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tv   Headline News  RT  September 6, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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it would. be a little bit. close to liberation the syrian army recapture the launch for defined area and the city of d.s. still finally breaking a three year long siege by islamic state the operation was backed by the russian military. russian and south korean leaders meet to discuss the north korea crisis at the eastern economic forum underway in the russian city of god it will still bring you all the latest from there throughout the day. to me appeared to propose is sending in u.n. peacekeepers to help ease the conflict in eastern ukraine moved back by germany but not craving it officials.
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hello there is just turned nine am here in the russian capital and you're watching r.t. international with me becky erin good to have you with us. now syrian government forces backed by russia have recaptured a launch fortified area held by islamic state in the city of d.s.o. that's according to the russian defense ministry.
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syrian troops found a network of tunnels often taking the position equipped with weapons that medical supplies and food it's also been revealed that the area was defended by terrorists of mainly former soviet republic and russian origin and choose they are russian warship targeted the militants that are helping the syrian army stormed the fortress. the latest operation is part of a launch a campaign to force the i still find out of the still which is largely been occupied by the terror group for the last three years since then it has become one of the largest pockets of terrorist forces in syria. right now i run.
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these pictures into government on me through gates reuniting ofter one was chopped inside for the duration of those three years i finally met off that after the change broke i still think each of the city yesterday obviously trying to has more on the liberation campaign. people of duress or won't have to pray for these to appear in the skies anymore for three years air drops with their only lifeline and they prayed for what was really just a handful of syrian soldiers to never let the city fall completely to islamic state while i salute used any means absolutely anything to take their resort it's all over now but nearly nine months ago a sea of eisel all around the city and beyond how the country and black as you can see on this map since that point it's only been shrinking two thousand and seventeen so far a nightmare for islamic state and syria i'll break down the milestones for you
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number one palmira. the city with more than three thousand years of history had really been caught in a tug of war before march when the syrian army with russian air support took full control number two the city of rock the one known as the capital of the self-proclaimed caliphate. no more capital in iraq up looks like the terrorist commanders ran from there and thanks to the efforts of the kurdish units and other u.s. led coalition fighters the hottest in the city are fully surrounded number three breaking the siege of errors or. you know if.
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this was one last chance all the remaining war might be had to offer off it went to deir ez-zor according to russian army intelligence crossing islamic state in this area is the next step time to check up on the map now that's progress three black traces left the rooms of the self-proclaimed caliphate we've got reaction to the latest developments from pay to forward to full my u.k. ambassador to syria. certainly the breaking of this extremely significant militarily a logic with a tremendous boost for the morale of the government and the government forces. we must be a bit cautious not clear whether it will take days or or weeks to clear. the
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the main fifty or and then be on for food can look forward to consolidating the control of the government in some pocket jihad these still. hold sway so it going that beth beth it's going to take a number of months before the syrian government really control over the whole of syria. away from the field of conflict into a very different one theory is national football team has claimed a place in the playoffs for the two thousand and eighteen world cup in russia. huge crowds gathered in damascus to watch the final group game against do wrong screens were set up in the city center to show the much serious equalised in the final minutes to make the score line two two meaning they will now face australia for a chance to reach the world cup finals for the very first time after the final whistle
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celebrations erupted with car horns and chanting long into the night. russian and south korean leaders have met to discuss the escalating north korea crisis for a second consecutive day the latest talks were at a different venue the third eastern economic forum which is now underway in florida both stock and we can quest live to our correspondent daniel holkins he's there for is daniel good to see you so what was been happening at the forum today. well right now as you say nic you were waiting on the outcome of those key talks between presidents putin of russia. of south korea one topic on the agenda today the crisis on the korean peninsula something that's been dominating global headlines for the last week with the whole world watching very closely for any developments out of all spoke actually is only about three hundred kilometers or so from the north korean border with russia are
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a key mediator in this crisis it's no surprise that people here are watching closely as well we're going to have a joint statement from the leaders a little bit later on what exactly is the solution to the crisis but we do know from the positions more or less of both countries russia putin favors negotiation with putin attending the bric summit in china just across the border yesterday saying that an intensification of sanctions or military pressure will only lead to a dead end in this crisis take a listen. to the sanctions regime has hit a wall it is not effective to use it should do you think that just because of sanctions. grewal forget your policy of creating weapons of mass destruction russia condemns those north korean actions we think they are probably cation. now as we heard the russian favoring russian favoring rather the position of negotiation south korea is a little more strong handed perhaps they do favor stronger sanctions from the u.n.
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on their northern neighbors including targeting the north korean oil industry but of course they too remember only too well the conflict over fifty three do so favor dialogue perhaps that is something they can come together all of there is some hope for a negotiated solution now in the meantime it is very much business as usual here at the eastern economic forum there is about three thousand people here from over fifty different countries trying to beat last year's record of deals and business trade pact signed to the value of something like thirty two billion dollars we'll see how the next couple of days pards out and we'll of course bring you all the latest updates both political and economic as they come in over the next day. ok daniel is going to be with us throughout the day keeping us informed on all the latest coming out of the forum invited for now thank you. washington has announced it will continue to deploy troops and weapons to the korean peninsula a move a top u.s.
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army official says is to address the self destructive actions of north korea the deployment will see american military hardware join the south korean navy for a number of jewels and include carry a strike with anti missile ships already positioned in the region along with fighter jets and helicopters and now a south korea is also considering asking the u.s. to redeploy its nuclear weapons to the peninsula jacqueline picks up the story. south korea is currently eyeing a possible redeployment of u.s. nuclear weapons on its territory which if approved would bring the military buildup around north korea to the highest level. we would need to find realistic countermeasures by reviewing all the political military options in a serious security situation with north korea's nuclear and missile threats but the question is will this drastic move have the desired effect of making north korea back down well of the past few months have taught us anything no but can yang and
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washington are nowhere near to dialing their saber rattling back only raising the stakes higher and higher kim jong un shows no such understanding his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war any threat to the united states or to territories including. or our allies will be met with a massive military response. president trump the commitment of the united states to defending our homeland territories and he's using the full range of diplomatic conventional and you can you capabilities so disposal so as a nuclear option the next step would trump make that call looking back trump has always had a rather shall we say unconventional approach to nuclear weapons during his iconic one thousand nine hundred interview with playboy he confessed nuclear war was on his mind and it seems the idea hasn't exactly gone away first of all you don't want to say take everything off the table just you know there you go shoot if you do
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this nuclear weapon nuclear should be off the table but with be a time when it could be used possibly the trouble is when you said earlier even america's oldest allies can't count themselves one hundred percent safe can you tell the middle east or not use the nuclear weapon would never say that i would never take any of my car just to take about europe we won't use and you're not going to take it off the day you might use it in europe you know and surprisingly trump wants the u.s. to expand its nuclear arsenal because apparently if you're going to have nukes you better have more than everybody else it would be wonderful the green would be that no country would have no. but if countries are going to have nukes we're going to be. at the top of the pack yes for every major world leader at the option is always on the table and to be fair trump has said that it's highly highly highly highly unlikely he would resort to a nuclear option and prefers a world without nukes but even if it's just about scaring the enemy when nukes are dominating the thought processes of kim and trump the rest of the world would appreciate more predictability and transparency in the thought process. r.t.
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washington d.c. . french president among mccrone has accused journalists of being too interested in themselves but his comments rather backfired and the crown was visiting a school in eastern france for the start of the new academic year and from that posted a video on twitter showing people's cheering and hugging him which led to the media holding believe they are against him. so i wish i would do with the reports mccrone already has a love hate relationship with the press in france like at the start of any beautiful romance president enjoyed the attention from the media at the height of the presidential campaign it's estimated that he had three times more coverage than his opponent's rising star in mind reading not quite but. he's a breath of fresh air in french politics the desire for something different he
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embodies the end of the old political establishment and while much corn has always . led it's clear that this relationship is becoming more and to move south i'm not interested in journalists it's the people of france who interest me journalists have a problem there too interested in themselves not enough in the country so just who is being know says stick here. i . was after knocking journalists for professional narcissism mccrone posted video whose informative value but the country shines through it's not the first time the french president has insulted journalists remember this.
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that. the only person i can. we asked paris space columnist. how she is a journalist feels about common woman he was running for president he was basically walking the walk you could not have enough of him and you couldn't have not enough of the journey if you just love fast and that he decided that he was going to frame his own message and frame what he was going to say not to be
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a part of this to told so suddenly the press was being pushed back in every possible physical way of course the journalist started thinking you know who is this person and what has he done with the president unlike so march i don't know how he will be but he's he's had you know the good times over this is that he's had the honeymoon and now getting into the sort of the thick of things despite my call saying this is about people moving journalists he seems to mention them a lot and while his focus appears to be on criticizing those who helped create his image and those who helped put him in power judging by his polling ratings the makeup is wearing as thin as the patience of the people of france. r.t. paris. the russian president is calling on the u.n. to help bring peace to eastern ukraine we've got the full story coming up after the break.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington washington media the media the. voters elected to businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of. the new socks for the tell you that every gossip and tabloid lifestyle or news. telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the.
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welcome back russian president vladimir putin is pushing for un peacekeepers to be present in ukraine to help resolve the conflict in the east of the country and. the presence of un peacekeepers but. peacekeepers we could provide security for its use missions for there would be fair and reasonable i think it would only contribute to resolving the crisis you se ukraine but consider this in order to the foreign ministry to introduce such a resolution to the security council. they move by moscow has been met with reluctance by kiev ukraine foreign ministry called the possible resolution
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distinction any peacekeeping operation but the german foreign minister has given his backing to the russian president's idea. that's the way i see reports that president putin has voiced an initiative to do what the transformer and i have been insisting on for months this is our chance let's make use of it so we need more of these detente policy things work out well with these blue helmets this would be the first step to removing sanctions against russia. now here's a reminder of how that conflict unfolded back in two thousand and fourteen shortly after the so-called made down revolution to eastern regions in ukraine declared independence the army then launched an intervention trying to restore its influence one year later a cease fire deal was signed in minsk the capital of bella ruse but despite those efforts the conflict is still ongoing according to
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a un report the total death toll is about ten thousand people with at least another twenty four thousand injured r.t. shows sophie and co discuss the proposed peacekeeping mission with russia's new envoy to the u.n. here's a quick preview and you can watch the full interview this friday on r.t. international. heard about bald ideas floating vacant vague talk about the certain peacekeeping mission in ukraine that was aired by by key if. but the we have taken that as a disguise to implemented the minsk agreement because the only plausible solution to the cries at the moment agreement indorsed by the un resolutions un security council resolution so we didn't hear anything definite conclusion from them on the peacekeeping mission while our proposal is based first of all on the. twenty two
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zero twenty fifteen which means the package of measures to implement the means could claim and it is a aimed solely at the at protecting the special monitoring mission of the ois see observers or other tusks because these stocks belong to the established formants like like the s m m always see which i mentioned all the the group or the normandy formant. sanctions unfortunately do not work first they are ignored secondly they have been a long time factor the certainly new set of sanctions may be both an invitation to the negotiating table but the other new further tests we are stressing on the political and diplomatic solution chad in russia has already proposed even in july an action plan to solve the crisis with an initiative on double suspension.
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the situation on the ground in syria is changing and then it is changing for the better you know that the process led by. turkey has led to the segment of this three day escalation dissolves. where life is coming back to normal work humanitarian aid people with the forces all. being being negotiated we can see the political horizon in the syrian crisis. locals in brussels are angry with the e.u. parliament is planning to spend five hundred million euros on a new luxurious building in the heart of the city the current home of the parliament is just twenty two years old but any pays looks that to go ahead with the lavish upgrade the e.u. owns dozens of buildings across the belgian capital for example this basic building which is the residence of the european council and cost taxpayers in the region of
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three hundred twenty one million euros citizens also have paid nearly four hundred million euros for the e.u. commission's office dubbed the bird a monster but brussels residents say they've had enough of their home being a constant construction site. it doesn't happen during public holidays it's annoying because expect to see fewer people on the streets in clear roads but that's the time when they decide to do all the construction work and it causes traffic chaos. off the road construction sites everywhere and before one finishes they already started in the other and it causes huge traffic jams which means we're always late but. it's become hellish over the past couple of years there is we're going on everywhere in the city and construction sites are only over the place were fed up with this it's a big city and it's becoming very difficult to get around in brussels. a
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spokesperson for the u.k. independence party told us that the e.u. commission is more interested in building a european stupid state and in the welfare of its citizens well i mean unfortunately e.u. citizens have a have a lot more on their minds than buildings being built in brussels but i mean i think that if they got to know about it properly and if this does go ahead i think most citizens particularly those in the southern mediterranean states who are having a very difficult time of the moment will be less than enthusiastic let me put it that way and as i said previously i would urge the commission to think again and just stop these stop me as a ridiculous plans they're more interested in building up the european superstate which includes lots and lots of big buildings that they are with the welfare and well being of the citizens of the of the e.u. member states. well they were always interested to hear your stories so you do get
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in touch with those by following us on facebook and twitter all about going about thirty minutes with a headline. seems wrong. to shape out. and in. one small. part. of the common ground. how low u.s.
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relations go at this point it's anyone's guess but one thing is for sure donald trump's call for better relations is now in the. greetings and salutations september is finally upon us the kids are back and school university is starting up again the leibniz will soon be turning beautiful colors and here in the united states are lovely elected officials in congress head back to capitol hill to you know look busy talk a lot and ultimately not really do much of anything but one country that is talking a lot lately is north korea they they also appear to be doing quite a bit over the weekend it was confirmed that north korea executed its six and most
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powerful nuclear tests to date according to the guardian the underground blast triggered a magnitude six point three earthquake it was more powerful than the bombs dropped by the u.s. on the road and nagasaki during the second world war yes the ongoing game of threats and missile tests between the united states and north korea continues to escalate with neither side pulling back on the rhetoric or saber rattling but the question that is going to be asked is where where where does all this bravado go what is the endgame for either side what another united states sponsored military executed regime change which would would not come without a certain amount of irony attached given the u.s. sponsored regime change is exactly what north korea's internal great leader style power structure has been built upon since the one nine hundred fifty s. in the korean war and first student wonder stands the real history of the united states you can't exactly blame them remember it was the united states from the
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soviet union who split the country into along the thirty eighth parallel remember it was the u.s. who slaughtered an estimated one fifth of north korea's entire population through carpet bombing during. that war which still technically has a limited fear is what has kept kim jong un and his family in power fear is what the u.s. military industrial complex relies on fear is why nuclear weapons even exist and fear will bring us all into world war three unless we start watching the whole. what. the. real thing is what. lies at the bottom of it. what it's like you know i got. the.
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week. well the watching logs liable to roll them to and i am top of the wall and five world leaders are gathered in shopmen china for the ninth annual bric summit under normal circumstances the international relations conference would heavily focus on economic development but as our teams summoned hours are all reports the focus has shifted to ongoing military tensions in the region the hydrogen bomb test in north korea that rattled neighboring china and russia happened just hours before russian president vladimir putin touched down here in china ahead of the ninth annual bric summit now the nuclear test has somewhat overshadowed the true purpose behind the brics gathering where leaders from brazil russia india china and south africa meet to discuss economic development and bolstering emerging economies still there is always side to.


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