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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 4, 2017 1:29am-2:01am EDT

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today to talk about all of this. within hours bickering over refugee quotas failing austerity measures and a rising tide of euro skeptic nationalism that's already resulted in the u.k. secession the european union project is bracing for a turbulent and testing future and this is a reform starting time before another crisis hits the european powers here the calls of poor states and can be ambition of the continental union and do another sixty years. it is minister for european affairs sandra garth c. welcome to the show great to have you with us and as you got said the euro experiment has failed at least that's what noble economist joseph stiglitz s so are it stays numbered no i disagree i do not think that you will spare him and you are always in reality and i do not think that this certainty the eurozone and the government of the eurozone must be must be shaped up or about we have to
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continue toward this direction not going backwards. no you were talking about reform right every time i heard you talk and give interviews to talk about reform but every year is own state has its own interests at heart so why is anybody going to listen to what rome is saying right now. well i mean. it is true that the debate on the euro zone and the debate on how to reform the eurozone as being postponed too many times but i do believe that in the second half of this year the time would be right to open the debate to be after the french elections have to be after the german elections and i do believe that everybody agreed that we must complete then they must better shape or they can only get more you know in these also a commitment which was taken in rome when the. leader of the twenty seven member states. there on the correlation last twenty fifth of march they
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clearly say we must complete the economic and monetary union which translated in war. must seem that war means we must open the debate on how the euro is run but why wait till the french and german elections don't you think it's a little bizarre that the issue of heroes o. reform has been brought up right now. or hasn't been brought up as of yet maybe people don't have courage to germany why did they really get the courage to talk about this now. who we found the chorus to don't seem to be one of the government so we have been talking about these at least since. the beginning of march or twenty fourteen and we have a thing we have obtained some improvement we hope they in an investment plan at european level of the so-called you plan. more intelligent or at least less stupid
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implementation of the stability and growth pact drools towards. so some important step by been taken. to. reform the eurozone you need a commitment of other partners and so far it has always been postponed now as it is a fundamental issue which is going to be debated also in the general election which has been to be debated during the french election we do believe that there will be a new political phase. and in this political. issue number one must be reform of the eurozone so we think that the time has come at the end at least at the end of this year so they have america's national trade council peter navarro called a hero and implicit in mark that's a quote to say now give germany unfair advantage over others at this point.
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i do believe that the. single currency and the single market. benefit for everybody certainly. are shifting all the rules during the crisis scene the financial crisis. being favorable to some down to the most favorable to other countries i do believe the south of germany as benefited from a very strict implementation of the growth back to rule says benefited also from the austerity policies i do believe that we must on the page we have started that there is a new role played by the rupee and central bank with the quantity of easing with the new. stance stance of the european central bank and we must the best way our german friends who we invest more domestically and to rebalance it trade
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which is unsustainable and which is also has been pointed out by the rupee and commission in the last report on germany these are open issues and we must discuss about this issues so he has sat it depends from country to country and what it's actually were had on it i have read this financial reporting new york times on italy a very thorough report and the numbers seem quite sad i mean is it worth keeping the euro in italy if in fifteen years of having it as a currency it has failed to improve its lives economy i mean growth has been literally zero and the economist competitiveness as an export has deteriorated. but i do not i do not take the arab human that you're putting on the table i do not think that the euro has been a failure i do not think that many problems that we have to address in italy derive from europe and this they do i do believe that if you take a cost benefit analysis the cost there would be much higher than the benefit if it
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decided to leave the euro the point is not to leave a stable currency the point is on they tend. to not waste time and as wasted as wasted too much time since the beginning of the two thousand we must speed up they reform which are needed for the italian economy notwithstanding that our membership of the eurozone we must we have started with the interim government we are continuing with the only government to test those structural reform which are absolutely necessary to consolidate growth on one side on the other side the point is not to dismantle what we have been. be did like the eurozone the point is to put the must small the euro and the eurozone at the risk of the call me to introduce a new policy me to shift from a set of rule partially inadequate and obsolete to
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a new policy mix which put investment and growth at the center of european action not only at the center of the national action this is what we want and this is what we think is needed not only for the thirty but the for the eurozone as old. so it only has two largest opposition parties to five star movement and the northern league they're both anti europe and they're saying that they would bring back if they win the next election now i don't know if that's going to happen but judging by the polls they do have a chance a real one i just want you are painting why most forty seven is like i'm almost half of the country they think it's a bad thing why do you think that happened. well first of all attention to the polls because yes people say that the euro isn't in favor of treaty but then when you say if they want to leave the euro of that if they want to leave the european union the answer of the majority of people is no we don't want to leave the
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eurozone we don't want to leave the european union so i mean take it with a pinch of salt this kind of calls for so forward second as to. why they want to destroy the italian economy i cannot answer for them it is clear that all the extremist movement and there. are two example of extremist movement. always of a simple solution to a real problem which require other kinds of solutions so they say well if there is unemployment need to let's get out of the eurozone we have a problem with immigration let's get out of the schengen area this clear that these two solution goals against the interest of the italian economy which require us to be in a stable currency required to be in a stable euro zone i think why also in that kind of policy mix in the economic policies that europe the united nations level i do not see how they tend to economy could survive in leaving the eurozone and in going back in year out of
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a very high inflation. strong devaluation which is competitive only in the short run which can bring sound benefit for some export of italian export in the short run but would be would be a disaster in the medium iran in the long run for the a ten economy and by the way if there is something which is working in italy today it is export it that it is a sporting already a lot and those that i don't feel which are well for ourselves because they export so even with the euro we don't need to have a competitive devaluation going back to the ten to. suppose. i do not see the solid argument to leave the eurozone i see so important so you're saying. the euro zone too but the shipping so you're saying that if push comes to shove frayed and either of the parties comes to power
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hypothetically speaking and we have a referendum in your country that people italians will not support the exit from the heroes zone is that what you're saying. i say that this crazy idea you're talking about is not because it is your idea because if we are they buy this bunch of popular those of the legal illegal not the league and the five star movement would destroy private savings because if you call for a referendum on the euro it's the day two of this campaign with the first polls which is likely favorable to you today yes to the exit of the euro we would have a massive financial speculations against italian privacy so what we have to do is to prevent. people. from taking the power and this certainly depend on
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us these certainly depend on how how how or convincing will be with the young people then if you ask me how we would like an italian government with the five star movement in power up i can simply suggest to you to take the example of the roman government the government of italian capital which is a total disaster and which is in the end of the price of movement so i mean if you're from moscow you might have a interesting look to the face of the not the least i can understand because they are reality but i don't think that it is in our interest in the interest of europe in the interest of our bilateral relations to a. county like italy would be if the face of movement of the northern league would take power in our country mr gutsy we're going to take a short break right now and when well back we'll continue talking to minister for
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european affairs discussing interest here as a whole and if there is a chance to reform the single currency states. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington the washington post media the media so voters elected to business natural run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before
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. a little.
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and we're back with sandra goard cecily's minister of foreign european affairs discussing italy's place in the european union and the euro zone welcome back mr gati now. one hundred fourteen italian banks out of five hundred are in deep trouble that's according to italian newspaper and saw it italy could start bailing out the banks with public funds but that goes against the e.u. bailing out rules now should the government just go ahead without brussels approval or show daily wait until the e.u. comes up with some kind of solution so. the european we do believe that there are some of the existing directory the bank can say we. have to be revised because they implemented in different ways in different counties that mean that to all those the not all the. very efficient and we do believe that on one side we have to intervene and to dwell upon it at national level on the other side there
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must be also review and i know the european commission is working on that. with the directive because they're banking restructuring within the european union now they had of the euro group talking about the bailouts in general he sat that southern countries quote blew their money on drinks and women is that what happened to italy as well. well i mean i think that the least that we can see of the statement of a year on buys them blown that was very unfortunate. that it proved that it's not adequate for the sportster and i hope with that there will be a change of very soon. that is what is not what that been seen by county but that was what you are referring to it is
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a very unfortunate creation we do not have anything to see with a konami creativity of counter. but only with. a stupid. you would never expect from. an important body like the euro group but he das chair that body can be here is only when move forward if that's how the richard northern states understand saddam problems i mean it's not like people in the north don't drink and sleep with women or something you know. well honestly i wouldn't waste your time and my time in talking about the booze and women. because i do not think that this is the point i everybody criticised the year on dies and blown the chair of the euro group for the it is clear that during the cries it was. a measure i have produced that is what i distrust and what we have to do now is.
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the confidence to beat them with confidence between the south and counter nothing between the counters and trade the counter is the mania of the fisher divisions or division produced by stupid statement also. made the one you were referring to and the time is counted on the page and i do believe that we must and we can and in to a new phase because it is in the interest of everybody and certainly i mean that this guy and. i know about the really i mean there are so stupid that i do not think that we should take them very seriously right so let's talk about more serious staying stuck to lead a solution to the problems have been a two speed europe which is in essence proposing two different systems for europe i mean one for those who want more integration another for those who don't but one that is pretty much for a thing you need down instead of saving it. it is
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a union of twenty seven member states and you know which is going to grow because i do believe that after twenty nineteen new newark counters from the west and bottoms will join the european union but in this kind of fuel it is. an illusion to think that we proceed all together at the same reteam with the same intensity toward the same direction this year that there would be some county which would be satisfied with a single market and something more and that. we decide to deepen their integration to reach new common objectives that says a more efficient the security and defense bodies of the union or a truly social union or a much stronger must stronger body to run the immigration and to counter the threat of terrorism sure i got i got your point but what this multispeed here
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are mean that states who are more integrated it will be they was deciding things like well the decision making may in the hands of germany and france while the rest play catch up no i mean the german the french german capital belongs to the story. i mean it is clear that it is necessary that there is an agreement between berlin and paris but is absolutely not sufficient anymore. i think it is very clear in the two capitals. because it is clear that we have to create a critical mass we see goes well beyond france and germany for second the i mean it is not that more more integrated can't decide for the other it is the other we decide not to be in the more integrated group of countries because they condition to create this group of we go faster we'll be
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on the only condition would be political will so the door must be open to everybody willing to join and so also we won't be in the group it is because they have decided not to be in the group and if you decide not to be in the group it is clear that you decide not to decide if you decide to stay out how do you make sure that they last integrated members don't boycott the decisions made by those at the top out of spite or out of fear of being marginalized for example. well i mean politically legally it is very difficult that they can do so. legally because at the end of the day according to the treaties a group of country can move if it wants so once that some project will be launched by nine or ten countries you will see there would be a majority of county it was going we'd be willing to join and there would be a very tiny minority of downed trees we decided to stay out and i'm sure about
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these after all these been the way europe was founded and europe as advanced because if nine hundred fifty seven the six european democracies who decided the two found that the european union had to wait for the other democracies nothing would have happened if. twenty twenty two thousand and one the twelve counties would introduce the euro to wait for whole the other the euro would then be a reality so these as always being their way of promoting the big project in europe and i'm confident that it might work also in the future. so first it was the hearer's and crisis and the migrant crisis and now you have sat back said it's the latest crisis what europe is facing but britain has always kept its distance and e.u. matters i mean it's style some important common decisions that sachs said have the
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potential to actually reinforce the e.u. . for some project and for some initiatives probably know it is going to be must easier to go toward a certain direction for example the. policy we're talking about before the defense and security policy with out of the union i do believe that is going to be easier or less difficult to do it through the european defense policy and this is certainly could be a positive side effect of the u.k. departure what i want to say that i would have preferred the brits to stay in the union but it is also true that the brits well never been never been fully within the you know they've always. said one step in and whilst about now they decided to
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take the two steps out of the union and they do believe that owns certain projects of the on some. of the. political potential could be easier without the brits to move it i want to talk about a latest news in turkey a country that's long been in the line to become an e.u. member present and the gun just want to referendum which has granted him sweeping new powers now adding i and saying hey strengthening turkish democracy but i mean austria germany and other countries have already sat this closes the door on terra kiss e.u. membership is this going to be the final straw. well i do believe that. any . was hoping for a landslide success in this referendum. ended up with a split country with. fifty one percent in favor of reform forty nine
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percent against is there for the three major turkish cities again the reform with a majority there most backward the region of in favor of the reform so i mean it is clear that it is a very difficult situation so i think we have a problem i think we have a major political problem i do believe that we must first of the dialogue with the european we must first of the delegates your queue for because after all there is a forty nine percent of people who voted no we have to. because it is an important part many this is important because the it is a member of nato because it is a member of the council of europe but it's clear that what has happened during the campaign the content of this reform represent a major political problem the attitude of president ever gone to war europeans represent a major political problem and is provocation output that he used this and there are
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only complicated our bilateral relations but the question is for the e.u. is it worth losing a potential partner in the middle east i mean the only country that could really help the union deal with a migrant crisis. you know what i was i was i told you that you have to have a dialogue with your king. about the dialogue doesn't mean to hide they all stand in political problems that you know about the relations south of the migration agreement is an important agreement it is war king there are some else but which should be improved but it is working and be we should to continue to implement it but these cannot. affect with major political problem it is clear as i see your import on the neighboring county it these. days you position these members of important organization so we must first of
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the dialogue with your key about. a dialogue with the county doesn't mean not to be front and wholeness with the government and ice i repeat the attacks the provocations repeated attacks of procreation off aired on the world there will be a union i have been told by the understandable uncomprehensible they might have had during the campaign i hope that it is over now i hope that we see is no hope that will stop now because they are not helping at all about the relations but in my opinion that not being the turkish government. all right mr that's a thank you very much for this century or talking to sound or god say italian european affairs minister talking about a speech error in the here opinion and that's it for this edition of.
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the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe the new socks presents tell you that will be gossip and tabloid bias files of the most important news today. octomom has been telling you are not cool enough and that's to fight their product. these are the hawks that we along with our audience will watch.
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bosler the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life giving them a little bit before the sun the sloshing around them with all such a traditional story some nas comes by him sometime soon as we don't mind the needs of a school but there's a time i feel while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of vision totally cool with who put the couple who probably global in the door coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a. fight. is a tourist phobia full fare farm town identity. here's what people
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have been saying about rejected in the us is it just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of party america is doing the same we are apparently better than booth. i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank though hate. me seriously send us an email the not lines up. on the fly is off let down one by its nature the definition . i'm by in the. south. and. taking the city. yes i. am going to bring. now is i think.
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he might be. good enough to let me. just kill him if one means i love just like. them tokyo find it he's going to keep going to get. his work was because did it because he didn't seem quite a cultural shift from the premise. that.
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any threat to the united states george territory. washington says it will defend itself with the full capability of its power if north korea continues to threaten the u.s. for its allies this comes after pyongyang confirms it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. fearing persecution of tens of thousands of muslims in myanmar the asian country as the minority community struggles against violent oppression by the state.


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