iraq has steadily grew in its military now it's vost and we are iraqis whether the even knew just how many soldiers are protecting them lincoln was in many on the continent in those in the know but. only on. the. mandate of the whole didn't need to be. on how they. are that could be added to them and it couldn't. get out to
1:06 am
you it could kind of. talk but. here is some perspective iraq's population ignoring kurdistan is roughly thirty million of those approximately nine million adult men and neatly one in three a third of all men as soldiers are. down. and when it. is in iraq.
1:07 am
it's a vicious cycle workman hanging up their overalls teaches leaving schools. abandoning their fields and why not service pays much better. with their. clubs with. mosul university once the second biggest in iraq but it's seen better days just like everything else in the city here's the kicker though classes are in session. those with walls and ceilings still intact nevertheless young men are abandoning study in favor of easy money in the police force. they get guns.
1:08 am
and opportunity. you'll hear those stories everywhere troops raise than jews this private armies shakedowns. and protection rackets violence has become a currency. and the harm that. but surely this con cluster you might think isis will be defeated and there'll be no need for this huge on me perhaps but america and britain show iraq four years ago violence sometimes.
1:09 am
the system has and it's cooled a war economy by an entire nation adapts to live and thrive in perpetual war. from iraq. a brutal fight to force i sold out of iraq including from tal afar as devastated civilian lives particularly those of children and here and i'll tell you we are continuing the campaign to find relatives of children abandoned by their parents fighting for the terrorist organization and more such kids in this case from mosul have recently been brought to a baghdad orphanage. here. is that.
1:10 am
the girl's name is had her foot was badly. and the boy called mohammad he has a knee injury that both children are still under a lot of stress and refused to speak but the kids who are with them say that they are from chechnya and if you by any chance recognize either of them please contact us regarding the children of t t v dot are you. now though donald trump has only been in office for less than a year talk is already growing about the well the next u.s. presidential election in twenty twenty some are arguing over whether the president will manage to hold on to his job polls suggest a growing dissatisfaction among americans with the traditional two party system
1:11 am
altogether as jacqueline fuko reports. here in the u.s. capitol it seems that republicans and democrats alike are struggling to gain any traction politically when it comes to the left our recent poll shows that only forty two percent of the public views the party in a positive light and the funding is coming to a crawl and as we earlier saw in new york many see the party as purely anti trump but many struggling to define any clear policy message the policy proposals. i mean specifically. i'm not sure oh no. nothing comes to mind nothing now. i can mention one can you tell us one policy proposal the democrats have put forward in twenty seventeen. is being against trumpet enough to get them elected. probably not no i mean they have to have something to back it up i asked the more questions about the g.o.p. here in d.c. and it seems they're not faring any better be getting. out of line.
1:12 am
i don't know what. the same thing going on. your watch nothing major nothing major and minor i'm trying to think there have been some minor things but i can't i can't think of one that's so minor they are despite the fact that republicans control both chambers of congress only one in six of their voters approve of what's happening here on capitol hill and all time low for the past year so many promises were made about the achievements that would finally be seen now that they have the majority in the american people expect this to be done they're ready for us to talk to listen come up with a better health care program for our country who want to tax code built for growth literally designed to go jobs and salaries in the u.s. economy not just a wall but a great wall we will do this that will start early and next year and yet we're still waiting for those big ideas to come to fruition well i think it's correct that both parties have failed the american people were in the midst of maybe the
1:13 am
most income. didn't presidential administration ever and and yet the democrats don't seem to be offering very much of a better alternative of a resistance. i think that the american people have been ready for an alternative party for multiparty democracy for a very long time this situation has just become critical at this point so nothing is actually getting done and politicians are dragging one another through the mud trying to find someone to blame but perhaps the two party system is the problem according to a gallup poll by twenty twenty it's possible that over half of american voters would be registered independent not being affiliated with either party or perhaps they could be connected to. this kind of traction with the republican and democratic party is so high that people are now seriously discussing the idea of bringing together progressive groups to form a major political party of that party washington d.c.
1:14 am
. and his audience and eleven civilians have been confirmed dead as a nato helicopter allegedly attacked a house in afghanistan and according to the local government. the jet plane bombed hear it bombed all the houses were destroyed only two or three people survived look at the house you can ask people whether the taliban were here or not there has been no confirmation of the strike so far from nato or the u.s. led coalition but a spokesperson for the nato led mission in kabul says the reports of being investigated if confirmed the strike would be the second deadly month of afghan civilians in just the last four days in fact on monday thirteen civilians were confirmed killed and over
1:15 am
a dozen wounded in an air strike on the western head out of province. the government says it was targeting taliban fighters but locals again said the militants had left the area hours before the strike and the two incidents demonstrate the huge risk of civilian casualties from the intensified raids on the country meanwhile the u.s. has acknowledged that it has eleven thousand military personnel in afghanistan that is thousands more than previously stated but the pentagon insists that there has been no increase in troop numbers just that the method of counting has been changed we will characterize all forces necessary for the steady state missions of train advise assist and counterterrorism as total forces included in total forces in afghanistan will be the troops required for short duration missions which vary based upon operational conditions but are not needed for the duration of the operation. comes a week off the president announced
1:16 am
a new strategy on afghanistan although some believe he has perhaps alterio motives . president trump is very interested in afghanistan's economic potential to maybe one trillion dollars worth of course. on the minium gold. we are going to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war to us but analysts believe afghanistan's natural resources could provide the usa with a return on its investments and washington has already spent over seven hundred billion dollars on the conflict and the money keeps flowing whereas the potential value of resources in afghanistan varies from one to three trillion dollars. now among other resources afghanistan has our deposits of a different gemstones copper and gold it's even been dubbed the saudi arabia of lithium and heck of a tool a research analyst at the center for conflict and peace studies believes trump is
1:17 am
just playing a businessman in afghanistan president. meeting president actually pitched this idea to encourage him and tell them that look up on a stand is not only a liability but it can also be an assett it's expected a president from given he's a business tycoon and he cares about saving money for the americans but you know there are certain points we need to may need to keep in mind first there is a growing insecurity in a lot of minerals under taliban control and the second is how well they transport given up on this town is very far from the from from the u.s. and lastly i personally don't believe that they will take all very low cost i don't think americans can take a lot of profit out of it. lucrative resources of afghanistan have long been attractive to china beijing is there on the frontline of mining and development
1:18 am
projects and as one of the country's major trading partners. however again believes that both china and the u.s. should perhaps. underground wealth in afghanistan as it all belongs to the people. is is the only asset that is not belong to the gone and that is off the people of the house to bring economic prosperity to. live so it's not gone mentally deciding so there's people who will be will be wasting their concerns and i think it will be a very. international lots of stories coming your way today here on the program including a new migrant camp again ultimately forming in the very heart of europe that story .
1:19 am
this is how. the economy. business. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to present. to the press this is what.
1:20 am
interested. thanks for joining us authorities in brussels but a new camp is starting to form similar to the infamous jungle in the french which was ultimately cleared last year. by the hundreds of refugees now sleeping near one of the city's train stations. visited the site. the remnants of a makeshift camp a in down town brussels is being described as sums potentially in the next jungle a reference that that notoriously squalid camp in neighboring france that was dismantled a year ago and one medical charity working here in brussels the said that just a few weeks ago there were any handful of people and now as you can see from the
1:21 am
evidence around us many more people have been using this as a base most people are traveling here from countries like sudan and eritrea but even. people you know. because. he's not played some migrants only agreed to speak to us if we didn't shoot their whole face. the. bread future. to hear. more difficult things. to. different. people as the rain is coming down. some people have moved under the trees to try and gain what little shelter they can now this new makeshift camp
1:22 am
is just fifteen minutes away from the european commission's building and just a stone's throw away from some of the main railway stations here in brussels including the one that the euro. to the u.k. and that's leading to fears from some people that some of the migrants who will be so desperate to get the u.k. that they will actually try and board the trains. people who tried already to go there. it was rated dangerous. game playing. with a life so i'm scared about that now and it's faint it's possible it's possible course you need to command you need to last things. and if you would not have the command just to take it it's. difficult for you. to gain the train and locals here concerned the situation is only going to get.
1:23 am
so we're two hundred people now we're at six hundred fifty it's getting critical a lot of people say it's a belgian problem that it's a problem for certain countries but really it's a european problem so what's being done by the authorities well according to the charity medicines to move and not a lot. of the situation now is that there are actually around four hundred or five hundred migrants now in the belgian or dorothy's are not really doing anything. because they consider that it was migrants want to be held they should apply for asylum in belgium as the authorities seem to be so reluctant to do anything concerned park maximilian could become a new symbol of you refugee crisis just like charlie before surely even ski r.t. brussels we discussed the matter with our french mayor and republican party politician
1:24 am
jack me are he believes the shang getting free movement agreement is a key factor making the migrant crisis so difficult to cope with it is very true that today not only but many aspects of the european construction are not functioning properly. isn't a porter needed to improve control of our frontiers unfortunately it is based on utopia and in fact it cannot work because it's very very difficult to control every point of fact. this of the european. union to the rest of the world we should reach store the internal controls at our borders to prevent people to smuggle in and this is why i do believe that the schengen agreement should be revisited on
1:25 am
a more let's say realistic basis then this utopian you know principle of having a free zone without any control at the internal front is the internal borders and that criticism of that you use internal borders is not an isolated voice some of those behind europe's deadliest terror attacks travel freely across the continent after carrying out the atrocities a few even managed to spend weeks passing through different borders before being caught.
1:26 am
1:27 am
meanwhile an attempt by the british government to deport an afghan asylum seeker to the war torn country has failed that's after the pilot of the plane he was supposed to be removed on refused to take off some big zada reportedly faced beheading by the taliban due to his work for a company that cooperated with the afghan authorities along with the american ones too and after receiving several death threats he fled to the u.k. to join his father who is now a british citizen but his asylum bit was rejected with no right of appeal. now the home office has said it doesn't comment on individual cases but it stuff makes a. fair and balanced decisions when reviewing asylum applications now earlier we spoke with bridget chapman was the chair of the kent racism network and she organized a rally in support of some him at london's heathrow airport where he was meant to be deported. i would like to. i don't know if it's a man or
1:28 am
a woman but i want to kiss them i'm really disappointed with the home office is. a young man who is he's twenty two he has no criminal record he's father is a british citizen and his father is p.t.s.d. and simon is his kyra and he's on the credible threat of beheading returning to afghanistan is appalling where we monitor the situation very closely i mean i'm the home office has said they will try again and we will do everything we can to make sure miss i and all the young people that they are trying to deport i would want to go so far here with all the international today your thursday world headlines continue in about thirty minutes.
1:29 am
well you remember the beverly hillbillies the t.v. show. for a man named relic of the family should know some crude came from bubbling crude oil that is black gold texas tea well in the opening credits that t.v. show they show the beverly hills mansion and that magic has just traded in the market and took a huge discount many many many millions of dollars and just it's poetic justice jed clampett the original oil baron and los angeles his mansion is getting hammered in the market so while obviously it's not working anymore. there's a letter we found. in the desert with when somebody jumped over the wall the wall. we sleep with these waters jugs out there and these racist groups will.
1:30 am
surely. and we find shotgun shells people shooting at the migrants. twenty years ago i started going out to the desert like we're doing right now to bring water to people that are across because the people that are across you know across the rio all the way they jam they cannot get visas there's no visas for these people so they risk their lives crossing of the desert or the mountains or the ocean where other cities by sandy able to one out there's a wall where there's no cities there's no wall and that's where people cross and
1:31 am
that's where people die so every summer more people die because of the wall that exists right now then the entire history of the berlin wall. and you can see this is part of operation gatekeeper one nine hundred ninety four and as we walk in a walk to the end right here just to the bottom of this little hill that's the the a wall that was george bush and if you look further down there's no wall. now is out of doubt most of the people in the united states do not want a wall all of the people in mexico do not want the wall and i guarantee you mexico is not going to pay one penny for their wall because the wall this is stop people
1:32 am
the wall kills people. so if trump builds what he wants to build it'll be a little longer a little higher it'll just take a little longer to cross but it's not going to stop anybody. if you're lucky of course. so you can see that somebody was walking through here there's footprints right here . we put out maybe two or three thousand gallons every summer and i would say maybe three hundred of them or use another three hundred or sabotaged broken and and then some are just left out there maybe an animal or nobody ever uses them but as long as one of them is using to save one person's life. so we don't try to hide the bottles so we try to leave a bottle right here because what the person will do is oftentimes we're going to
1:33 am
wait right here because of cars going to come later on so the main way to do it in the shade or in a teaser brush because they realize there's a border patrol coming through here to leave it in a spot that it's clearly visible that way here. just like that. the situation now is going really bad because a trump where you have all these hate crimes and attacks on people and and it's really sad. so now we have more volunteers than ever more donations because people are very mad people do not want donald trump. oftentimes behind those big routes up there they're sleeping bags and clothes. because they this will hide all the way. he says he wants to build a wall congress doesn't want him to build a wall the people of united states do not want a wall there's already
1:34 am
a wall that covers a third of the border but i believe he will get a little bit of a wall built in addition to what already exists and then he's going to stop one because he didn't they don't have the money for it and to because there's no need for that wall. so this. is what the. liberals are leaving out for him they're leaving food and water. and before these bleeding heart liberals has started leaving water and stuff no more goals of that they would only make it in a couple of miles before they ran out of water and the be sitting on the side of the road waiting to be picked up because they couldn't go any farther but now they know there's water along the whole way well if they didn't encourage him then they wouldn't be people coming over but they play the the p.t.
1:35 am
card you know where it's like or where saving lives were helping were. helping in the two of the biggest illegal activities in the country. human smuggling and dope smuggling. looks like they had to leave in a hurry and. the animals got to it. rested that night. when he got there he was going to have a party. confederate. because he didn't realize he was this close to a road probably or a car down and just took off so this brother last night there was is trash everywhere. i don't see any
1:36 am
humanitarians doing this picking up trash. this political correct needs to go away we need to enforce our own was if i climbed over the fence and snuck into mexico that's automatic here in a mexican prison i know what he want to do a year in a mexican prison you know here all the dep ins is their pictures taken their fingerprints are taken from back over the fence. four days later they're back again look at this. see this they. pushed the fence down. they just step right through. there's a lot of spots where there's not even last or they cut it. down here at the bottom . is a big wash this area right here on the other side where these big trees are that's
1:37 am
what's called a lay up area so they'll come up and they'll sit there in the bushes and wave in mexico until the guy sitting up on that mountain tells them it's ok then they come across. we've heard from the past four or five administrations going we need a fence for the you know wall when the defense they ok building the wall back in two thousand and one but they never gave the money for. stillness and politicians. who just tell you what you want to hear. we have to go back a hundred years we have to go backwards by that i mean one hundred years ago they had outpost along the border and they had guys in the outpost and then they fanned
1:38 am
out from the elbows and stopped anyway and everything coming through. people who are sick or not i'm on the. law and lunatic oh i'm living in. the middle. apostle woke him up in the temple rip uncle so some of those men the most famous film the one with a pull them up quite alone in the last. of us up close to some of us there was a. what i thought. from the north of course a. pleasant
1:39 am
and almost cruel sadly but it's a joke i mean not in accord with them that's something i want to. in my little comment but i will let the fans of coroner man or not only appear that i. was a little bit of a loss and i'm a little bit lament but in the phillip mckerrow. there are some of them in. me that under me and are nominated that i'm ahead on in. the money. that.
1:40 am
i was driving under the influence. and i cause the polish me. send me. back to mexico i got a bottle for years i won't. and. i strain to walk back to. los angeles. i highly potter fourteen times i went back story since i finished my fortune all last time so i was high. when i got cause i was high. on the bottom of the minute he was on the boil that can lead to butter but then i look. at the saw with the grandmother in one thousand or so in effect a real impetus was in the. mouth in a cousin. or
1:41 am
then of the killer. in the no huddle and the kiss and feel. a little fillip but because they were in the same. moral calculus. the level of. the lake with the body in the in the air. let me know if you let them know what it is the space. so no money no one caught us on. the bus all night isn't a lot of. welcome
1:42 am
to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and some bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity knowing does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it bursts the plasma burning people put their money on your car immediately. half of all plasma based drugs today come from private
1:43 am
companies and are produced from paid plasma as most often by you know a motor car computer one of the risks of paid donation in it then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations and it. if i was lying. over two years old he will go in the money usually it's a drug and who runs the blood business. live. live live. live
1:44 am
. dream in your dreams or in english. you are awake because somebody is watching them to memorise them to go but now they're talking to you in the spanish oh. so he's going on like moving your head live to write trying to fix whatever is inside your head. this is the.
1:45 am
i still don't tell a place to live in a still don't know anybody and the last few days i didn't have a plan i didn't know what to do with it i didn't have a paper work but now i do i have a plan of work. i've got together with three people in this facility place and we are planning to share the cost of the arment in the star alone and see how we make progress. when i got the knot is the day. i was selected for interview. then they haven't if it is like now what but now i'm excited because now there is supply and now we can get together we can make. now we have a star in our place to start.
1:46 am
this is going to be the first time and i am applying for a job here. is something like. really i don't know but i'm i will take an imposition right now. doing between two governments. mexican and american. neither one once you. they don't want you over there and they don't want you over here and that's the feeling and. i'm the land of no one.
1:47 am
knows nothing. about anything so we have a very important visit we have a group of congressmen that have never visited a need to forty's or deported veterans and we're very excited that we're going to be able to talk to these people that are introducing legislation they're the ones that can get us home as well as maybe push the president to write an executive order hello everybody my name is live in castro and i part of a group of seven members of congress is going to be secure here. we want to kind of you're to listen to the stories but also it's a goodness it's back to our fellows in the american congress the american. college
1:48 am
years. in this. leave for the job i just mean it's one of the. triggers that you. go on here. i feel that us as mike and i think it is shameful for the united states to kick out people that stood up and just deportation you don't just listen to people argue the judge. and everybody in there with their president crossed out boxing overnight which said that my fellow democratic repeat guilty is not going to be deported yet here i am. we've all read that anybody who was willing to risk their life for their country the united states. should not be subject to deportation. unfortunately there are hundreds if not thousands of federal to have dealt that exact state. and governor jerry brown on easter this year issues three pardons full and complete parties and so i'm here today to present these to you. the first issue i
1:49 am
mr hector of the process he's going. to. need to. think that it will take years. to get there. if. you will. find the bundle. may he told. me he knows that it. will say oh you don't want to go over. this and
1:50 am
who i root for and where i want to live which i have been thinking for nothing when i was ok if there was a republican said nothing and i trump or somebody you have say using. but we need a. right now it's do whatever the veteran support house tells me to do it for us filling out paperwork in applying for this and applying for that we're trying to upgrade my discharge or trying to get letters of recommendation for that . the last time i seen my family both five years ago and see no police since. nobody comes because they don't feel safe here. the organized crime is just to bring peace. to me. and my mom is good enough there in age you know she's ninety one and she just
1:51 am
can't travel that much anymore and it kills me that she's at that age because i know that if she ever passes away there's no way i'm going to be able to go home i'm very like a fairy my father. in my babies i mean they're missing my babies but the oldest is twenty five britons twenty three melissa's twenty no junior just turned eighteen you know some of these pictures are old. and that weighs down on you when you don't have that and you were obviously you can tell i was always in his life. i was always in the mix with. it's one of the things that i really really miss. life just passing by time is just going by you know what i do is just get over it and i just can't seem to find my mitch and yeah i do feel like i'm in the able that's exactly how it.
1:52 am
until to me i suppose again yes i mustn't is that i have our faults or all men on some minor not only are all the way on us photos and is the most obvious of our . ways stand up a little a unit in front
1:53 am
a real case unless. they still do family land they. say most as count. well they really have to stay. a status. quo you need now. yes means they've gone drolly oh yes new fangled drolly are working here. and. there are only too many actually. had never looked up.
1:54 am
or many been aware tell you that i was. clear that no one to me like me. don't want to learn she declared. didn't leave me alone maybe i'll meet their album movie no. i mean i really mean you know. all of you that really with little focus also i. do do. as i say yes you know a little happiness over them into supercop with my family that does twenty one. less the moment they meet by ease in this facility that use e-mail to help lift the lid on in which story at the last moment the enormous important moments.
1:55 am
noise they gave me a spot he cannot give me. in this moment you know i left the moment they must agree that. it is a dollar also that almihdhar more also because they will see that maybe they gave us this then we remember them all of those new. lehi ok yes they are yes or no or k.j. essay they were also from media if the nicholas got it right if you see a list of all media. c.s. . cecil seahorses this time b.n. you're missing the real thing imo says. us. they know where the is a must at home for us not to ask.
1:56 am
the last battle. plan. i am. well we have.
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thank. you. the outgoing american ambassador to russia has given a series of farewell interviews on the stage of u.s. russia relations it all boils down to we have a problem and russia needs to fix it does blaming the other side stand a chance as a political strategy. bosler the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it.
1:58 am
crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life before this on the celestial get out of the. sun nas by him sometime soon as we finally. while the city's tried desperately not to collapse. the profit of. the supper will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a. lot. as a tourist phobia will fail phone tone identity.
1:59 am
well you remember the beverly hillbillies the t.v. show. for a man named jed barely got the family shooting that some crude came tumbling crude oil that is black gold texas tea well in the opening credits that t.v. show they show the beverly hills mansion and that mansion has just traded in the market and took a huge discount many many many millions of dollars in discount it's poetic justice that jed clampett the original oil baron in los angeles his mansion is getting hammered in the market so while obviously is not working any more. than all of.
2:00 am
this. to. you at this time just an average of twenty seven people are being killed in iraq on every day in the ongoing siege by still self-proclaimed civilians affording victim to both coalition air strikes and the terrorists fighting. and alleged nato air strikes killed eleven civilians in afghanistan province that is raising new questions about the accuracy of coalition bombardments. and of michael and central brussels swells daily raising fears of another. notorious come clear just across the border in france you're on the probe.


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