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tv   Headline News  RT  September 4, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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any threat to the united states or territory. should military response both direct and overwhelming washington says it will defend itself with the full compare capability of its power if north korea continues to threaten the us will reach our allies this comes after pyongyang confirms it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. fearing persecution tens of thousands of muslims in myanmar the asian country as the minority community struggles against violent oppression by the state party. and the clock is ticking away for
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candidates in germany as current chancellor angela merkel and her main challenger martin souls go head to head in a one off t.v. debates. hello there this is r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and the karen good to have you with us this hour. now washington says it will use any means necessary to defend itself after the most powerful north korea nuclear test to date u.s. secretary of defense james mattis promised a massive military response on pyongyang if tensions quickly comes. we have many military options and the president wanted to be briefed on each one of them any threat to the united states george territories including. or
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allies will be met with a massive military response the response both direct and overwhelming that's actually kind of an unexpected and drastic change in tone coming from modest there who is really starting to sound more like trump now he did add that america is not seeking the annihilation of north korea but it's highly unlikely that those comments will be of any comfort to anyone in north korea given how quickly his stance changed from there's always the possibility of a diplomatic solution to we don't want to kill you but we certainly can if need be now these statements made even more ominous given the comments made by president trump before he met with madison the other generals the president we were real. earlier on sunday trump did tweet that all options are being considered when it comes to north korea but it is clear that the military option seems to be becoming the favorite for the trumpet ministration meanwhile we have china and russia urging
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all sides to show restraint but it seems that team trump is going to stick with the aggressive rhetoric that we've seen from the president as of late they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen north korea better get their act together where they're going to be trouble like you do each and ever have been in trouble in this world. and this may not get away with what he's doing and this is really. already escalated past just a war of words we've already seen america bolster their military presence in the region and continue to conduct drills with south korea much to the displeasure of their northern neighbors and trump has gotten a fair amount of backlash for some of his aggressive comments both here at home and abroad but the u.s. state department for their part has defended his comments saying that it's simply the only way to communicate with the north korean leader exacerbating the president
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spoke to him to kim jong un in a language that secretary tillerson has said and said this morning in the kind of language that kim jong un will understand but clearly america really has no plans of changing their tactics despite the fact that all of their aggressive rhetoric and saying that talking will not work and attacking north korea has only lead to further threats from north korea and more missile tests but washington seems unwilling to change their plan of action pushing the whole world closer to the edge of war now shortly after pyongyang's nuclear test south korea conducted tests not military drill in response according to sold it simulate a destroyed called the north's nuclear testing site missiles fired from the ground and from fighter planes reportedly hit their intended targets in the sea of japan while in another development in the south korea's and environment ministry has approved the deployment of the american made thawed anti missile system it was
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pandey delivered back in march but it later turned out that the necessary environmental checks were not carried out the deployment was delayed now ever it seems to have been accelerated now with china only expressing concerns that the range of the system could reach its territory as well we spoke to greg from the advisory board of the korea policy institute and some youth from the council of korean americans about the tensions in the region. i think the trump immigration is painting itself into a corner so for instance trump recently tweeted the talks are not the answer and so just leaves the option of threatening north korea which only encourages north korea to accelerate its nuclear weapons program which in turn encourages the trumpeter straight into opinion on the. road the very dangerous korean central news agency just recently came out with a statement saying that they're not willing to give up their nuclear weapons
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program unless the united states drops its hostile policy so there's a definite opening for a diplomatic move if the united states wanted to take that this is a full scale diplomatic crisis and i think the president has not really framed this issue as such i think this is in some ways a war of words we know he's very fond of twitter and saying provocative things president and our government is not devoting the resources the political will that are needed to find a solution to this problem we need to amp up the resources at the state department warm bodies people who understand north korea the culture the language get them working on this issue all these latest aggressive moves in the peninsula come right on the eve of the brics that summit in china the group has strongly condemns north korea's latest nuclear test. reports. well the latest nuclear test from north
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korea comes ahead of the brics summit here in china and its center dominates the talks over the next couple of days but it also poses a challenge to the political influence of the group and whether or not they're able to insist that there is a diplomatic solution to this particular crisis when north korea's neighbors russia and china have already condemned the move and of course they hear breaks with putin and she the president's there already saying that they agree on the importance that there is no chaos on the korean peninsula they also agree that the nuclearized nation of the region is not acceptable but what they are offering is another solution a road map that the two presidents hard already devised something that they discussed when president was in moscow earlier in july and what they're saying is that this particular road map could lead to a deescalation on both sides they see it as mutual deescalation and what they're suggesting from the north koreans is that they desist in their testing of their
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missiles in particular their nuclear weapons as well as we're looking on the other side when it comes to the u.s. and south korea they believe that they stop with the military drills that they see that pyongyang is anticipating as a preparation for invasion of course it remains to be seen whether or not these suggestions will be taken up. the south asian country of myanmar is saying more than seventy thousand of its muslims fleeing the country fearing violence oppression by the states or parties one muslim community has been clashing with police and the armed forces to protect its ethnicity from violence methods of persecution mammals population is mainly but it is under both religious ties continue to blame each other for the ongoing conflict that there are to reports. what attributes do you think of when you envisage the ideal leader maybe a symbol of groundbreaking political revolution obviously a person who holds the interests of the people or do you visualize an individual
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hailed by the media as a hero she was an inspiration during the country's revolution in the eighty's and even won the nobel peace prize as well as a u.s. congress tional golden medal the leader of the southeast asian states of myanmar on sun tsu cheek. witness to history. to excite the. greatest. doesn't this sound like democratic perfection but sadly reality is far from perfect while the leader revels in glory the country is home to what the u.n. calls the most persecuted minority in the world the ranger a muslim community of more than a million people the minimal government doesn't recognize them as citizens of the country effectively making them illegal immigrants last year a series of brutal attacks were launched against the community after it clashed
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with police as the minority desperately tried to draw the authorities attention to their horrific plight since then more than a thousand civilians have been killed and more than twenty thousand internally displaced government forces have also been accused of wide scale human rights violations also and rape and murder. the military destroyed everything after killing somebody of the military burn their houses and shops now there's a danger to our survival that's why we. all i got the how to let him out of the i can still hear their screams and my heart and my ears we are really scared we don't feel safe now where every security as we heard the sounds from here and there were security even when we eat my heart is beating so fast.
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after my husband was killed i had no option but to run for my children's lives we spent two nights in the hells and sneaks past the border my children haven't had any food yet and they keep crying we only got scared because people from the camp gave us the bus. refugees coming across the border they're coming across. quite clearly this is a scorched earth offensive by the burmese military the government has to stop this offensive it has to. basically allow humanitarian assistance and also the journalists into this area we have to actually see what's happened because quite
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clearly human rights violations have taken place western officials have been vocal about the ongoing crisis including the u.s. envoy to the u.n. nikki haley who's urging the need to step in and in the violence as mommy's security forces act to prevent further violence they have responsibility to adhere to international humanitarian law which includes refraining from attacking innocent civilians and humanitarian workers and ensuring assistance reaches those in need but the leader is not only making no attempt to stop the violence against the persecuted minority she has made the situation even worse by posting hateful content online one comment declares that revenge a makeshift army is a terrorist organization whilst the oppressed muslim minority. fights to survive critics warn the west all favorite on sun city is doing everything but trying to resolve this deepening crisis a petition to strip the country's leader of the nobel peace prize she received in
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two thousand and twelve has been gaining support on line we spoke to the chief executive of the ramadan foundation mohammed feet who says myanmar's problems aren't getting any media attention the international community is not doing anything and i just think it's disgusting it's a sad indictment of the international order there has to be an increase diplomatic pressure against on some to clear her government and the idea that you've got somebody like on suki who is a nobel prize winner the bastion of human rights in terms of a struggle for freedom or democracy is turning a blind eye is ignoring the crimes of her government and her military is doing everything in their power to not resolve this issue if she remained silent as she has to she is complicit in the murder of so many innocent civilians by the bullies authorities. german chancellor angela merkel's main rival martin short has failed
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to win over voters in a live debate of cording to a poll by the t.v. channel that aired their campaign battle the election is set for september the twenty fourth to bring in and new parliament and will also decide whether merkel will maintain office for a fourth consecutive term artie's peter oliver picked up the story well this debate was set up as a a big stage for martin schulz the social democratic party leader and challenger to angola merkel to be the next chancellor of germany or the debate though was ultimately scored as a fifty five to thirty five victory to angola merkel the big thing is that there's not too much difference between the parties on the major issues but when it came to major issues particularly the chancellor's twenty fifteen rift. u.g. policy martin schulz said that there were things done back in twenty fifteen that should there be a chance to do them again or they should have been carried out a different manner if we always stressed that we need to find
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a common european solution according to the dublin convention they should stay with a first arrived and so they are not allowed to come to germany and those states couldn't manage the flow think we should have asked our neighbors for help in dealing with the refugee crisis so i definitely wouldn't say that everything back in twenty fifteen was done right the kids are nothing. i see this completely differently and i know that mr schultz also knows that this is not right in two thousand and fifteen we all knew that we've got a big problem here it's like but still we are european states couldn't find any consensus on a solution to the refugee issue i acknowledged that taught so i think the decision was right there was a chance for obama shills to get a little more impassioned if you will when it came to talk turkey and what type of solutions could be found to dealing with president while in the well frankly atrocious diplomatic state of affairs that exists between. korea right now martin schultz pulling no punches saying that turkey needs to be dropped from all talks
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when it comes to the european union and joining the european union starkers with their four hundred seats and it's really hard now with the behavior of the turkish president is there who imprisons people systematically and if i become chancellor i will not only cancel the agreement with turkey would also stop talks on turkey joining the e.u. because turkey has crossed all red lines waves of refugees have been hitting i was not for a couple of days but for months the cook and turkey is distancing itself from all democratic norms that have gratz taking place there would be nothing worse than if we said we're stopping unilaterally all turks with turkey on joining the e.u. and we don't have any majority for that in the european union out of the twelve years that i'm glad merkel has been chancellor eight of those she. is ruled as part of a coalition with the social democratic party so if martin schultz is to try and slam her legacy and policies and surely he would find himself slamming his own party and their own legacy as well so for the german people though what that means is which
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ever one of these two when i say set it looks almost certain it will be on the local return city office the german people almost certainly set for more of the same politically coming up over the coming years well there was plenty of reaction online after the ninety minute showdown as many had hoped for a more fiery battle. but . if you look at the t.v. ad debate between merkel and sure. there was not really a difference they were both saying exactly the same and on their sleeve they are
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both present of a system in germany was not bringing any change so basically i think there is no big difference i think now with this debate on t.v. we should find you know you losing completely i know that a lot of leftists in germany burstow hoping their bare will come like direct red green coalition but dr now after this t.v. debate i think this is all were. well look at the concerns over america's plan to boost its presence in afghanistan all the details after this short break stay with us. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on
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awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just to come out to. engage with equal speed trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back with the u.s. presence in afghanistan already last thing sixteen years fizzle being raised over the consequences of president trumps plan to boost american troop numbers in the country kind of more pain now looks at the biggest challenges in bringing peace to the region how many times have you heard that afghanistan is a huge mess there is a messy mix of extremist jihadists in afghanistan in afghanistan an absolute mess blood and fortune there. that we won an illusion. mr chairman i believe we're in a stalemate. twenty seventeen is going to be another tough year for the value of security forces yes pretty much every year since the two thousand and one intervention led by the united states has been tough in afghanistan since then they've become the world's top source of opium and there's also been a rise in terrorist groups from the taliban al qaida to the islamic state and it's
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not just afghanistan that's been affected there's been a spillover into neighboring countries first there is iran iran is worried about extremist influences coming in from afghanistan back in june iranian special forces hunted down the leaders of a local sunni terrorist group who they said had links to american forces in afghanistan he received financial assistance from arab gown troops and had a lot of meetings with american forces in afghanistan to inflict damage on the rom china is also worried about terrorism spilling over the border some members of the week are minority in the regions of china that are bordering afghanistan recently pledged allegiance to and then left the country to join the islamic state china will closely check you know whether afghanistan is becoming another paradise for extremists and terrorists groups such a major development may pose a serious challenge to the security of our northwestern border now russia is
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another country that's affected by the mess in afghanistan its heroin market is being filled by the poppy crop coming from afghanistan that's thriving amid the war and chaos for the time being the terrorist threat has not been reduced whereas the drug threat has been increasing and intensifying in response to our numerous appeals our nato partners refused to eliminate the crops of opium poppy although cocoa plantations in colombia or eliminated as a key direction of the anti drug war now what russia china and iran all have in common is that instability in afghanistan is causing them a major headache. and they all happen to be major adversaries of the united states interestingly this hasn't stopped washington from deciding to send more troops into afghanistan despite whatever the consequences may be for their geo political rivals happen r.t. new york. last week the u.s. acknowledged it currently has eleven thousand military personnel in afghanistan now
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two and a half thousand more than previously stated but the pentagon insists there's actually been no increase only a change in the way it calculates the numbers on the ground assets loni from the fars news agency believes that washington's actions are creating more chaos in the country afghanistan is not an exception to the rule her americans are trying to create problems and chaos for the reaches of the areas that. china russia and iran have interests one of the purposes or targets for the americans in creating a secure and. stable afghanistan can be trying to. undermine the interests of iran russia and china in this regard one of the other reasons or. things which can benefit the united states in terms of the stability in afghanistan is they can have an excuse to have
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a presence in this country which is near to iran china and also russia can have their own forces. some troops in afghanistan they want to block the punches to have to behave based on their interests to cooperate and work with the afghan government. nine members of the british private security firm g four s. have been suspended for assaulting detainees at an immigration center near london the move came after a b.b.c. investigative program uncovered and legit abuses. well g four s. is the world's largest security company operating in six continents and earning contracts running into billions of pounds the company outsources many of its operations including five private prisons to immigration centers and also provides housing for asylum seekers and before as has been in the media spotlight before its
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troubled past includes breaching prison contracts alleged torture and reports of duty prison staff using drugs now one infamous case was the death of a man called jimmy bangor an inquest ruled that he was a lawful he killed by d. for f. s. god's while restraining him on a flight back in twenty sixteen or g four s. prison in the u.k. city of birmingham was overrun by inmates with a riot at last into for twelve hours now we had women are searching for the islamic human rights commission here told is the government is failing to tackle the issue of money morality. profit seems to be the only thing that drives them in terms of what they're doing and there is also seems to be a culture you know a lack of ethics a lack of morality in the way that they're conducting in various parts of the world not just in the u.k.
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in terms of what they actually do and how they carry conduct themselves and yet the government doesn't seem to be actually tackling this and this is a serious concern because the government is actually empowering and allowing this to continue it seems the idea that different kind of security firms have some kind of car launch and are able to get away with certain things like blackwater one of the things that the government is actually trying to do is contract out this kind of work so that if problems do actually arise then the government isn't directly to blame for some of the stuff that is going on. or hear it out see which is left to find out your thoughts on the day stories though do follow us on facebook and twitter i'll be back in about thirty minutes with the man with the headline.
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basile in the dubrovnik in venice our will fix travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. going. right. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before us on the celestial get out of the loop to all such as the photograph traditional story some nuts i am somebody else you've done as we've done as money into a school but there's a month a month while the city's try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of what you put to the super bowl and probably the global meatball coffee cup the dollar you economy in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the suppose it's only about. to load up five dollars.
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as a tourist phobia will fail fell into an identity. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media. voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. oh they are going on right there with that one there for that.
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i. feel. welcome across all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the spiral downward this applies to both russia u.s. relations and the ongoing abends on the korean peninsula past the point of no return. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark he's an international affairs and security analyst.


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