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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the. top north korean official accuses america of hindering efforts to end the simmering hostilities on the korean peninsula comment was made in a rare interview at a regional economic forum in russia. dozens are injured in clashes with police in south korea in protest against the policeman to u.s. missile launchers. and the syrian government forces prepare for the next stage of their liberation offensive india it is the all party talks of the commander of the troops that spent
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three years besieged by i still in the city. and the potential chancellor merkel says her open door policy has failed in the refugee. welcomes just four o'clock am the russian capital you're watching international now in a rare interview with international media a senior north korean official has said america is undermining efforts to end the hostilities on the pinch. clearly the u.s. neglects the international community's will stablished peace on the korean peninsula pyongyang will retaliate against attempts to impose sanctions and pressure from washington with powerful counter measures with deeply condemn the leaders of south korea and japan for using the eastern economic forum for their unclean political purposes their attacks on our self defense of means strengthening
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the hydrogen capabilities of north korea clearly diverged from the goals of the forum where we discuss the topics of economic cooperation. well that was the head of the north korean delegation speaking at the eastern economic forum currently taking place in russia's far east correspondent daniel hawkins is there and reports now on how crisis talks have been dominating the effect. north korean delegation the riving giving a speech just in the central hall to my left was very much something people waiting for it was a big media scramble to hear what they had to say quite predictably taking a strong uncompromising position saying their development of the nuclear program was something that was not up for discussion in the meantime in the hall just next door the leaders of russia south korea japan and mongolia were discussing also what to do about this crisis the world has been watching for some time and although
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there are differences in how to resolve the crisis they also do have it seems some things in common take a listen. the final goal of these measures and steps is a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the crisis and they'd like to emphasize that there will be no war on the korean peninsula i am certain of that. those are good bye just like my south korean colleague i'm sure that a large scale conflict especially one with weapons of mass destruction will not happen all of the opposing sides have the same sense of understanding of commitment to their people who live in the region and we will solve this problem by diplomatic means all sides involved in the talks here today are directly affected japan south korea russia they all share land or maritime borders with north korea and as we heard there would really suffer in the event of a military escalation of this crisis so they do share those calls to dialogue to
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negotiation just perhaps have slightly ways of getting there japan and korea agree that sanctions are needed a harsh inning of sanctions by the u.n. targeting in particular the north korean all industry but they also say that these need to be done in conjunction with discussions with russia as well take a listen to what bombarding which i referred to the need for tighter sanctions and belief in the china and russia are sticking to the same position by the what concrete measures. need to be taken is something we must discuss together this is in stark contrast to be a position of the united states that's been very one sided these last few days and weeks we can all remember nikki haley donald trump saying that time is running out patience is running out and of course trumps the now infamous fire and fuel requirements all really serving to ramp up the rhetoric and increase economic or military pressure on north korea to isolate the country even more something that a pro-choice perhaps isn't so favored here in.
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your hawkins reporting there we can now cross live to vic to get chinese international relations expert i think he's doing some last minute research victor thanks for coming on to our today we were just listening there to countries at the forum and they all seem to have a commitment to pace do you think that will have any influence on washington stance given the fact the bating to be the only one saying that military action is still an option. i hope so i think the situation on the korean peninsula involving d p r k s nuclear program has reached a tipping point and sooner or later fundamental decision need to be made as to how the ultimate goal of denuclearization on the korean peninsula can be achieved of course major countries like china and russia stand firmly for peace advocates diplomacy and negotiation to achieve that ultimate goal however as far as the
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united states is concerned the united states seems to be very eager to push for a confrontation or evil war against d p r k to achieve that goal we still want to see peace provide a prevail on the korean peninsula war will really do much more damage and bring about a calamity on the korean peninsula and to countries beyond and we hope war will never happen of united states government will discontinue any attempt to bring war to the korean peninsula and what are your thoughts on sanctions because again coming back to that forum there's a mixture of opinion there russia of course doesn't think sanctions will work but then we have south korea who believes it's worth a go do you think they could work. i personally believe the sanctions are necessary given the more recent. d p r k's violation of the
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united nations security council resolutions more sanctions and more stringent sanctions will be required however sanctions themselves are necessary but not sufficient to achieve the goal of denuclearization but having said that it doesn't mean that sanctions are not helpful therefore i think a balance need to be struck as to how much more sanctions there will be versus what else that needs to. be done to achieve the goal of denuclearization of the korean peninsula do you think all countries will reach an agreement on this them because if you listen to america they still don't really want the harshest sanctions possible but then if we listen to south korea they say no no no maybe but we do need to consult with russia and china who in north korea's neighbors do you think will be in agreement of some sort. well as far as the sanctions are because the only body to really approve the sanctions will be
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the united nations security council and for china for example will firmly execute all these sanctions that have been duly passed the opted by the united nations security council but countries like china and russia have veto power the united nations security council and whatever sanctions that may be approved by the united nations security council are conditional as to whether china and russia other permanent members states of the security council of the united nations will or will not approve. and finally big do you think that north korea's rhetoric at the moment will be thought of reined in after the last couple of days in the sort of general widespread condemnation they've received for their actions. no i think as far as d.p. r. k. is because what really matters eventually is whatever they need to do to give up
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their nuclear weapons program because for d.p. arcade to possess and to threaten to use nuclear weapons against any country in the world is the wrong thing to do and eventually it's not in the fundamental interest of the korean people or the korean government or d.p. r. k. makes up its mind to seek peace and give up its nuclear weapons program the better it will be for d p r k government for the north korean people and for regional peace and stability a blotch ok victor really good to talk to we've run out of time international relations expert thank you you thank. now in the meantime dozens of protesters have been injured in clashes with police in south korea they were demonstrating against the installation of a u.s. anti missile system known as that. i was was.
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was. i. was. was. was i wrong nearly four hundred activists there turned out for the rally in so young a small farming village near a u.s. base but they were met by thousands of security officers who were sent to oversee the arrival of more elements of the missile defense system despite the protests the components have now been deployed or fads or terminal high altitude area defenses designed to destroy ballistic missiles just target short to medium range weapons and is being supplied to south korea by washington antiwar activist medea benjamin explains what locals think about the situation. well no and one has to wonder
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why hundreds and hundreds of people would come out to protest a system that is supposedly going to make them so safe for i was in that village just a few weeks ago and it's a very conservative village and these protests are being led mostly by the elders of the village who say we don't want to be in the eye of the storm we know that president trump has just said he's going to allow more highly sophisticated weaponry to go to south korea taking billions of dollars of people's money there this is a cycle of militarism that is extremely dangerous and the opposite of what people on the plane peninsula need and want. well with concern growing over the crisis on the korean peninsula and the possibility of a go global catastrophe president trump has yet to find a strategy for tackling the situation.
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however as you report it does look like the u.s. could be set to make billions of dollars selling arms to its allies in the region. the north korean threat is something we hear on a daily basis from u.s. officials with the statements pouring burma and burma and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. they will be met with fire fury the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now this may not get away with what he's doing and the urgency is still strong but you are rolling out a range of american made weapons to save the day on offer for remaining rocket launchers for the u.s. missile defense system korea also increased amounts of highly needed military equipment which trump this kindly allowing both korea and japan to purchase. infamously troubled thirty five fighter jets also be on. it's that thing to punish
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but not free of course but let's forget that north korea is by no means the only threat to global security and america for decades iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror threatening the region and causing so much of by lintz all nations of conscience must work together to isolate her and all of those attacks are music to the ears of saudi arabia an american ally and fellow detractors of iran so of course riyadh was all too ready to sign a one hundred ten billion dollar defense deal with from neighboring qatar also agreed to buy over twenty one billion dollars worth of american military hardware now trying to approach the conflict is definitely pragmatic make a quick buck if you can right and clearly this guy can sell anything even misapplying a way to been continuing america's sixteen year long war in afghanistan as the prime minister of afghanistan has promised we are going to participate in economic
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development to help defray the cost of this war to us hey if you can't solve the problem see if you can at least turn a healthy profit instead of i'm a businessman that's what i'm supposed to do that's what i'm supposed to do i think a lot of people project on the behavior of the united states maybe of other countries that it's all about business it's all about making money for the arms manufacturers and the plane manufacturers and so forth the people who make missiles the militarization of the policy of the using military threats and military force is the only item in our tool kit his son how become so ingrained in their mentality they really don't consider other alternatives you have people who believe that the united states is and must be the global head that every solution must be solved by a dick taught from washington and whatever force and threats are necessary to achieve that end will be employed. german chancellor angela merkel has been. facing
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a tough week both in an act of parliament with a little over two weeks to go before the general election she has been out on the campaign trail trying to drum up support with mixed success. was. there merkel was jeered him booed by demonstrators during a rally in france devolve a on wednesday well the day before a protester threw tomatoes at her during a similar event. recently interrupted by the main opposition party while addressing parliament for taking credit for their work eventually she had to remind them it was in charge. and that's with you but i think. the syrians. you know. i. i i if. i
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think. you know side out. there when you inspect you when he's in parliament it's the least story said that he was well the tomatoes and he's not the only problem facing the german chancellor at the moment her party's chances of forming a coalition government if it wins a minority have been dealt a major blow to the leader of the free democratic party a potential ally has leveled harsh criticism of course open to all migrant policy with more his piece or all of the. well it's christian linda he is the thirty eight year old leader of the free democratic party here in germany he's a dot com entrepreneur who made his money that way long campaigned for lower taxes in germany but we hadn't heard from him up until now was what his real policies
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were going to be when it came to migration when it came to refugees and what was to come next following the influx of people in twenty fifteen well he's revealed all in an interview with the german tabloid build in which he said well he pretty much disagrees with the route taken by chancellor merkel and wants to see a much harder line taken by germany he does say that he understands why people left their homes that they were facing a humanitarian emergency but says that back in twenty fifteen angela merkel should have closed germany's borders he says he wants to see the closure of the mediterranean route for migrants arriving into europe and says that germany must use its experience that it gained from taking in refugees during the balkan wars in the ninety's that if people have a job if they speak german if they have no criminal record if they're integrated then they can state however other people they would have to go back once their
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country is declared safe if peace prevails refugees must return such human rights to choose a new place in the world i'm not being harsh this is. speaking so why has linda come out and said this well his r.t. the free democrats are well the potential kingmakers for merkel's christian democratic union and for anglo merkel to remain on german chancellor they're the most likely to form a coalition with her and they want to make sure that if they go into that coalition they go in as strong as they possibly could be so in order to do this we've had christian linda talking about refuge. geez and migration policy that could well be an attempt to steal votes away from alternative for germany the anti islam and immigration party as the free democrats try to make the strongest partners they can be as they try and team up with anger merkel and the christian democratic union in the next parliament peter all of the reporting now still ahead he this our
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government forces in syria are preparing for a final push to liberate the city did is offer meisel would have the latest from there after the break.
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mark zuckerberg at first but. arguing about artificial intelligence is going to destroy the world. maybe it will mark zuckerberg has already destroyed the world so why does he. welcome but let's have a look at some of the latest pictures from syria and i where government troops are being put through their paces before an operation to storm or actual controlled areas of the city of did is or on tuesday the syrian army backed by russia reached the city broke a three year long siege here on the map you can see islamic states territorial losses in syria over the past four months moving towards do this all the syrian
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army gained around eight kilometers per day they eventually united with a brigade that had been trapped inside the city the commander of those soldiers was . known as the. i of the republican guard he had been in the city for the full three years saturday has a long record of military service and has fought on several fronts too in the syrian civil war we did manage to talk to him right after the sea was broken. but a lot more during this siege we were like an island in the middle of an ocean totally isolated the closest city is homes which is more than two hundred fifty kilometers away yet despite the siege by us or and the scarcity of all means of survival water electricity food the army and the friendly forces persevered in defending their lives or. what the author managed to speak exclusively to the governor there is there were bad finally break from that three year long sea of.
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all of our people whether they're heroes or the syrian arab armies who are defending their resort or all societies elders and young people all of them have been waiting for this moment when the troops on september fifth next sidemen was speak of victory was achieved on the way to there is all there were very fierce clashes with her wrists but despite all the clashes and the explosives that i sold service plants that syrian troops were able to obliterate these enemy forces it was a moment of triumph lemme tell you about see more because we're going to factories and the students that's and the colleges on this shelling it's believed to be the longest siege in history the city was suffering in darkness there was no electricity no diesel no gas there was a shortage of healthcare staff very free surgeons helicopters were our only hope to take people out of their resort for treatment. at
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a new staff than in russia's foreign ministry has slammed the searches of its diplomatic premises in the us as illegal with more details on this is. you read through the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says latest extensive comments on the issue and you realize that the russian officials are more than disappointed in fact i guess disappointed is not the right word here they are purely outraged by what they call attempts to whitewash the seizures and raids of russian diplomatic premises in the u.s. just to remind you last week the u.s. state department ordered to shut down the russian called sort in san francisco and also to mission attics as in washington and new york here's more from marie is a harvest latest statement on that what the u.s. state department calls inspections are in fact the legal seizure of russian diplomatic premises including searches from basement attics would like to emphasize
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the buildings that at the property of all government were not just sealed but seized plainclothes american officials are in the building and armed policemen are guarding the premature is this raises the question does washington consider us to have the same right to inspect the buildings of the u.s. diplomatic and consular missions in russia in the meantime at the eastern economic forum in vladivostok the russian president said there are serious issues with this diplomatic war but he thinks russia and the u.s. can still keep up the trade and economic ties and as an example he gave excellent mobile the all giant which is rex tillerson its previous job with you smothered in the. despite all our current diplomatic differences we continue to have contacts with american firms including vast energy companies such as exxon mobil which rex tillerson used to head up we also gave to listen
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a medal once but he seems to have ended up in a bad company and is headed in the wrong direction but i hope that the cooperation and friendship will lead him back on the right path. so according to vladimir putin there are still many areas where the two countries have worked together and will work together no matter what like space exploration and he hopes that some people in washington who are watching president couldn't call particularly wise won't spoil things the next time you don't want to do it you we're ready to cooperate with the u.s. so no new cosmodrome unless any know it's who's from american agencies intervene if you. back to the diplomatic scandal ru was state department official house told washington journalists that american officials did not break down doors or conduct searches at seize diplomatic premises of russia and the u.s. but we're remember that the president vladimir putin has promised to sue washington
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over this so we are bound to hear more on this story very soon but as i mentioned there president putin has suggested that russia could take the u.s. to court over the diplomatic property international international property sorry international affairs commentator mark agassiz thinks that this is a clear sign that moscow is ready to play hard against washington it's certainly something that russia is inside to do but it's something that i would guess it probably won't do unless unless more escalation follows from the u.s. i think what really. president puts it on the rush or indeed are saying is we can escalate the stakes if you do as well we can also play hardball do you want us to so that is the question being posed all the americans unfortunately moment american seem to want to play hardball it's counterproductive for the u.s. as well because really it's driving russia away in many ways both financially and militarily and in terms of all kinds of cooperation in all spheres it will probably
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in the long run do more damage to the u.s. than it will to russia so that's how things look so fast today here on our table be back with more news in just a bit. then i want. to let down one of the definitions. you know he needs south. taken you know it was in the south just if you moved out to get the damage and then you get ready for it. how is that kind. of thing would be
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this. idea that you know well that beach yeah he sets out. to do this just to let me fly means i love this guy you know be deep but early on he said this man tokyo find it he's going to keep going. like. this one was because did a piece against him call cultural pretty high from the premise. i am.
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welcome to worlds apart the north korean situation has long favored the status quo as the lesser evil the prospect of war seemed much worse than anything pyongyang was capable of but over the past year or two things changed north korea god new technology and the united states god and you president with all the bluster about the nuclear blasts is the status quo is still system.


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