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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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although our. nuclear crew. i. rush a summons the deputy chief of the u.s. embassy in moscow to protest plans to search the russian consulate in san francisco movie brands as illegal and aggressive. also. counter-terror has revealed that britain has the highest number of dismissed extremists in europe . i think it was if you're not why was a member of your like i'd like you here we all go black people right the. police lieutenant in the u.s. has been fired after a dash cam video shows him assuring a woman during a traffic stop the police only kill black people. good
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afternoon watching r.t. international is just turned four o'clock here in moscow russia has some of the deputy chief of the u.s. diplomatic mission in the country to express anger at the american security services intention to search a russian consulate moscow has described it as a clear act of aggression. we consider the planned illegal search of russian diplomatic premises in the absence of russian officials and the threat we have received to break down the door of the building is an unprecedented act of aggression. but for more this now we're joined by medina question of a good afternoon to you bettina a lot of tension over the last few days neither is more what's going to happen next you think well next in several hours staff members and their family so along with
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children will have to leave their homes for up to twelve hours so that u.s. security services will be able to search the premises now russian diplomatic staff were given only thirty six hours warning the state department has said that the facilities will be close to an anti or access there will be granted only with a special permission now foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as a lot of us slammed a u.s. intentions to raid the san francisco general consulate and apartments of staff members she specifically said that they do have diplomatic immunity we are talking about invasion of the consular offices and departments of diplomatic staff with the latter being asked to leave not to stand we reserve the right to tell that reactions however this is no choice it's been forced upon us. this
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diplomatic route has been quite rapidly unfolding in the past few days russia says that this conflict wasn't started by moscow but the u.s. administration now both sides continue to say that they do want to establish good relations but giving the latest circumstances it is really unclear whether it is still possible. ok thanks and that was made in a court chant of a. well back in december then president barack obama expelled thirty five russian diplomats over alleged election meddling choosing not to respond in kind on the very same day president putin president vladimir putin instead invited the children of u.s. diplomats in russia to a new year party at the kremlin well then in july the house of representatives overwhelmingly passed a new anti russian sanctions bill moscow cut the u.s. diplomatic presence in the country to the same level in russia as in rushes in
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america then after that trump extended sanctions following a congressional vote now washington is defending its latest move as a straightforward return to diplomatic parity with moscow former u.s. diplomats we've talked to believe that the plan to search the control it would be pointless. what are people going to do in your betters apartments around the consulate in san francisco for illegal recipes for abortion and of course you're going to have to respond you're going to have to cross into st petersburg looking for perhaps too many copies of. the embassy library but this happens that happens usually at a literal level this time however it perhaps is more serious because it seems to be no. contest between mr putin and mr trump there's not going
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to be anything left. of interest to find quite frankly if there ever was anything other than confidential diplomatic materials which they're supposed to have there but the thing generally tends to be very tough finely tuned and balanced so that not too much offense is given because frankly things are already far too tense between the two countries already so there has to be great care taken when making gestures like this and to me again that means that anyone who's actually planning on raiding diplomatic premises in san francisco has lost their mind. now the u.k. is home to more isn't this extremist in any country that's according to the blokes counter-terror coordinates he also warned future terror attacks in europe inevitable and see children has been looking at why britain tops the list. was.
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both but i was right was. recurring terrorist attacks in europe and the u.k. have become an unnerving fixture for europe's major cities as it turns out britain is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the number of extremists here there is many as twenty five thousand fanatics in britain more than any country in europe that's according to the use anti-terrorist chief three thousand are considered a direct threat by m i five and five hundred under constant surveillance to compare friends with six terrorist attacks in the last two years is said to have seventeen thousand radicals spain the most recent victim of a major terror attack in europe just over five thousand so why is britain europe sixty most capital where the fight to bring the supposedly good and highest number
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of jihadi some twenty five thousand does surprise me a bit because i would have expected france or proportion of belgium to. number given particular the alienation of the muslim communities in both those countries were no one i'm not surprised that young muslims are quite alienated from her society and that's growing of research the impact of what britain itself has done and we should remember britain has been next the united states the main program for satanists in various wars we have seen around the middle east the thirty five deaths caused by terrorist attacks in britain this year in westminster manchester and london bridge were carried out by perpetrators on the radar of the security services yet despite that awareness those terrorist attacks were until voided and more are expected to happen. we are going to suffer more attacks the group's propaganda no longer calls so much for people to travel to the caliphate but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence even on
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a small scale with homemade weapons across europe while some perpetrators were known to the authorities others appeared to be leading ordinary lives and were even described as good guys this raises the question of just how many so-called good guys are totally off the radar or are currently in the process of being radicalized twenty five thousand people the security services can monitor that number of people every twenty four hours some of those attacks we've seen have been one wolf for tanks it's very difficult if an individual or even two three small number of people plan something that was just simply wanted to get a hold of a vehicle getting hold of naives it's very difficult to pick that up so if the security services can't guarantee the safety of citizens who can the u.s. extended a european travel alert for americans this week making it clear that europe and britain are not the safest places to go and r.t. london well we spoke to the former head of britain's counter-terrorism security office about this and he thinks it is impossible to monitor such
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a large number of extremists. certainly you know with those carter numbers anywhere there are not going to be enough police officers to keep watch on them but certainly twenty to thirty thousand people of interest in the security services that's one thing of course that boils down to probably about two or three thousand people who are really concerned and the police and security services i mean what it's no surprise that spain's been attacked they've got the same problems as everywhere else and of course when there are suspects that are in a society. this is very difficult to police we're going to see a lot of terrorist attacks worldwide over the next twelve months and that's just the way it is and unless we can increase their intelligence and the u.s. are pretty good at intelligence and it doesn't share. then all of us are going to suffer from terrorists that sounds. now just three weeks to go before germany head
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to the polls the authorities there looking at potential threats the democratic process and it is a little surprise that russia once again finds itself in the spotlight peter oliver has the story. comfortably ahead in the polls but this election campaign hasn't been a walk in the park for on political figures he says it is. not the asian style. by the kids i'm sure i know i know. i'm going to call remains around fifteen points ahead in the polls but that hasn't stopped the security officials from looking for a bogeyman in this election we believe russia is capable of starting dissent from asian campaigns in connection with the elections to the bundestag yes we heard about the u.s. election we heard about the french election now it's germany's to his claims are
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being made that russia is out to influence the vote but this isn't the first time that we've heard these type of comments from hans he mustn't the only country in the instant of the american intelligence services are convinced that most likely russian intelligence services are behind the attack we have no evidence of course but it is obvious that a similar scenario was possible in germany to. and he's not the only one banging that particular drum but. we have seen the alleged influence in the us elections the french elections as well as clear evidence to suggest that these attacks came from russia. there's a crucial hole in claims that russia is attempting to influence the outcome of this year's election in fact we heard the head of germany's interior security service talk about it just a few seconds ago that is there's no evidence no evidence that hacks took place in the past or that there's the intention to carry out hacks in the future in fact the
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german government has had to come out and admit this. i don't have any information that these kinds of food can be proved and they have no knowledge of them. germany has been the victim of high profile cyber attack in the past back in twenty fifteen the bundestag systems were the victim of a cyber attack and the finger of blame for that one remains pointed at russia russia was initially blamed for the telecom hack at the end of last year and that has nearly a million people offline across germany in fact though it was the work of a twenty nine year old british man who was doing it at the order of a liberian company in exchange for cash russian president vladimir putin was put on the spot about meddling in elections during the g twenty and amberg. we did not interfere in the u.s. elections so why would we create any problems here we have good relations with germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe. looks almost nailed
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to be returned as the chancellor of germany but almost half of germans say they still don't know who they're going to vote for so the next couple of weeks could well prove to be crucial and being able to patrol yourself as the defend against foreign meddling could well be a vote. come september the twenty fourth piece or all of a. dash cam footage has emerged showing a police lieutenant in the us telling a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people. you should own your lavandero i think a lot of why can't. god. if you're not why are all remember we're like white people yeah we'll black people right. things like. the lieutenant
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there was subsequently five with his police chief saying he'd made a mistake that was inexcusable however the chief so called the lieutenant and on woman he'd known for years we discussed the issue with ronald hampton a retired d.c. metro police chief he told us that such language incites racism believe me it probably has come up in the twenty eight years that he's been on the police force cobb county georgia has been known to hobble racism as well as activities by the ku klux klan it's always right next to decaf kenya where lenny isn't and they have been the issue then there before so this guy that was has happened to this guy and the mistake is that now and this was caught on camera and in video done on a very old but we start there and heard the sound too so now he can't get around the fact that he used this racist term as well as it's awful to me is that in the case in that his behavior over the years so i don't necessarily believe the person
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who said that they've known him is honorable person i don't believe that the international thanks being with us this asked him to come for you would joint syrian and russian operations destroy deisel ahmed vehicles we'll have a look at that place of the stories in a couple minutes. with this manufactured incentive to stick to the public will. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one. to ignore middle of the room sick. the real news.
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client can be taken into the afterlife that's a lot of people from the future are now arriving in the present like the long lost is able to pay for is very into the president using bitcoin he doesn't talk about it much because he's already considered to be quite a strange man but you know that's the truth. without a now a long craft has crashed during display east of moscow killing two people on board . the end of a n two had been carrying out a demonstration flight marking the seventieth anniversary of the aircraft's
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prototype taking to the skies the plane lost control during a maneuvers you can see here and plunged to the ground exploding into a fireball the antonov a n two was a utility aircraft still in use in countries around the world according to one witness the pilot divert the plane away from the crowd at the last moment averting a much bigger disaster. for the pilot managed to divert to the last moment during the movie. he sacrificed his life to save us a heroic deal when. the search is underway for the families of two young new arrivals at a baghdad orphanage. made last their parents who are thought to have fled to iraq from southern russia to join i saw fighters the children though so traumatized by their experience they are unwilling to speak.
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the it was the one. moment that emerged. in the. night the good. night she. had the job was to make the film lois going to come back i was. at home and there are among dozens of orphans that the shelter where he has been
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trying to reenter children with any family members back home what a ghastly have sent this report from iraq. we don't yet know deja and mohammed's fool stories but whatever they've been through the word tragic likely doesn't do it justice the kids refused to speak their words absolute shock they were found by the iraqi military and they decided to take them to a new orphanage in baghdad they believed to be cousins and believed to be from chechnya but the kids themselves whatever they've been through must have been horrendous we have rarely seen kids in a state of shock is as bad as this but there are only two among dozens perhaps hundreds of children here in iraq in iraq who are suspected to be orphans the children of isis aligned parents and i've gotta say that they're not safe here not safe at all isis spilled a lot of blood they caused
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a lot of suffering and there are people who would see these children come to harm it is incredibly important to get these children out of here to their biological relatives outside have been happy endings earlier we found five children from russia five children in a baghdad orphanage and she helped track down their parents i visited the republic of dagestan where we found the grandfather and grandmother of two girls two little girls one four one three and we managed to reunite them. with.
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i've it's uplifting to know that in the ashes of this terrible terror. double war amidst all the suffering and all the anguish there is still room for hope for joy for relatives who never thought they'd see each other again for them to reunite and we will continue looking for these lost jill drew and for family members to reunite them with their families abroad and at least let their relatives know that they're alive. because if reporting now u.s. media changing that in their coverage of the far left in the wake of its recent violent clashes with foreigners who denies ations. members of the far left are using violence take your mask off because you have a history of beating people and hiding behind that mask in their midst was a sometimes very violent group of protesters that call themselves they were up to
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no good i can tell you they were simply here looking for a fight it does suggest a shift in high groups like and if there are viewed in the american media betrayed is violent and dangerous just a short time ago they were heroic fight says amid the unrest in charlottesville then during a right wing rally me an awesome planet is caught from a crowd of leftwing counter protesters killing one in his initial statement on the trump condemned violence and bigotry on many sites. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many sides it's been going on for a long time in our country this was not many sides this is one side it is a white supremacist answer for our people to go in they try to push back on these guys you very intentionally chose to be ambiguous off by mr president but you.
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well an aunt of a member wearing a mask to conceal her identity did tell us the change in hiring the movement's coverage in the us media is intentional but i think deep cause of what is in the people who who populate and she says just resistance they have to it has to come day and they get it in which oh it's a meeting ratings and to continue to project the status quo to make sure the state don't move the comfort of their viewers on because when they lose that they lose money just for sex happens suddenly when things money there's all this problem. now the russian foreign ministry has released new video of their strikes destroying i salaamed vehicles needed in syria the strikes were conducted as part of a joint operation conducted by the russian and syrian army you see it's ultimately goal is to liberate the city of did restore from my sil since the beginning of
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august the syrian army has made significant gains. going to. there is all has been completely surrounded by i still for three years now and only a tiny portion of the city is occupied by the syrian army but they are blockaded that is almost one hundred thousand people trapped under ice or see which.
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more on that very good and even a bit as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i hid her in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave it was obvious that it's not the situation in there is or is catastrophic terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days by secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later gives them a suicide bomber's. he washing off the international thanks being with this afternoon i'll be back with
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more news in just over half an. hour.
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time after time here we're back with a new series amidst the threats of nuclear war in korea continued u.k. back to air strikes killing civilians in yemen u.s. troop escalation in afghanistan and millions of lives around the world destroyed by climate change coming up in the first episode of this new season of going underground what's u.k. direction factory david davis doing in washington today we speak to former n.e.p. and the father of british foreign secretary boris johnson about russia secret recordings money traps and attempted murder that might have surrounded the british vote for bread and award winning author and foreign correspondent charles glass explains how we came in the past few days to an exchange of fire between u.s. soldiers and cia from the jihadists in syria and from the headlines we reviewed the building brinkmanship in the baltic and the fast food workforce the huge chip on
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the shoulder all the civil coming up in our first episode of the new season but first while we've been away there's been no let up in the continuous allegations that donald trump is somehow compromised by his relations to the kremlin not now it goes by on us mainstream media without questions being raised over ties between either trump or its closest associates to moscow while britain joined in militarily with trump's continuing escalations in afghanistan and russia's borders though it has been the rhetoric of a north korea that is alarmed many around the world for her part raise a mayor who one would think needs tyner as opposed to trade ally decided to implicitly attack the people's republic not for any apology for britain's role in the u.s. u.k. killing of twenty percent of north korea's population the communist global times newspaper of china replied by saying may's conservative party lost many seats turning a into a vulnerable prime minister weak. people often look for opportunities to show their
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strength if the british government genuinely wants to protect its business and investment interests in the region it should speak and act cautiously rather than pointing fingers and making irrelevant remarks that doesn't sound too good for tourism a and it comes just as the murdoch sun newspaper splashed with a poll showing that conservative m.p.'s predict that their foreign secretary boris johnson will be the next leader of the tory party a thinly veiled boris johnson appears in the new novel by no less a figure than his own father stanley johnson one of his sons is the foreign secretary another is an education minister and in compromise at the former member of the european parliament paints a hilarious picture of a world compromised by spies and dirty tricks and competing geopolitical power plays and the plan by a vladimir putin character to catalyze rex it joining me now is stanley johnson the wood winning author of the new political thriller compliment soon to be developed into a major t.v. series stanley welcome back there.


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