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where. i. was. told. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night was it was actually just full on awesome deal the show i go out of my way to look at you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than that see people you never heard of love back to the night
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president of the world bank so they. really seriously send us an e-mail. the headlines north korean official accuses america of hindering efforts to end the simmering hostilities on the korean peninsula comment was made in a rare interview at a regional economic forum in russia also. i think. police in south korea in protest against the point of u.s. missile launches. syrian government forces prepare for the next stage of their liberation offensive in. talks to the commander of the troops spent three years besieged by isis in the city and also to come the potential chancellor merkel's party sets out
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a clear and the refugee stance just two weeks before germany's elections when the parent attempt to win over from the anti migrant. from moscow you're watching. in a rare interview with international media seen in north korean official has said america is undermining efforts to end hostilities on the potential. the u.s. neglects the international community's will stablished peace on the korean peninsula pyongyang will brutality against attempts to impose sanctions and pressure from washington with powerful council measures would deeply condemn the leaders of south korea and japan for using the eastern economic forum for their own clean political purposes their attacks on our self defense of means strengthening the hydrogen
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capabilities of north korea clearly diverged from the goals of the forum where we discuss the topic so we can on the corporation. or that was the head of the north korean delegation speaking at the eastern economic forum in russia's far east our correspondent daniel hawkins is there now reports on how crisis talks have dominated the event north korean delegation the arrive in giving a speech just in the central hall to my left was very much some people waiting for those a big media scramble to hear what they had to say quote particularly taking a strong uncompromising position saying their development of the nuclear program was something that was not up for discussion in the meantime in the hall just next door or the leaders of russia south korea japan and mongolia were discussing also what to do about this crisis the world has been watching for some time and although there are differences in how to resolve the crisis they also do have it seems some
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things in common take a listen. the final goal of these measures and steps is a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the crisis and they'd like to emphasize that there will be no war on the korean peninsula i am certain of that. i just like my south korean colleague i'm sure that a large scale conflict especially one with weapons of mass destruction will not happen all of the opposing sides have the same sense of understanding of commitment to their people who live in the region and we will solve this problem by diplomatic means all sides involved in the talks here today are directly affected japan south korea russia they all.
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this is a weekly test of the no weather radio all hazards warning device for station k h twenty eight in philadelphia pennsylvania during potentially dangerous weather situations specially built receivers are automatically activated to warn of the impending hazard test of the signal or normally conducted by the national weather service in mount holly new jersey every wednesday between eleven am and noon if there is a threat of severe weather during the normal test time the test will be postponed to the next good weather day reception of this broadcast and especially the warning alarm tone will vary at any given location this variability normally more noticeable and greater distances from which to mid or the current even though you are using a good quality receiver in perfect working order the warning alarm tone will be activated for hazardous weather watches and warnings for the following counties and marine areas near the city of philadelphia in pennsylvania burbs books chester
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delaware montgomery and philadelphia in new jersey burlington camden cumberland gloucester hundred mercer monmouth and salem in delaware killed in newcastle including upper delaware bay and in maryland cecil including chesapeake bay north of wells island this concludes the weekly test of no weather radio station k h twenty eight in philadelphia pennsylvania thank you for listening to no weather radio all hazards. military confrontation and the longer term objective of bringing north korea into. the community of nuclear powers which in fact it is now joint managing those weapons to make sure that war doesn't occur by accident and that military military contacts can be maintained that's
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a longer term goal russia china the united states south korea and japan know how to do this there's a long experience with it and there can't be any doubt that over the next two years that's the way that the situation will be resolved and will get more of a normal tone to the political relationships in east asia. meanwhile dozens of protesters have been injured in clashes with police in south korea they were demonstrating against the installation of a u.s. anti missile system known as that. they were was. i. was. was i. believe four hundred activists there turned out in
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the rally in a small farming village near a u.s. base but they were met by thousands of security officers who were sent to oversee the arrival of more elements of the missile defense system despite the protests the components have now been deployed fado terminal high altitude area defenses designed to destroy ballistic missiles is target short to medium range weapons and is being supplied to south korea by washington antiwar activists media benjamin explains why what do you think about the situation. well know and one has to wonder why hundreds and hundreds of people would come out to protest a system that is supposedly going to make them so safe for i was in that village just a few weeks ago and it's a very conservative village and these protests are being led mostly by the elders of the village who say we don't want to be in the eye of the storm we know that
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president trump has just said he's going to allow more highly sophisticated weaponry to go to south korea taking billions of dollars of people's money there this is a cycle of militarism that is extremely dangerous and the opposite of what people on the plane peninsula need and want. but we are concerned growing over the crisis on the korean peninsula the possibility of a global catastrophe president trump is yet to line the strategy for tackling the situation. but. however if you're going to report it does look like the u.s. could be set to make billions of dollars selling arms to its allies in the region. the north korean threat is something we hear on a daily basis from u.s. officials with the statement supporting. and his nuclear threats show that he is
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begging for war. they will be met with fire and fury the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now this may not get away with what he's doing believe and the urgency is so strong the u.s. is rolling out a range of american made weapons to save the day on offer for remaining rocket launchers for the u.s. missile defense system for south korea also increase amounts of highly sophisticated military equipment which trump this kindly allowing both south korea and japan to purchase and the infamously troubled after thirty five fighter jets also be added to that package a kind of bonus but not free of course but look forget that north korea is by no means the only threat to global security in america for decades iran has fueled the fire of sectarian conflict and threatening the region and causing so much you buy a little it's all nations of conscience most work together to isolate her and all
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of those attacks are music to the ears of saudi arabia an american ally and fellow detractor of iran so of course riyadh was all too ready to sign a one hundred ten billion dollar defense deal with from neighboring qatar also agreed to by over twenty one billion dollars worth of american military hardware now trying to approach the conflict is definitely pragmatic make a quick buck if you can right and clearly this guy can sell anything even managed to find a way to spin continuing america's sixteen year long war in afghanistan as the prime minister of afghanistan has promised. we are going to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war to us hey if you can't solve the problem see if you can at least earn a healthy profit instead i'm a businessman that's what i'm supposed to do that's what i'm supposed to do i think a lot of people project on the behavior of the united states maybe of other countries that it's all about business it's all about making money for the arms
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manufacturers of the plane manufacturers and so forth the people who make missiles the militarization of the policy of using military threats and military force is the only item in our tool kit his sudden how become so ingrained in their mentality they really don't consider other alternatives you have people who believe that the united states is and must be the global head of one that every solution must be solved by a dick taught from washington and whatever force and threats are necessary to achieve that end will be employed. now german chancellor angela merkel has been facing a tough week both in and act of parliament little eva two weeks to go before the general election she has been out on the campaign trail trying to drum up support although with mixed success i. can head booed by demonstrators during a rally in since the volatile and wednesday the day before
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a protester threw tomatoes at a similar event she was also recently interrupted by the main opposition party want to dress in parliament taking credit for their worth living and she had to remind them who's in charge. that's with you by thick sounding unfair even in the few months humans when you see no. doubt. asked you how did you think it has. and. if it is the arabs and their group you know how they are going and about being maimed they didn't in the end there when you went back to win points it isn't parliament it's nice. that you did it yet. meanwhile the leader of the free democratic party a potential ally of angela merkel's party has adopted
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a markedly anti immigration stance some do see it as a direct attempt to win votes from the alternative for germany party which has long been criticised was which has long criticized germany's open door policy peter oliver has more details well it's christian linda he is the thirty eight year old leader of the free democratic party here in germany he's a dot com entrepreneur who made his money that way long campaigned for lower taxes in germany but we hadn't heard from him up until now was what his real policies were going to be when it came to migration when it came to refugees and what was to come next following the influx of people in twenty fifteen well he's revealed all in an interview with the german tabloid build in which he said well he pretty much disagrees with the route taken by chancellor merkel and wants to see a much harder line taken by germany he does say that he understands why people left
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their homes that they were facing a humanitarian emergency but says that back in twenty fifteen angela merkel should have closed germany's borders he says he wants to see the closure of the mediterranean route for migrants arriving into europe and says that germany must use its experience that it gained from taking in refugees during the balkan wars in the ninety's that if people have a job if they speak german if they have no criminal record if they integrated then they can state however all other. people they would have to go back once their country is declared safe if peace prevails refugees must return. human rights to choose a new place in the world i'm not being harsh this is. speaking so why has linda come out and said this well his party the free democrats are well the potential kingmakers for angle of merkel's christian democratic union and for anglo merkel to
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remain on german chancellor they're the most likely to form a coalition with her and they want to make sure that if they go into that coalition they go in as strong as they possibly could be so in order to do this we've had christian linda talking about refugees and migration policy and that could well be an attempt to steal votes away from alternative for germany the anti islam and tea immigration party as the free democrats try to make them the strongest partners they can be as they try and team up with angle of merkel and the christian democratic union in the next parliament still to come this hour government forces in syria are preparing for a final push to liberate the city did is offer my sword we'll have the latest from there after the break. america has no desire. to occupy north korea.
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to go when they're in to take out the president of north korea the difference is that both china and russia probably are willing to stand by and see korea develop a nuclear weapon try to continue that we're as poor as the rest of the world and can obviously see all that really does a really see that's the best strategy. you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go right to be close this is what before. you get. interested in the water. pressure.
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again these pictures from syria show government troops are being put through their paces before an operation to storm still controlled areas of the city of david is still on tuesday the syrian army backed by russia reached the city and broke a three year long siege here on the map you can see to islamic states territory the losses in syria over the past four months moving towards did it still the syrian army to gain around eight kilometers per day they eventually united with the gate city that had been trapped inside the city when the command the revalue soldiers was sam dean known as the line of the republican guard he had been in the city for the full three years has a long record of military service and has fought on several fronts to in the syrian civil war we did manage to talk to him right after the siege was bribed. but
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a lot during this siege we were like an island in the middle of an ocean totally isolated the closest city is homes which is more than two hundred fifty kilometers away yet despite the siege by us or and the scarcity of all means of survival water electricity food the army and the friendly forces persevered in defending their lives or we also managed to speak exclusively to the governor did it or about finally breaking three three year long c h. all of our people whether they're heroes or the syrian arab army who are defending their resort or all societies elders and young people all of them have been waiting for this moment when the troops on september fifth and excitement speak of victory was achieved on the way to there is or there were very fierce clashes with her wrists but despite all the clashes and the explosives that i sold her was planted syrian troops were able to obliterate these enemy forces it was
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a moment of triumph lemme tell you about see workers we're going to factories and the students attend the colleges and this shelling it's believed to be the longest siege in history the city was suffering in darkness there was no electricity no diesel no gas there was a shortage of health care staff very three surgeons helicopters were our only hope to take people out of their resort for treatment. meanwhile to syrian soldiers have been killed after an israeli aircraft allegedly targeted a government military facility in the west of syria with more details his poor. the syrian military has confirmed that israeli warplanes carried a strike that targeted military facilities in the hama countryside causing damage and killing two of the servicemen now the target is in eastern syria it's not far from the mediterranean sea where there are two russian bases as of yet israel has
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still to come forward and either confirm or deny that it carried out the strike but certainly the israeli official policy when it comes to activities of contacts in syria is keeping mum and quiet on the topic it does however have a record of carrying out strikes in syria back in april there were three people who were killed when israeli warplanes targeted a camp for government forces and then two people were killed in june this year when the israelis struck in the disputed territory of the golan heights now this latest incident no doubt only fuels tensions in this war stricken country. in other news tonight russia's foreign ministry has slammed the use of its diplomatic premises in the us as illegal in the story his. you read through the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says latest extensive comments on the issue and you realize that the russian officials are more than disappointed in
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fact i guess disappointed is not the right word here they are purely outraged by what they call attempts to whitewash the seizures raids of russian diplomatic premises in the u.s. just to remind you last week the u.s. state department ordered to shut down the washington in san francisco and also to mission atic says in washington and new york here's more from maria's a harbors statement on that. what the u.s. state department calls inspections are in fact the legal seizure of russian diplomatic premises including searches from basement attics would like to emphasize the buildings that are the property of all government were not just sealed but seized plainclothes american officials are in the building and aren't policeman are guarding the primitives this raises the question does washington consider us to have the same right to inspect the buildings of the u.s.
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diplomatic and consular missions in russia in the meantime at the eastern economic forum in vladivostok the russian president said there are serious issues with this diplomatic war but he thinks russia and the u.s. can still keep up the trade and economic ties and as an example he gave excellent mobile the all giant which is rex tillerson his previous job which is much. despite all our current diplomatic differences we continue to have contacts with american firms including vast energy companies such as exxon mobil which rex tillerson used to head up we also gave to listen a medal once but he seems to have ended up in a bad company and is headed in the wrong direction but i hope that the corporation friendship will lead him back on the right path. so according to a lot of our putin there are still many areas where the two countries have worked together and will work together no matter what like space exploration and he hopes
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that some people in washington who are watching president couldn't call particularly wise won't spoil things the next time you don't want to do it you see we're ready to cooperate with the u.s. so no new cosmodrome unless any know it's who's from american agencies intervene back to the diplomatic scandal a u.s. state department official has told russian journalists that american officials did not break down doors or conduct searches at seized diplomatic premises of russia and the u.s. but we're remember that the russian president vladimir putin has promised to sue washington over this so we are bound to hear more on this story very soon and as i mentioned there president putin has suggested that russia could actually take the u.s. to court over the diplomatic property international affairs commentator mark agassiz thinks that this is a clear sign that moscow is ready to play hard against washington it's certainly
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something that russia is entitle to do but it's something that i would guess it probably would do unless unless more escalation follows from the u.s. i think what really. president putin the russian indeed are saying is we can escalate the stakes if you do as well we can also play hardball do you want us to so really it's a question being posed of the americans unfortunate the moment americans seem to want to play hardball counterproductive for the u.s. as well because really it's driving rusher away in many ways both financially and militarily and in terms of all kinds of cooperation in all spheres it will probably in the long run do more damage to the u.s. than it will to russia. you're watching all say thanks being with us tonight don't forget if you get a chance to have a look at our social media pages and you tube channel to plenty on meth and to enjoy sex on back with mornings and.
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with no make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sit. around the real news room with. the united nations on the security council and particular should be it should not be a place for. the spotlight the must must their athletic skills they should be a place you should be a place. which is we should think we should perform its main responsibility to maintain security to. the knot winds up.
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on a flimsy off let down one of the big finishes and up i'm back in the. one seeking i need south. taking the equal to the south yes. we've got to get down to and then you're going to bring. how we think i'm. done moving right now i think oh boy i didn't know we're not beach yeah that sounds out. in this just feeling if one isn't. i love to study not be deep but learn he shows them tokyo find it to. keep going to get me. to like. his look was because did seem quite
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a cultural shift from the premise. i am. going to walk selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of the hitler new socks product tell you that will be gossip and tabloid lifestyle for the most important as. often as they tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with our audience will watch. dubrovnik descent totally peaceful. venice its peaceful hours are numbered. bossa luna is also
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stealing itself in the early morning. three unique cities in europe with one problem the skidding was all the time. asking every hour but yes you know what i'm that benny hill. that's not so many think that if i leave here. i get a city did to close but could play in fifteen which holds of tourists every day the whole year round the peak season in some cities in europe results in the state of emergency. was done overall it took a lot of the best that became get out. of china cause this year on national guard michael cardoza basically both sides in the.


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