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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with us actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packs a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. russia summons a deputy chief of the u.s. embassy in moscow to protest plans to search russian diplomatic sites in america a move it brands as illegal and aggressive. the territory has revealed
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that britain has the highest number of islamist extremists in europe and also to. i think really having a. cure out why i remember all the only black people out here we all black people right. a police lieutenant in the u.s. has been fired after dash cam video shows him suring a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people. follow their welcome come to life from what's going you're watching r.t. international our top story this hour russia has some of the deputy chief of the u.s. diplomatic mission in the country to express anger at the american security services intention to search a russian trade mission in washington moscow says it is
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a clear acts of aggression. we considered the planned illegal search of russian diplomatic premises in the absence of russian officials and the threat we have received to break down the door of the building is an unprecedented act of aggression well while the u.s. plans to view russian trade mission in washington early on friday it was reported that the b. i was planning to search the general consulate premises in san francisco which means that in just a few hours staff members will have to clear their premises for the us security services to conduct the search now it will not only be carried out at russia's consulate offices but also at the apartments of staff who live in the building and who have diplomatic immunity us a story this order of staff members and their families and we do know that some families have children and babies to leave their homes for app to twelve hours
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now russia's diplomatic staff was given quite a short notice only thirty six hours warning now the state department has said that the facilities will be close and entry or access there will be granted only with a special permission from ministry spokeswoman the mahdi as a lot of us lay out these u.s. intentions she called it a raid and then invasion in the consulate office and homes of staff she also said that the order of the u.s. authorities pose a direct threat to security of russian citizens and also seriously violates international norms on diplomatic and consulates relations we're talking about invasion of the consul offices and departments of diplomatic staff with a lad of being asked to leave not to stand we reserve the right to tell the truth actions however this is no doubt choice it's been forced upon us this diplomatic route has been unfolding quite rapidly and the past few days rushed us as
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a. this conflict wasn't started by moscow but the us administration both sides continue to said that they do want to establish good relations but giving the latest circumstances it is really unclear whether it's still possible. to do a chain of reporting there the u.k. is home to more is a mystic stream is than any of the e.u. country at least that's according to the blogs counter-terror coordinator he also warned that future terror attacks in europe are inevitable and the situ looks now why britain tops the list. i was. both back was right was. the. recurring terrorist attacks in
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europe and the u.k. have become an unnerving fixture for europe's major cities as it turns out britain is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the number of extremists here there is many as twenty five thousand fanatics in britain more than any country in europe that's according to the use anti-terrorist chief three thousand are considered a direct threat by m i five and five hundred under constant surveillance to compare france with six terrorist attacks in the last two years is said to have seventeen thousand radicals spain the most recent victim of a major terror attack in europe just over five thousand so why is britain europe sixty missed capital where the fight to burn the supposing that in the highest number of jihadi some twenty five thousand does surprise me a bit because i would have expected france a proportion of belgium to. number given particular the alienation of the muslim communities in both those countries were no one i'm not surprised the new young
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muslims point you in the teeth from her society and that's growing of research the impact of what britain itself has done and we should remember britain has been next the united states the main program for satanists in the various wars we have seen around the middle east the thirty five deaths caused by terrorist attacks in britain this year in westminster manchester and london bridge were carried out by perpetrators on the radar of the security services yet despite that awareness those terrorist attacks were until voided and more are expected to happen. we are going to suffer more attacks the group's propaganda no longer calls so much for people to travel to the caliphate but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence even on a small scale with homemade weapons across europe while some perpetrators were known to the authorities others appeared to be leading ordinary lives and were even described as good guys this raises the question of just how many so-called good guys are totally off the radar or are currently in the process of being radicalized
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twenty five thousand people the security services can monitor that number of people every twenty four hours some of those attacks we've seen have been one wolf for tanks it's very difficult if an individual or even two three small number of people plan something that was just simply wanted to get a hold of a vehicle getting hold of naives it's very difficult to pick that up so if the security services can't guarantee the safety of citizens who can the u.s. extended a european travel alert for americans this week making it clear that europe and britain are not the safest places to go and r.t. london we also spoke to the former head of britain's counter-terrorism security office and he thinks that it is impossible to monitor such a large number of extremists. certainly you know with current numbers anywhere there are not going to be or not those officers to keep watch on them but certainly twenty to thirty thousand people of interest in the security services that's one
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thing of course that boils down to probably about two or three thousand people who are really concerned and the police and security services are going to what it's no surprise attacks they've got the same problems as everywhere else and of course there are suspects that are in a society. it's very difficult to police we're going to see a lot of terrorist attacks worldwide over the next twelve months and that's just the way it is and unless we can increase terence i would say us are pretty good at it so let's have a sharing then all of us are going to suffer from terrorists that sounds. ok well let's return to our top story this hour because russia has summoned the deputy chief u.s. diplomatic mission in the country to express anger at the american security services intention to search russian diplomatic sites in washington and also san francisco moscow says it is
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a clear act of aggression we can get the thoughts now or make us ambassador for a ship peter galbraith he's on the he's joining us now good to have you on peter what are your thoughts here is this a clear violation of international law. i don't know that it is but i think this tit for tat. expulsion of diplomats reduction of diplomatic personnel is not at all helpful as. gandhi said an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind and while it's true that there are some serious issues in u.s. russia relations obviously russia's interference in the american elections. and other issues there's also a many areas for cooperation the iran's nuclear deal. how to deal with
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north korea a common interest in dealing with global climate change and certainly a common interest in combating this phony islamic extremism and terrorism so and that requires robust diplomatic missions and in each other's countries and frankly i have many disagreements with donald trump. but the one thing that i had hoped the administration might do is in fact to improve relations with russia and obviously that's not happening. with regard to what's particularly happening over the last a few hours and what's going to happen over the next few hours today with regards to cheese and russian premises in america russia is very angry about that base and it's largely saying this is unprecedented do you think it is justified in any way to say these premises in this manner.
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well of course as long as they're active diplomatic premises then they are protected under the vienna convention which is as codified as longstanding international law but at some point when the. diplomatic post is closed down i suppose it loses that diplomatic immunity and then could be subject to a search and i have to think that the u.s. state department is going to be very careful about following the letter of the law on this because the united states with more diplomatic missions than any other country in the world has the strongest interest in preserving international law but so this is the legal basis. i think is probably there but whether this is
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wise or not and particularly whether this tit for tat. reduction of diplomatic personnel is wise i think that's another question altogether would you expect that to be a tit for tat reaction then by russia. well . it could be because this is how the situation is developing but i think it's not not of in russia's interest not in america's interest and at some point this has to end. you know this began with the with president obama having ordered the closure of. a russian if you will in in maryland and i think one other facility. and that was really a response to the meddling in the us presidential elections russia decided
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not to respond. partly because donald trump was going to be taking office and he had talked about a an improvement in u.s. russia relations i thought that was a very wise thing and then russia did respond a months later after the sanctions bill was passed so really the russian action in limiting the number of u.s. personnel was after the sanctions bill and that instantly had a very severe effect i mean you might logically say limiting the number of americans a number of employees of the u.s. embassy to the same number as the russian embassy you know that that might make sense but the way the americans operate diplomatically is so different that it was really was a severe reduction the americans include. many local and employees many russian employees and in the embassy staff and the americans have a much more a labrat secure security component in part because the u.s.
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is much more of a target and so. to limit the americans to the same number i think it was four hundred seventy five as the russians really represented a very severe reduction in the american presence and so the u.s. then retaliated with the. closures of the russian hard forts and. you can see that if now russia respond will be a further american response and the ability of the two countries to conduct normal diplomatic relations will be affected very difficult to look we've run out of time we could talk a lot longer but really appreciate your time tonight that was peter galbraith a former u.s. ambassador to croatia thank you. and ashtown thirty eight years of showing a police lieutenant in the u.s. telling a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people he made the remark after she said she was too scared to reach for her phone. here's your head in your lab rat or i
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think. if you're not why. remember we're all right here we go black people write. a new tenant was subsequently fired for it his police chief criticizing his actions alone also calling him an honorable man who we've known for years. now feel that no matter what context you try to take those comments in the statements were inexcusable and inappropriate i'm no newton abbot for a number of years and i'm always perceive you may be an honorable man ve made a mistake well surveys conducted by media outlets to show that last year the number of people in the us killed by the police was over a thousand while since the beginning of this year the figure is already at over six
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hundred fifty one of the different types types the share of blacks among those killed is not a majority according to the mapping police violence of a since the beginning of this year fewer than thirty percent of those killed were black however in general they are three times more likely to be killed by the police in the us than the average american plus back in twenty fifteen thirty percent of the black people killed. we discuss the issue with hampton he's a retired d.c. metro police chief and he told us that the fod lieutenants language incited racism . it probably has come up in the twenty eight years it's been on the police force cobb county georgia has been known to hobble racism. activities but the ku klux klan is right next to decay. and they have been issued before. what has happened to this guy and the mistake is that this was caught on camera
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video. and heard the sound too so now he can get around to use this race this term as well as it also to me is an indication of his behavior. so i don't necessarily believe the person who said that. person i don't believe. so to come from the confederate monuments intensify across the u.s. we'll have a look at that story take after the break. here's what people have been saying about rejecting. the show i go out of my way to.
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really. for a party american. parents better than. to see heard of. the president of the world bank. send us an e-mail. that can be taken into the afterlife a lot of people from the future are now arriving in the present. is able to pay for is very into the president using but he doesn't talk about it much because he's already considered to be quite a strange man but you know that's true. welcome
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back the russian foreign ministry has released new video of airstrikes destroying ice allotment vehicles need to restore in syria the strikes were conducted as part of a joint operation carried out by the russian and syrian army's its ultimate goal is to liberate the city of dearest all from my sil since the beginning of august the syrian army has made significant gains. dearest or has been completely surrounded by i still for three years now when only
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a tiny portion of the cities occupied by the syrian army the almost one hundred thousand people being trapped by. you know you're on a bit later and even a bit as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i had her in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave it was obvious that it's not cowardice the situation in there is or is catastrophic terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days by secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later use them a suicide bomb of. japanese
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clownish patrick henson believes that the russian air force is being came to the syrian army's recent gangs dairies or it might be the most important choke point right now in the syrian conflict because of its geographical location regionally russia's been making incredible advances with airstrikes with the syrian armed forces on the ground and isis being basically pitched on both sides of a sort of a greater regional area that they had more or less strategic control over a year a year and a half ago the red a case of isis but not just isis also you know the al nusra front is absolutely going to stabilize the middle east as a whole through syria can be seen as a stabilizing force an important player in the middle east.
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los angeles city council has voted fourteen to one in favor of renaming the federal holiday it was called columbus day but when i be known as indigenous peoples day things jakim vega expects. the time of heated discussion over america's historical figures and their often controversial past los angeles has become the most recent city to vote overwhelmingly in favor of renaming columbus day to indigenous peoples day the opposition to honoring christopher columbus whose grille treatment of native americans is often overlooked coincides nicely with the recent fight against symbols of the confederacy new. democratic economics energy poor african american and brown. that there is the christopher columbus statue that was vandalized someone took an axe to christopher columbus is that there was no red paint all over the statue removing columbus his name from the national holiday is meant to be a way to make amends and acknowledge america's bloody past but is the relabeling of
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a day really the best way to help america's indigenous people it's not going to protectively do anything that's going to change their situation unfortunately. the freedom day might be a good thing. or a cloudy day we can get if we can get something for them in terms of a date that's perfect and then that way we can do like i said go ahead and start talking about the issues at hand and then we can work towards getting getting more and more from them people should be other centers and care more about other people than they do that more people care about themselves these days than they do other people focus more so than just change the name incomes for native americans tend to be relatively low and unemployment high in two thousand and fifteen the poverty rates were the highest among any groups in america so perhaps efforts would be better spent on trying to improve the everyday trials and tribulations of the native americans instead and something important to note is that in l.a. many who were trying to keep columbus day as the holiday offered the idea of having a separate day and naming that indigenous people say but the idea was shot down
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leaving one wondering how much does renaming a day really and help the indigenous people of america and also why is this getting a second wind now perhaps has something to do with the anti confederate phenomenon . washed. meanwhile clashes have also been seen between far left. and far right who denies the us media now changing their coverage members of the far left are using violence take your mask off because you have a history of beating people and hiding behind that mask in their midst was a sometimes very violent group of protesters that call themselves they were up to no good i can tell you they were simply here looking for a fight perhaps suggest a shift in how groups like can see for reviewed in the american media is violent and dangerous just a short time ago they were heroic fighters amid the unrest in charlottesville back then during a right wing rally me an awesome power of his car into
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a crowd of leftwing counter protesters killing one in his initial statement don't condemn violence and bigotry on many sides we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many it's been going on for a long time in our country this was not many sides this is one side it is a white supremacist and before our people go and they try to push back on these guys you very intentionally chose to be ambiguous by this to present it. well and a member wearing a mask to conceal her identity to tell us the change in how the movements covered in the u.s. media is actually intentional. well i think d. close what is in the people who populate and she says just resistance to the tasks that it has to climb day and they get is
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a bitch oh it's to maintain ratings and to continue to project the status quo to make sure the state don't remove the comfort of their viewers oh and because when they lose that they lose money just for some it's happened suddenly things money even though it was probably. so that brings you up tonight will have badlands more news for you in just over half an ass time time to get there you can keep across all of the stories we're covering today plus more to want to social media pages and also our you tube channel. i.
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live in. but. the only good. thing here you know. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express an interest. or some want to be preached. to the right to be press that's what before three of the people. i'm interested always in the lives of my.
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oh. yeah there are you under. the law yeah thank you yes you know houston is under water but i have no fear in order to deal with it are billionaire billionaire manchild president has been busy tweeting with mexico being one of the highest crime nations in the world we must have the wall mexico will pay for it yeah while houston drowns you cannot forget them mexicans. i can tell because you tell you the number one thing nobody is thinking when they're clinging to a raft it's floating out of their neighborhood they're not to get those mexicans coming in here taking all the kids yobs they're grabbing the best flotation devices . no one is thinking that and this is true trump followed that tweet like
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a day later with a read tweet of this no color no religion no nationality should come between us we are all children of god mother teresa. but wait what about the wall come down that's to come between us right because. because i was really into what you were saying about mexicans. anyway i was more and used to later in the show but let's get to the big redacted news of the week and let me just say on paper the democratic party is what america should be on paper they are good and just and fair minded on paper they should get every vote from americans who show up to the polling place and aren't actively thinking this will teach those transgenders a lesson. like everyone else should be voting democrat hypothetically but in reality in truth the democratic party is everything the.


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