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tv   Documentary  RT  September 3, 2017 1:29am-2:01am EDT

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corporations run washington or washington controls the media the media over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. the a. leg. length. there's a ladder we found. in the desert and somebody jumped over the the wall and then
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we. we flew from these waters out there and these racist groups. and we find shotgun shells people shooting at the migrants. twenty years ago i started going out to the desert like we're doing right now to bring water to people that are across because the people that are across you know quasi all the way they damn they cannot get visas there's no visas for these people so they risk their lives crossing of the desert or the mountains or the ocean where
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other cities like san diego there's a wall where there's no cities there's no wall and that's where people cross and that's where people die so every summer more people die because of the wall that exists right now then the entire history of the berlin wall. and you can see this is part of operation gatekeeper one nine hundred ninety four and as we walk in a walk to the end right here just on the bottom of this little hill that's the the a wall that was george bush and if you look further down there's no wall. no it's not a doubt most of the people in the united states do not want the wall all of the people
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in mexico do not want the wall and i guarantee you mexico is not going to pay one penny for that wall because the wall this is stop people the wall kills people. so if trump builds what he wants to build it'll be a little longer a little higher it'll just take a little longer to cross but it's not going to stop anybody. larger cars. so you can see that somebody was walking through here there's footprints right here . we put out maybe two or three thousand gallons every summer and i would say maybe three hundred of them or use another three hundred or sabotaged broken and and then some are just left out there maybe an animal or nobody ever uses them but as long as one of them is using to save one person's life. so we don't try to hide the bottles so we try to. leave
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a bottle right here because what the person will do is oftentimes we're going to wait right here because of cars going to come later on so the main way to do it in a shade or in a teaser brush because they realize there's a border patrol coming through here to leave it in a spot that it's clearly visible that way here. just like that. the situation now is going really bad because of trump where you have all these hate crimes and attacks on people and and it's really sad. so now we have more volunteers than ever more donations because people are very mad people do not want donald trump. oftentimes behind those big rocks up there there's sleeping bags and clothes because they this we hide all the way.
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he says he wants to build a wall congress doesn't want him to build a wall the people of united states do not want a wall there's already a wall that covers a third of the border but i believe he will get a little bit of a wall built in addition to what already exists and then he's going to stop one because he didn't they don't have the money for it and two because there's no need for that wall. so this. is what the. liberals are leaving out for they're leaving food and water. and before these bleeding heart liberals and started leaving water and stuff so that they would only make it in a couple of miles before they ran out of water and the be sitting on the side of the road waiting to be picked up because they couldn't go any farther but now they
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know there's water along the whole way well if they didn't encourage him then they wouldn't be people coming over but they play the the p.t. card you know where it's like oh we're saving lives were helping we're. used to helping in two of the biggest illegal activities in the country human smuggling and dope smuggling. looks like they had to leave in a hurry and. the animals got to it. rested that night. when he got there he was going to have a party. confederate. because he didn't realize he was this close to a road probably or
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a car down and just took off so this probably last night there was is trash everywhere. you will see any humanitarians doing this picking up trash. this political correct bolt needs to go away we need to enforce our own was if i climbed over the fence and snuck into mexico it's automatic here in a mexican prison i know what i want to do a year in a mexican prison you know here all the dep ins is their pictures taken their fingerprints are taken from back over the fence. four days later they're back again live in this. see this they. pushed the fence down. they just step right through. there's a lot of spots where there's not even last or they cut it. down here at the bottom
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. is a big wash this area right here on the other side where these big trees are that's what's called a lay up area so they'll come up and they'll sit there in the bushes and wave in mexico until the guy sitting up on that mountain tells them it's ok then they come across. we've heard from in the past four or five administrations going to france for the you know war when the defense they okayed building the wall back in two thousand and one but they never gave the money for. stillness and politicians. who just tell you what you want to hear. we have to go back a hundred years we have to go backwards by that i mean one hundred years ago they
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had al posts along the border and they had guys in the outpost and then they fanned out from the elbows and stopped anyway and everything coming through. people who are sick or a number of the. law and lunatic oh i'm living in. the middle. apostle. look up in that i'm told will bungle so some of those men the most famous film the one with a pull them quote along in the last. of us up close to some of us those are. what i. call
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a discourse a. pleasant and almost cool sadly but it's a joke i mean not in accord with them lesson but i want to. in minute it'll come up but i will let the fans of coroner man or not i don't appear that i. was a little bit of a loss and i'm a little bit lament but in the phillip mckerrow. there are so many of them with. me that under me and they are nominated that moment had only had.
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the money. that. i was driving under the influence. and i got because the polish me. sent me. back to mexico i got a bottle for years i won't. and. i strain to walk back to. los angeles. i highly potter fourteen times i went back story since i finished my fortune all last time so i was high. when i got because i was high. on the bottom of the room in a key on the boil that come later but when i looked. at the saw with the democrats
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in one thousand salinas again real impetus was in on. nothing to guzzle. the kid. in the no huddle and the kiss and feel like a little fillip but i guess it will mean that they. will get a real a level of. the lake with the by the enemy and. let me know if you let them know what it is this place. so my mostly going in one call us on pull up one of the bottom line is i'm all of us i.
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am. wrong. seems wrong we all just don't all. get to
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shape our it's just a chance to educate and in detroit because the trail. one song find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. here's what people have been saying about redacted the night with us actually just full on awesome feel the show i go out of my way to launch you know some really packs a punch to sleep yeah mr john oliver a hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you've never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank kate. seriously sent us an e-mail.
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dream in your dreams or in english. you are awake because somebody is watching you this time to memorise them to go but now they're talking to you in the spanish oh. yeah heard. you. so he's going on like moving your head live to write trying to fix whatever is inside your head. this is the.
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i still don't tell a place to live in a still don't know anybody and the last few days i didn't have a plan i didn't know what to do with it i didn't have a paper work but now i do i have a plan of work. i got together with three people in this facility place and we are planning to share the cost of our meant in the star alone and see how we make progress. when i got the notice the day. i was selected for an interview. then you have any feelings like now what but now i'm excited because now there is supply and now we can get together we can make. now we have a star in our place to start.
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this is going to be the first time on i'm applying for a job here. is something like. really i don't know but i'm i will take an imposition right now. doing between two governments. mexican and american. neither one once you. they don't want you over there and they don't want you over here and that's the feeling. in the land of no one.
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knows nothing. about anything so we have a very important visit we have a group of congressmen that have never visited a need to forty's or deported veterans and we're very excited that we're going to be able to talk to these people that are introducing legislation they're the ones that can get us home as well as maybe push the president to write an executive order hello everybody my name is live in cost growth and i part of a group of seven members of congress just under fisa through here. we wanted to kind of here to listen to the stories but also it's a good mystics back to our fellows in the american congress and the american.
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culture. in this. of course not i just knew it was one of a. tribute to them. so i'm here. i feel that us as mike and i think the same for the united states to kick out the people that stood up to deportation don't just send a plea bargain the judge. and everybody in it with their present process of boxing overnight which said that my ability to track read to be guilty is not going to be deported yet here i am. we've all read that anybody who was willing to risk their life for their country the united states. should not be subject to deportation. unfortunately there are hundreds if not thousands of veterans who have dealt that exact fate. governor jerry brown on easter of this year issues three pardons for and parties and so i'm here today to present these to you. the first
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issue i mr hector of ross he's going. to. need to. think but maybe next year and. see if. you. find the bundle. may he told. me
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he. you don't want to go over. this and who i root for and where i want to live it. ok if there was a republican state nothing like trump or somebody you have you. believe. right now it's do whatever the veteran support house tells me to do is for us filling out paperwork in applying for this and applying for that we're trying to charge for trying to get letters of recommendation for that. the last time i seen my family both five years ago and see no police since. nobody comes because they don't feel safe here. the organized crime is just to.
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my mom's getting up there in age now she's ninety one and she just can't travel that much anymore and it kills me that she's at that age because i know that if she ever passes away there's no way i'm going to be able to go home i'm very like a bird my father. in my babies i mean they're missing my babies but the oldest is twenty five britons twenty three melissa's twenty no junior just turned eighteen you know some of these pictures are old. and that weighs down on you when you don't have that and you were obviously you can tell i was always in his life. i was always in the mix with. it's one of the things that i really really miss. life is just passing by times just going by and all i do is just get over it and i just can't seem to find my mitch yes. i do feel like i've been able that's exactly are.
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fundamental to me as opposite of then yes a santa mustn't is that our past our fault or oh all men need ailerons i mean when we not only our own way our own us photos and is the most obvious of our.
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ways but channel up a little a you know in front am your own case must have a come when. they state blue fairy land they. say most as count. well they will in letters days i. spent. a whole year in the now. yes means i'm going to roll a. yellow new thing going there only are working here to one of the. do you know only too many are part of the. oh god never knew just.
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what they need to know where tell you that i don't. know what. i want to learn do you declare your. men will. meet their up of movie. albeit very. little folk also i know i do do. that i say yes so i leave the lab and the civilian into supercop with me from without those twenty one. lest the moment they meet by ease in this facility that is clearly male to lift the lid on in which only at the last
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moment the enormous important moments. noise nicky. bonney cannot give me. in this moment to know i left the moment they must agree that. there is a dollar also that almihdhar more us because they are useful see that levy be they gave us this all there we remember them all of those used. their legal yes their you know. yes a they were also from media the nicolas got it and if you see all this of our media. is yours a serious study and you're missing. cecil seahorses this time b.n. you're missing the real thing that most of. us. know where among them was that home for us not to ask.
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this is. where we have.
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our. thanks. no not one tough. enough lose off let down one might have been a tough the big finish. i'm back and the. one seeking out a new south. and. take them into equal city just. to get the band and then you get ready for it. now it's like i'm.
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going to let you know let beach yeah i'm sad. to be missed just feel him if one means i love to study not be deep but let me focus them tokyo find it there's going to keep going. to let. this work was because did a piece of dancing quite a cultural thing i called it practice. but
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it's. good to know when to. thank you very much. bustling the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before the sun the celestial get out to all such as the. sun was by him sometime this evening as we know as minor leagues. down that the city's tried desperately not to collapse. it. will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on some snark
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up the supposed to mean a. good. time. as a tourist will fill a photo and identity. the headlines on r.t. international. the us and south korea all accuse north korea of carrying out another nuclear test so after a large earthquake was detected in the country. u.s. security services diplomatic outposts in san francisco and washington after they were shot down on the state department. the inspections as a clear violation of international law. we are witnessing an example you need a national relations.


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