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early players but what kind of part is our team america play party america offers more artsy america first one. many ways a new landscape just like if you real news making good actors bad actors and in the end you could never you're all. of a parking people all across the world all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. in a city million of it and took them to note the new feature not a little not a little use. to see then slowly voted gentlemen film in order. to be president it had chemical cause this is. going to make up so lost to them in. the total is really chilly jim but i don't know topical because
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jevon came into. the video too for. now but not able to put a feel in it the temperature of it to dissipate a level that it was too little magical the only rate that she couldn't it was that this gentleman thing as well is that the meat in this room cleated your shit if you go post master because if you know much about it they go to the room your name on it just to be shit. snowie of them will know when your not to be any simmering francesca's to protect those interests and to decrease the story you have to take it as language that if they change to a given got to go to. the opinion it will become the legend think it will be you can always the list be a get zero emission different poster get it did it get it cause assuming that there is a demented concept and this randomness. was strictly imposed with fear. compact once this treaty enters into force it's essay
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cuts will be deep and long lost by signing all of you commits to bring a strong fiscal rule into your natural legislation preferably at a constitutional level among the strong fiscal adjustments there is also in the so-called balance budget then your point is that illness normally goes it was not in question to school. with it but age and even then chill a. lot of that was it was still. would have amended its constitution at the request of the european union. yes it did a balanced budget would give priority to price stability. pushing aside the right to work the right to health and the right to a decent wage for example. it will have binding efforts and deep
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permanent counter this stronger sell of trades by each and every one of you as you go its debts and deficits is important. it helps prevent a petition of the sovereign debt crisis you know all that has to convince your columnists and voters that this treaty is an important step to bring to your own back into safe waters. a cooperative has faced its mission precisely on those rights that a balanced budget questions and over the years it is given work to almost three hundred disadvantaged people. is one of them. go out. there. every morning he wakes up
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at five and it takes three hours to get into this work place. ten years ago she second term i began. to see that. you are. very unlucky with. the fuel. to ferry be. made if you are not. so the. c.e.o. . that same afternoon cardia communicates to the shareholders yet another piece in. all the banks said going to cooperate if you know what did i have access to future which must be capitalized. no. telling i do yes that is she said he wanted to be on that.
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and that's an age. sybil image is all you've been visible because you. have been seen on. the. go that is unless you need to go out. with me just. because the. i want to meet our. economy our five audit of. that is how many it is that is shantel that saw in it tanisha. to me is. this will. this. will be. your rules.
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that you know that i would have you had continuing to did that so they said that got me out all the shit i've been up to because one that got me. up at the whistles you thought it. would do you buy a month then go up to people see that i would all go up to chill call me a month bangle equus if you know that. the. truth. commission.
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there are there. for. their. welfare is a strange game to save lives you have to use a lot of. is this the reason why nobody wants to play that's going.
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sturdy policies are being followed despite the severe harm that they have caused to one this is the truth be considered is that the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision makers so one of the consequences is to weaken labor slowly dismantle the welfare state social democratic the tree provisions developments which were europe's great contribution to modern civilization in the post second world war under the need to defend the state of its. search for so much of that a statement through. the green the. you know it would obey or just me and he said we'd see it but it made its own. set out yet. if it is true
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that blind debate insta economic dog mice is building a society that humiliates them we could stand a protecting that maybe it's doing even worse pitting them against each other turning some victims into oppressors are victims that are weaker than that but who could judge this kind of execution cannot settle i know. they did it got me that is that a lot of i got it all i want it all out as an. adult saw that on about that by now that yeah ok. so that up over. and i got this out of. the god. that was the final. out there and if.
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faison gentleman the vice president. very pleased to welcome you to our press conference. who will now report on the outcome of today's meeting of the governing council. good enough that you need dorsey because of the hour and a been fun but there are just what the dogs are man they're going to carry all of it can never compare to see they are not accompanied by nicola carville to matthew . they must be almost confounded with him over the matter noir compare the ballad they lacked of what it could be all over the new furthur the. truth i mean what are we worrying about then why can't we just spend spend spend spend and have that fourteen fifteen sixteen trillion dollars and continue on with that what the problem i think debate about that. well there's no problem the only real issue here the only thing that we have to consider is whether or not that spending at some point leads to an inflation and the only way that's going to happen is when the
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government spends beyond the capacity of the economy to produce in other words when every single person in this country who is able to work is working and when all of our resources are used up and you spend beyond that that's when you have a sustainable inflation that's the real issue we should be talking about that's the question we should be asking ourselves and frankly with a nine percent unemployment rate and millions of people at a work and industrial capacity far below what our potential is and millions of on whole unsold homes and all this other excess capacity that we have what we should be doing is increasing demand and the way that we do that in an economy where most people are trying to cut back their debt is for the government to step in and stimulate demand by spending on infrastructure on education on health care on basic research and development on transportation on alternative energy. some time ago
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president mario draghi explained the main objective of the current issue. policy in times of economic crisis it might be by stimulating demand spending on infrastructure education health research transport alternative energy or by reaching a lower inflation rate but not just in trying to present. it to accelerate their return the inflation to levels below but close to say. that she wanted to for that's your there are several reasons why this is not good for the economy if you feel is negative right that means that those who have debt right find it increasingly difficult to service that. and that leads to a situation where demand to be weak and the economy can hold the groove it's like being in a trap that prevents us from grooving again so we have to fund these with is this
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economy still don't think of the pirana need these bare that you could add to. its growth that they're out the better because even thinking you're welcome mr president we're glad you're pouring billions of euros into the financial markets rather than the real economy. was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of. the new thoughts by the tell you that gossip the public by itself the most important is. off the bat tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we all that are worth watching.
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services or. fish in the in the. in the stuff. been able to roll into does that these. somebody. took. a quick look at a cycle. of the doctors when the weather will be out of there will. you throw them into the book and i said music offered no. i leave the. last of anything they will stop the distro that us for example is just so perfect. and got
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a little bored us the only thing that. been more. specific. so what is the value of the italian constitution today in the european. south. they do in the coastal zone a little. in two thousand and five europe and trying to attain a constitution but france and the netherlands had rejected it in a referendum they argued that european bureaucrats outrageously ignored social issues favoring big business isn't of any use boy and the need i say yeah.
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this of course. the. other author put up in the lead with. those three. and they. say. i mean. you just said that they were paid. political see on. the ship. who of course is of. course the. man.
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aims to become the most successful economy in the world over the next ten years. famous last words as he. suggests. people should have. several. pose rules for popular refer. to groups.
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like the. just a kid he had to be ok maybe it was hooking up with you. but. he sings siblings. and. maybe stacy says if it is it sees it as you say it used to be. and the meaning is never posted but it does make a minimum payment. and that's just not much of it because the little nugget of gold seemingly he had seen me closely reaction was. incredulous could you dare ask the population. happening to them it's not their business and their to follow orders we make decisions for by want to i suppose. it's right at the duke of and find a compromise somewhere between a i will use them what i'm doing but they were imposing upon us and our electoral
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mandate and wealth us over immediately set. elections cannot be allowed. to repeat that elections cannot be allowed to change that. the greece was punished severely and savagely for daring to call a referendum in which people were allowed to press them so the european rulers imposed even harsher conditions as a savage punishment i think to be understood as a warning to others not to get this crazy idea that democracy may be of some value and they've got them about this is no democracy is a big difference right there is always there is not enough. zero is zero. under democracy in the dictionary you read this democracy is a system of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation the main instrument of this participation is the right.
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approach which after centuries of battles has finally become universal in the western world. one of the last episodes is the referendum which allowed british citizens to choose whether to remain in the e.u. a complex and delicate decision the economic and political scenarios of today's europe after the victory of bracks and the british prime minister had been accused of excess of democracy for allowing a popular consultation representatives of the european institutions and several intellectuals have ridiculed the citizens who voted for bracks and especially the elderly and farmers accusing them of ignorance selfishness and racism whose decision would create an economic disaster for britain and threaten the stability of the e.u. . whether this alarmism is founded or not perhaps the real danger of the story is that it has questioned the fundamental principles of democracy what is the state of
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health of democracy in europe today. that's the well so i'm not sure if we see that egging. yet when you know what they. say it. going on but a lot of it is you know a bad song make that out that it evolves it for civil. and then entirely. ecology and if it got a little bit in the north that there. are some. particular. to.
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are interested in only one outcome the question of arc of the overthrow of our government and their way of much more keen to have our own government of overthrow itself. which is what helped was to reduce greece's. use to increased resources in the east. so much faster than with the mongols always think it's just that no they are not going to move out. so that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear that there is no alternative what we've been hearing the same thing for years there is no alternative to poverty inequality there is no alternative to individual lives and greed and the law of the strongest this is.
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always the. people. of the me i also knew all that when i got it out of the now to see any sum up by that i believe you don't even you don't think this interim move will make us turn up by the us today not. just one week later cloudier called an extraordinary meeting with the shareholders this time the topic on the agenda was not banks not the missing mommy or relations with the town council she spoke bones dogs sprinters running with a bag over their head and pigs and she talked about the fact that maybe she was crazy just like those people under her care but it was time to stop bumping into
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the window pane. i can fly and that wants to escape. it was time to fight in the larger room to defend the dream born in that field to count on twenty four years before. me so funny and out of it is more economical. basis we go by the usual move the more then we need the. fuel may make that economy and. say no in the economy at about you know we say no. only am. taken off that you get on a dish is the only debt we depend enough is the tool this is all the negotiation about numbers is about people in judea lies that as we're speaking there are two of the fainting at school because of all nutrition do you realize that the hospitals
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that have run out of medicine do you realize that one in two families say this fancy one in two families have no one working in them and they survive on some pension and when you say you want to reduce that by. destroying their capacity to produce themselves as human beings with some degree of dignity. they get is the idea that you know still that with. a few weeks ago following the final editing of this film i came across this statement i could have spared years of research if only i had discovered it before. keep us. all. a disservice.
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and book. a. zone. of jane's economic. economist. any.
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bank. no. one. stands. killing. us. kidlet bunker. but i already did it don't mean. she didn't seem good he started killing she posts until a city fire chief pete that's you and he could he teach you a few months yet you could be seen going to stop dean so much money they looted
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zona much as school did a city get out the people of the do to assist us into the beat of the feet she has kids themselves in the movies to keep it a bit. crude oil can be taken into the afterlife that's a lot of people from the future are now arriving in the present like the lama is able to pay for is very into the present using but quite he doesn't talk about it much because he's already considered to be quite a strange man but you know that's the truth. and. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media control over the voters elected businessman to run this country business
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equals power to must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. absolutely the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them a little bit for us on this national get out of the. sun not stop by him sometime soon as we find a school but there's a lot while the city has tried desperately not to collapse. the profit
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of. the will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a. good. life. is a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity. but. it's. good. to know when to.
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u.s. officials are now conducting searches of russia's diplomatic premis season san francisco and washington they were shut down on the state department's border russia has slammed the move saying it's a clear violation of international law. because we are witnessing an example of vandalism in international relations it's an illegal takeover of russian ground we haven't been expecting since you want to guess we don't come down. to eight years counter-terror real the britain has the highest number business to extremists in europe. that's. not why i asked them.


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