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the two thousand and eight economic crisis turns some countries into pigs these are the countries with we can recall them is that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of low bloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results she saw. by the people gathered in which to watch it all get people to see what i've. been in full view she ate at the climate as i mean to for legal. challenge nothing more than that she's not wasting the family and not getting paid while the same mission is still in place to one of the consequences to weaken blue bird flu dismantle the i will first
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one this is the truth the consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision maker. this is what we discover inside machines interrogate the donors the volunteers answer the medical questions at electronic terminals one single physical examination measuring blood pressure. this is mainly to avoid the donors fainting while donating blood which would slow down the entire chain. not a single chair in the room is empty an endless stream of donors with no time to recover after the donation twelve hours a day seven days a week. in view of such summary checks everything is based on what people think
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pay donations entailed a certain risk. they encourage donors to lie about their health. such compensation also attracts a high risk population that sometimes has secrets to hide. but . i know enough to use computers no no no. if i was lying when i had tubes over two years old it looks like it's part of the bricks but it actually is what i miss in a blue faint make you look like you doing hair on the sun. you know i have the science on no we will go in the money and it's a drill. just next person a less summer to big bang around here. and so you know me even if there was
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the test for drugs they don't show up you're. hot for about three to five minutes a day you chase and again. you know you got away to the next couple days backed out in the past three months. i give up this class so i can get their fix everybody i feel everybody wins best way i see the people selling drugs they are used to this they love because simple fact that means walk the pharmacy there even if you know even if. they clientele gas somewhere to go every time they make some money ok listen. you give me your car your plasma car. i'll give you a bag. because i know you go is going to get loaded on there i'll go make sure that you go down because i'm not going to take no type of losses i won't drop you off in there i'm drop you off there make sure you get into your pay work and anomalies
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because i know i normally get. money for sure and when you don't you can come back again we do the same process again. and this is how the blood business attracts the drug business and all that goes with it trafficking exploitation and health risks for the donors. is octo farmer aware of all this we wanted to ask them if they noticed traces of drugs in their donors plasma. but it's still impossible to get access tensions rise the security services asked us to leave which we did. why was our presence bothering them so much. you know they don't like us to ensure that you're dead or yeah may you know walk because they got a soft and a soft and they go all right ok i'll know what the hell's going all well for you
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guys to be professionally with your cameras to interview this place i mean what do you got. we're doing t.v. documentary. about class and class not doing ours their complaint that they call it complain that if they felt like you were harassing the arrests in the dorms coming out management just advise that they want you guys you guys trespassing which means if you walk out of the parking lot they will have their security sign charges against you guys for trust that's fine but they thank you very much yes very much. back in switzerland there are many questions about compensation exploitation and concern about donors how does all this affect the drugs we use what control do we have over imported plasma. first of all we wanted to see tamara to show her our images. around the states. you know
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even if they were not for drugs. and i don't approve create the best. week said clearly show. it. to seek out. i mean this. up a good omen throw. this rico does have the. obvious to me also if i eat three nash lake out of the lake on lake at eight a you'll already be feeling to start madly decisional thing. you know. this to cut this low that. this is.
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the swiss medical experts reassured us that the plasma first drugs didn't come from pay donors. was interviewed at all to. the. front of all to talk about. it all is still i'm sure that. all those blogs small cold. opals. it's all to spend. to put. it as you need don't know i mean i mean both. the top of the spending and the don't have a hit you know that as a result. of this admission the submission to the. rights for all the convenience bits ought. nor are numerous. industry
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terms. the money paid to donors is compensation not payment a play on words in germany for example donors may receive a small fee which is limited to three times a month but the fees offered in the usa are much higher enough to let the poorest survive. feel sick and keep it that people often sometimes don't do the best match they. do and you know that's not the policy very nicest but he said this is style and if i'm not so good and just creation of us the truth and it's. a pity to spend it in the media about itself if you didn't need to us the house and. a system c.e.o. of. a plasma master file a several hundred page document in which the origin of the plasma is listed countless technical details but nothing about the reality visibly the swiss medic
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experts don't know more about it was if it is as you are the clinic the dome. was it doesn't need this it said winds up with. this in. a minute but does it make sense for the legislator to ask so few questions the industry hides behind the trade secret keeping the authorities in the dark. and. the socialist congressman j.f. steer is an expert in the swiss health system he finds the pharmaceutical industry's lack of transparency an acceptable option out in all to peace to sell it . at a sample of points. only made yeah. i mean that's a table that suits all swine and yet any difficult to communicate that is either
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way. for the for the strongest has to last opacity profits lack of monitoring to what extent is public health at risk through this system what threats does it pose to patients and donors. daniel t. so dean of the faculty of medicine of lows and university has long been head of the city's blood center although he was generally reassuring he pointed out the risks as. madden any thinking. or me. gets me. to do. it but there's a. key. both to. zero risk doesn't exist.
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as we are reminded by the scandal of contaminated blood that hit europe including the swiss red cross and france. i think you don't. need only enough don't get. did. it feel the need to acknowledge you all three you don't want. to meet all of you lose. it all after the scandal sanitary checks were increased world wind. the plasma pools are now cleaned using methods that are said to be highly efficient. new sort of stuff it. needed to use. to show. me.
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is a human talent just in little he's had a. the blood center for the north of france the largest transfusion center in france he's one of the people traumatized by the blood contamination scandal in aid to. africa and the that division in its most. minute me go yes you got it this does hold up agent it was on a mission again who've had to fix your piece to keep it. simple. and you know. this is it makes no sense to people you know people are going to just. you know that's. the ministry. you know city. today the checks are considered effective at least as far as known risks are
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concerned but if there was a new virus slipping through we could spread more quickly due to globalization. to reduce these risks wouldn't the best way be for each country to produce its own plasma that would be preferable according to the world health organization self-sufficiency is definitely one of the aims that show promotes in terms of the goal that countries are trying to get to the goal is not self-sufficiency soley for self-sufficiency sake it's because systems that are self-sufficient tend to be safer and tend to provide better access but there are many parts of the world that are not self-sufficient and have to depend on outside sources for for blood donation and so for us it's an aim that much of the world needs to work towards but we're not there yet. however much the w.h.o. may state the importance of self-sufficiency the world market isn't following. the
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usa is exporting more plasma and soon europe won't be able to do without this cheap raw material. in many parts of the world they've made decisions two in particular in europe and several countries some scandinavian countries france are making decisions to. basically privatized or move into a private management of these types of of donation systems.
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with lawmakers manufactured incentives to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final. be the one percent. we can all middle the roots to. the real need. i.
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suppose someone. because of it. last time we chased. each one of carrying twenty kilos of drugs. they just step where it. is. they have. this is for me. i don't know maybe it'll make or. break. for now.
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despite the checks being in place the experts cannot rule out the possibility of a new virus this fear for health care is a main feature of the news in france in july two thousand and fifteen the farmer obtained the liberalisation of the market the swiss company was authorized to sell its plasma and the drugs derived from it to all french hospitals until van the french blood center had had the monopoly this intrusion is worrying michelle most and the director of the powerful federation of volunteer donors. and so. you know. would you want to show that she didn't you don't all. of us all if you didn't pick on you can see with this refusal. to quit if you left us it's only. just because i thought that best that scientists is that. see fool. or you'll be
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all new to she's also all the old letters related to peace i called don't. reduce to good to now or to give me good. all to do needn't put me off well on this was some poor soul you don't know if you don't put me off work even posters you don't even you are you but as most of us just not all of us my own only when you vote. who are going to be so sick sit on the cheek you know that i can call. you say that you have to be kidding me to come on david. or not is i tell her no it's all she sees i tell her no just wanted i bought the mr t. he couldn't remember plus most of the yeti today up against the office if you leave . me to meet him ok so far vicky a particular suppress most of it most of all false don't cycle social media come on get a big dust mop or he ended up i thought we keep our they cost money we need help but
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don't know if. this is one of my own chickie will be by most it doesn't. depress mouth the most if it will feel the need to come out of you have not yet to show you this only pass you off ask if you can cross i mean you can see them. as completely in. support of the whole works i found out here sharkey's hope he goes to three of our children who. didn't supes was produced going to feed video game oh. they had to be. in their teens. lets look at dr spock you might notice him so mr obama played on to. that sort of get that son might get a mess you will tune feel totally neat on as you do not wish to look less mock you
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see how he had a fabric suppressed most of all the. oh close you ended up being you know. market liberalization increased sanitary risks what does act a farmer have to say in response to these fears after many months of investigation and countless requests the company still refuses any interview. we went to their headquarters located in the time in the canton schmidt's. to have a serious. issue in my book about a. day. yapping. about if it. will have an office if that was your mind if you're not just on our properties the only the best thing to do is if you could leave the building at the moment and in as
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thomas sit we will consider your questions and come back with us with through the appropriate to through the appropriate channels ok so you will answer my question we will as you wish you just said that you will answer all questions. upon the police's request our camera man left the premises. the head of communications asked us to ask our questions in writing promising us he passed them on to the shareholders. clearly nothing is decided without the approval of market share the founder and single owner of octo pharma. the company doors closed to us once more. we had a long list of questions not only with regard to the sanitary risks but also the company's methods. on the plasma markets up to pharma isn't the most important player but it's sales. they've already
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reached one point five billion euros and are sorry it's business practices have often rounds the authorities suspicions. on the meaning of the city through this without this getting healthy. at the end of two thousand and fifteen the former portuguese prime minister was arrested for corruption. allegedly received funds from iraq to pharma when he was a consultant in brazil where the swiss company was involved in a huge case known as the blood vampire scandal. pharma is suspected of bribing ministry of health officials the case has still not been judged and the company continues its activities in brazil. such political connections are worrying the french donor federation. has first hand experience of the swiss
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company sensibility over this matter. not us you know we cooked the hell my. new summary to need to. have a. nice little to. book a. machine i decided to bought a plant called new. weapon in moly greg a place you don't defeat us us city to have just what you must also nadya's you notice you don't look these. key a new to me see lucy. in if you should police to shield allah to see who he. why he don't use alternate. to he t. the movement should not get it sees all quickly. he or she had she question ed about either the mission not to disappear not to the queen and yes deep. no
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way that if you know. she could have all seen it before see my exact take up with. developments is ultimately. when we visited the headquarters not to find the promised answers to our questions a few weeks later the head of communications informed us that none of them would be answered without explaining why. there was only one solution left travel to heidelberg both gone margaery is home.
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logon to me tell. me to get it it's been for the nines on my list. i know. i don't. visit gong margaery was incommunicado he ask the police to let us know. if that's the. in them on like i'm out. yeah please. just. so our questions will remain unanswered the origin of the plasma its payment the risks linked to donor poverty drug detection and the likelihood of new epidemics. why doesn't dr pharma provide. any answers to the questions of tomorrow and thousands of patients.
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did not get if. i'm cleveland sidewalks these questions seem to reserve. selling their plasma will always be a lesser evil to those with no choice. for as long as people in europe and elsewhere need plasma the pharmaceutical industry will meet their demand. to see america everything has to be rationed out. without money nothing will. you see when the market crashes everything says down no government checks. so what can we do not the plasma my still be running let's go get a couple dollars out of right wing tap these are real. let's kill him what they
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don't. mark was relieved he could finally give his class mom and he received twenty dollars. below is your blood pressure it was pretty good i wrote it down it was less than you have to. say you know it was one twenty nine over eighty two which is pretty good what are you going to do now do you want to go home and rest yeah i pretty much want to take it slow i was thinking about me to go home or regroup might take a quick power nap you know that got a thing. mark and tamara are connected by an invisible thread and. the plasma industry means their distress. says inseparable. from a clerical craft
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a secret same would then tradition don't commit such matt smith that make. me to shame. to see. if you know i'm also a little. bit down kitty does it new book anybody's you see don't they pop crude don't recall next it. been a brought up she don't accept the core i don't we're on the bob due to frame the shift is already a reality the blood of the poor going into the veins of the rich. and. when i say.
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no on. the. old. days of the. donut lines up. on a flimsy let down one of the definitions. i'm back and. once you king of.
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the south. take in the equal city south. down to get the gun and then you're just going to play the only thing i'm. young movie right now i think. i'm going to let each. side is out. in this just feeling this one means a leftist i know the deep. he's just numb tokyo find it he's going to keep going. like. this one was because did a piece of dancing cultural shift from the premise.
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here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night with the sixties full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food nothing bad says i see people you've never heard of love redacted the night my president of the world bank paid people to write me sure it's like you sent us an email. russia summons a deputy chief of the u.s. embassy in moscow to protest plans to search russian diplomatic sites in america and movie brands as illegal.


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