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tv   The Big Picture  RT  September 4, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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plus the same project themselves. with the famous larry go around to be the one person. doing all middle of the room sit. room. to spiral downward this applies to both russia u.s. relations and the ongoing events on the korean peninsula probably past the point zero which. was. washington calls with the strongest possible measures against north korea over its
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latest nuclear test as russia and china seek a deescalation also ahead. celebrations in syria as government forces make a final push to liberate the city of terrorists all from islamic state. and tens of thousands of people flee me and ma amid a brutal military crackdown on the muslim minority. life from moscow this is all to international with me rosana loquitur thank you for joining us. u.s. envoy to the united nations hans said deploying missy is failing with north korea after the country's largest ever nuclear test the un security council earlier
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convened for crisis talks. the u.s. has threatened north korea once again saying that kim jong un is begging for war to the members of the security council i must say enough is enough nuclear powers understand their responsibilities kim jong un shows no such understanding his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. war is never something the united states wants we don't want it now when our country's patience is not unlimited baster haley's comments are nothing new even yesterday secretary of defense jim mattis said that the u.s. would use any means necessary to defend itself from. the u.s. has been threatening military action for weeks now and the rhetoric has been growing even stronger ever since trub promised to respond to north korea with fire and fury thankfully it doesn't go beyond this exchange of threats however it's
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worth mentioning that washington is yet to provide a viable solution except for sanctions which have proven to be ineffective for the past decade or so russia and china however in contrast have asked for a dialogue with north korea but as. you know comprehensive settlement to the nuclear and other issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at so me through political and diplomatic channels we reiterate our readiness to help this process via the implementation of the initiative proposed by russia and china. china and russia have proposed an initiative for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula it is practical and feasible and aimed at easing the tensions and preventing further escalation. russia and china have proposed the double freeze initiative which would require north korea to stop its nuclear and ballistic
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missile tests in return for the u.s. and south korea to stop its military drills this is a move that washington considers to be offensive the idea that some have suggested a so-called freeze for free is insulting when a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an i.c.b.m. pointed at you you do not take steps to lower your guard no one would do that we certainly won't it seems that as of now the situation is in a deadlock at least until the u.s. decides that threats and sanctions are counterproductive to the situation if they ever do there is go on this run a carol discuss the north korean nuclear crisis and the dead look at the u.n. with my colleague you know neal this moment we've got the lone wolf of north korea the rest of everyone else needs to be alarmed and home to parks it's through that alarm and through that collaboration then we can see
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a change in circumstances but it's getting a little bit too muscular and i think it's a global rivalry this getting in the way it went along is that why you think washington has been so dismissive then of the plan proposed by russia and china because it's proposed by russia and china or i wonder if that was proposed by let's say germany france and the u.k. whether they'd be so dismissive. one of the other nations in all this career japan what reaction can we expect from them how alarmed do you think that they are by washington's comment. hugely long term million people living in solomon obviously is not a great moment for him it's not a great moment for the japanese but let's hope the common sense sense will provide the americans with hearing some nikki haley is about as tough as i've heard her are not sure she can get any tougher or i think this is a part of the limit what i'm hoping what i think we'll see is a coming together of russia china united nations and common sense will prevail.
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the syrian government says its forces a close to liberating there and softer a three year siege by islamic state we received exclusive video from an army operation outside the city. government forces can be seen firing rockets and advancing with tanks and helicopters pushing islamic state back getting closer to terrorise or residents have been welcoming the advancing troops. this is for the syrian arab army my god protect them thing god we have been liberated and there is your happiness today is indescribable we have been waiting for the army for a long time may god help the army i wish i had come earlier the people here are exhausted really exhausted residents have suffered for
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a long time. on the hopefully the victory will be soon victory is hopefully coming soon. as you can see on this map the syrian army is now only a few kilometers away from there is or they've secured a route to attack the terrorist controlled part of the city government forces are advancing rapidly they've gained eight kilometers over the past day securing strategic positions on the way russian fighter jets supporting government forces have destroyed tanks and armored vehicles at least seventy terrorists have been killed. trenka has more on the operation there as or is the city that has been able to survive a total toll siege by islamic state for some three years and that means that the only way to deliver food medicine there is air drops that also means constant fear of either being shelled by islamic state or being captured by eisel fighters
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and right now it looks like the sea is closer to being broken than ever before at least according to the news that we're getting from the syrian government the army are claiming that they are now approaching the city journalists have been able to contact the governor of arizona and he claims that within the next forty eight hours or so the syrian army will be able to enter the city of. and of course in this case the government is really determined they're confident and no wonder the locals are celebrating we've already received the first pictures of that but here's something for you to understand the suffering that they've been through in these three years of siege as you were on. the navy as isis terrorists raided our house my thirteen year old cousin was staying with us i had here in a water tank so that the terrorist didn't take her as a slave it was obvious that. the situation in
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a resort is catastrophic terrorist from iraq execute civilians in the streets and leave bodies lying there for up to five days i secretly drove my sons out of the city otherwise isis militants would recruit them by force inject psychotropic substances and use them as suicide bombers well actually the area around it is not the last islamic state stronghold in syria but you cannot underestimate the strategic importance of this area if it happens if it's state gets kicked out of the province that means essentially that's the. for their fighters in rock up the de facto capital of islamic state they will have nowhere to run and here's the russian defense minister with more on that story and today there was to teach you. a priority. have been courageously defending it for years now while food medicine. to the liberation of the city would be
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a point in the defeat of isis and so it is getting more evident that the joint efforts by the russian military their air force and the syrian government troops have really taken their toll on islamic state fighters and the area we've put together a reminder of the latest successful military ops airstrikes and advancements in the last few weeks.
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so let's wait for more news from the day or a store front line at least if we are to believe the syrian army we are going to get them very very soon. middle east expert in j. believes the syrian army could be close to a breakthrough in the long running civil. oh i think it's an exciting poignant moment a real turning point in what we've we've known until this point in the last six years as the syrian war think come once. the city is taken in the surrounding region is flushed out of isis fighters we can start to really talk about the end of the war and the new chapter for possibly restoring peace in the country i think western media will play up. the u.s. but victory in iraq. but not report so heavily on the defeat of i saw in him. in india because it's mixed you see hugely significant for
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just the last staging post now of all this terror organization there are no other huge cities or major towns so now the question is you know what will be the second stage of the of the syrian war will we see a problem now with syrian government forces on the rollo's like russia has blood and americans in syria. almost ninety thousand muslims have fled the southeast asian nation of myanmar amid a military crackdown there a hinge of muslim community has faced years of persecution in the mainly buddhist country me and miles defacto leader was once hailed a hero but she's now facing mounting criticism as no direct you to reports what attributes do you think of when you envisage the ideal leader maybe a symbol of groundbreaking political revolution obviously a person who holds the interests of the people or do you visualize an individual hailed by the media as a hero she was an inspiration during the country's evolution in the eighty's and
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even won the nobel peace prize as well as a u.s. congress tional gold medal the leader of the southeast asian states of myanmar on sun suchi as a child witness to history. trick to pick such a. great is tough. doesn't this sound like democratic perfection but sadly reality is far from perfect while the leader revels in glory the country is home to what the u.n. calls the most persecuted minority in the world the rich a muslim community of more than a million people the minimal government doesn't recognize them as citizens of the country effectively making them illegal immigrants last year a series of brutal attacks were launched against the community ofter it clashed with police as the minority desperately tried to draw the authorities attention to
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the horrific plight since then more than a thousand civilians have been killed and more than twenty thousand internally displaced government forces have also been accused of wide scale human rights violations also and rape and murder. there. is a military destroyed everything after killing somebody of the military burn their houses and shops now there's a danger to our survival that's why we fled all i got that little i can still hear their screams and my heart and my ears we are really scared we don't feel safe now where every security as we heard the sounds from here and there were security even when we eat my heart is beating so fast.
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i got a lot of really off to my husband who was killed i had no option but to run for my children's lives we spent two nights in the house and sneaks past the border my children have. any food yet and they keep crying because people from the camp give us the bus. refugees coming across the border they're coming across the border bullet wounds was shrapnel wounds quite clearly this is a scorched earth offensive by the burmese military the government has to stop this offensive it has to. basically allow humanitarian assistance and also the journalists into this area we have to actually see what's happened because quite clearly human rights violations of taken place but the leader is not only making no
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attempt to stop the violence against the persecuted minority she has made the situation even worse by posting hateful content online one comment declares that revenge a makeshift army is a terrorist organization whilst the oppressed muslim minority fights to survive critics warn the west favorite on sun suit she is doing everything but trying to resolve this deepening crisis. the president of the burmese regime. in the u.k. told us global action is needed to prevent a genocide glittery and crisis is growing and there is no food nor shelter nor many thing you know what's happening right now against people in general so if the diary of killings involve where bomb if military is continuing its intent is right now to prove the lives of lice on international community we need international community effort to action to stop these mass pressure to barmaids military and.
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the leader adolfo fujii a leading aid worker has died in yemen's a war zone that story and more still to come.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington to washington controls the media the media. voters elected to business to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. welcome back the founder of the red crescent in yemen has died in hospital and son he was on able to receive vital treatment as a result of saudi arabia's blockade of the country dr abdullah outcome us he passed away at the age of seventy six after a failed halt operation he was prevented from traveling abroad for surgery and local hospitals lacked the equipment needed to save his life in total the u.n.
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estimates that around twenty thousand people have now been denied crucial health care jus to the sound of bombing campaign and blockade. the sons of believes the saudi government is directly responsible for his father's death. thirty warplanes have been bombarding yemen since march twenty fifteen since then thousands of civilians have died even before the conflict yemen was the poorest country in the middle east and now an estimated seven million people are starving while hundreds of thousands have been affected by a cholera outbreak a spokesperson for the red cross told us aid groups are unable to cope with the situation. we speak of a country where we have just reached six hundred and seven thousand suspected cases of. your job because. of our dams present and in the century only
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four months we see the country were over have to believe she has no access to clean water in a country where seven million people wanted as each goes to study where millions of women and children see the through email so the unit in egypt is going to go it best we can not so all of the crisis or do you believe it is a group from all of those who work in these counties and there are many parties in bringing about a list of the suffering that human contact. you know. that's one of them but the one in the movie. is that it sounds like you remember that it was.
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in other news this hour with the world cup on the horizon in russia the focus is on fan safety it comes as germany's national football team criticized a group of its supporters after they shouted nazi chaunce during a world cup qualifying game peter out of a has that story. well outrageous scenes from sections of the travelling support on friday night as germany beat the czech republic to one in prague in the stands well some of their fans decided that they were going to make some wholly inappropriate chants we understand that there were nazi chants heard from the crowd from sections there well this is upsetting for a number of reasons they also whistled during a minute's silence that was held in memorial to to check officials who had died just recently and it was also the seventy eighth anniversary of the nazi invasion
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of poland this was deemed wholly unacceptable by the german tame him low the german head coach said that they brought shame on our country really angry reaction from the german team to this incident but this isn't the only incident of its kind regarding football just last month was uncovered the day a website sells what's called fan wear at times on official products supposed to be worn by fans but some of the t. shirts that they were turning out well they made reference to the nazi invasion of the soviet union during world war two now r.t. reached out to fee for a statement on this for has a zero tolerance approach to discrimination and has mechanisms in place to ensure that the atmosphere in the stadiums is one of celebration and respect i do with such symbols and messages are considered discriminatory and will not be tolerated inside the stadiums but ahead of the world cup there's been
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a lot of talk about fun safety fun security but most of the talk particularly here in europe is focused on homegrown hooligans those that may be in russia with a lot less focus falling on those that perhaps may be planning to travel to russia for the tournament. since the story about the online store selling nazi inspired clothing broke the highly controversial t. shirts have disappeared from the site. now just three weeks before germany's federal election chancellor merkel looks as strong as ever according to reaction polls she got the better of her main rival martin schultz in a t.v. debate on sunday night relations with turkey and the european migrant crisis dominated the face to face. things like we always stressed that we need to find a common european solution according to the dublin convention they should stay where they first arrived and so they are not allowed to come to germany and those
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states couldn't manage the flow i think we should have asked our neighbors for help in dealing with the refugee crisis so i definitely wouldn't say that everything back in twenty fifteen was done right. i see this completely differently and i know that mr shultz also knows that this is not right in two thousand and fifteen we all knew that we've got a big problem here but still we all european states couldn't find any consensus on a solution to the refugee issue i acknowledge that i think the decision was right. for our kids with their four hundred seats and it's really hard now with the behavior of the turkish president is that who imprisons people systematically and if i become chancellor i will not only cancel the agreement with turkey but also stop talks on turkey joining the e.u. because turkey has crossed all red lines waves of refugees have been hitting i was not for a couple of days but for months. and turkey's distancing itself from all democratic norms that are grads taking pace there would be nothing worse than if we said we're
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stopping unilaterally all turks with turkey on joining the e.u. and we don't have any majority for that in the european union here bronson from the alternative for germany party thinks there's no candidate strong enough to challenge merkel. i wanted to show you a broad sheet from berlin that says it was more a duet than a jewel both in agreement on many points and many on many christians it's a choice between school and corrupt as if you ask me they don't see shultz as the ill try to two they really don't i mean he had a furious start at the beginning of the year he was confirmed by. the party meeting with one hundred percent of all sorts of democrats but ever since then his being constantly going down the social democrats and berlin at least while the capital city of germany down to twenty percent twenty percent it is not that machall is
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convincing everyone but there is no real major figure to challenge i'm resigning back from him. in just thirty minutes time. i've got to do just that if you're watching. people have got to know whether or not they're present or six american people deserve to know at this point does it mean to guard against the military industrial war we shall never on the golden gate come out of the world. war machine old an old man yes we do but the most.
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sacred. the feeling to. have the experience. and you get it on the old. according to josh.
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welcome to my world come along for the wrong. way thank you thank you as you know houston is under water but i have no fear in order to deal with it our billionaire billionaire manchild president has been busy tweeting us with mexico being one of the highest crime nations in the world we must have the wall mexico will pay for it yeah well houston drowns you cannot forget the mexicans. because you tell you the number one thing nobody is thinking when they're clinging to a raft it's floating out of their neighborhood they're not to get those mexicans coming in here taking all the good jumps the gravel the best flotation devices.
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no one is they do that and this is true trump followed that tweet like a day later with a read tweet of this no color no religion no no. nationality should come between us we are all children of god mother teresa. but wait what about the wall that's to come between us because. because i was really into what you were saying about mexicans. anyway i was more unused to later in the show but let's get to the big redacted news of the week and let me just say on paper the democratic party is what america should be on paper they are good and just and fair minded on paper they should get every vote from americans who show up to the polling place and aren't actively thinking this will teach those transgenders a lesson. like everyone else should be voting democrat
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hypothetically but in reality in truth the democratic party is everything that's wrong with the american political system if they were professional wrestler they would look like dude love played by mick foley. but their own heart and soul would look like mankind played by mick foley. and this is why it really matters that last week the d.n.c. fraud lawsuit was dismissed thrown out it's over it's done however in the process it still managed to prove that the democratic party is a corrupt scam therefore bernie made off the bernie sanders. i don't don't get me wrong the republicans are just as bad but everybody already knows that no one was like no one expects anything but great day evil ass cakes for the republicans. you know there's a lot you would.


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