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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 4, 2017 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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and to this we go the civil coming up in today's going on the ground but first there are quite a few issues lost in british mainstream media reporting of the north korea standoff if we put to one side u.s. military escalation against russia and china and the fact that modern north korea is the product of a u.k. u.s. killing of twenty percent of its entire population there is the issue of nuclear proliferation by britain to resume and blairite labor counterparts and so focused on spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the trident weapons of mass destruction system in scotland that they are now scaling back conventional forces it's not something much appreciated apparently north of the border the scottish government is urging the. government to reconsider these cutbacks and it's calling for fresh discussions on the closures on those two particular imparts one sense is going to be the withdrawal of the armed forces for the first payment history highlands they're all needy in fife and the other aspect of course is the economic
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impact to puna local areas but cutting the u.k.'s usable military capability is seen as a price worth paying by the so-called deep state in britain who would have thought this man would now defacto support britain's arguably depending on washington's approval capability to destroy the world the clip is courtesy of a newspaper that used it to damage jeremy corbyn in its campaign to unseat him as leader of the british labor party israel security. the ability of a society to provide housing health care social security jobs education. for its entire population or israel's security to spend a phenomenal amount of money which damages much else of our industrial base on weapons of mass destruction that can only bring danger and threat to the rest of the world well we recently caught up with a tireless campaigner against britain's weapons of mass destruction campaign. aimed
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at the edinburgh festival the scottish politicians over sheridan was expelled from a historically right wing labor party in one thousand nine hundred nine and he has been to jail for his opposition to british nuclear weapons well ahead of the sixteenth of september i'm with tommy sheridan near it the bar of the gilded balloon theatre in edinburgh we think so what you're agreeing to speak to us resumes government maintains absolutely that it is westminster government itself who controls the nuclear deterrent here based here in scotland will islamist things through is should of health warning because it's a law torch of course we don't have a new independent nuclear deterrent we have nuclear weapons the pin an american trego formulas and think of the bases the ministry of defense absolutely refutes what you just said of your the minister of defense to refute the there was an accident say five lean and several months ago until freedom of information request
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was able to assure that they were lying i mean the mislead all that they minister of defense misled this about weapons of mass destruction in iraq so the idea of the going to mislead the. control in nuclear weapons is no surprise tell me about you've been jailed for protesting for as they tell me about fazli in scotland and the nuclear submarine base and safe safe it all is up there given what is going on in the world rate know. we could be exterminated as we speak because let's face it we become a legitimate target because of the presence of nuclear weapons for to me it was here from edinburgh and glasgow we get an argument all the same that we should maintain this to ted and because it protects jobs no that's the fairing has a running course of one thousand million pounds when billion pounds
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a year and it got in ts are on the thousand jobs. i asked the leader of glasgow city council how many jobs they could mean teen on the beasts of one billion pounds a year and he told me twenty thousand jobs we should be investing in jobs hospitals schools know and euclid weapons your arguments are backed up by research so my campaign against the arms trade and so it would presume a contract is involved in the fast lane nuclear base would say it's an advertisement for british arms sales right around the world that the submarine is there well the reset isn't just by talk but a campaign against arms trade the scottish prejean congress in terms of the jobs argument the done a major major investigation into this whole argument about how many jobs and many jobs and they come up and said our own four hundred our own four hundred are directly responsible for trade and when you deny then some of the contractual jobs
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are in the better at rises at its best and we need to have some moral arguments and i remember martin luther king once making the point that when science to think poa runs. we end up worth gay did miss a obs but mess gay did main and in reality what we have ended up here as we have ended up with on a corner me and a country like britain and america the two largest sales of armaments across the water world all they want to do is say everybody and then go on about host terrible little so any wars the truth as we profit from war that's why there's so many wars the use to me adams because a war no the me where the sale of the labor leader gerry corbin for many decades rex has made in the personal points in the book his favorite to be the next prime minister what do you think about the fact that the murdoch's l.a.
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times some time ago said it interviewed. he was serving general in the forces saying that there would be mutiny in the military if jeremy kovan was ever to become. prime minister the british establishment which is rotten to the core and completely utterly undemocratic will do all in its power to stop jeremy corbin of or been elected just as the that all in a power to stop scottish independence let's face it here when the two thousand and fourteen stockland was on cusp of breaking one of the more successful and longest seven imperialist organizations in the planet the more globalized the thunder not the give us every single lie every single thursday all of the bullying that you could think of and all of the to try and maintain this on equal but union
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know that there would be not only a c. they won but they would when the next and then releasing to jeremy jeremy he knows gentlemen noise and he thought he doesn't talk much about drug nowadays and bob well it's jeremy ellis fi set. realise i said this shouldn't be able to i think isn't wonderfully compassionate a particular mine he's a man who is on estes integrity command of his heels and i hope sincerely becomes the next prime minister of button my what are we with jeremy and he knows this bit of the meaning of advisors and i'm sure join mcdonnell in particular will give them this advice has not to the instincts to build but a gees he as a compassionate man which makes them a forgiving mind and he will i think try and bring people into the tent rather than exclude them from the tent but the lessons of yesterday of there to be read you
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look at what's happening in venezuela. in relation to our gooney or proximity to build our new society not just in venezuela by across latin america and perhaps more due to and of clyde took or made the some of the opponents rather than highly that the to destroy this new movement destroy this new hope some time some things you have to expose what your opponents octu and meet should people know what that ought to and you exclude them from poa jeta me i hope those lessons because f.e.m.a. is ever on the cusp of picking poem but then the forces of reaction will become vicious against them an f. you consider what happened in the seventy's in relation to the fia our own government when openly most botton if you read these memoirs talked about ho the
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pla and the british which was two or more through with their idea of a walks and a government do you think the law meet and just note the client who overthrew a potential corben government of course the us will on this subject over the summer the guardian newspaper quoted sources maybe official from the u.k. judge that inquiry into british secret police infiltration of a thousand political groupings that were that were infiltrated by british secret police the names of the groups weren't released do you think your groups you've been associated. will be on that list of justice pickford ever has or whatever releases people and scotland to get away out of some of the political bottles of personally been involved and against the regime and the book people's will know that i accused of illegally topping four winds of illegally bugging cowards of illegal infiltrating movements with either of the police and special
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branch and to be quite frank i would recommend. indeed for the wait cooper the good in new is these people no don't accuse me of needing the weight brigade to league me a wee to the neatest asylum because everything i said was happening so from my point of view there's no doubt that the left and protect eleven the three junior movement as a riven with the tape of infiltration boris johnson the foreign secretary is reportedly signed off on on keeping secret evidence of such a state jack straw or his role in the use of scottish ports to kidnap people for torture war what happened about that in school and you know do people know here whether and then grip or press for example the glasgow airport is currently being used by the americans though we don't know for certain we have videos leaks including from wiki leaks which a left and i remember when i was in the scottish parliament up until two thousand
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and seven we were reading these things in two thousand and five two thousand and six and we were asking the scottish ministers to assure us that scottish airports we're not being used for renditions for elaine effectively illegal kidnappings to talk individuals and the scottish menace those where in the embargo some positions that they could not get as it was got in teeth and just finally i mean as far sectarianism goes in in scotland it was no scotland being the factor run by. in a sort of coalition party like the d.p. previously linked to two paramilitaries do you think they'll ever be a johns of us james corden least at your here in edinburgh well no if they do you had this we of course and we should be recognizing the giants that james calling lee ward's eve is someone who supported the unity of the catholics and protestants
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together he was someone who was scottish he was an irish people think it was an irishman he went over there after and ireland to try and unite the three junior movement he talked about the need to raise the red flag rather than just the tricolor and ireland then i think he had in scotland we should have the ability to recognise that he is a mine of beauty historical importance or was born the i'm not a million miles from where we are we should be on it think statues and recognizing that he stood not for sixty eight in his i'm not for the diversion of the what can class but for the unity of the walking class and that's the type of politics surely that we should be trying to implore people to him but he i the idea of hoop. hope for the future and a society that's beast or put people not profile tony sheridan thank you.
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after the break unemployed in undervalued how three decades since award winning playwright jim cartwright's debut play road thatcherite policies are still ripping apart the social fabric of the north of england plus fancy being a spy is it my five is recruiting new agents we are whistleblower on the metro why does the agency fail to stop terrorists on their watch list for committing attacks all the civil coming up in part two of going underground. that's geysers financial advice they say money to develop. a plan to visit the central bank support diagram is to call them right now so you stop to.
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the not ones that. don't want the definition. i'm. taking in the city. and then you're going to bring. how we think i'm. going to let me. get one mean i love just like you know. them tokyo find it to. keep going. this is what it was because did
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a piece of dancing coral cultural figure i called the grammys. welcome back one year ago hugo survey revealed that a majority of those who support jeremy corbin leader of the british labor party believe that m i five spies working to undermine him by inference british democracy itself well twenty years ago my fives any national went on the run for exposing alleged criminality by britain's secret homeland security organization she's been in london to speak about. russian lurking that he joins remailer thanks for going back also before snowdome julian assange is wiki leaks there was mercial in shaver just describe what happened twenty years ago when you were on the road yes david shayler and i both worked and i five for six years each three different postings and we saw so many things going wrong at the time which we raised internally and were told to shut up and not rock the boat that we decided to go public to report
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these crimes now under u.k. law the official secrets act one thousand nine hundred nine that would make automatically criminalize if you bear in mind in the one nine hundred ninety s. it was probably the only decade that was marginally ethically golden in the one hundred year history and i say this because the cold war ended and that meant that they'd stopped investigating political activists in the u.k. largely it meant that they were put on a legal footing for the first time it meant it was a notional oversights within parliament with the i.c. intelligence and security committee and they were no longer involved in issues like enhanced interrogation techniques they learned the hard way in the northern ireland issue that they come to reprisals so fast forward after nine eleven and you look at what's gone wrong again not just within the u.k. the u.s. intelligence agencies but also the u.k. intelligence agencies where indeed m i five has been implicated in torture which issue which q. has been building up these mass surveillance programs which have only after sixteen years of illegal use been legalized was the main thing that you exposed them. to
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the case that made us quit was when david shayler who was head of the libyan section in one thousand nine hundred ninety six was officially briefed by his m i six counterpart about a plot to depose orson a colonel gadhafi of libya and in this case and i six that funneled up one hundred twenty thousand dollars to al qaeda associates in libya to carry out this proxy attack as we've seen since gadhafi assassination by the very same backed groups in two thousand and eleven we've seen what happened to libya it's fragmented it's become a haven for terrorists it's kind of stepping off point for the mass migration into europe gadhafi for all his faults provided stability for his countrymen and he provided a bulwark against one. is that the same plan that was interrupted of the when go same pieces of paper being shuffled about in there were five legs due to this. i think is exactly the same plan it was done in full glare of the world's media with this nato humanitarian intervention is that when david reported his story it was this massive secrets and he had to go to prison twice for exposing this so the moral slide in those intervening years of the lack of shame of what the intelligence agencies now do publicly i think is very concerning for all our
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democracies you mentioned torture in northern ireland to resume only as prime minister because of our alliance with a party linked to protestant paramilitaries today used to call and talk about atrocities committed by the ira apparently they were connected with there were five even though you could tell me right well if i did i would automatically be arrested and prosecuted under efficient secrets act and you quite possibly would also be arrested and prosecuted under section five of the n.s.a. and this is about enough law but what they're actually proposing now there's been a law commission review just this year they are going to strengthen make it more muscular and what they're talking about is instead of a whistleblower facing two years we would automatically get fourteen years in prison and journalists two could face fourteen years in prison for reporting the crimes that were exposed by was very good the geneva convention or whatever it was not clear exactly and i think one way to question people might have about recent terror attacks atrocities why is it the always we here knows the people
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that commit the atrocities was not just m i five this is a pattern that's emerged across europe and across north america and i think one of the explanations and this is what a number of n.s.a. american with have also said is that because we've got these massive alien floors now which is creating this tsunami of information on all of us the actual target is information is being overlooked and not followed up effectively the only thing that makes intelligence work different from police work is if you are doing preemptive targeted work to get the preventive intelligence to stop atrocities to stop attacks that is why. intelligence agency should be doing not just spying on us or missing information and then saying after an attack we can find out who did it find out what the connections are that's evidence will police work it is not intelligence work you've been told before about m i six information operations department placing stories in the media deliberately to benefit whatever policies they have what do you think of the new boss alex youngers as propaganda from hostile states
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poses a quote fundamental threat to european democracies many of them people thinking he was referring to russia perhaps this very every intelligence agency is going to try and try to gain leverage an advantage but for the whole of the west media hypocritically just to focus on what russia might be getting up to and also inventing stories about them in the process of creating this fake russia gate narrative is the height of hypocrisy and i think people should stop being naive about our intelligence agencies being the goodies the russians the chinese are always the baddies they're all doing same stuff they all have the same role to protect their own nation and just finally arguably the every five plot of the didn't get good at that and why five hasn't got germany corben if those who believe that i was wrong to destroy german corben are right it was a mature actually these intelligence agencies are less and less very much so i think the public very well aware of how fake news works they're not a stupid is that i mean it many people in the media and government like to think but yes in terms of what they might be doing about corbin i can't speak about that i've been out of the service for twenty years however i do remember work and
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reporters the knew that yeah i remember him as well but i do remember there were only mr working enough to david it which was the constitution section counteractive it and section david and i saw a whole range of different files held on people who then became government ministers many of them in the labor party and yes cotton in those days did have a file so perhaps it has been reopened any measure. well for the failures of mass surveillance to the success of mass movements as the united states elevates the achievements of trade unions and worker rights to. day on labor day but across the pond british politicians lauding the shrinking disparity between former mining communities in the north of england with the metropolises of the south valuable he failed to acknowledge the growing inequality across the u.k. as average salaries in the midlands wales no higher than they were in the southeast of england almost twenty years ago joining me now is award winning poet playwright and chancellor of the university of manchester let me just say thirty years since
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playwright jim cartwright's debut production road came to the stage in bodies the narrator scullery at the royal court in london until the ninth of september eleventh thanks so much for coming back on let's ignore the fact that among the rave reviews the even the daily mail like you in the player in the play about the plays or one road in a lancashire town in one thousand nine hundred eighty six which is when margaret thatcher ravish to the northwest of england and i know that because i was part of it i lived there and. there's about one road what a series of incredible people. i have had their livelihoods taken away from them. really afford to live in the way that they'd always known it's almost as if somebody is coming to their homes and taking away everything that they need taking
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a bit of the electricity away taking the food from the cupboards offered them a hole so that they can get over some of their own pain etc it's about the demoralize ation of people and the poverty of aspiration. tragic that play set of angst that has polled the black monday stock exchange crash of eighty seven or at least the big bang in the city that it looks like not ninety six or seven it looks so much like twenty seventeen this is what people are saying in see in the play that john tiffany at the royal court saying. it's worse now yeah yeah and hopefully playwrights who are writing about now and poets who are writing about now will speak with the same kind of anger. as jim cartwright spoke in this play thirty years ago i think that's why it's find in relevance with the audience is of london and of england it's because it speaks to now the place speaks to. you know there
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was a fire in london in a block of flats called grand fell tower which i'm sure you've heard about we started to ask the question why don't we know about the people who were inside that tower how how they become so invisible this play is about people who are not see and i mean there are obviously mass council local government cuts to pay off all the losses from the city of london your character says the town like the sign has been broken for years and we have this sign welcome to lancashire here i mean right from the outset the whole town is broke well this sign is interested in welcome to lancashire a place where everyone matters and the people in the road at the royal court. they are they feel that they don't matter anymore you know like she was a place of industry where there were mines and there were the mills that's where i
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was brought up and people out a sense of purpose a reason to live and if you take away that purpose from people they also start to lose a reason to be. if you haven't seen the play but you do do a dance with a shopping trolley it's one of those moving things i think in the play yes. just describe what that during that scene if. there is a car is a call valerie who speaks of what it is to be the one i thought of a whole has been who was strong and who was a worker and who no longer works who drinks a lot and comes home and she's waiting for him and she. she she wants things to be as they were and they're not. and he hits her he drinks more he the family structure is crumbling and she's alone at home
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waiting for him and speaking of him and she answers speech we've come a not have before again can we not and at that moment the music of swan lake. fills the theatre. with an empty shopping trolley very symbolic of what was happening to that road time in the economic depravity and. she disappears and i dance swan lake with a shopping trolley with one thing in it which is a music box which i had found in a derelict house and. the trolley at some point lifts off the ground and i'm i hold it and spin around and around around to this incredible music. you know it can be able to medical so many
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things to write consumer. movement so well just finally one thing does come to the rescue is reading how i was that that was the only have occasion of some kind of root out of the misery of of neo liberalism i suppose northern soul was a direct connection between soul music and the north west of england i don't know how it happened but black soul musicians would travel from america where the time they couldn't get the same they had to sit at the back of a book they couldn't drink water out of the same water fountain as a white person it was basically apartheid that was happening in america but those black musicians would travel over to england paid for by the people of the northwest performing in the clubs in these working class clubs i can't believe i'm saving now but this is what happened throughout the northwest of england throughout
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lancashire right to the heart of this play one full song of otis redding fills the hearts of these characters gives them hope and releases all of the tensions. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday as trades are made faces of us by mrs questions joining from summer recess this week till they give you social media with your wednesday ten years of the day of operation orchard for the british and u.s. backed government in israel killed or injured sixty five after its warplanes bombed syria. doesn't want. to finish.
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take in the equal city. and then you're going to bring. hell is that kind. of movie it might not be. good enough you know let me. say this out. in the sketch feeling if one means a leftist i know the deep but i learn. them tokyo found it to. keep going. to lay. out. his look was because did a piece of dancing quadrille cultural shift from the premise. to spiral downward this applies to both russia u.s.
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relations and the ongoing events on the korean peninsula probably past the point you know which are. the walking selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce talks for the tell you that will be gossip and public lifestyle most important. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough and let's fight. all the hawks that we all have our good walking. this. economy is.
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no. businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been. north korea. for a war. president .


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