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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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to. be. fighting against war protesters in south korea a clash with thousands of police officers overseeing the deployment of a u.s. missile defense systems accountable nuclear threat of. largest american military base in afghanistan is targeted by a suicide bomber with the taliban saying it was in retaliation for an offensive leaflet distributed by the us army. i am angela merkel received
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a hostile reception on her election campaign trail as demonstrators in germany jeer and throw tomatoes during her latest rally. and r.t. speaks to a russian bitcoin trader detained in a greek prison and wanted by the u.s. to over money laundering charges. hello there is nine am here in the russian capital and you're watching r.t. international with me nikki. and antiwar protest in south korea has seen dozens of people injured in clashes with police and many more arrested demonstrators were trying to block a convoy of rocket launchers for a controversial u.s. missile system known as that. wasn't. it. nearly four hundred peace activists turned
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down for the rally at the u.s. military base in strong a small farming village they were met by eight thousand security officers and to oversee the convoys arrival despite the clashes the systems components have now been. found or terminal high altitude area defense is designed to destroy ballistic missiles it targets short to medium range weapons and is being supplied to south korea by washington to vist medea benjamin recently visited the site in south korea and told those why the deployment is causing so much anger we'll know in one has to wonder why hundreds and hundreds of people would come out to protest a system that is supposedly going to make them so safe for i was in that village just a few weeks ago and it's a very conservative village and these protests are being led mostly by the elders of the village who say we don't want to be in the eye of the storm we know that
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president trump has just said he's going to allow more highly sophisticated weaponry to go to south korea taking billions of dollars of people's money there this is a cycle of militarism that is extremely dangerous and the opposite of what people on the plane peninsula need and want with confusion and fear hanging over the crisis in the korean peninsula president trump is holding his cards close to his chest when it comes to washington's next move. but. however as doc invigorate ports the u.s. could make a billions of dollars selling arms to south korea japan and other parts of the region. the north korean threat is something we hear on a daily basis from u.s. officials with the statements pouring bremer and graham and his nuclear threats
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show that he is begging for war. they will be met with fire and fury the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now this may not get away with what he's doing and the urgency is so strong the u.s. is rolling out a range of american made weapons to save the day on offer for remaining rocket launchers for the u.s. missile defense system for south korea also increased amounts of highly sophisticated military equipment which trump this kind we allowing both south korea and japan to purchase and the infamously troubled after thirty five fighter jets also be added to that package a kind of bonus but not free of course but look forget that north korea is by no means the only threat to global security and america for decades around whose fuel before ayers of sectarian conflict into threatening the region and causing so much by a lintz all nations of kinds most work together to isolate and all of those attacks
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are music to the ears of saudi arabia an american ally and fellow to tractor of iran so of course riyadh was all too ready to sign a one hundred ten billion dollar defense deal with from neighboring qatar also agreed to buy over twenty one billion dollars worth of american military hardware now trump's approach to conflict is definitely pragmatic make a quick buck if you can right president trump and king solomon of saudi arabia have signed a defense stale three hundred fifty billion dollars the white house has called it the biggest single steal it. u.s. history was announced a deal that gives thirty eight billion dollars to israel over the course of a decade and clearly this guy can sell anything even managed to find a way to been continuing america's sixteen year long war in afghanistan as the prime minister of afghanistan has promised we are going to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war to us if you can't
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solve the problem see if you can at least turn a healthy profit instead of i'm a businessman that's what i'm supposed to do that's what i'm supposed to do. i think a lot of people project on the behavior of the united states maybe of other countries that it's all about business it's all about making money for the arms manufacturers of the plane manufacturers and so forth the people who make missiles the militarization of the policy of using military threats and military force is the only item in our tool kit his hell become so ingrained in their mentality they really don't consider other alternatives you have people who believe that the united states is and must be the global head of mine that every solution must be solved by a dick taught from washington and whatever force and threats are necessary to achieve that end will be employed. to afghanistan now where a taliban suicide bomber has detonated the device outside america's largest military facility in the country no soldiers were killed in the blast at the bank
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base american reports well a suicide bomber has detonated explosives at bag ram air base in afghanistan the attack is believed to be a response to a highly offensive leaflet distributed by u.s. forces in one province on tuesday that depicted part of the taliban flag along with a passage from the koran on a dog this is an animal that's considered unclean in islam the bombing occurred only our. hours after a senior u.s. commander in afghanistan apologized for the leaflets the taliban responded saying it showed america's hatred for islam and that it proves the war in the country is a war between islam and unbelief according to news reports but this isn't the first time controversy struct struck the area in february two thousand and twelve u.s. soldiers mistakenly burned korans at the same background base alongside damaged books and texts from the airfields library where the incident prompted widespread
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protests and resulted in several deaths but we have to think that while fire fundamentalism is mostly to blame for this incident it seems like us imperialism plays a strong role in providing these terrorists with a motive to perpetrate these attacks one can only wonder if trump's new policy on afghanistan will further exacerbate the situation or thought and antiwar activist david swanson told as there is a complete lack of communication between american troops in afghanistan and the locals i doubt very much that most members of the occupation from the united states and its allies really care that's not what they've been trained to do not what they've been educated to do they've been put into a situation where the. afghan people is threatening their lives and they don't they haven't been educated to think there's anything to learn from afghan
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culture so they are there to you know do their jobs stay alive and get the heck out and let somebody else call me and continue it for generations but you know clearly they have no comprehension and no interest in getting any comprehension of the b. they're occupying. bringing you the latest pictures from syria now where government troops are being put through their paces before an operation to storm i still controlled areas of the city of d. arizona. war on tuesday the syrian army barracks by russia reached the city and broke a three year long sea here on the map you can see islamic states territorial losses in syria over the past four months moving toward sierra's or the syrian army gained around eight kilometers per day eventually united with one of its progress knighted with one of its brigades who had been trapped inside the city where the most prominent figure of the dia is or me is is some zahra dean known as the lion of the
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republican guard he's a garrison commander who had been trapped in the besieged city for the full three years dean has a long record of military service and fought on several fronts during the syrian civil war but we managed to talk to him right after the speech was broken. but a lot more during the siege we were like an island in the middle of an ocean totally isolated the closest city is homes which is more than two hundred fifty kilometers away yet despite the siege by us and the scarcity of all means of survival. electricity food the army and the friendly forces persevered in defending their lives or we discussed the latest with science mohammad marandi from the university of to run he said that despite i still losing ground its ideology still poses a global threat we are entering the final stages i saw or isis
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having a presence in syria in the sense that it holds territory that does seem to be coming to an end but the ideology continues exist and therefore the terrorism the extremism that isis represents can continue to be a menace to the rest of the world and of course it's not only isis we have al qaeda and al qaeda affiliates in syria such as the nostra front rower sham all of these different groups jaish with us from day to have the same wahhabi ideology and they continue to hold territory so even after isis is dealt with and the territory is taken the syrian army is going to have to deal with them as well after they finish with isis. german chancellor angela merkel is out on the campaign trail to drum up support ahead of the country's federal election later this month and despite polls suggesting her party is way out in front she still got
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a hostile reception in parts of germany our europe correspondent peter all of that has the latest. it's fair to say that this election campaign hasn't been the most exciting ever but one point that has all seemed some fireworks at least is be what angle or merkel has showed up in towns where people are strongly against her refugee policy i was. i was the german chancellor speaking in brandenburg on wednesday evening now she did say that she was specifically going to go to these towns to these areas where people like where political parties like you'll turreted to germany had a foothold or at least had some kind of strong base where people had been voicing their concern over her refugee policy these were the places that she was going to show up one thing that they didn't have on that wednesday evening in brandenburg that we saw on tuesday evening in heidelberg was flying fruits we can see the
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chancellor here taking the stage in the heidelberg thankfully wearing that red glaze there because what happens next is all she's hit by one of two tomatoes that were thrown from the crowd clipped there on the hip there the other tomato though well that splattered one of the moderators and handing her a handkerchief to clean herself up and also it's worth noting that during this rally the german chancellor was asked a question one of your biggest strengths and she said that she was calm under fire carmen to pressure without making any reference to the tomato throwing but we had high hopes that this was going to be a close forty impassioned electoral count pain with martin shultz the former european parliament president pushing angle of merkel all the way that really hasn't happened at the moment well the german chancellor looks like she'll be returned almost fifteen percent fifteen points ahead at the moment with that vote coming up on september the twenty fourth. however the tomato incident wasn't the
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only or quick moment for the chancellor just before that angela merkel was interrupted by the main opposition party while addressing parliament for taking credit for their work doing something even. though you think it has. as m.p.'s enjoyed the moment and broke out in laughter chancellor merkel had to remind them who is in charge if they are i am well aware of how many disputes you have in this parliament but without the work of my party you wouldn't be able to get anything done here and i'm not sure why you even need to point this out. i spoke to a member of the german parliament from the opposition party pace of the social democrats are ready to make the election race an exciting one.
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those who up on this because of last of all the electoral race is not over yet as for the opinion polls on the one hand this is encouraging for martin schultz who many people see as a more competent appealing and committed politician with clearer political views they've seen a different side to him when they hadn't seen before and i have to say anglo-american should be prepared for a tough fight with the electoral races just started and we will make it exciting. this is under starts off guard and it is the state's responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens we will achieve this at the local level by increasing police numbers of the c.d.u. f.t.p. governing coalition close down a lot of police stations are under the idea that the best state is a weak state it's a lot of hard work from the social democratic party to put a stop to this with the other and now we are working to strengthen and expand the police force in those states the same thing happened at the federal level and we
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had to get down on our knees and beg the minister of the interior from the c.d.u. to increase the number of federal police. can recall the only reason for we have to ask how can we ensure that large inheritances do not receive tax advantages over hard earned income we would have tackled the issue if we were governing alone a lot because if we had succeeded there would be no tax breaks for capital gain more support it so we couldn't do all of this is part of the coalition with the c.d.u. because they were trying to protect the rich so we would have to try again but some haven't done. so to come after the break a russian bitcoin trade always wanted by the u.s. the ledge the money laundering stay tuned for that. you know i must go over there to. mark zuckerberg at facebook. arguing about
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artificial intelligence is he going to destroy the world beyond must says maybe we'll mark zuckerberg has already destroyed the world so why does he care let's. america has no desire. to occupy north korea. to go when they're in to take out the president of north korea the difference is that both china and russia probably are willing to stand by and see doors korea develop a nuclear weapon try to contain it were as were as the rest of the world and obviously saw that really does a really see does the strategy. hello
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welcome back now the u.s. is pushing for the extradition of a russian national accused of cyber crimes and money laundering and xandra vinick i was arrested in greece back in july at the request of the u.s. justice department he's accused of using the crypto currency trading website bitcoin to no wonder more than four billion dollars greek authorities are currently considering the extradition request mr van exposed to his by phone through his lawyer from prison in his first interview since his arrest. you know what i worked for the company carried out my details and it's not right to blame me for that i only found out what the accusations were a month after i was arrested my russian lawyer told me about them.
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i would say they're mistaken i don't have any planes they will answer any of the luxury possessions to get to. first because i haven't done anything illegal second i don't understand what the u.s. has to look at me and why they should be judging a russian citizen the russian foreign ministry has said it's closely monitoring the situation to ensure that the suspects rights are being respected mr briggs wife alexander also spoke to r.t. giving further details about her husband's detention. i turned around and saw that my husband was surrounded by around twenty men twenty men wearing t. shirts and some glasses took part in his arrest he was handcart our children there at the time when these men walked him away we also took mobile phones and the key to our hotel room from my bag as far as i know they searched the room it is in there that me and my children were kept on the beach from eleven in the morning
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until seven pm under the supervision of three men we couldn't leave the children didn't get anything to you to tall as far as i know from the documents i'm from the us the biggest seas activities were against the law there the document says the members knew they were creating a platform one laundering because it wasn't registered it didn't have a license and because such business models allow criminals to use the exchange all the charges are being made based on the statements by this way of thinking you could make the manufacturers of frying pans for example guilty because wives hid their husbands with them is the same thing not that obviously his return to russia is my main goal husband agrees to be extradited only to russia and no other country he wants to come home to his family or his children. a brazilian man has been following the media for three yes pretending to be a united nations war photographer artist maker francis santiago has the story. the
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author of these pictures boasts in an viable list of clients including major news outlets like the b.b.c. wall street journal al-jazeera and or cervelli but wait a minute those are just inverted images by another war zone photographer anyone who knows how to use google reverse image search could have sorted this out but unfortunately no one bothered to check and that's exactly how for many years at award all martin's managed to pull off pretending to be a un photographer who traveled to syria iraq gaza and many other hotspots the man who actually took these photos was quite shocked the worst thing about it was the way changed my captions kind of like reframing the story the stories of the people a photograph a few years for you know to like. me is well you know it's my content to make use more current so cielo e.q. wasn't really vetted because you had
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a strong social media following years ago other than twenty seven thousand people as twitter and i think there are a lot of the editors of the photo agencies that move to stuff a little lazy yeah i'm really disappointed it's so i do believe that this area's did a lot to foster distrust between the public and the news media at large to make his deception more believable in a wider martens of that's his real name which most likely is and boasted selfies from somalia and aleppo well you don't need to be an expert to see that this has hints of photoshop but hey the posts had all the right tags of aleppo in ruins and so on so who cares no one bothers to take a closer look even the man in these photos was actually a british server who was alerted by his new savvy friends that his identity was stolen i was relaxing having some wine when a friend from wavelength magazine contacted me saying that someone has stolen my identity in a kind of a prank on the internet so it seems we're dealing with an internet troll who. carr
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and some of the biggest names in the world of news into buying his photos perhaps those compelling interviews and a trusting effect once in a row shooting a conflict or stop shooting to help a boy who is hit by a multiple of drop the camera and help him get out of the conflict area in scenes like this or stop being a photographer and become a human being he was also feeding the media a pitiful story of his childhood which included a battle with leukemia and being abused while growing up both of which he managed to overcome and use as inspiration for war photography he also claimed he was working for and then go children safe drinking water which must have been easy to fact check but no one did but now the cat's out of the bag the b.b.c. confirms that this was indeed a car man whose bodos unfortunately they've used while promising to better their verification process the fraudster whose identity is still unknown has deleted the
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photos and accounts associated with them leaving only an unpleasant remnant for the major media system he managed to trick into showing something it was entirely fake francis and thiago r.t. . now if the reporting on the struggle of a palestinian couple to remain in their home in east jerusalem that lived in for over half a century but now they've been forcibly evicted has their story. i was sleeping when the soldiers broke in and i had a pain in my back so they put me in a wheelchair but i don't think i jumped a plane or something i have a dozen soldiers attacked me and. that
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you know fred this house is just the beginning and we might be next any time soon we're all going to be kicked out of our homes. we all view the international community the u.n. view east recently as a future capital palestine dominate the demographic shift significantly makes the realization of that ambition much harder to achieve. and the family was a victim under an israeli law which allows property to be weak claims if the ownership before nine hundred forty eight is proven when an exodus of jewish people began from east jerusalem no such nor exists for palestinians according to human rights watch between one nine hundred sixty seven and two thousand and sixteen around fifteen thousand palestinians had their residency status removed. want to get in touch and give your thoughts on the day stories by following on facebook and twitter and join me in about thirty minutes for the headlines.
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with this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one. making the middle of the room sick. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is that it's. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. yap is the john oliver of r t america is this. we are apparently
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better than. c. people you've never heard of love jack to the next president of the world bank so take. it seriously send us an e-mail. greetings and salutations with all the news of the giant storm smashing into the united states these days it's rather easy for many to miss are all right she was doing nor the twisting and churning financial storms have been a brew in here in the land of the free since the great banking crisis of two thousand and eight take for example the twisted and fascinating tale of the banking institution known as wells fargo and their spades coach full of controversies ranging from employees opening. bank accounts to bill sales quotas to forcing auto insurance on customers who didn't need it yes there appears to be quite
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a carnival of financial injustices taking place that your friendly neighborhood wells fargo. that has the that has cost the banking giant hundreds of millions in fines over the last two years in two thousand and sixteen they paid out one hundred eighty five million in fines for fraud generally opening a columns which then c.e.o. john stumpf claim to congress was limited to certain team members within the community banking division. back in july this year they got hit with having to refund eighty million dollars to auto loan customers who were charged for auto insurance without their knowledge and we can't leave out the hundred million in the red and gold paid out to the feds to settle allegations that the bank which is overcharging military veterans for refinance loan. and now now wells fargo has admitted that according to the new york times it had opened as many as three point five million unwanted accounts for customers one point four
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million more than previous estimates and that they enrolled more than half a million accounts into its own high end bill pay service without customers permission and we know a bunch of fun online bill pay services are or can be when they get screwed up so what can the public do about these kind of abuses well our value in the elected officials stand up to the banks. yeah let's wind out as we start watching the hawks . at the bottom. that i got. this. week.


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