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look for opportunities to show their strength if the british government genuinely wants to protect its business and investment interests in the region it should speak and act cautiously rather than pointing fingers and making irrelevant remarks that doesn't sound too good for tourism a and it comes just as the murdoch sun newspaper splashed with a poll showing that conservative m.p.'s predict that their foreign secretary boris johnson will be the next leader of the tory party a thinly veiled boris johnson appears in the new novel by no less a figure than his own father stanley johnson one of his sons is the foreign secretary another is an education minister and then compromise at the former member of the european parliament paints a hilarious picture of a world compromised by spies and dirty tricks and competing geopolitical power plays and the plan by a vladimir putin character to catalyze rex it joining me now is stanley johnson the wood winning author of the new political thriller compliment soon to be developed into a major t.v. series stanley welcome back they're going underground to the book sleeve says in
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a time of fake news could compliment to be the first fake book but the characters in this book seem relatively young fake while as i say right at the beginning any resemblance these characters many bad really cruel i learned the coincidental and i mean all suggesting anybody who they might seem to represent you know would have behaved in the way these characters someone who needs a being on a reality t.v. station in the united states who goes for the presidency a guy who loves hunting tigers in the russian forests who is the president a woman president of germany they're all based on this is this what you might call historical fiction you know if this was hillary mantell and if she if she takes. the h.g. takes over to move over color thomas cromwell and you know just make moves and well i want to think that i'm not using real people i'm doing invented people getting on with things up surely. i mean how do they come. to you that president putin that
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would shoot donald trump in the book so instead of a tiger to color it and they would contain the surveillance of us well i mustn't give too much away give away too on ad i will say that my absolute evasion come january this year when i started thinking about the plot i think i started writing for the fifteenth i finished the book by round april the tenth so it was a by real motivation was to say to myself look come on do not tell me that they have not and there's some dirty works at across races forest breaks it is concerned and as far as you know the election of the new u.s. president suzanne when i say did it work in the process i'm not using that in a pejorative sense this is just i hope you have read this book african as a fun book i just read it as it is going to make any although there are so i mean the fact that you take this to the i don't say you because this is a novel this is
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a work of fiction the german johns looking at this. says that nato expanding to russia's borders has been running off as been running up to ukraine the way a dog runs. off your bitch on heat i thought i had to get some sex in the book there's more sex than that in the book but that's that's my pro russian as i am in this case putting was in the mouth of my german chancellor ok and i would really not reveal to the viewers will have to pull out of now i would have thought that it is perfectly conceivable that a german chancellor might have thought this constant pressure by the e.u. united to get georgia into nato to get ukrainians in a scare you know just get right out there against the borders of the military maneuvers right yeah which is you know i mean i don't think that was an un plausible statement and in any event. i have that statement right at the beginning of the book because i want to set up as it were the motive for popof so launch what
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i am calling operation tectonic plate i.e. the way he takes control of the vote i'm going to see your pen america because even with the implicit corruption allegations against the cameron government fiction i think anyone thought he could commit to a bricks and referendum because he could say no often or winning a general election all right because he had to team up with the liberal democrats that's the idea in the book anyway well i would not be the only person i who might have thought that yeah let's put in the commitment sort of in the manifest in about a first year because believe me you know that's not want the dems are going to let get through not only not i never lost my second son jeb about this into what i've completely forgotten to ask him about this he was actually the man responsible for writing the manifesto by the way the man who sponsored vote writing the last manifesto of hope of ben gamla had to walk. the tightrope and i do mean won't reply
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with the son of the former environment. so i'm pretty sure your son would deny me that kate although i do notice how you take sides in this book what does this mean or take kerry stokes the ability of blonde haired former mayor of london how he was absolutely living up to the high expectations people had of him wowing the crowds wherever he went he could be serious too if it was absolutely necessary who is this former mayor of london character in the books in his tutor who is the absolute in as it were real we'll face that reality sometimes we have to be we have to be serious well you are right. you know i said absolutely nothing of course will be that happy but now who is this doc i'm not saying that that particular character is a million miles away from another member of my family whom you have. mentioned i'm not saying that and it is perfectly true. that there is a gentleman who was appointed foreign secretary by the incoming prime minister was called mabel killer who johns when taking office as well as
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a wonderful best of all possible use a tremendous opportunity broadsided up once you know he's a cheery guy he's a cherry guy he doesn't play a major role in the book but come on you know i like to give you would do is you but you do take swipes at this channel in it on t.v. yeah well that's what the f.s.b. video is and within the compliment of the night of the type of the book that somehow the putin character can just put these videos on this channel i don't think that i'm a prude and you know what a video has to be put on this and well i'm sure i will take your word for it what i'm going to say is in real life it looks as. though the russian president has to pop off does shoot the american presidential candidate in the buttock with hypodermic dots but when it comes home and other. media that particular scene seems to have dropped or it's a tiger and then there is an important to put in context of the power not only of
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world leaders in china and in russia and the united states but the power of the media because you have in this book of rupert murdoch the rupert murdoch character is maybe taking over or. this is a very good point yes i mean in the end you have to say yourself what is there a mr big i mean if a mr peake is not the u.s. president if mr big is not the russian president who is the real mr peek in this modern world and maybe it is the murdoch tight fit with global news international and right at the end of this book if you have got to the end you will see there's a scene in which i have a sudden ambiguity as to whether my russian president will stand for reelection next year or not i leave it i leave it kind of in balance. because he's also being offered by mr big you know a mega mega drop which is taking over global news international it's not called that when he was international the book is no different so. you will do nothing to
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do it it will not have a letter in the attacks on the factories a lot of it happens in australia at a ranch that has nothing to do although she read about it coincidence and he does the sign of jerry jerry hall in this but there is a limit here that i don't know i first time we were in a program together was many years ago that was when they were representing iranian believing stalin that jerry if it. was on that program we like god i'm going to be eating a lot of him because. in this book you're pretty clear about even. washington doubting the allegations about and launch a chemical attack in syria well i know i wish i followed the newspapers i follow the president follow television so i have yes he saw her she was a very good man he is i mean he wrote a book about kennedy as i recall he took the lead off as a of the my lai massacre but in this book a very clear that people are saying ok put it out there may be an excuse to ballman syria but the chemical attack. there's no i am merely saying on that particular
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because it's an intriguing moment when my newly elected president who is called ronald craig called on that would be to place reality schoolroom wrong to create he actually had the florida white house which i'm not calling madhu i think i'm calling it has to live easter and to live. free in context is not actually know any of his true but it is true that he's not one hundred percent certain that the gas attack which coolest mr trump to send twenty nine i get was total missiles i think any twenty eight actually pulled the money so one hundred percent sure that they were launched by the syrian government i'm not so i don't want to feel i'm taking sides on this one in particular i'm just saying there was a genuine doubt on its surprise if it wasn't maintained to be true just finally as so has the foreign secretary ridge for it's likely read read the book oh he has
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indeed yes he did and he enjoyed it i mean no question about it i'm know he had talked in public about these countries that you mention he doesn't human days it the way you have he's different now i'm going for he's always been attracted as such would go right down to he's always been attacked in the mean in the present being much too little lively and not not sort of boring enough i read on it by rachel sylvester i'd never read such rubbish in the times a couple of days ago complete rubbish this lady which is talking about this was the stuff about he wanted to be leader of the complete it's complete nonsense there that really like it had been my promise you he's a big. star so to be on. well if you know which of the people can see read the time you take time and take your time that much of it is i want to see it on the in the bookshops know well compromise is available at all good bookshops it's a hilarious avocation of tragic geopolitics stanley johnson thank you after the break why have u.s. soldiers in the past few days. and firing it to raise amaze more dirt syrian rebels
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and why does donald trump support his militias with the sworn enemies of nato member turkey we get the answers from award winning journalist and all the gloves on for the news menu we saw about a minute for you discounts not. with a side dish of trouble like donald's. bought two of growing up to grow. as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm the troika and your theories. of the fight wall street fraud thank you for taking. on the story that's right if the debt slavery.
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the two thousand and eight economic crisis turned some countries into paid. these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation no flow gloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results. by the people gathered in greece to watch people to see what i. believe will be she was i mean for legal. challenge must be more than this she did not was always the case she sounded on. while the same mission is still in place who want. to weaken libor. although i will firstly. this is the
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truth they consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision. welcome back you don't hear anything about syria from britain's dres i'm a anymore even though she was recently telling us that the lives of british servicemen and women were a price worth paying to overthrow its government meanwhile it appears the dollar trumps troops have just been firing on the cia funded free syrian army championed by drazen may end blairite labor m.p.'s opposed to german corbin who better to get on the line now than award winning foreign correspondent and author of syria burning charles glass as the legacy of british support for jihadists in syria manifests itself in the millions of refugees who now live lives of desperation because of nature's policies on syria he joins me now from exxon province in france charles thanks for coming back on the show in this season started going underground
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c.n.n. reporting just recently that in the past few days there's been an exchange of fire between u.s. troops in syria and so-called turkish backed syrian rebels no recognition in that c.n.n. report that those rebels are anything to do with nato policy what did you think of them. when it was inevitable that there would be clashes between the forces backed by turkey and the kurdish forces backed by the u.s. because the u.s. has been using the kurdish groups main kurdish groups in syria to retake territory from the islamic state but the turks should not approve of this because they don't want armed kurds anywhere the region especially in turkey but certainly not on the war on its border with syria. and no one really talks about what the implications there for nato because that's don't trump actively supporting a group who are the enemies of ancora there always seems to be an understanding
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that least in terms of supporting the kurds in iraq the turks simply have to accept it because the us had strategic interests in iraq when it comes to syria where the u.s. has fewer interests the turks a few more able to disagree with united states. and also with issues of course on the ground there was so much news brought to bear here in britain to try and persuade the british public to war to aerial bombardment of assyria by the royal air force do you think there is a may that alone the enemies of german corbin as they were bloody know who they support in syria today where it seems that pretty much everyone including the united states britain and france has come to an acceptance that the war is winding down and that the us not regime is winning and that means withdrawal support the saudis the saudi foreign minister told a delegation recently that saudi arabia is losing interest in syria it's concentrating on its conflict with qatar the two again eons are tired situation
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it's been going nowhere since march of two thousand and eleven the western powers turkey saudi arabia and qatar have all been trying to overthrow us and syria and they clearly favor trump for better or worse as recognized as it's come all the cia training and funding programs for militants who are fighting us many of whom became shoddy militants who all who are just as happy to fight the arab states and are to fight us and that the program is coming to an end and this is a signal to american allies that there are they too should think about cutting back their support for this cutting of the cia funding does it have a precedent of the i mean in effect you think that all these assets so-called cia assets have just been burned by this sudden trump policy with the. stroke of a pen to stop funding oh there are many precedents for us dropping allies who didn't work out nine hundred seventy five when the us was supporting a rebellion by kurds against saddam hussein when they pushed the shah and saddam to
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come to an agreement on the shuttle out of water way to the shah's favor and saddam was then given a green light to remaster credit cards henry kissinger said at the time that politics is not a missionary activity my fear of the kurds of syria is that as the war does come to a conclusion that the us will abandon them and allow the trucks to deal with them on that without any interference that's a possibility i hope it doesn't happen say the kurds the big aka suddenly in terms of economic philosophy that some people say it's of the neo marxist movement really not that akin to door trail to know it was well behaved turkey traditionally it was a communist movement but it is moved on a great deal in those states particularly since because of the fall of communism and also because a dollar or two on the leader of the p.k. who is a true christian has and sells come up with new policies new ideas and was very much in favor of a ceasefire with the turkish government didn't want to pursue an armed struggle
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with the the current syria are not case any of them that's how to proceed support from their allied but they are not in fact. ok let's move to iran trump has been very vocal about his opposition to iran but yet all of his policies would you say have basically held iran. well it seems that every time someone wants to freeze the iranians out of a country all they end up doing is bringing the iranians in more deep look for example when the us overthrew saddam hussein the iranians were the main that sure is because the parties that they supported for ears including a terrorist movement called that ended up taking our country much for it to the detriment of us in that and. probably to the fury of many iraqis in in the latest wrangle with one of the things that the saudis were upset about in
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the us as well was that qatar had a respectable relationship with iran mainly because they share a gas you need to deal with each other. but because the saudis close the border of the countries had to turn to iran for a stronger trading relationship in order in order for their economy to thrive. trying to drive the iranians out is has been counterproductive again and again and again and you don't think anyone in the state above and realizes that cutting no is then the budget for the lebanese army paid for by the us taxpayer is also going to mean a strengthening of hezbollah which of course is allowed to iran. well i'm sure there are people the state want to know this very well unfortunate statement. people who are out of rational view of what's going on in the region have rarely been listened to some people have an immediate logical axe to grind and they see punishing that punishing qatar as
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a way out in forcing their view of the world that you has no place where iraq although iraq is an important player in the region it's not going to go away probably better to understand it and manage its role in the region rather than. if i didn't make it strong i'm assuming there is no iranian secret agent that's running u.s. foreign policy in washington who has an asset to the not been disclosed yet as you say. and iran just in the past few days restoring diplomatic relations i mean trump has really been good for terror while he hasn't and obama was as well and so was bush and all. your audience are are not are not fools they are they were very clever getting a mass and a name despite the relative weakness of their play their hands are well i mean britain has been growing its relations with with iran but what about the british backed rebels in syria does britain now face of increased terror threat as the
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syrian war winds down as you describe it well i'm not sure who specifically the syrian backed rebels are there are western backed rebels and the british an important training as much as united states has but there are no specific groups that i know. claim to be british born in the area and just on and on turkey this nature member the recent polls at seventy two percent. in a poll said that the united states is the number one security threat symptomatic of this us policy of supporting the kurds. well i think it's partly that you might find a neutral would be reflective i don't think. thank you. well with me now is more culture for the liberal democrat member of parliament member to make them better i got to ask you first of all what you made of bricks it's actually david davis in washington trying to sell britain roxette britain if united states if you compare the behavior here of people towards him in the way it's going
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in america i base going to one way ticket to stay there i'm sure he's got a return ticket to anywhere challenge of that only goal in norfolk today to commemorate the repeatedly longest running strike in history to school would be nine hundred thirty nine you got a strike right at the top of your first paper here this is this is fresh from the oven the strike the guardian says mcdonald's workers to coordinate strike with allies around the world by a group of an. early i think we're trying to do that other burgers are available not great not great but this is a great thing because mcdonald's seems to be amassing the i are not just of its own workers but others coming out in sympathy for a ten pound an hour minimum wage they say they're just not being treated right and people are coming to this country from abroad in order to support that strike and it's international i but obviously never read in the exit a great the cheese on it they use a slice it was a crime of it was a term of expression as corrosive a burger as far as i understand it easy and it was recently a film about
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a complete pro big mac. and so anyway what's wrong with that every country anyway vietnam national day and you'll of your next piece from time about another successful united states war yes time says the pentagon admits there are a lot more u.s. troops in afghanistan than we thought the statistics have been all along five hundred british servicemen and women doing us proud well that's that small drop of the data this what we're talking about here is an official estimate very specific five thousand to. hundred sixty two troops have been consistently based in iraq around is more than seven thousand in afghanistan they're talking about roughly fifteen thousand troops that's what's likely to turn up there he doesn't even go lower obama officially had a limit of eight thousand four hundred and the current president donald trump said he wanted to get out of all of that because of the cost in money and lives well it all seems to be changing so two things to explain here why is the most isolationist
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condit becoming one of the most aggressive presidents of the united states and secondly how could they miscount this badly it's pretty shocking afghanistan a very easy water wind and with these in brad pitt in the recent film about stanley mcchrystal clearly shows a wonderful u.s. policy toward iraq and it can't win it i mean you can't say if he's acting as the person and you're a stony and that's why he chose this james military spooky story idea what ferentz or indeed a sturdy enough and this story here is nato declares and hans forward presents battle groups for the operation what does that even mean it basically means that enhanced is good there in her because just forward presence battle groups they'd be uninhibited hans's the literally in the capital f p that's how they write it jane's three sixty very reliable source so these figures in my judgment go to your m i six really make your case in this you're so wrong about anyway so we're going alone to win a war with russia if our option is jane's three six he says it's true probably it was jane it wasn't a person but anyway a go anyway or maybe it was actually. the old cartoon strip from the first second
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world war it may or may not be but i think you're probably wrong on the serious import here is that the build up of troops along the baltic line between the west the european union states latvia the theory and the stony and the russian state as well this is a real saber rattling exercise and michael fallen says there are going to be typhoon fighters there as well. you know why what are they good thing to do there to start their violating there were. it's just not michael holmes that assad must go that maybe i don't want you to say next putin moscow would be scared because there are eight hundred troops wandering about on the other side of the river in a town called nada in all seriousness a russia twenty four camera crew this week came under fire from a back ukrainian government good idea that one is putin going to allow this i think some people may be asking you know well he may have something up his sleeve the possible invasion of poland i kid you not that's one of the the rumors now because
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of the the battle group exercise a rumor going around it well it's not just a bunch belew says well it's all going on their part in ukraine so when the west sends troops to guard the border it's a defensive action when the east has a practice that's a potential invasion you really don't think russia imminently want to invade and that's what's going on you know i don't ok all right sixty years you know on monday since the wolfen didn't report lead to the decriminalisation what was actualities are people now realizing actually that report was all of a big deal but something to celebrate but you picked some story which doesn't seem to show more than day britain in as good a light as it's a sample of one but the u.k. says police are searching for this man after a homophobic attack outside of newcastle proper the story itself is another example of the fact that the same kind of things that happened in the past are recurring sixty years on from that a lot of people are saying that the metropolitan media they live around london go to some central london everything's fine they've got the money the rest of the country. well as i say equitable it's a rights and. it's
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a sample of one here but there is underlying furby in the country as well as racism so britain tries to be tolerant the laws are there the mindset of someone to go including i'm sorry to say in some parts of london thank you and that's it for office show of the new season but we'll be back on monday when we speak to award winning playwright jobs or majesty university level to say about jim cartwright the road which describes the alleged destruction of britain by margaret thatcher's government till then people got a. social media with you on monday forty seven years to the day the socialist leader salvador allende was elected president of chile before being overthrown by washington. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin that my body gets and
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some bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity no one does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. applies more. to put money on your car immediately. half of all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as well as. you know a motor car computer one of the risks of paid donation. then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher paid. in it. if i was. over two years old he would go over the money using the drugs and who runs the blood business.
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with up close some of the. last time we chased. each one of carrying twenty kilos. drugs. defense. is that they just step. in the three we have made. they have this is the this is for me. i don't know maybe they'll. make or. break.
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for now one. muscle in the dubrovnik in venice i will fix travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before this on the celestial get out i'm with you all such as the traditional story some nuts i am sometimes see them as we don't mind a school but these are some of the majlis cities trying desperately not to collapse . the prophet of doom the cool will put to the supper will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on some snark up the supposed to mean a. lot of us.
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is a tourist phobia fulfill an identity. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver. party america is going to say we are apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of. jack to the next president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. to the deputy chief of the u.s. embassy in moscow to protest plans russian diplomats.


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