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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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if you're right why are all remember we are all white people here we all black people right and a police lieutenant in the us has been fired off the dash cam video shows him assuring a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people. you're watching r t international with me rosana could live from moscow thank you for joining us our first story american security services are carrying out searches of russia's diplomatic properties in the u.s. on orders from the state department the russian foreign ministry has slammed the move is a violation of international law and for its part the u.s. state department claims the inspections needed to quote secure and protect facilities and to guarantee that the russian side has vacated the buildings the foreign ministry has posted videos of the operation with the ministry spokeswoman
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knocking it as a true triumph of democracy in one video from the russian consulate in san francisco security agents using a ladder to inspect the ceiling inside the building searches are being conducted not only on the premises of the diplomatic site but also in the apartments of staff members and their families and in another video security official is seen searching the apartments for some residents still inside. because. of her. daughter's move. the. ball. is. in
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compliance with washington's demand the san francisco consulate has stopped functioning and that's now been confirmed by russia's console there meanwhile the u.s. state department is also leading a search operation russia's now closed trade mission in washington d.c. stuff were blocked from accessing that building starting from two pm local time the head of the russian trade mission alexander stubb nick told journalists that he considers the searches of the compounds as a takeover in violation of international law. we are witnessing an example of vandalism you need international relations it's another go take over russian corporate road we haven't been expecting so she's going to get us if we don't fall come down to stupid am local time the u.s. doesn't think we have to going to community anymore minutes before the closure auntie's ruptly video agency to film inside the premises as you can see more or less everything had already been cleared out leaving only empty shells and
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corridors the diplomatic staff were given very short notice to leave the site only thirty six hours. while the state department says the search is all the go arguing that diplomatic immunity was lost following the closure however the vienna convention stays that immunity remains in place until diplomatic staff leave the country. in a convention on diplomatic relations article twenty two point one the premises of the mission shall be inviolable the agents of the receiving states may not enter them except with the consent of the head of the mission. article thirty nine point two when the functions of a person enjoying privileges and immunities have come to an end such privileges and immunities shall normally cease at the moment when he leaves the country earlier we spoke to jack rasmussen professor of political economy at st mary's college as well as former m i five intelligence officer and he meshaal to get their take on the events but it's rather unfair. for the u.s.
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officials to enter at this particular point i think probably the truck attention what was done by russia is closer to them to the facts sounds like a real problem acacia knowing on their own there's been a transfer ten between the two countries and diplomatically there seems to be escalating and now this is probably designed to provoke a similar response by russia and the diplomatic war knowing the question is is there some connection here with the maulers investigation of trump's relationships with russia or for the election are they looking for something that maybe might be related that's a possibility to work partially not now but certainly as a provocation saying international is down very clearly the one hundred sixty one fianna convention of to plastic relations says that any diplomatic affiliated premises in its own country. and incursion that territories their
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forces an attack on the country this is hosting that diplomatic mission so this is breach of international rule that there is some sort of meaningless parade of power by raising these consulates in america russia has its america because they're going to pursue this unusual and then. anyone else take a seat in any. the u.k. is home to more islamist extremists than any other country that's according to the blocks counter-terror coordinator he also warned the future terror attacks in europe are inevitable and asked to see a chicken and has been looking at why britain tops the list was. both back was the product was.
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recurring terrorist attacks in europe and the u.k. have become an unnerving fixture for europe's major cities as it turns out britain is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the number of extremists here there is many as twenty five thousand fanatics in britain more than any country in europe that's according to the use anti-terrorist chief three thousand are considered a direct threat by m i five and five hundred under constant surveillance to compare france with six terrorist attacks in the last two years is said to have seventeen thousand radicals spain the most recent victim of a major terror attack in europe just over five thousand so why is britain europe sixty mr capital well if i could bring the supposing that in the highest number of jihadi some twenty five thousand does surprise me a bit because i would have expected france or proportionate don't have to. number
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given particular the alienation of the muslim communities in both those countries but i know one i'm not surprised that young muslims point you in the teeth from her society and that's growing of research the impact of what britain itself has done and we should remember britain has been next the united states the main program in the various wars we have seen around the middle east the third. five deaths caused by terrorist attacks in britain this year in westminster manchester and london bridge were carried out by perpetrators on the radar of the security services yet despite that awareness those terrorist attacks were into avoided and more are expected to happen we are going to suffer more attacks the group's propaganda no longer calls so much for people to travel to the caliphate but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence even on a small scale with homemade weapons across europe while some perpetrators were known to the authorities others appeared to be leading ordinary lives and were even described as good guys this raises the question of just how many so-called good
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guys are totally off the radar or are currently in the process of being radicalized twenty five thousand people the security services can monitor that number of people every twenty four hours some of those attacks we've seen have been one wolf a tanks it's very difficult if an individual or even two three small number of people plan something that was just simply wanted to get a hold of a vehicle getting hold of naives it's very difficult to pick that up so if the security services can't guarantee the safety of citizens who can do us extended a european travel alert for americans this week making it clear that europe and britain are not the safest places to go and r.t. london. we spoke to the full my head of britain's counterterrorism security office he backs the idea that it's impossible to monitor such a large number of extremists. certainly those are numbers and where there are not going to be are not police officers to keep watch on the certainly twenty to thirty
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thousand people of interest in the security services that's one thing of course that boils down to probably about two or three thousand people who are really concerned and the police and security services are going to what it's no surprise. they've got the same problems as everywhere else and of course there are suspects that are in a society. this is very difficult to police we're going to see a lot of terrorist attacks worldwide over the next twelve months and that's just the way it is and unless we can increase. the u.s. are pretty good at. sharing. then all of us are going to suffer from terrorists that sounds. now our spacecraft bringing two astronauts and a cosmonaut home from the international space station has just landed in kazakstan the members of the crew were russian cosmonaut fyodor yurchikhin and that's
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astronauts jack fisher and peggy whitson which in spent two hundred ninety days in space while the other two crewmembers spent one hundred thirty six three more crew from russia space agency nasa and the european space agency will remain on the i assess until another expedition comes to relieve them the launch of that spacecraft is now churchill for september thirteenth. in other news this hour dash cam footage has emerged showing a police lieutenant in the u.s. telling a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people who made their mark after she said she was too scared to reach for her phone. here's your phone it's in your lap right there i have a lot of money and family all right he was already and. if you're not why. i remember we're like and like yeah we'll black people write all of it. will you have. the lieutenant was subsequently
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fired with his police chief criticizing his actions though also calling him an honorable man who had known for years. and all that no matter what context he tried to take those comments in the statements were inexcusable and inappropriate i'm known for a number of years and i'm always perceived to be an honorable man and he made a mistake surveys conducted by media outlets show that last year the number of people in the us killed by the police was over a thousand and says beginning of this year the figure is already topping six hundred fifty of the different racial demographics the share of african-americans among those killed is not a majority according to the mapping police violence survey since the beginning of this year fewer than thirty percent of those killed were black however in general they all three times more likely to be killed by police in the u.s. than americans as a whole class back in twenty fifteen thirty percent of black americans killed and
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we discussed the issue of ronald hampson a retired d.c. metro police chief he told us the find lieutenants remark was racist believe me it probably has come up in the twenty eight years that he's been on the police force cobb county georgia has been known to harbor racism as well as activities by the ku klux klan it's always right near to do care county where you and they have been the issue before for this guy what has happened to this guy and the mistake is that now and this was caught on camera indian video not only bring your daughter in her to say on true so now she can get around to use this race this term as well as it awful to reiterate indication of his behavior over the years so i don't necessarily believe the person who said that they don't and me. i don't believe that. the russian foreign ministry has released new video of air strikes destroying
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i saw all the vehicles in is that there is or in syria the strikes were conducted as part of a joint operation carried out by the russian and syrian army's it's also a goal is to liberate the city of tears so from my soul since the beginning of august the syrian army has made significant gains. there is no one has been completely surrounded by high school for three years now and only a tiny portion of the city is ok upon by the syrian army almost one hundred thousand
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people are trapped by i still. am on a very late and even a bit as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i hid her in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave it was obvious that it's not just the situation in there is or is catastrophic terrorist from iraq executes civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and later use them a suicide bomb and. dairies
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or it might be the most important choke point right now in the syrian conflict because of its geographical ok. regionally russia has been making incredible advances with airstrikes with the syrian armed forces on the ground isis being basically pitched on both sides of a sort of a greater regional area that they had more or less strategic control over. a year or a year and a half ago eradication of isis but not just isis also. is absolutely going to stabilize the middle east as a whole through syria can be seen as a stabilizing force in the porton player in the middle east. the city council in los angeles california has voted fourteen to one in favor of renaming a u.s.
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federal holiday what used to be called columbus day will now be known as indigenous peoples day jaclyn through the explained. how does time of heated discussion over america's historical figures and their often controversial past los angeles has become the most recent city to vote overwhelmingly in favor of renaming columbus day to indigenous peoples day the opposition to honoring christopher columbus was brutal treatment of native americans is often overlooked coincides nicely with the recent fight against the symbols of the confederacy new. democratic economics energy poor african american and. that there is the christopher columbus statue that was vandalized someone took an axe to christopher columbus is that there is no red paint all over the statue removing columbus his name from the national holiday is meant to be a way to make amends and acknowledge america's bloody past but is the relabeling of a day really the best way to help america's indigenous people it's not going to actively do anything it's going to change their situation for. the better and maybe
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for a given day might be a good thing. or a day we can get if we can get something for them in terms of a date that's perfect and then that way we can do like i said go ahead and start talking about the deeper issues at hand. and then we can work towards getting getting more and more people should be other centers and care more about other people than they do that more people care about themselves these days than they do other people focused more so than just change the name incomes for native americans tend to be relatively low and unemployment high in two thousand and fifteen poverty rates were the highest among any groups in america so perhaps efforts would be better spent on trying to improve the everyday trials and tribulations of the native americans instead and something important to note is that in l.a. many who were trying to keep columbus day as the holiday offered the idea of having a separate day and naming that indigenous peoples day but the idea was shot down leaving one wondering how much does renaming a day really and help the indigenous people of america and also why is this getting
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a second wind now perhaps has something to do with the anti confederate phenomenon . r.t. washington d.c. meanwhile clashes have been seen between follow left groups and he fattened far right open eyes ations with the us media now changing the tone of the coverage. members of the far left are using violence to take your mask off because you have a history of beating people and hiding behind that mask in their midst was a sometimes very violent group of protesters that call themselves they were up to no good i can tell you they were simply here looking for a fight it does seem to suggest a shift in how groups like viewed in the american media now portrayed as violent and dangerous just a short time ago they were heroic find his amid the rest and shown this will back then doing it right we. see plows his car into a crowd of leftwing counter protesters killing one in his initial statement donald trump said he condemned violence and bigotry no matter what. we condemn in the
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strongest possible terms. this egregious display of hatred bigotry and violence on many shots on many search has been going on for a long time in our country this was not many sides but this one side is why it's so premises and therefore are people who go in maybe try to push back on these guys very intentionally chose to be ambiguous all by mr program where you and i and he far member wearing a mask to conceal her identity told us the change in how the movements covered in the us media is intentional well i think the cause of what is in the people who populate and she says just resistance to the past it has to convey and they get an image to maintain ratings and to continue to start a school and to make sure the state don't remove the comfort of their viewers
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because when they lose their money and of course an acceptance only when things money there's always problems. with just three weeks to go before germany heads to the polls the authorities are looking at potential threats to the democratic process and not for the first time russia has found itself in the spotlight peter oliver has the story. comfortably ahead in the polls but this election campaign hasn't been a walk in the park for on political figures he says it is easy to. understand . why the kids i'm sure i know i know. and go a miracle remains around fifteen points ahead in the polls but that hasn't stopped the security officials from looking for a bogeyman in this election we believe russia is capable of starting dissent from asian campaigns in connection with the elections to the bundestag yes we heard
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about the u.s. election we heard about the french election now it's germany's to his claims are being made that russia is out to influence the vote but this isn't the first time that we've heard these type of comments from us and the only country the instant of the american intelligence services are convinced that most likely russian intelligence services are behind the attack we have no evidence of course but it is obvious that a similar scenario was possible in germany to. and he's not the only one banging that particular drum but. we have seen the alleged influence in the us elections the french elections as well as clear evidence to suggest that these attacks came from russia. there's a crucial hole in claims that russia is attempting to influence the outcome of this year's election in fact we heard the head of germany's interior security service talk about it just a few seconds ago that is there's no evidence no evidence that hacks took place in
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the past or that there's the intention to carry out hacks in the future in fact the german government has had to come out and admit this. i don't have any information that these kinds of food can be proved and they have no knowledge of them. germany has been the victim of high profile cyber attack in the past back in twenty fifteen the bundestag systems were the victim of a cyber attack and the finger of blame for that one remains pointed at russia russia was initially blamed for the telecom hack at the end of last year and that has nearly a million people offline across germany in fact though it was the work of a twenty nine year old british man who was doing it at the order of a liberian company in exchange for cash russian president vladimir putin was put on the spot about meddling in elections during the g twenty and hamburg. we did not
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interfere in the u.s. elections so why would we create any problems here we have good relations with germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe i'm glad merkel looks almost nailed to be returned as the chancellor of germany but almost half of germans say they still don't know who they're going to vote for so the next couple of weeks could well prove to be crucial and being able to patrol yourself as the defend against foreign meddling could well be a vote. come september the twenty fourth peace for all of. that us soil is newly created constituent assembly is demanding a probe into the country's opposition over its alleged lobbying for u.s. sanctions against president maduro as governments the government claims that everyone who supported the economic sanctions against the country are quote traitors we spoke exclusively to the assembly president she says the double standards in this situation are appalling i open posed the question imagine that
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the opposition party in any european country see france called for the usa or her example spain or germany to intervene militarily in the terms to overthrow the government in office or likewise imagine the us opposition to the administration of donald trump the leader of the empire asked for military intervention into the domestic affairs of the country in any country of the world this would be perceived as a treasonous crime to the country hounds been rocked by a wave of pro and anti-government protests this year the opposition has branded with a dictator meanwhile with donald trump publicly keeping all options including military intervention on the table caracas is training its army reservists just in case. the head of venezuela's constituent assembly again told us trump is ignoring the jurors offered cooperation. even if still a second but it feels when it isn't is when it has become for the us a kind of an obsession and it's not the first time the same happened during bush's
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tenure and back then the usa got no where it was the same during obama's time and they got nowhere again and now suddenly president donald trump has not paid attention to present durance randomness to cooperate by diplomatic means such corporation would respect the sovereignty of both countries you're watching all t. international with me rose on a lot quid all the bout with the round up of the headlines in just thirty minutes time stay with us. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watched as a report. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. or some want. to do i. was like before three of the people. i'm interested in the water. while come to well it's a part of the tomahawk missiles long. by two american destroyers in syria last week definitely had a bombshell in fact on global politics but they didn't change the balance of power
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on the ground did that strike represent a page for a new american strategy in the region or just a publicity stunt for the new administration well to discuss that i'm not joined by commander keke lippold former commanding officer of the us navy destroyer u.s.s. cole commander it's great to have you on the show thank you very much for your time well thank you for having me on today a pleasure to be here now contrary to the expectations the news cycle here in moscow today was rather slow the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson already had he's bidding with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov but it's still unclear at this point there he's going to minutes with the russian president do you expect anything substantial to come out of his russia visit. i actually do i think the despite the obviously tense introduction the. secretary tell or soon and lavrov had where there was no eye contact made on purpose by secretary lavrov the two of them said down and once the
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initial posturing for the cameras was all said and done the people that didn't really need to be in the meeting left and then the governments could sit down and start getting down to the real facts the real basis and start discussing what about the chemical attack one of the object is a beach country both in syria and for the region and so i think that there was some very good discussions these had to take place following these strikes to not do them what i think a bit more detrimental to both country's interests in the region while commander on the eve of this meeting the russian official said that dire expectational for a fairly modest they just want to simply understand where they trumpet ministration stands on a range of middle eastern issues and i wonder if you think that the trumpet this ration if south knows where it stands i think they do i think in this case when you look at it one of the things that came through very very clear was while the previous administration under president obama put that red line out there and then never did any.


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