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tv   Documentary  RT  September 3, 2017 12:29am-1:01am EDT

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barrier coming in the market domain we gotta go now and say goodbye thank you for watching imax with stacy herbert if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report and. all. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each.
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but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was a case still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to because there are no other takers. the same that mainstream media has met its maker .
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expect. when. life. is reported to us critics who are going to turn down this wall concert in protest against u.s. president plans to build a dividing. up .
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the. last. one. i think they are listing. so they are under the loss of maybe a third of the u.i. both possible you'll see global weather but i go by the really listen no one there was going.
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to eat i've. he e. from the board and the. other computers will be sure to chill a normal memo is a couple of these states are you know they must come to me come across that i'm going to.
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close and the phone will to reduce from the. gym will without us if i mean and the most of the month. and with only the mental coat on them i'm in there also him the say single you out on my lawn now this by now on long most of the one like call me a menace i'm still going to. simple sing when the president was in the sport of the . first game which of if you let us go on to live it will put us little camilla focused on the pimple in the killing of the most islandia the new look a stylist and the thought of it went up at the. last i love my little. legs and was aware that.
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on the. ritualist on the most. humble. physical. single. but over the last of them to lose so was the. well done in the in the middle. and that. only meant that if the.
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moon the moon you become a number but all the numbers go inside of the image get a muzzle of that it don't walk on the tracks or on the trail. run right off to the sidelines and also by doing that you're not leaving your tracks today you see that your they're trying to walk on the harder the ground you don't want them to know that you are in there. are drugs observed better my shoe is better and. we are a volunteer organization made up of former military and law enforcement who come down here for seven to ten days a time and we saw dollars most of the wars weekend to the drug trafficking you know and you could sit there and you could think that well that's just an old. well it's not it's a new one sitting on top of somebody else's if this is going on twenty four hours
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a day seven days a week you're not going to stop all of it when you're doing it with a nine to five shift mentality you have to come down in occupy the territory just like you would in a in a war. to us this is a war they're bringing in marijuana coke heroin meth and now they're bringing in general says synthetic hair when. you can see other questions. that's is there a big difference between male and female track. size depth the images are lighter smaller because you never have to worry about that out here to do women or children out here. i've seen. track as big as his and misspend the biggest mexican open you'll ever meet and.
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fall him down he had something heavy on because his voice. illusia baghdad missile kuwait i did four tours in iraq one tour in afghanistan. got a plate in my head. my goal to stop the drug trade i'm from mississippi so i drive twenty five hours to get here. and there several have a steady or from out of state we got one from south carolina i think it's the right thing to do the government's not doing anything down here that much so we're here to to try to stop the drugs. the. last time we chased eighteen of them. each one of them carrying twenty
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kilos of drugs. and they got it from us and so we called border patrol and border patrol get on the other side of the. kitchen when they come on the side. there that's one of the towers that. that's our it costs us ninety million dollars and that towers what is supposed to be watching the border right now and then when that tower sees something they call the border patrol. and they try to get gays in the air but it's so far away from anything that by the time they get here they're already fast. charlie bass. world former military and law enforcement we know how to go by. doing this in the slow any time we run into somebody. who is a a look at will sit him down and then we ask with they need any food or water or
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medical aid. regardless if you're bringing in drugs or killing people with everything you know or if you're just speaking in the country we don't want to see you die out there i mean dying there's all the horrible ways i can think that. we have been food water medical aid would all border the cold world but isn't that enough. listen to this wide open there's people from seventy eight different countries coming through this length and the big problem is those who are that little was happening in europe thought oh my god we're going to help these poor people why you just let it all bunch of bad guys because you don't know who the hell they are because. society that our days is so politically correct they're afraid of
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offending somebody else. may feel. you if i offend you to bath i'm trying to protect my people my family my friends so if you're offended i'm sorry and that's why they call us races and them or they'll.
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or is it boils i'm helping them. i live here at the bunker if you want to visit with lease days i actually sleep on the couch and i do this full time if i were to stop doing what i was doing then we would be a what do you know how these guys out every single one of my guys we had to be very fun went to prison they have what's considered an aggravated only you know you could be anywhere from writing a bad check which is a fraud if you be discharging a firearm it could be a small amount of drugs like an ounce used to be five pounds of marijuana i mean it's really very small so i want to be very upfront these people need to know like that there is a crime involved and they went to prison. i joined the military in one thousand nine hundred five i served in two thousand and one i served with the eighty second airborne i got i was honorable discharge in two thousand and one after i got of the military i was involved where somebody shot a firearm in
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a vehicle i went to prison i was sent for three years but only did a year and like eight months and then i was deployed in two thousand and four i came back to united states illegally got caught again in two thousand and ten and i stayed in mexico ever since and opened up a shelter in two thousand and thirteen. if you commit an egg or a felony could be deported that means people who served in the military they committed a felony their green cards will be taken away and spends the short and simple it was john wolf didn't say. ok we can sort it. right right. i've been here for seven years now with the board in two thousand and ten on may. yeah that was
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a day i'll never forget i was scared. i didn't know anybody didn't know the city. didn't know how to get around how we had thirty two dollars in my pocket. immigration took right my only form of idea i had no idea and now when they had that money and i didn't know what to do i didn't know where to go and they just dropped off the board and say they go and you got to continue on a walk and try to figure it out on your own. here's what people have been saying about rejected and. just pull along on the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of lone jack tonight president of the world bank. doesn't want me to send us an e-mail.
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anyway or there are. so uber that leads going to. the right that's right it is right now you can produce. the real over three hundred people but there's only about thirty names on here so whenever a new the board of veteran like alex comes here he can put his name on the wall. my name was an up here and i've been here seven years so i was out of the loop and
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now i feel like i'm tied in now their cause becomes my awful one one for all. so that people know that we're not just a number we're not just a group no we're actually living people. this just made it personal i mean this is no longer just about me but about all my brothers. especially the ones that have passed away that lost their life. here while here in mexico we didn't have the chance to go back home. you know this is very very important now and this is now become. my fight. my life just crumbled it told me fell apart i have no relatives here it's very.
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safe here organized crime runs this city. forty three years one a half years in the marines. and it just sucks that you get deported i mean you're going to serve the country. even though you. know you. just sucks. well. let's just. say.
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that my belongings right now. that's only my business cards for my business which. if i don't do something about it and still have my contract those licenses on hand and i don't have a crate and i don't have anything else but i. i do have. then i. go in the three dollars and that's it. because that last days is does but i walk out but i get by saying i don't want to go for it would be if i had just got to say you know what i don't want to do whatever. they want to get into it got to be put in a photo of all of us you know where. did i just go to leave this is what i do you
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know so simple as i remember that when you have this out and come you need to do that if he would have known who that is. but it came from i was in love with the i'm the one who was in charge of. the. president of this event and you know. what happened is like pulling up with my paperwork became one hundred percent documented help too. go to the immigration office be there once a week once. you have the report yourself. bring proof.
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so that anyway this last time when i showed up. i walk in the nine o'clock in the morning. and i was detained according with the officer who said it very clearly i don't deserve to be here. as well remember you were not. oh i'm there the ministration off obama you are now a mistress of donald trump. and that's the big change. i got arrested in by five o'clock i was imported into what. it is a real nightmare because you get up in the morning at five thirty in the morning and you are. with your family when. you go to sleep somewhere
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else check. on your grandson. my oldest boy and see how how you how people his. he loves the pirates. i really don't know what's my feeling right now i don't know if i want to fight when iran or what you know what. what i can do. nothing they can do so. he there or out there all of this year or so i hope to learn a new way of leaving. what they see is the abuse so. you can walk on this street because you will be followers
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and you will be either or rob the. son. i. i. made a lot of the list the real america that i am it fairly also left for the unilateral
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us you say me there but i damn it for the sake of the risk that they were a new thing oh no this is. me. i will never again notice your. meta say otherwise dominate an upset west. go look you see it at the liverpool that drove by this those who had rid us. so i was good move. maybe it was just did. i could decide is there are no me and that i bet me. that it is sort of this green.
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also income you know much of this i mean. this is the no business and. this is the money they mean missin. used to. we really knew that this woman horribly the sequels out were number horridest over the. whole. lot. of. this is you know this that when you do is that the bank you know. this is so they
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would go out there as they are is still is the most. consistent is doing really really hard. and as we reassign the suit so they lean epidemic and be accurate to every step. we see similar stuff. is there is to him and all those quotes. because that is to you. the askin me see who's to say they are never seen a side be a hostile act. is their real loudly in their. comment david boy there this is the also this does vs tell me. little of. the latest movie is made for feel good old history up for no baby don't play don't make all.
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i've received via me is that i post like i love me some believe the audacity to assume that pirates. yeah you know unless you're the whitest lady came not in only one of these. yeah they read i hope with some of us ourselves. placed in the same window your was no make it any better than book of twists that astonied ions for us i am from the left i don't care for movement of the doohickey see came in the pack i say you are now part two they want us to. consist of is this even the adam in the middle yah is person to see whose. lives you look at the more days mr skilling dental you know pull us out you know what i am already a song to begin knowing general we all a bit of a. timid little is let me. see. a.
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new mom. no not one tough. enough lose up to let down what might have been a tough the big finish. i'm back and the. one seeking i need south. take to mean it was in the south. and then you get ready for it. how is that guy. young would be if. i didn't you know let beach me out i
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sat. in this just feeling if one means i love just not enough be deep but let me feel this one tokyo find it is going to keep going. like. this one was because did a piece of dancing cultural figure i pulled the premise. that. it's.
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good to know when to. say a. bustling the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. crowds of tourists disrupts the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before the sun the celestial. sun was. done as we finally. tried. to collapse. of. probably a. couple. in the bush was up to the on psalms and the supposed to mean
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a. good. thing. is it will fill. the headlines on international. measuring around six on the richter scale recorded north korea south korea and the united states both claiming it's the result of a nuclear test. u.s. security services diplomatic outposts in san francisco and washington after they were shot. russia has slammed the inspections as a clear violation of international law. in example you need international relations it's an illegal takeover.


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