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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 6, 2017 4:29am-5:01am EDT

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going bricks at negotiations before the summer holidays foreign secretary boris johnson said the e.u. should go whistle if it wanted money from the u.k. go whistle is that entirely appropriate question well the chief negotiator has replied to johnson then the door is not in any. just clock ticking and as the clock ticks who better to explain the mafia like power of european leaders than italy's former foreign minister and someone who like bonnie has served as the e.u. commissioner then judge franco frattini he was also a candidate to be nato secretary general and he joins me now from rome greg thanks so much for coming on the show what's the michel barnier like what do you expect him to tell the u.k. when wrecks of negotiations resume in ten days or so well i don't meet each other very well used to be my call there just for i mean is there used to be my call there or around a table of european commission is there very tough negotiator to point that to be
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to be taken into consideration one thing is to defend european interests while negotiating if framework agreement or any number of agreements dead are not to the dead tree meant european cities and other thing that would be wrong would be to punish u.k. i think michelle would go along that line if ending europe while not punishing very very diplomatic response bernie and of course was appointed in the french cabinet under sarkozy and some alarming accusations food one put it from a bomb as former treasury secretary tim geitner saying psycho's the muckle sarkozy being burned his boss sought to conspire to overthrow your then leader silvio berlusconi and while i can surely askew me showed barney and being a pop. arc of death gave such
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a cold he was parked for short because the former treasury secretary said something that i lived through at that time as italian foreign minister but deep you know during the g twenty summit in nice and the presidency a presidents article o.c. the trio son coles the law guard and merkel. they try they tried to push all or d'italia in government to accept the monetary fund and to accept each only the so called troika berlusconi been mentally refuse such as possibility and opportunity dead would that be a nightmare for italy at get all meant courting to what the former treasury secretary staling in his book obama said i cannot go fodder i cannot even bulls even set i don't want to have my hands with the blood of mr
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berlusconi effect ok that sounds asuka's is going to langley merkel is still there god of course is still there i mean are you saying that these sorts of people conspired to overthrow italian democracy because merkel is still there she's a strong vote in this brics of negotiation in debt in debt mall meant maracle became much more prudent and has the time to earn some cause he was not as he thought anyway merkel said if the reasons the refusal from the chalion government we cannot impose as you say mommy tabby the presence of troika and these is why debt d. don't happen with each other he than the government of mr monti game is the reason either the passkey of history but that tamped failed because before that mr obama. after that ms america wet became
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reluctant following the very stronger position from lerner's goldie's was one of the reasons why our government shall go down because of the speculation because of this thread but dad had been such as a temp gauge to impose troika the need to eat fortunately we did not accept and it's now two years since the body of three year old kurdish refugee alan curdie washed up on the shores of europe a testament to the fact that your and your leader berlusconi's policies from libya to syria as regards what the was doing have been vindicated. well i think what happened in the late as. late as either or two years ago three years ago last year is here was very detrimental fall into lee
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and for europe as a whole there was a wrong policy concerning immigration every few g.'s crisis each only has been left alone will no doubt all the now with the new president of france and wizard new position taken by merkel of germany things are moving in the right direction but only because the current government of italy and particularly the minister of interior mr media and the prime minister ginty lonny are doing what we used to say even as any and single we have to have before they reach the taliban schwartz not after these wasn't a serious mistake doing nothing until they reach sicily when they reached the silly yacht in italy they are in europe now they are working on the all region countries
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on the transit countries by promoting and prescreening of aspiring migrants and refugees to understand who are entitled to reach europe and who are not these is the right policy but unfortunately the toll ears and ears for the a few are mission of despair is simple principle these are in european problem disease not if the sealy empire or any. difficult for a united european union then given the behavior of germany in other countries towards italy during this this horrific refugee crisis. well i think germany realize deep a dramatic impact of refugees krises only when they sold the squares of munich and the squares of v.m. full of migrants leaping into squares and in history it's
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a riding through the so-called bold kind of grooved never before they had to realize it real dramatic impact that he suffered for years in sicily in companion to roll main men nor do peter he only suddenly they realize oh all of these the problem also for all three are also for him very also for germany indebted more meant they set is the moment to open the doors to channel the migration and refugees through legal ways legal channels by helping transit counties jerky or origin countries like shot only jack will nigeria all have bad moment mirka chand their opinion on debt fortunately she changed that very late ok the let alone above are
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those african countries and the and the core could libya was arguably of course syria trump is cut off funding for the cia backed is the mists of trying to overthrow assad how big a mistake was it if people like to raise a may to support the white helmets and other islam ists to overthrow assad in syria while a look italy had been requested many times to provide weapons to so-called rabbits we always refuse data request coming from president obama's united states because they used to respond gulag de de la. ah de rio it defending liberty and rides or are all still jihadist group ready to transform their five for liberty in another jihadist action unfortunately we were right
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and mary was wrong in providing weapons in helping in giving money because those so many rebels drooled to be jihadist willing to. lean to other highly doubt and so on and so for obama administration made any number of mistakes in syria trump and ministration be showing still unclear to see show the only positive thing to do is to walk in coordination with the russian federation on the corolla and the well known of nato policy if it is we've indeed helping those so-called moderate rebels seize the enemy as russia if you had become secretary general of nato instead of against ultimate what would you be saying about the threat posed from russia to the you know well russia is not afraid at all to the european union we are looking now
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at serious international cries is the latest on the north korean nuclear proliferation we have been looking at the proliferation of diversion and we had been fighting in a cold war atmosphere against the russian federation and that on the contrary is one of the strongest fires in fighting diet and stop the lies in the middle east so it does being a mistake made by nato it does mean any state by refraining from good cooperation and going to had we all strategy of containment all easy i was alarmed a lot of those who signed the prouty got him out. remember when bush and building shake hands and said in the future it will be colder we will be cooperating always against pay every unfortunately tried to get him out of some meat is independent and to current situation is much more better. for governor t.v.
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thank you after the break from russia with love. pay why would winning stand up comedian thinks the cold war is being waged. but the white sandy beaches of the cult does or from the headlines we explore a political power lies on the war games which may not be war games much longer. going underground. bustling the dubrovnik. fix travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it . crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. for this on the same.
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as mine and. while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of a. coffee cup at. the end of. it. is a tourist. town identity. oh no arguing about artificial intelligence is going to destroy the world. maybe it will mark zuckerberg has already destroyed the world so why does he care let's find out. traveled across the
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united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have a better life. and hurting one of my my babies since my book was published in the year two thousand more than a hole for a million americans have been killed by phones in the us. yes we did this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves some real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the plane. to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who had met and photographed those years ago. but we are not.
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welcome back the mass killing of civilians by the u.s. u.k. coalition continues in syria something that may not be so emphasized by today's report published in geneva on human rights violations in that country but every one of the tens of thousands of air strikes by r.a.f. and u.s. planes represents profits for the arms trade something that will be brought into sharp relief as london hosts its largest arms fair next week difficult questions of a britain's arms trade that alone arguably to resume trying to sell weapons to saudi arabia's foreign minister in downing street recently are often put to one side in mainstream media instead there's arguably the demonization of islam and muslims one award winning stand up comedian and actor she has emerged as set out to deconstruct the myths of mainstream narratives and we caught up with her at the edinburgh fringe where she launched
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a new show with love from sandra pay it to his internationally until may twenty eighth. i'm in a noisy gilded balloon fears are in edinburgh with the comedian mirrors and your new your new comedy show that touring all around the country maybe around the world and around the world yeah obliquely addresses the problem of russian infiltration around the world and russian importation everywhere i mean my show is called with up and down to pay and the russians are just everywhere i've been on holiday to south of the priests in d.l. . all of russians the whole world is turning russia they even running the american government they're everywhere. exactly this is true now you are famous for having changed the titles of your shows for fear of death. yet and your venues in which you do your show as i have already die off if we were to kill me in russia when they would have heard about what i've said about them and i would
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have to get called over the russian embassy on this of course in britain might also . that i did was called the called actually and made me do it and it was a satire about isis it's about why i thought that young girls were going to join isis which is because i think that they think that the men holtz which a lot of them all you know they see these men and all yes a bit of war i won't yeah harry got guns all yeah the one direction for some young muslim women i think seriously it was sexual i don't think it's anything to do with religion or politics and i think i'll go to you know the kardashians made me do it because when these three girls first have to go to syria their parents were called into the government by britain and said why were daughters going to syria and the sister said a comment just on why she's gone she used to watch the kardashians you know and that is what they told the government of our country clear cause i mean i blame the kardashians for everything but not isis used to call it the same sure that you go the road to baghdad it used to be called the road twelve baghdadi after you know
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the founder of isis so-called so-called self-appointed and there's a lot of theater told you the they were worried that they might get killed so they said can you tell it down so i changed it to the confessions made me do it so now they've got the kardashians after them which is a lot more serious but you know any of the comedy shows in the plus fifty years that have had this problem i do yeah i think reginald d. hunter had a lot of controversy with his the titles of his shows and people because they use the n. word in some of the titles of his shows so he got a lot of stick from people you call with. that because everyone knows the jewish contribution to humor is disproportionate then in comedy and you said the it's about loving your dr james and it's the most beautiful girl in the jewish contribution to terrorism i was to give up to do you want to retire a little bit what do you read about that globally during dark times in that way well obviously we're living in a dark time not just the way we look but it is
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a dark time generally trump and everything and russia running america now i mean it's very. serious business the russian government doesn't even know but there you go in there because russia denies everything but they all in full tracy everywhere i mean not just in all sushi but in you know well you know they're on our beaches and they're in our governments or in our politics and they're everywhere you look it's only when people used to say that about us god they are everywhere now is the russians girl a very everywhere ok what about what happens to a young comedians career when they keep making jokes at the expense of they die by the time you like go to saudi arabia do you ever think that you know main will be a great idea to tell jokes against one of britain's closest partners on this ng you know there are on ice it's not really fans of my comedy they don't like a lot of they don't really like a you know a bit of a joke on a human like that that they're not really into comedy and they never really come to
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my shows and so they don't even know what i'm doing which is great it's the only news journalists know that there have been british attempts to overthrow the government of syria oversleep why is it in the real housewives of ice which you were you were involved in i'm not in the real housewives i want to know i'm still single i'm not in the in the office was i says don't want when it would have been too late to go once a wife who's a comedian i've tried i mean i've tried i've tried all watched we all watched by the way in areas where battles are going on against isis so. i mean they can always write and if they they may talk like her but these people are not educated they call read they can write they've got no sense of yuma they don't have sex they don't have relationships that's why they're blowing people up well we'll invite isis to kill more and try to refute those claims. you greg dyke the former director general of the b.b.c. said that the statement a to b b c is hideously white. sixteen years ago
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since. i don't generalize that white is that much better than white plains but this term was is it much better for a dangerous woman in britain oh my god it's whiter than white the problem is i mean i think i'm white i mean this is a this is a problem you know i go on stage and i think i'm white and i talk like i'm white and i'm totally unaware of my color so i don't get gigs in jobs and then i realize i'm not white course i was salaries recently released at the b.b.c. my boss and mine didn't make it nearly expect well it's about women of color getting a look in when it was white women that with the scandal was about over that this is pay at the b.b.c. the thing is i know i've got some friends who work at the b.b.c. asian women and you know they don't do they don't just do one job cleaning stick no they're broadcasting they're being promoted now and the thing is you don't really see an asian woman doing one job she just said because she loves working it's nation work ethic i know i'll friend she should present five different programs on t.v. radio she didn't even make the list and her father is really disappointed because
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she does live why are you not on the list all the white women what do you feel yeah you know so we need to be able to these this because it's a measure of our success but we're not on the iraqis to do with them as a model you know what i feel feminism is a white thing for white middle class women about white middle class women who love signing petitions that's all they do so determine sign petitions well well i will the details of your upcoming shows around the country and maybe why would i go there and i know that i did watch woody and or i was with the money to pay for the tickets to come and watch me so i do need the white people ok will but everyone else will end up at our website should thank you. that interview done at the edinburgh fringe festival and someone who's off to the edinburgh fringe is limited to pick broadcaster and former liberal democrat member of parliament at the fringe this year performed last year oxidants even the oldest just turned just a more serious issues on this from the daily post but yeah soldier you don't want
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to cover or. soldiers british soldiers into the killing of pregnant women in yemen you want to cover this story then stick to the story you got here are ten daily posts a nice story you don't like nice it's a nice story for anglesey helicopter pilot expecting child one of your favorite royal family members here as you can see the duke and duchess of cambridge i think it's very interesting there any this is even from the mirror saying that the two child policy of terrorism is governed because of austerity is it i mean how is it they manage to be able to pay for a child as i think she's off saying i think they can afford it you're saying we're going to forward it to hold on a second or your the one of the names of these people bring untold happiness to the country that is sure now if you thought the same happy to some people would celebrate if you had three children and tourists really no one visits paris given that they executed in their oil. is that what you're almost treason that you're
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implying that be our thing for the royal family be happy with a country the majority of whom are still royal let's get with it suck it up and see what's the latest poll and because of the women religious fervor during the first forty eight hours we said something different nothing to do with it nothing to do with just forgotten about our daily lives or even we've made our day and i was greeted as about ok let's go to something more serious now and perhaps return to war who knows was this could be the case politics home says do you need a place shin fein for deadlock at the storm and talks this is the long running deadlock the paralysis at the hands of nor the night in politics what's a good shout of more than a minister shadow sector stay for normal for ten years we were delighted when we got the peace process going and we got the good friday agreement this isn't so time but on the face of it what it looks like is a difficult situation so much better than what we had before the house shouting than shooting and we're nowhere near that shooting environment at the moment also
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there's a subtext here insiders have told me that shane fein who to. fabulously well in the assembly elections are pitching for majority if they play their cards right they could be the biggest party in northern ireland at the same time the d. you can see that coming as well they're playing brinkmanship and hardball with each other ironically they agree on some of the fundamentals they're both socialist parties they both like to have a big handout from westminster but this is a double edged sword on one side and the longer it goes the more dangerous it is in terms of peace long long european socialist bertie the d u p a clearly left wing because what they support but in. the mix of the two things nationalism and left right wing economic policy are two different things and this is the irony adult son surprising but the d.p. engine fane have very little difference in terms of wanting state funding the difference here is ideological in terms of united ireland but also very practical one of them wants to come out on top and at the moment it's not clear who that
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would be is better to be on the eve of a return to war than within the war itself i think it's true yes ok let's go to this one because apparently it was of you or the other politicians in parliament to help forge a peace process i love this story the news web t n w says why did hillary clinton endorse this terrible media start our government but what i'm talking about here is very it's come up with wonderful idea you can have authenticated factoids and not making up the word play and use real news factoids factoids so that if you tweet something or put it on facebook it can have an authentication code to proving through it's true here's a slight problem it also says and i quote a media platform for the sixty five point eight percent that's the percent they say voted for hillary clinton now call me old fashioned in the old days when i was in politics sixty five point eight percent would have been a majority it's not in this so it's been a bit of a true college system well ok plainly that i was about the very desire you are here but the point about the very day is it says clearly that you get an authentic asian
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code so you can match it up to show that it's not fake news so i saw in the other day lembit oh. big. actually making starting accusations about your private life and that very people who just forged the code put it up and put it more love in their minds with the corbin warnings one of which was called unlikely to explode at very high temperatures warns a this is the same kind of thing it's an invitation from mockery but it will be on the cd but it is a reminder that we can all be great grateful for her because she apparently was instrumental in the northern ireland peace process wonder if that could be verified after yes because hillary clinton is really a new will peace prize winner exaggerating her claim serving helped bring peace to northern ireland you remember her did you hang out with her i didn't hang out with her but she was there while bill clinton definitely did have an impact made a difference technically she made a difference as well i suppose because she was physically there but the extent to which northern ireland would be in a better or worse place without her that's debatable widely seen as a monster everyone presumably by these two stories is reminded that had she been
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president of the united states during the current korean crisis we might have to be in even doing this paper review i suspect we don't have an authentication code for that one that's going to counterpunch this one isn't much to laugh about kind of punch reports what the media isn't telling you about north korea's missile tests now we all know we've all seen that north korea arguably sent unarmed rockets flying right over japan causing the air raid sirens to be set off a highly produced provocative he's a madman he's crazy all the way you're talking about. donald well by the way by the way donald this is all you hear just as yet nor the north and the allies to south korea have been launching the most spectacular war games along that demilitarized zone to show of force against kim jong il and to show what he could face while that's right and of course that's correct but to say that say to you and well i'm on the side of actually truth authentication code coming up now to code
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four seven three hundred four do you think you should show force to kim jong un and threaten his country which is twenty. it's out of its population was killed by britain america or you shouldn't it's completely meaningless to set all these bombs off along the border this isn't for north korea's another good story well it sold well it's not really seoul it's washington and so the problem is a little side just like charlottesville simpler than that's what we've got here is massive saber rattling not fold the whole market on not peninsula it's for the world stage both sides know they've both got nuclear weapons that's not the time and it's this is one of the classic examples when a superpower is trying to threaten another state and lo and behold when the other states threaten spock that's the story when is right the history and at the moment it looks like america and i would have it thank you that's it for the show will be back on saturday about the first prime minister's question since politics returns with a new pencil cases up to the summer holidays till then you go to a social media with you on saturday twenty four years to the day u.s. cobra helicopters fired on a crowd of civilians reportedly killing up to one hundred women children as part of
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the un peacekeeping mission. or maybe more you. know them i talk to them they. want to. riyadh all they missed but also. to this body of his body of one point the love of this story here but this sort of feel good to do but to me i'm looking. for but it's easy to see if we. see see more and all that but it's one that's. yes your repeated in. the.
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yes to some muscle fissures it means that you struggle on the same issue into. the . film to see. this honesty so. you don't want to. miss it. but i bought. it. it was
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a good moment. but. are you. close to liberation the syrian army recaptured the launch fortified area in the city of diaz finally breaking a three year long siege by islamic state the operation that was backed by the russian military. russian and south korean leaders meet to discuss the north korea crisis at the eastern economic forum underway in the russian city of london both stalled we'll bring you all the latest from there throughout the day. to me a person first proposed his spending in u.n. peacekeepers to help ease the conflict in eastern ukraine i moved back by germany but not the ukrainian.


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