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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 7, 2017 5:29pm-6:01pm EDT

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so give their top executives huge salaries according to free beacon's investigation they found the best deals he paid their c.e.o. almost three hundred fifty thousand dollars and twenty fifteen and their chief trial counsel got just about the same the minimum base salary for a key employee that year was one hundred forty thousand dollars and that doesn't include a bunch of other ways they were compensated financially altogether the s.p.l. z. spent twenty million dollars on salaries alone in that same year they transferred that four point four million are short of the cayman islands this is how the profit is fighting a hate list that i am all for fighting hate and i love helping people out but these big nonprofits are a joke they're just another way for people to make money off the hate circus if you really want to fight hate starting in your own neighborhood by being nice to the people you meet face to face that's it just start there that is something the world
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is actually in desperate need of it will go a lot further toward fighting hate than giving money to these charitable non-profits who seem a lot less concerned with fighting hate than they are with having their own pockets . it's. just. that you're watching. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money. that's thrown out a lot of boys that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where
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i come in. i'm michel. martin america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. questionable. well good welcome to reject in. the big show is a big one tonight i talk with a ray mcgovern a twenty seven year veteran of the cia and now an activist for peace transparency and accountability in our government in two thousand and three he co-founded a group called veteran intelligence professionals for sanity made up of mostly
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retired members of the u.s. intelligence community for the past fifteen years they have fought to bring forward the truth whenever it seems to be counter to the government line or the media propaganda machine most recently they came for with a bombshell analysis saying there's no proof. if that russia hacked the d.n.c. last year and in fact there is evidence it was a leak from inside the d.n.c. their report up bence everything our government and the mainstream media have been feeding us forcing down our throats for months so the big show here now my conversation with ray mcgovern. right thanks for being here and welcome so since even before the presidential election we were ours already seeing our media push this russia russia russia storyline narrative you know new cold war narrative
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that they've been pushing you and your colleagues with. recently put out an extensive memo showing that the d.n.c. was not hacked that it was almost definitely a leak instead of a hack can you go through some of the ways you know that. well we've been saying for a whole year now when i say we this is really out of my technical expertise and when i was a national intelligence officer. working for the head of the cia and his community role i had call on expertise from all over the place from the scientists from the engineers from anyone ok and that's that's the way you work in this kind you and so when all this hacking came up i looked at our little roster of specialists and i said mike. the form it takes to form a technical directors as a. look at people who work you know kim of this will be over one hundred years for
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n.s.a. and very senior positions wow you know this is a great use of my god it's so you pick those guys right there as bill binnie who is the most experienced and who actually contrived or set up many of the collection systems and as he still uses i said bill you know tell me about this and he said well the most important thing you need to know ray is the difference between a leak and a hack now a hack has to go question that work has to call across the internet we cover the internet you know as the n.s.a. says iron iron bound you know they get everything nice and you know say it's everything and so i said come on everything million billion trillion sorry yeah and now i can talk about it because it's not in his show know exactly how you do it right the trace routes within the system fish because of that i've mapped them out i know where they're so trust me ray yeah it's the n.s.a. had this kind of thing they would certainly have acknowledged it by. evidence of
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an internet hack yeah and so what this was surely or it was a was a copy off a computer. drive something like that an external storage device and that doesn't go over the. network and so n.s.a. can't get that ok now that's the kind of negative evidence had for a whole year ok i mean like you can always have rumsfeld come up and say now come on guys the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence right ok prince you learn a kind of thing that prince you can i said so in other words if there's no evidence of w m d weapons of mass destruction that doesn't mean and that they're ok so you always have people say that now. about six weeks ago we learned that independent friends friends or scientists like us with no access to going in just said you know
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this really smells let's go into the meditative let's go into the forensics of this so abraded hack of july five last year and let's see if we find out more about it and they did and reports started coming in about six weeks ago five weeks ago and the first thing we did was jump on them and i quizzed dollars specialists i said bill bill benny what do you think he said well this is what we're waiting for a q.e.d. you know for those of you who haven't had geometry in the last. week if you didn't have a job another year or so years ago you don't know but that means a theorem of the theory is proved quite a demonstration of that which was to be proved that wow well this is a story he says yeah sure it's a story and we crafted a story we did it with our with our veteran intelligence professionals for sadly for two weeks which is an unusually long period of time and those who signed on
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very happy with it coming and then the nation took an interest in it and we said wow now a nationwide magazine is interested and so we cooperated with patrick lawrence who you know was a little delaying because he kept asking questions and questions and questions know how terrible it will all of a journalist i mean we're not used to that so he did a real good job and now of course the nation is under great pressure because this is so counter-intuitive this is not a nation magazine they should i concede and it's you know it's kind of so. so much again it's the kool-aid that's been drunk for a whole year now the worship the russians or you guys have put out many many memos starting back with w m d and so i'm sure you're used to this kind of pushback going against the national narrative being pushed by the mainstream media didn't see it back then with some day you know even when we were on active duty so to speak as intelligence that was when we said the russians aren't ten feet tall.
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pentagon they don't like me writing out of there are. so you know we're used to this but now the neat thing about this is we have not existed right we're looking for the truth and on a matter of this significance if as i suspect having done my personal poll eighty percent of americans believe that we have that clown in the white house yeah thanks to the poutine that's it's pretty bad you know right now i hasten to add. that we wanted to all kinds of what i call cognitive dissonance. because people say oh no they're trying to get they trying to trump off the hook. and why would anyone want to you know there are so many reasons to impeach strong to legitimately go after him yeah yeah i mean like my grandchildren i'm going to have. pure air to breathe rainwater i mean is that not enough there's
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a legitimate reasons to go after trump and instead we're focused on this bogeyman and it seems wall will play the role of al franken here why did seventeen intelligence agencies say it was russia. well number one there aren't. you see there are only sixteen and there's this super imposed super structure of the director of national intelligence was supposed to coordinate and but be that also a seventeen wasn't seventeen but hillary clinton immediately said seventeen everybody says seventeen and with new york times it's seventy and then wonder of wonders james clapper and john brennan two gentlemen and they used the word loosely not very well known for their. credibility he said no you know i know people say it's seventeen but it really was it really wasn't seven he was how many were frank and how many whether for no. three three and actually
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actually not even three because these were hand-picked analysts now you know for our intelligence experience they were you hand-picked analysts and you have a conclusion that you want and. you see you pick the right analysts whether careerists but what they actually believe what you want on it so the whole thing was pretty transparent the memo that they came up with is as i've said before disgrace the intelligence professional profession because it gives no evidence to support these we assess we assess and we assess a little bit more and we assess you know what does assess mean that means we're guessing we don't have any evidence. writes in these terms to people that are in the intelligence communities they hear assess and they may know that means they came out with an analysis that showed the button but inside the community assess just means it's kind of our idea of it but then they say high confidence right i confident we had high confidence in their weapons of mass destruction wrote rock so
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the sorrowful thing for us is that so many people in the agencies in the intelligence agencies and all seventeen so many people know what kind of fraud this is being perpetrated the american people and on. and with weapons of mass destruction hundreds know that hundreds not one has come forth and blown the whistle now with weapons of mass destruction with three foreign service officers one in athens one in mongolia one in washington this is it that's that's fraud we quit you know. short of tour and short of career in some respects but this time we have nothing and that's kind of maybe we'll get so many somebody will be watching here and say you know this is really important russia is not a little country we should do what we can to right the ship why it's so important and it's actually very dangerous where we're pushing the world to go towards
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nuclear war the nuclear scientists say we're two and a half minutes from midnight or whatever and you know it's also unnecessary now there are people that are very interested in having a tense relationship with russia right and those of course are what more francis called the blood soaked straighter i mean i loathe a lot of money and tensions with russia and it's really very sad to watch those people with the inordinate influence they have policy making wouldn't it's the fact that fifty four cents of every dollar we pay in taxes goes to the military. and you actually confronted representative adam schiff about this you had a moment a moment with him where you know he is the he's the ranking member of the house intelligence committee so if anyone is going to know it's it's. when the president said this to misquote him and the conclusions of the intelligence community with
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respect to russian hacking were not conclusive. regarding wiki leaks. it was you assert as flight five. do you know more than obama. well i can't go into the classified information or be. russians use wiki leaks whether it's really the son she was a lawyer participant worth as a russians would be described in the studio let's review with that we will hopefully find out about lives. but i don't have any question in the conclusions of intelligence you have every confidence but no evidence of that right and no i can't share the evidence with you going for some of that unfold as well because it's bogus careens let me just give you a quick thing so your audience can. when when this discotheque in berlin because in the eighty's ok it was bombed ok we lost two soldiers seventy
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nine soldiers. gravely wounded we know it was the libyans how we know because we had intercepted encrypted libyan message from their security services it worked we did it and we escaped complete detection only ironic right so i had it so it was ronald reagan the only bugs the hell out of the cooked off he's compound and kills his one of his adopted little daughters you know and he you know the world was what how do you know was the libyan so reagan comes to us and says to me that message that we get away says we have released this message and we. don't there really is no no we can intercept they don't know we can decrypt is so not only was . give it to give it to the media so we did. and within two days the whole world said my god there it is you know we did it one thirty in the morning and nobody knows about it and it was legitimate so what my point is simply
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it there are times when it's it's a matter of state it just makes an awful lot of sense to blow a source now did we suffer from that well we missed that so a follow up we have other sources you know the way to get information this is important enough so that adam schiff should be able to say look i've seen the sources and the very person and give them to is or you should just keep his mouth shut that's what the seventy i mean for you i mean three intelligence agencies tell me. since this memo came out and these are very significant claims from very significant people like yourself it was the government response been to the fact that this basically seems to not be a hack and is a leak and therefore is not russian well we've been used to this response ever since we started making a lot of trouble weapons of mass destruction years ago. now. see they can do that because they control the media now people say governor you're exaggerating but you know if you look at the new york times to home everybody looks
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for what they can say you can see that they suppressed information is thoroughly important that the put things together they want to connect the dots well. the times doesn't feel is fit to print. because they checked with the white house with go to a quick break but i'll be back in a moment with the rest of my interview with ray mcgovern. the world. according to. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta e-mails and gave them
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to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided. to support his claims. i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing. for the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied that the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . the hyperventilating. has once again proved to be an ethical government claims that. you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable.
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welcome back here now is the rest of my conversation with a veteran cia analyst right mcgovern back in two thousand and four three months before the election you know bush you know. james rice of new york times found out that essay was scooping up all our telephone calls and all our e-mails three months before he went to his people that new york times and he says we got to get the sat and i don't i can't do that why to close the election why well he acquiesced in that he should have blown the whistle you know but he acquiesced ok so what happens a year and three months later ok december of two thousand and five now. reason reason goes to his superiors this is you know the saloon bar is a little awkward you pay me big bucks i've written this book on the side it's going to be really awkward when this book appears it's in galley two weeks you've got it and they'll say well how come you didn't put any of that in the new york times it
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has to do with an essay scooping up all our emails and telephone calls in direct violation of for them out of the custom states. so what happens the muckety mucks of the time and they say mr bush we have to part things you know you can't do that can't do that there in the oval office ok yeah the head of the sulzberger in that is this guy who was ever head of the the washington office and they said we have to do that why don't understand come on mr president we put this off for a year and three months you know so they went and published in december fifteenth and i made a big big impact but it was a year and three months too late and your time disapproved of having done the exposé and raisen is the greatest guy the best one of the best investigative reporters but he didn't have the well maybe it's too much to ask but if he blew the
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whistle we wouldn't have had four more years of bush well if you. was there of to go back a little was there a moment that you decided you had to go from active. coming you know a bit of an activist for sanity and well i was for sanity think. there wasn't much sanity going around in the years of the bush administration i had been retired for a few years and inevitably would be back on you know active duty so to speak a different kind of activity but when i saw our former colleagues. really being corrupted because bush said i want to make war on iraq it's your to give me the evidence it was very clear to us what was going on and it took until two thousand and eight until the senate intelligence committee issued a report saying that prewar intelligence on iraq was unsubstantiated contradicted or even nonexistent those are the words of the chair of the senate intelligence
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committee. unsubstantiated contradicted or even none exists now what does non-existent intelligence look like. we knew that was going on ok and least trying to blow the whistle before the war we would three most of the president before the war more acknowledge only one got any play and that was because we happened to find a sympathetic phone press a p porter who put it out on the wire that one pilot. is speaking of having it published overseas for the last question i want to ask you about someone you're giving you and your colleagues are giving an award to seymour hersh put out a recent article and he was forced to put it out over seas again but about how the syrian chemical attack which trump used as the reason to begin you know direct bombing of syria you know he put forward very clear evidence that it was likely
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a regular traditional bombing that had a store of chlorine and other things and. you know his incredible reporting doesn't seem to have gotten much play on our mainstream media despite this being such a crucial issue so talk a little about the. zero play zero. now he usually beat he used to be able to publish in the new yorker new yorkers you know what the kool-aid. new york review of books same way they london review of books they paid him to write this thing and he was all set and they said well we can't do that because make it look like we're supporting trump and the russian and not come but we're supporting the russians here so he said well yeah but essentially we can't go we'll hit we'll give you a five thousand dollars so we want you know had a friend in germany diva. devalued is a pretty big. pretty poor cheat and to their credit they said well you know it makes sense to us it's been. checked and double checked you have quite
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a reputation will publish it and they put immediately out an english version but i think getting them and so this thing where the present united states is is attacking a foreign country without so much as saying hello to congress and without as much as say a low to the intelligence people yeah that's how bad it was he saw some pictures of these babies and see if they don't and then who covers up for him mad dog mattis secretary and this these are the generals around that they have so that's story my god you know i mean here the russians look on at that and i say my god you know that even the generals could see it could rain him in and watching a media celebrate is move this is the one thing that all of our media loves trump for any time he vamos or sells weapons to another country they're big. remarkable with and i mean all those from from being the you know a really terrible person he became president president
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a finally issued of the cruise missiles from those ships out there in the med become presidential suddenly it's a magical formula suddenly a president that's the problem is that could happen again it's very scary but thank you for raising the alarm and for all your great work and people can go to ray mcgovern dot com to learn about everything you do and thanks so much i think you really. crazy my mind blowing stuff there but i want to move to a completely different topic now i want to talk about gantt belgium. and i know what you're getting it larry oh you all you do is talk about belgium for the love of god so much it up i don't know golf steve buscemi psoriasis anything anything other than more about dan belgium but no i say now you start i'm going to keep talking about damn belgium it's leading the way that city get belgium is leading the way as
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a sustainable commons based city it's this totally bizarre idea i know it's going to it's going to sound crazy but it's as bizarre idea where the people of the town come together to work on things as if they all want to be part of the same society it's bizarre a new research report shows that within the last ten years the city has seen a ten fold increase in local commons initiatives the report defines commons as any shared resource which is colonna or co governed by a community of users and stakeholders under the rules and norms of that community i think said at the center they would never work in america well in fact it already does believe it or not there are some things like get belgian right here in our own american communities did you know that they're ordering all book from amazon
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for ten dollars or twenty dollars which is then packed in a box by overworked underpaid employees and then that book is shipped across the country and then you read it and you just. burn it to use it to paper your bird cage or throw it out did you know that's not the only way to read a book. it's called the public library now imagine if the same thing as the public library were done with say tools you need to use an electric saw once every three years right most of us are not so on a whole bunch of things every once in awhile zombie comes after saw out sharing is so much easier nowadays could be easier with smartphones and apps right we could have a whole revolution that is to get started to see the beginnings of it we could easily have a tool share app that allows everyone in the community to register their tools and
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share them at hardly any cost we have begun doing this is some for example ride shares and car shares but most of these things these apps as these sharing community is is still profits profit seeking corporations and other communities just doing it to have a better community it's a business the ruling elite don't want us to know this idea is even possible they'd get belgium is even possible they don't want to know there's a much better more sustainable more cooperative way of behaving and living such a realisation would hurt their bottom line to hurt their money or hurt their profit but more electric saws and battles that are built and sold and shipped across the country the better it is for them basically the less sustainable the better and the richer the corporatocracy gets the more they have the military they have to militarize the police to protect the insane inequality in this country and around
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the world. that's all the time i have but i have live shows coming up in philadelphia washington d.c. and more for details or to vote for your city to be added to the tour has got a redacted tor dot com it only takes a second also i put out a web exclusive video just the other day in the dhaka controversy you can get that youtube dot com slash redacted tonight and lastly you can now watch redacted tonight and all of our t.'s programs on direct t.v. channel three two one good night if i think. most people think just stand down other than this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read in truth to stand the news business you just need as the right questions to the right
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answer. question. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth artie's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting
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a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. readings and salutation. as the united states braces for the devastation expected from hurricane as it makes landfall in florida the sunday the much maligned federal emergency management agency or. may be running out of money yes according to a senate aide in a new report by bloomberg the pressure is building on our lovely do nothing congress to stop their partisan bickering they are so good at and actually well you do something.


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