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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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oh. oh. hurricane earl is currently ripping through the caribbean and florida it appears to be next we're live from miami with the latest. plus as residents of texas try and salvage what's left after hurricane harvey landlords are demanding their rent. then we'll discuss whether tougher sanctions against north korea would be productive for the united states. it's thursday september seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm natasha sweet and you're watching r.t. america we begin today with the devastation in the caribbean as
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a category five hurricane arma continues its course to the united states mainland but every hurricane has blasted the northern caribbean unleashing that destructive sustained winds of one hundred eighty miles per hour. loss of life and infrastructure as many as thirteen people have reportedly lost their lives and at least nine have been confirmed dead including four in the french territory upstate martín one person and i will live and three people in puerto rico hurricane moved westward to the dominican republic and haiti it's currently over the british territory of turks and caicos after passing near the southern bahamas and for more on hurricane are we cross live now to marina port in miami so marina what's the latest well the mayor of miami dade has instructed more than six hundred fifty thousand residents to flee their homes in advance of hurricane or most arrival mayor carlos gomez has expanded. county's evacuation order to include all of
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evacuee zones a and b. as well as part of sea this includes all of miami beach in addition to flood prone areas and beach communities we're also talking about flood prone areas in miami's mainland including downtown miami and neighborhoods such as brickell where i am right now and the mayor says he expanded the orders after studying storm surge maps provided thursday morning by the national hurricane center the storm surge according to experts could be unlike anything florida has ever seen with water covering homes now officials say miami dade county has already opened eight shelters and an additional four will open later today by the time all county shelters are operational they will be able to accommodate up to one hundred thousand people who have nowhere else to go in the meantime mandatory evacuation orders have also been issued for the florida keys and other parts of the state
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residents have been stocking up on groceries water and other essentials in some supermarkets like the one i visited this morning customers were only allowed to buy four gallons of water but clearly those who are deciding to stay are preparing best they can but we are seeing basically the neighborhood at least i'm in brickell it really looks abandoned it looks quite empty wow incredible and you know many residents in the state have decided to just drive north and that's created another problem when it comes to fuel if memory. absolutely there has been shortages reported and florida's governor rick scott say it says authorities are scoring fuel tankers through traffic and to gas stations as quickly as possible he urged residents to take only as much gas as they needed to make sure there is enough for everyone who needs it the governor has urged gas stations to remain open as long as possible to accommodate those trying to get out of evacuation zones or gas stations
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in evacuation zones we need you to stay open as long as possible please stay open as long as possible so people get out we will arrange police escorts for your employees so they can get out safely. we need your gas stations to stay open is long as possible we know feels very important and we are absolutely voting every state resource to address you missed the governor says seven thousand national guard soldiers will be activated by friday to help with the storm he urged all floridians not to be complacent and to be prepared to move on a moment's notice. from our miami studio thank you so much and please stay stay. thank. you for journalists laura and why and what and beach and nicholas abrams and orlando are bringing us the sights and sounds as those in florida prepare for hurricane are mad some of them are boarding up and sheltering in place while others are fighting the traffic and fuel shortages to get
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as far away as they can. to dangerous hurricane. winds are sitting at category four it will take up anybody through matter how much. we don't know what to expect if we get a direct hit it's still the biggest storm i've ever seen. and. this.
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word about all of my property left by. fifty eight foot hatteras i left behind the house. please let me take a four hour trip turned into nine ten hour drive i'm still going to it so i have another two hours. to. study in the cars and started driving slept on the side of the road for a couple of hours and then made it this far right now. everybody saying category. just to be on the safe side i live next to a body of water and i live two miles away from the beach. i don't like you see the same. and for more on the preparations underway in florida let's
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turn to tapper elwyn's residents of hollywood florida thanks for joining us and a watch has been issued for south florida as of this morning all the florida keys the miami dade have already been given mandatory evacuations so where are you right now when it comes to evacuating and are you making any special arrangements arrangements rather for your animals and our stan yet you have cats i do i have four cats actually and yes i am making arrangements actually i am about a mile or so from the ocean and i have a mandatory evacuation so all along the coast we have to leave i don't want to but i am making preparations i have the option of going to stay with friends in cooper city which is about eight to ten miles west of here orlando however we are considering possibly driving as far as the panhandle as that will be out of the cone and what do you think about your state's reaction in regards to preparing for
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this storm do you think the devastation from hurricane harvey in texas that's causing people to take things more seriously including governor rick scott. i think so as well say that i think the state has done a good job this time around the biggest problem i think is that people panic and know that even happened this time and they got on t.v. on the radio and told people relax do not panic there will be water there will be more gas and i went and got water this morning i pulled up last night there are tankers coming in lots of gasoline available when you don't panic things are there and you will get out here they have lifted as you mentioned earlier they lifted the tolls so the roads are wide open it's still. congested but i think overall they've done a good job plus the thing is we are actually used to hurricanes things will be different in houston i don't think they are built for hurricanes the way we are most of our homes you're either post. andrew code or we have the proper shutters
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impact glass we're just better prepare and in most parts of the country on this kind of thing it's nice to hear that you have a good state of mind at the moment and on substance on social media i've seen video of people lining up outside of the target to get supplies and i hear that gas is hard to come by so but it sounds like you're really prepared for the worst yeah yeah you know because there are apps that there will be able to tell you who has gas and there's a i actually made phone calls yesterday i sat at home called a couple places one place had gasoline i drove there i was in line maybe ten fifteen minutes not a big deal so just pick up the phone call ahead of time and you'll know what if what you need is available but there's really no need to panic at all and hurricane arma is expected to hit the bahamas next and then florida as you know this weekend so have you ever felt threatened like this by the weather there if you think this is the worst that you've seen yet. the way it appears on television yes i
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moved on here in zero four so i was here for katrina rita and wilma three in succession all within two and a half months and they were pretty heavy hitters this one looks to be very strong and we have not had a hurricane hit us since we've had some scares even last year was a scare with i believe was matthew but it rode along the coast and never hit us this time of looks like a big one so you know better be prepared absolutely and what about the price gouging and we heard of it happening during hurricane harvey and now with have you witnessed the price gouging firsthand i have not i have heard of a few reports on the radio but i think their take. you seriously as well there's a number to call if there is price gouging but everywhere i've gone prices have been the same maybe you pay a few livermore i get that and i don't consider that guy was he but the actual gouging not much but now where i am anyway people have been very respectful of each
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other and they understand it's an emergency situation and they've been very good about that well it's wonderful to hear that you're very kind i'm sure you're giving a lot of hope to many people thank you so much shop for only residential of hollywood for a please stay safe thank you. and in the wake of hurricane harvey some landlords are forcing kids to pay rent on pleasure properties or face possible eviction lots of court into a report by the guardian one pasadena texas resident says quote we are paying rent first somewhere we can't live in i don't we supposed to do i don't even have any money we don't have anything but another tenet says her landlord took her to court to a victory shortly after the hurricane struck however under texas property code both the tenant or landlord can legally terminate a lease if the property is deemed inhabitable due to a natural disaster if used in ordinances also allow owners to charge rents or late fees if the living area is partially usable. meanwhile the federal prison system in
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beaumont texas has come under fire for failing to provide food and clean water to and maids in the aftermath of hurricane harvey according to an interview published in the left voice prisoners have been forced to drink toilet water to survive but that's not all article also reported that prisoners have been put on lockdown for five days in flooded cells one account from the wife of a man incarcerated at the facility described an e-mail she received from another inmate the wife alleging two prisoners had passed away due to water contamination all report in buzz feed detailed accounts of inmates passing out due to severe dehydration and a lack of air conditioning at the facility days before these articles were published the federal bureau of prisons released a statement on their website contradicting the claims they wrote quote the f.c.c. continues to use its own reserves of water to operate the complex there is ample food and bottled water for inmates and staff. in
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a joint news conference between russia and south korea wednesday and russian president vladimir putin tells the international community that progress would be nearly impossible without the commitment to dialogue that was right around when the north korean ambassador to russia accused the u.s. of four men to war rather than peace on the peninsula the senate banking committee met yesterday to discuss economic strategy to take against north korea. the u.s. neglects the international community's will stop this b.s. on the korean peninsula. retaliates against attempts to impose sanctions and pressure from washington with powerful council measures with deep you can then the leaders of south korea and japan are using the eastern economic forum for their own clean political purposes no it's acts on the defensive means strengthening the capabilities of north korea clearly from the goals of the forum where we discuss
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the topic. so we can on the corporation the opposition comes only a day after putin said north koreans in all likelihood would rather quote eat grass than abandon their nuclear program to discuss more i'm joined by korea university professor marc seldon thanks for joining us so professor seldon president putin said that imposing tougher sanctions on pyongyang would be counterproductive and threats of military action could prompt a quote global catastrophe but after north korea launched a missile that flew over japan just last week president trump said that talking is not the answer however this afternoon he did announce that he still does not want to resort to military action so how do you see it. well this is an extremely dangerous situation obviously and the question is what kinds of options exist on both sides much of the discussion that's going on these days tends to ignore the fact that the u.s.
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and north korea came very close to reaching a basic agreement a basic agreement that would have stopped. nuclear development in north korea. in exchange for a peace treaty in the korean war which remains unresolved u.s. support for replacing. nuclear power with oil and light water reactors and the bases for agreement were in place under the clinton administration that even that deal eventually fell apart and we're left with the fact that in the absence of deal north korea proceeded with nuclear weapons now it's proceeded to hydrogen weapons and to delivery systems that could reach united states troops in japan and korea guam and possibly the united states as well unless we want a resumption of the korean war which would be a disaster not only for the north koreans but for the south koreans and the chinese
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and for us as well the choice is to negotiate. some people believe the north koreans are not interested in negotiations and i think the historic record indicates that they are interesting and so do you agree with south korean president and train when it comes to cutting off north korea's oil supplies. to me the crucial thing is to put forward a possible negotiating position if we just cut off oil supplies and or take more hostile actions and the trumpet ministration is certainly thinking about more hostile actions as well it doesn't seem to me that we're going to come much closer to avoiding war and reaching an agreement so i don't i don't see that as a solution i see it as a possible part of a package but in the absence of a package i think it can only inflame the current situation and so russia is
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pushing for more dialogue with north korea and you said that you think kim jong un would be perceptive you believe so even seeing his recent actions can you just elaborate a little bit on that please. you know. the most recent ones that are there are indicative of this is that you can join one was talking about launching missiles in the direction of guam and when it became. clear that the possibility of negotiations existed he did not move ahead with that particular gesture to the astonishment of many i should say and i must say i'm among those who were surprised because nothing was yet on the table nevertheless the u.s. didn't in fact move ahead so it's really been since one thousand nine hundred four in the clinton administration that there has been no serious u.s.
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interest in the negotiating possibility in that time i see a number of north korean attempts to reach an agreement beginning with their deferring the development of their nuclear weapons for many years while the possibility of negotiation existed so. of course the basic problem is that the united states is deeply divided. republicans and democrats even could even the president himself is deeply divided talking one moment about negotiating with kim jong un talking another moment about. fire and fury and hinting at the use of nuclear weapons. the price that the united states has paid for its unwillingness to enter into negotiation is precisely the one that we're now looking at which is the development of nuclear weapons by north korea and possibly the development of a hydrogen bomb in this latest test six atomic weapons launched of which the latest
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may be in the right direction so this is what seems to me to be the real alternatives if we are not serious about negotiation then the alternative becomes war and the price is enormous including the price for the united states how many wars do we need to fight at a single time. and what about the question i would want to raise right and what about the u.n. security council i mean they've met for the tenth time discussing north korea and now next week they'll possibly roll out more sanctions so after ten meetings do you think there's anything left to discuss at this point. well i'm sure there's plenty to discuss but the fact of the matter is that the sanctions program which is gone on for thirty and forty years and in and with great intensity in the last decade the obama administration for example was not interested in negotiations it was interested in sanctions and the bush administration. likewise and now the trumpet
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ministration so what's clear to me is that sanctions can inflict pain on north korea but they have been singularly ineffective in halting or reversing or stopping or even slowing the nuclear development program and i think there's every reason to think that that will continue now this could be shown to be wrong tomorrow if china was to agree to what president trump has been asking it to do cut off oil to north korea and so forth but i see very little likelihood that either china and certainly not russia would accept a sanctions regime of a kind that could bring down the north korean government still less with a except a war that might bring down the north korean government the price of simply be too high for that we're out of time have to leave it there thank you so much that mark
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sullivan professor at cornell university. thank you and to say you have to date on the global tensions in boiling north korea to an end on monday to catch our special coverage from seoul south korea. as the situation in north korea has reminded many of the forgotten times of nuclear drills and fallout shelters meanwhile thousands of them remain scattered throughout new york city even today are teams trying to chavez has more there are thousands of fallout shelters scattered throughout new york city as you can tell by this map behind me there are even multiple shelters on some streets now with tensions rising between north korea and the u.s. many are questioning if they are still active so we took to the streets to find out for ourselves originally created in the in one thousand nine hundred ten the wake of the cold war these underground bases were created to protect people from a nuclear fallout thousands of them were built in new york city after governor nelson rockefeller called for a massive shelter program in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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a quick with survival kits that had food and medicine in them the fallout shelters were built in schools churches office and apartment buildings some were even built in high profile places like the waldorf astoria and grand central terminal there was even a shelter discovered in the brooklyn bridge in two thousand and six at one time new york city had over seventeen thousand active shelters but we found the shelters that were once constructed to protect blast survivors from nuclear fallout are now inactive they've been turned into storage or laundry rooms eliot calhoun from the new york city emergency management offices the agency that sponsored the fallout shelter program so the shelters haven't been active in decades so most folks when they think about a nuclear explosion or something like that think about where they need to go shelter in the person that pops in their mind or all the fallout shelter signs so you see sprinkled across many buildings around new york city that programmers and some cited and i was really focused more on the cold war threat while some building owners and landlords have removed the black and yellow fallout shelter signs
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thousands still linger throughout the day. meanwhile in the case of a nuclear attack experts say that it's safer to do a shelter in place instead of evacuate the best thing you can do is to go to go to the center of the building you're already in or the basement putting as many walls between you and the outside which is where the dangerous material redirect material or fallout may settle. and by doing so you can protect yourself to the greatest extent if you go outside you may unknowingly enter an area that is very hazardous so the best thing you can do is go to the basement the protective factor of your basement would be no different than a protective factor of many of the shelters that are the predestinated shelters for back and sold office civil defense office programs the fallout shelter signs are all that remain of the government's widespread effort to protect millions from the nuclear fallout but whether the underground basements would actually save lives remains a historical debate reporting in new york trinity chavez art. now does it for now
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for more on the stories we've covered dot com slash our team erica also check out our web site. america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's sweet and a quick reminder our t. cannot be found on direct t.v. on channel twenty one question more. larry you are watching our amount more more students. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's drowned out a lot of boys that's how it is in the new culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm michel i've done our t. america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get
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a break in the break. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents to tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media report uses to talk about these are not. i'm not a pretty clear picture about how disturbing. corporate conduct is the mark these are stories that no one else might have to post to the american. west. the southern poverty law center as p.l.c.
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is a supposedly charitable organization that fights hate and bigotry using litigation education and other forms of advocate the according to their website but according to a new investigation by the washington free beacon it also pays its top directors six figure salaries and funnels millions of dollars into shady offshore accounts in their investigation the freebee can look at a bunch of the s.p.l. these financial forms and found that they had accumulated three hundred twenty eight million dollars in net assets in twenty fifteen which was the most recent tax form they found for the nonprofit and those same financial forms showed that the s.p.l. the had business interests in the cayman islands the british virgin islands and bermuda in other words the nonprofit was funneling money offshore where it can't be subjected to the all of the same laws it would be here the free beacon studied a few years of the s.p.l. these financial forms and found many instances of the nonprofit transferring millions of dollars offshore for instance on march first of twenty fifteen they
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sent a whopping two point two million dollars to an entity that is incorporated in the cayman islands and run by a firm based in greenwich connecticut on that exact same day they transferred another two point two million dollars in cash to another business entity with the exact same address as the first in other words they transferred four point four million dollars in cash in one day to the cayman islands they also give their top executives huge salaries according to free beacon's investigation they've found that the s.p.l. the paid there's the. almost three hundred fifty thousand dollars and twenty fifteen and their chief trial counsel got just about the same the minimum base for a key employee that year was one hundred forty thousand dollars and that doesn't include a bunch of other ways they were compensated financially all together the s.p.l. he spent twenty million dollars on salaries alone in that same year they
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transferred that four point four million are short of the cayman islands this is how the profit is fighting a hate. listen i am all for fighting hate and i love helping people out but these big nonprofits are a joke they're just another way for people to make money off the hate circuit if you really want to fight hate starting in your own neighborhood by being nice to the people you meet face to face that it just start there and that is something the world is actually in desperate need of it will go a lot further toward fighting hate and giving money to these charitable non-profits who seem a lot less concerned with fighting hate than they are with having their own pocket .
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full of beliefs you know i go out of my way to you know what is this really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than. a c. . herd of love right down to the next president of the world. very. seriously send us an email. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. they did accept or reject. so when you want to express. some want. to write. this is what. real people are. interested in the war.


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