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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 5, 2017 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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some of the police force this isn't the first time german officials have come in for this sort of critique it came back in early twenty sixteen when the mayor of cologne was savaged by the media after she said that women should remain an arm's length away from strange men when they're in public that was following the sex attacks that took place during new year's eve celebrations in the city of cologne there so it seems that the lights the police the latest to come in for criticism after what many have seen is a very insensitive way in inadequate way to deal with this investigation into what seems to have been a particularly brutal attack a sexual attack on a woman in a park there. like a let's get back to that breaking news is how the syrian army has broken islamic state three year long siege of deer's or in eastern syria russia's defense ministry says the now imminent liberation of the city is to be a major blow to the terror group in the whole country russia has been providing air
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support for the ongoing offensive. syrian journalist and even him believes that this is in the storage moment for syria. you know. fourteen homes with local climbing almost three hours ago units from the syrian army managed to breach the siege got all the imposed on ourselves by the city of their lives or however there was a military the jungle city is over. other forms of siege continue and they're expected to continue for the next forty eight hours after the army completes its operation from the southern side of the now the siege is over in terms of the mill creek understanding of the military meaning yours that's
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a huge project too for the people to start to feel the difference it will take another forty eight hours at least three operations until the army he opens the main road into the city of those of you know and then the foreign conflicts and i have been covering it since two thousand and eleven there is a handful of moments that you can call actually historic moments things that will go with the ritual the end of life and this is one of them when actually the first units managed to reach the siege and actually meet with all their units people you have to understand that those people have been besieged for over one thousand four hundred days according to local authorities here. and we can bring in greg and help from the defense in foreign affairs general good evening to gregory just getting you i rule thoughts on this many people have sort of stated this isn't string the important die in the fight against size two but do you think the war with terrorists in syria is coming to an end. not quite but i do believe that
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sure isis will start to move under a more global framework it will have less of an ability to drive large population movements within syria or iraq that matter largely this is because. the syrian government and with it with the russian support. ramped up their capabilities at the same time that he is essentially being cut off from supporting diet and from and some of the other groups so. we're basically saying a lot of factors which will inhibit de sion the future but it will cause them to lash out on the international scene as we've been saying it over the last few months anyway and the next thing they know they'll be focusing on how to minimize the public relations. calamity of losing the next fun which will be rucka and from the syrian government's point of view there will be an attempt now as he should think to start to seek reconciliation among the population that's going to
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be difficult as long as the united states remains in syria yes and you touched on a point i was going to bring up today about i still have to agree paying elsewhere maybe in a bring countries to me i will fight against i think is a necessary evil by any stretch. and the question is going to be now as to whether we see chickie and i sell or die resume some form of their relationship dash was particularly unhappy when turkey was forced to cut up its support and lash back at steere at j.p. itself so the question is now will they regroup because diet. needs turkey turkey perhaps and its danish to do as part of its ongoing fight against its ideological opponents which are not necessarily just the west but they also include countries such as egypt and now saudi arabia and the like. and what
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are your thoughts on the future of syria hair i mean obviously this is a great boost to the syrian government but speaking to other than race they're saying that it's not any eisel in terms of terrorists that are in syria wanting to have a go at the syrian government still a lot to doing then. big question and and now the syrian government is going to have to spend as much if it as it can possibly commit to reconstruction rebuilding lives rebuilding normal economies and protecting a safe haven so that it will have to expand the zone of normalcy if you like a back to it as much of each of syria as possible and to make it clear that that the refugees each who fled syria are welcome back and particularly the minorities what's clear now from all of this is a great transformation of international opinion toward syria other coverage by the western media of the this latest syrian army offensive backed by the rest is that
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of the syrian army is now being referred to as the syrian army is no longer being called the assad regime and so on so the pejoratives have gone out of a lot of the western coverage of this at this stage of the conflict which is a very positive sign that the west itself is ready to resolve the the war on the on the basis of syrian sovereignty it is that mean bashar assad will stay i mean i know a long term thought on this is that you know the chippie new elections the syrian gov or syrian people should choose who they would like as their leader but looking at sayings from syria today bush out of that has a lot of support it wouldn't be surprising to see him stay oh no no to no surprise at all in fact they. want. it was really damning the international community's efforts to resolve conflict in syria was the insistence on the removal of president assad now. you can argue with whether the president sounds
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a good leader a great leader a bad leader a whatever the reality is that he is the syrian leader and at some stage this is going to have to be resolved by the syrian population but we have seen these international attempts particularly led by turkey but also by qatar and saudi arabia in the past too and backed by the u.s. to essentially transform the reality on the ground in syria so that president assad could never be reelected book that's been turned around and the reality for the u.s. it is that it is now finding great difficulty in getting back into anything like its former position of strategic influence in the middle east and one of the point we should mention before you go gregory not only was there is who are strong hold for isolate contain a lot of oil in it and the fact that the syrian government can get that back and i would help them in their fight against iceland and rebuilding. no question about it
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i mean the momentum is quite clear it's on the side of the syrian government at this stage and political resolution to the future of syria can occur until they see that the crisis is over and that will basically mean when the turkish government is fully out of of the country and windstar combination is reached with with the kurdish forces in particular because they are emerging as the ones who will have somewhat of a sense which which i'm some viability if you like the question is going to be how that affects other minorities in the country and whether syria will move more toward a defacto fit aeration or confederation than it was in the past but basically. the teacher is if the government takes control that the various minorities not just goods but others as well will will gain some measure of protection ok greg.
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tonight we'll have to leave it there that was gregory coldplay from the defense and foreign affairs general thank you. but another key player in the fight against isis is the lebanese political and military group hezbollah this year it's played a major role in backing islamic state fighters along the syrian lebanese border hizbollah lebanon's shia military and political organization was founded with the help of iran back in one nine hundred eighty two during these really occupation of lebanon since the beginning of the syrian civil war the group has been deeply involved in fighting against various rebel factions including all nusra front terrorists hizbollah has also proven to be an important player in combating islamic state in syria the group has a strong anti western stance and has been listed as a terror organization by the us the european union and most arab league countries.
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the surrounding spake exclusively to the deputy chief shaikh nine percent following my previous trip to lebanon in order to follow the hezbollah group to the arsehole mountains where they had cleared out the area from terrorists we had managed to build up a connection with hezbollah media group these are the our soul mountains east of lebanon it's the latest scene of the victory of hezbollah hezbollah managed to capture this cave which was used by terrorists as a base and that led to us being given a unique opportunity to interview their deputy leader nineteen named carson is one of the most influential men not just in lebanon but in the whole region and he's a man who is very well guarded and it's very difficult to secure an interview with somebody of his stature but we managed to do so here at r.t. and when we went to interview him in beirut. we had
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a very long security procedure to go through we had to meet at a certain location in the capital we then were told to leave all of our telephones and our electronic equipment before being escorted to another location where the interview took place we also asked about the ongoing conflict in syria in the fight against extremist rebels and hezbollah said that they've been at the front of every battle they've been fighting against isis not just here in lebanon but also of course across syria so many topics touched upon but between myself and share in costs in what is really a very rare and exclusive interview with one of the most senior members of the hezbollah group. yeah. the west wants to see middle east divided in so we can trees so you can control everything the
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americans wanted to use islamic state against syria but then this monster turned against america so now they have no choice but to confront it. that. america wants a regime change in syria that was the main goal of the war but when they failed to remove assad through military means or with the help of other arab countries the shifted to a policy of non confrontation with president assad because they know there is law mixtape poses as much of a threat to them as it does to the syrian people. asaad is not an imaginary president he is a real and highly effective leader and the choice of the syrian people has blocked you and him project to remove brezhnev assad as an act against the whole of syria which we cannot accept at this time of war the syrian people reelected president assad as the legitimate had of the state this is
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a matter of choice for the syrian people an armada of foreign powers to negotiate. let's turn to france now because dozens of workers there blockading appear show car plant against the closure of a subsidiary parts maker police have been deployed there amid rising tension from all his charlotte busy in paris. well the reason the jessamine workers are blocking this particular factory which is owned by p s n a is because it makes. cars and is one of the people that buy parts from g.s. and m. and jess and workers of saying that isn't giving it another support to keep its own factory open tools in a lawsuit top ten now we have seen quite muscular divisions and tensions today as the c.r.s. this is the french special sources have come in to actually remove some of those workers from blockading the sites and some of the tensions have been popple there
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these guys are unhappy more than unhappy and that's because their own factory down in lawsuits or any of the city of tools in central france has been in liquidation and under threat of closure since december two thousand and sixteen and they say that taking the fight outside their own factory isn't enough anymore in fact what we've seen from the last few months is that they have tried to here make their voices heard as loudly as possible including by setting tires ablaze outside their own factory setting traps and saying that they would even blow up their own factory if it does eventually close well they've taken the fight now to p.s. in a today and that has made some people the p.s. in a factory unhappy as well as the local mayor who's criticized that move now there is a court judgment in two days' time but that could again be pushed forward into the future as we've seen many times in the past and what these guys are saying is they're just not happy they're taking action because they feel this is the only way
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that they can make their voices heard more than two hundred men are likely to lose their jobs because they still don't have any resolution to what's happening outside their factory and instead of keeping the fight now outside their factory they're taking the fight to other factories including p.s.a. the makers of persian citroen and that's because g.s. an m workers are suppliers of persia in sichuan and they say that they want car companies like that to consolidate and to confirm that they will make bigger orders in the future to help save their own factory. let's go back to our breaking news this hour because the syrian army has broken islamic state three year long siege india is or an instant syria russia's defense ministry says the now imminent liberation of the city used to be a major blow to the terror group in the country russia has been providing air support for the ongoing offensive. for him.
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was. the thought they were trying to has more now on the latest developments in syria. this is of course the long awaited news on the and of the dare as sore blockade we were waiting for the confirmation and first we got it from damascus we saw a tweet from the syrian president he congratulated his soldiers of course a very important day for the syrian army and for the whole of syria and just about an hour and a half ago we got the news from the russian defense ministry there saying that it happened and this was the point when we started to realize how dramatic this military operation was thanks to bits of information that was coming from the russian army we understand that as the syrian army was making some rapid
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advancements towards there as zoar. to regroup somehow to obtain some sort of new positions that are of strategic importance there and then came the caliber cruise missile launches bother watching army that were launched from the frag admiral in the mediterranean and these strikes were very important because they destroyed a number of things that were crucial for islamic state their hideouts their underground tunnels artillery units and military depos but of course some terrorists on the ground were killed as well and that is very important because everything counts in this crucial battle now besides this i can tell you that when according to the russian military the syrian troops were advancing in order for this not to happen in order for the blockade to remain islamic state sent
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dozens of car bomb vehicles towards them and these were also wiped out in the russian strikes so really this is the draw and thus of course you can see the celebrations that are happening when the syrian troops that were coming from damascus and the ones that remain true. and there is or were reuniting so just take a look at how happy these people were. these are the soldiers the people with weapons celebrating but you do realize after three years of blockade how much of a relief this is for the locals the civilians that have been trapped in their resort in terms of the bigger picture to have significant then is this development
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over two years ago we heard this many times actually i've been saying this in the studio that if the islamic. terrorists are kicked out of the dares or province completely that is the beginning of an end of i saw in syria for many reasons i have mentioned the infrastructure state. in this area that's of course all the pows they have some command posts as well all of this is now being destroyed or will be destroyed soon as the syrian army advances as the russian military keeps up with its air strikes but also if we talk about strategic importance pterosaur is syria's biggest city in that part of the country the eastern part of the country and if the terrorists are not there anymore then the remaining jihad is that are in rock which used to be the de facto capital of
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islamic state they will have nowhere to retreat in that case so here's the russian military with more on that take a look at their statement using by russian aircraft in cruise missiles syrian government forces. positions the siege on the city. present units of the syrian army are expanding on the breakthrough and are engaged in street fighting to liberate the areas held by terrorists the crushing defeat of ice in the dairies all region and liberation of the city will be a major strategic defeat of the terrorists in syria if we look at the news from the front line i mean these are the things that were coming every day every week from syria one being taken another town being given away but if you really look at the map the syrian army have been making some very serious advancements in that part this is where the dare province borders the holmes province and this is not just some village or some talents just really important and again bear in mind that here
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we're talking about three years of siege we're talking about aid food medical supplies the only way for these things to be delivered inside the city was through air drops so that's why these things are very important and here's a reminder for you of the siege all together. in new. york now that just because.
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we spoke with the syria analyst danny makki about the significance of the breakthrough india restore and he believes it could signal the end i saw in syria. first of all it almost destroys ice is present in this area it means that ice is no longer has any big cities to stay in i mean after that as old you've got the town of may deem and then you have a book come out which is on the borders after that there's no real cities left in syria for isis to be held out and so it will naturally go back into a into a into an insurgency there's no longer any big areas where isis controls in syria there is always a huge significant victory not just for syria but also for russia because since it's intervention in two thousand and september two thousand and fifteen the u.s.
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the worst of all watched and wanted the intervention to be unsuccessful would have wanted these efforts against i still to be undermined but we're looking at this two years on from. syria with russians or ford has absolutely obliterated isis in many of these areas from power mirror to certain to their resort and essentially we're facing now the end of isis in syria and this is been done without western support and without any western assistance in fact the west have actually attempted to hender that are sold the targeted the syrian military there are more than one occasion so from a strategic perspective this is one of the largest victories against isis. now a fifteen year old pupil has been arrested from the attack at a school in the moscow region suspect allegedly fired and a gun and grenades court jennifer reports now from the. this is the school where the incident took place this morning located some thirty
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minutes away from the capitol in the moscow region now everything happened on the second floor of this building during a computer class when the room was full of teenagers and they say that one of their classmates opened the door and stepped into the room he took out an ear and fired directly at the teacher right after that there was a lot of panic and some children got so afraid that they jumped off from the window onto the street trying to escape as a result three pupils got seriously injured and the teacher was injured as well all of them are hospitalized now and we managed to talk to some teenagers and their family members to get a better understanding of what happened this morning some of them if you posted on the internet would happen on the eleventh of september she warmed on the students not to come to school the children love the teachers and the direct to no ball dropped. into the class and started to fight during the lesson. he was saying
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something like everyone on the floor i've come here to he'd been planning this for a long time but we thought it was a joke right after the incidents the school was evacuated and lessons council it is impossible to get inside now but still there is a lot of media present at the scene we do know that the teenager behind the incident was detained and is being questioned at the police station. the founder of the red present in yemen has died in hospital in the capital city of sana'a he was unable to receive vital medical treatment as a result of saudi arabia's blockade of the country dr abdullah al qa messi passed away at the age of seventy six after a failed heart operation he was prevented from travelling abroad for surgery and local hospitals lack the equipment that would have potentially saved his life a spokesperson for the red cross told us he died as the results of conditions that have killed millions of others in yemen first of all i would like to see what we
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have. to grow cross and red crescent that don't mess us somebody who doing is one of life's good complete me of human and he died. producing reason millions of suffering in yemen as we speak it is me that all. that is forgiven me a lot of me i have no access to health care. in total the un estimates that around twenty thousand people have now been denied crucial health care due to the saudi bombing campaign and also the blockade are committing son zubair believes that the saudi government is directly responsible for his father's death the executive director of the world food program david beasley has called on saudi arabia to stop its military activities in yemen. saudi arabia
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chiffon one hundred percent of the needs of the humans are in crosses in yemen are the stop the war of fund the crisis option three three both of them islanded happen again telling us that they drinks are unable to cope with the situation. we speak of a country where we have just reached six hundred and seven thousand suspected cases of cording that has your job because the outbreak of our times unprecedented in the century in only four months we see the country well over half the relation has no access to clean water a country where seven million people wanted it in close to fighting with millions of women and children c.t.v. and through the minority so all these you need in egypt is good we know it best but we can not so good crisis or you believe it's a good try all of those who are good and use concrete and that many artists can
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bring about a lessening of the day but something that we see in human captures the most noble. is that it is out. there. you're watching out international are going to take a quick break now and we'll be back until. the knot winds up. on a flimsy off let down one might have been a tough the definitions enough i'm back and the next one seeking i need
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i am. here's what people have been saying about reject. the show i go out of my way to. the really. all over
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a party america is doing the same. apparently better than. i see. heard of. jack tonight president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. writing these from syria as the country's military state see russia's defense minister says liberation would be a major victory over the territory. plus while the us calls for the toughest possible sanctions against north korea president putin says that pyongyang will never give up its nuclear program under such terms. the north koreans would rather eat grass think give up on the nuclear program. companies in germany. is following right.


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