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still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question are. they secretly promised to never be like it's one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one if. he speaks he has never know whether takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its make. you guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how artsy america gets into the greater media landscape our team is not all right but we are a solid alternative to the bullshit that we don't skew liberal or conservative and as you can see that is bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all to look at world artsy americans in the spotlight now every clique might have no idea how to classify as and it
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actually took me way more time than i care to admit. greetings and salutation. as the united states braces for the devastation expected from hurricane as it makes landfall in florida this sunday the much maligned federal emergency management agency or. may be running out of money yes according to a senate aide in a new report by bloomberg the pressure is building on our lovely do nothing congress to stop their partisan bickering they are so good at and actually well you do something a spokeswoman for fimo who asked to remain nameless relayed to bloomberg that.
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bemis disaster relief fund which pays for the agency's disaster response and recovery activity had just one point zero one billion on hand and of that just by one hundred forty one million was immediately available for response and recovery efforts related to hurricane harvey now thankfully it does appear that both the house and senate are expected to pass just over fifteen billion for the most disaster relief fund by saturday we hope when it's reported that the muslim urgency coffers will run dry but let's be honest this is rather deplorable and should never ever ever have happened in the first place it's not like hurricane season is some brand new unpredictable problem you know there's a reason it's called a cs in it's because it happens annually every year in fact from june to november it's not a surprise you would think they might plan for that put a little money aside but you know we we really shouldn't shouldn't really be
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surprised by this better last minute the never style of disorganization by our congress and elected officials because after all this is a country that prefers to spend over five hundred billion a year on war death and destruction than our own infrastructure and other departments that actually save lives rather than take them. well let's start watching the hawks. with. the. real thing. as a lot of. like you know what i got. this. week. well we're going to watch the markets like i'm tired and i'm sad but oh well it's terrible you know this is
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a prime example of why i get so angry with our government here in the united states because. we will spend more money blowing up other people around the world then we will saving our own citizens in match real disasters that are predictable that we see coming that we know there is a season for you know we know we're getting worse due to climate change whether you believe it's manmade or not they're still getting worse right now so concerned about the u.s. military is concerned about all of these things this is where money should have been spent after katrina there should have been no question that you need to earmark this money and you need to make a serious change in how we rescue people how we protect american citizens on i'm here and they have seen this seems obvious seems obvious right but it's not when you look at these numbers that this is where all the talk about budgets and cuts it always seems like well we'll get rid of the fat sometimes you're taking things remember before hurricane harvey sort of caused all this massive flooding and
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destruction in texas the house spending. spending bills homeland security section had eight hundred and seventy six million dollars specifically to feed. to their disaster relief i'd say we're going to cut all this and the point of that was. you know put that down payment on the wall that we need oh right i'm not going to stop water your house that brilliant wall to keep people out yes let's let's move some money over that may be used to save people's lives just to keep people wow well i mean i think really maybe they've learned from this but i doubt it because it seems like hurricane after hurricane the same problems rise up still a disaster in terms of organization i mean they're getting a little bit better but we can all remember brownie you know from the original hurricane katrina disaster there are ones yeah and that great spirit now going by and shoes i mean to me there's no difference i mean where are those c one thirty jets where is our you know while we're using our military resources right now down
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in florida in a massive capacity to help get some of these people out or in houston and texas to help get these people out instead it's our hearts are with you our prayers you are prayers are with you good luck one of the strong men and women that we have invested in training and we've invested all this money with our tax dollars into all of this equipment where our that is the biggest question and i mean look we have a defense department we have a congress and defense department in the government that would rather give lockheed martin you know almost five billion dollars. in contracts to continue production on an f. thirty five joint strike fighters back in july which may or may not work at the end of the day and it's been a boondoggle since it started i mean this is where the when people ask where do priorities lie you have to look at where money is spent you know because money is what makes sadly the world go round and jala ticks and if money is spent on blowing people up rather than saving people then you have to seriously question the moral
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nature of your country which is what i think we all should be doing right now is these storms continue to ravage and destroy the good citizens of the united states . a great a great lately and the problem is when you look at the numbers i mean if you don't agree with that you might want to rethink some things but the thing that's really disturbing is that. there seems to be this you know my office on capitol hill about how much money it takes to save people and how much money it takes to fix things after these kinds of natural disasters that we get more and more of that they're getting worse we should know how to handle it by now if we don't the thing with thema is that it bleeds money quickly you really have to have everything it needs to be there on tuesday the fifth of this week the femurs emergency fund the had about one point zero one billion just put that all into perspective which is less than half of the two point one four billion that they actually that was there on
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the morning of thursday august thirty first well that is also in about five days so we're talking as a spender rate about nine point three million dollars an hour or just about carry of it so you are hundred fifty five thousand dollars a minute that's how much they're spending we should be should be holding every elected official that we have right now speak to the fire and maybe that's the right maybe that's the time to say you know what both parties democrat or republican i don't care you're out of congress we have people that are actually lead and actually seem to actually care about their constituents because i'm really starting to believe they don't and maybe we always knew that all along but. i wonder. as put by ariel writer and academic i own a italia in a recent piece for the magazine quote satire is designed to shock us to jolt us out of our smug complacency and french magazine charlie hebdo looked to shock and their recent cover which depicted nazi flags in texas and people drowning as
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a result of hurricane harvey text says god exists he drowned all the neo nazis of texas and the reaction has been predictably hypocritical especially from supposedly free speech advocates for congressmen and radio host joe walsh tweeted this quote. french rag charlie hebdo mocks harvey victims as a neo nazi showing the how do i make fun of everyone but muslims cowards. get burned except for the january twenty fifth terrorist attack against them for an illustration mocking the prophet mohammad you remember the one that left twelve of their staff dead but then this does truly show how. the pa property of those who claim that their political leanings aren't racist or bigoted if you had one have both took a satirical swipe at muslim extremists but you're turning your nose now you're trafficking in the kind of apocryphally that make satire like charlie have to lose so necessary if only to continue to lay bare the true deception of the politically
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active they're really only active when the victims look like them good point good point and this is rife with the parker six i've seen so many people out there now condemning charlie hebdo which don't look it's an insensitive cover because you know let us know they do not all texans are neo nazis and all of the so but that's the point they're satirical they make outlandish things that make everybody like god this is really scary and understand most of these are europeans or illustrators and it's coming from their perspective of the united states so this idea that the entire world should just coddle at our feet and never criticize us or never make fun of us is the kind of snowflake the mentality that is shutting down all good dialogue there if they are going to you know make covers like this are there to be controversial or there didn't you know they're going to take slings and arrows and i'm saying you shouldn't criticize them yet but if they put out a cover that's very sensitive you know mohammad covers and things like that but at
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the end of the day you can be duplicitous about you have to basically say look if we believe in free speech they have a right to do it however we can also criticize them when they we feel they've gone too far we can't have it both ways we can i say oh no no we really believe in their free speech when it you know criticizes people but we don't like bradley really hey . their free speech when it criticizes people that we like which means it's about it's it's all about the whiteness it is all about whiteness it comes back to and it's so funny people go why do ours have to do those it's you know when you offend an american it's traitorous you know you know. glenn greenwald million or so wrote . a really best it was a moral imperative to embrace some celebrate the ideas under attack and to glorify those who are expressing them even to declare themselves to be you know sweet charlie values what you have when they got you know when we were in that tragedy struck their offices before about everybody kind of jumped on the bandwagon but again it's like look you got to the first amendment is there to protect popular
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speech and it's there to protect unpopular speech yes it's in france it's a foreign magazine all that but that they have freedom to speak in stereotypical sweden are the only ones and if we're going to be the country that says look at how great our rights are we have to let everybody know about it but it's not because you're seeing people like piers morgan ago that was an everybody the same people who stood up and said no it's totally fine for these people to go waving guns around in texas over a cartoon or the fact that some people don't like a cartoon but when it comes down to it and somebody criticize you know and if so you shouldn't be that offended by the idea of neo nazis if you aren't one or if you aren't doing that and this is the thing that was so hip hypocritical is that there were countless other terror attacks when they have to happen and the mainstream media and a lot of people ignore that ok so it's very true and they didn't get jay sweet like everybody else because they were you know when majority white european cosmopolitan
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cities are hit like belgium and paris everybody has no it's not supposed to happen here but at the same time that was happening ten other places literally were bombs that had it had things like this and nobody has a sweep them and there's three of them because there's this is where the boxing offending white people is somehow traitorous an actual word used by people about. that's it's a traitor as cover but you know defending oppressed people of color is somehow race right right yeah good point good point and there's a point where it's just like it isn't about that when it but when it's about you and that's when you have to really look in the mirror and i regret it then does this damage my entire ideology my everything else i try to put forward when the basis of my arguments are like joe waltz is just to be that ignorant greg which just means you're outraged and you like to yell about it and then catch yourself great boy all right as we go to break don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics with a couple on facebook and twitter c r r t dot com we are also excited to announce
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that you can now watch. watching the hawks and all of your favorite r t america shows on direct t.v. channel three two one coming up on stone talks with journalist and political writer diana johnstone about the targets of u.s. sanctions and then the wall looks at the supposin second amendment crisis taking place in the denial to. the future we don't agree on. every the world to your ear.
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and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to jess. welcome to my world problems. here's what people have been saying about rejecting. actually it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our two year marriage is doing the same we are verily better than nothing. i see people you've never heard of low down to the next. president of the world playing so very. seriously send us an e-mail. crisis after crisis for years washington is appeared to be rambling into
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a world war three just waiting to happen from its reliance on the good old strategy of regime change and nation building with the love of using sanctions as the modern incarnation of gun gunboat diplomacy there is no intervention economic or political that the foreign policy goobers on capitol hill do not find a way to love and woe befall those who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path of america's sanctions which in today's case happens to be our allies and friends in europe first targeting iran than russia that around again and now once more russia the rounds of sanctions seem to never end and are touted as the most humane alternative to resolving washington's differences with the world's so-called rogue nations but who are the real targets of these putative measures did they really hit our presumed enemies the hardest and who was really stands to gain from them for answers to all this and questions and wars and sat down with award winning political writer diana johnstone. will first of all i want to point zero of these.
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students who really these sanctions to punish russia. and inferno not only do the punish the allies and did do with good but they're actually loosing she. probably turning out to be good for russia because they are forcing russia to rian dust realize to develop its agriculture in order to replace the the imports from western europe that it used to have which is very bad for europe because the european agriculture is offering because of the u.s. sanctions that russia retaliated by by pulling sanctions on. western cultural goods and there's a result now of russia's is making french and so on and so on so actually
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released these sanctions are completely insane because they don't hurt russia but they do hurt the allies or maybe they're not the same because maybe somewhere or other the purpose is to use these things sions which they do blackmail for their european allies who are also trade partners and so these sanctions are used by the united states for instance. two two they say they sanction any investment or in the north stream gas pipeline it's a new one of other but gas pipeline for natural gas from russia and but then the united states says well we'll sell you frack gas from the united states which is much more expensive so this looks like very much in
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the juror the german business people have said that this looks like using the saying sions for unfair competition in order to to to push out a good rival russian gas is cheaper and abundant and regular in its supply whereas the facking gas is more expensive than that so certain and so on but but you know the united states uses same sions. for its trade advantages at the same time always doing it with a great look of moral. virtue we're doing this for the good thing we're doing this against terrorism with russia because they did bad things in ukraine and so it's always this moral posturing they can say no i don't think anybody believes that the united states but that's that's what's happening absolutely and so in terms of how these sanctions. seem to also be as you mentioned directed against unfair very
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very unfair advantage regards to european banking you've talked about how for example deutsche bank was hit with hundreds of billions of dollars of penalties certainly french banks as well been hit with these kind of penalties and and fines and now i can only ask because of the idea that basically these these banks are no longer able to underwrite and finance even deals relating to russia bringing its oil and natural gas to europe and so this is really going to disrupt. it's the basis of the overall energy patterns of eurasia because russia is such a prominent provider and supplier of energy to western europe well the russians will find customers with a natural gas in asia it's europe that's being deprived of this and also you see a lot of companies would like to do business with their run business an especially
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but not only i mean the exports again of things and so on and the trick of the u.s. sanctions and this is the big case with the french bank and paper which is the biggest for intervening and it was blind nearly i think nine billion dollars nine billion what for for doing things that were perfectly legal for friends for having been trading with cuba and a couple of other. countries that the us the nation and the friends france didn't say the un didn't sanction them it's just the us sanction them so her. man pay had to pay the huge fine for doing something perfectly legal by international law and by french law because the us had sanctions against those countries and. and because everything all international trade
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plated legal is in dollars the dollars come back through the us bank somehow or other and that makes puts friends under u.s. law i mean this is crazy but this is the way it works and the banks put up with this although they're not happy because the acts hanging over their head is if you don't pay up we won't allow you to use the u.s. banking system which means the dollar is because the dollar is so powerful as an international currency even though the united states is heavily in debt because they have the dollar they can force western banks to do pretty much what they want. in many towns and cities across the united states of america often in schools and other buildings considered to be the heart of their communities you will more
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than likely find these signs and entrances to those ominous dusty rusty old ubiquitous reminders of nuclear fears and cold war conserves i'm talking about fallout shelters with many built back in the days of the old duck and cover thousands remain scattered throughout new york city and now as tensions rise once again between the u.s. and other nuclear powers like north korea and russia during the chavez takes an in-depth look at these shelters from a bygone era. there are thousands of fallout shelters scattered throughout new york city as you can tell by this map behind me there are even more. shelters on some streets now with tensions rising between north korea and the u.s. many are questioning if they are still active so we took to the streets to find out for ourselves originally created it had been one thousand nine hundred ten the wake of the cold war these underground bases were created to protect people from a nuclear fallout thousands of them were built in new york city after governor nelson rockefeller called for a massive shelter program in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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a quip with survival kits that had food and medicine in them the fallout shelters were built in schools churches office and apartment buildings some were even built in high profile places like the waldorf astoria and grand central terminal there was even a shelter discovered in the brooklyn bridge in two thousand and six at one time new york city had over seventeen thousand active shelters but we found the shelters that were once constructed to protect blast survivors from nuclear fallout are now inactive they've been turned into storage or laundry rooms eliot calhoun from the new york city emergency management offices the agency that sponsored the fallout shelter program so the shelters haven't been active in decades so most folks when they think about the nuclear explosion or something like that i think about where they need to go shelter in the person that pops in their mind are the fall the fallout shelter signs there you see it sprinkled across many buildings or around new york city that programmers and some cited and i was really focused more on the
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cold war threat while some building owners and landlords have removed the black and yellow fallout shelter signs thousands still linger throughout the city meanwhile in the case of a nuclear attack experts say that it's safer to do a shelter in place instead of evacuate the best thing you can do is to go to is go to the center of the building you're already in or the basement putting as many walls between you and the outside which is where the dangerous material radioactive material or fallout may settle. and by doing so you can protect yourself to the greatest extent if you go outside you may unknowingly enter an area that is very hazardous so the best thing you can do is. to the basement the protective structure of your basement would be no different than a protective factor of many of the shelters out of the prison into shelters for back from the office civil defense office program the fallout shelter signs are all that remain of the government's widespread effort to protect millions from a nuclear fallout but whether the underground basements would actually save lives remains a historical debate reporting in new york turn if the charges are to. colonization
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is always destructive so is the process of colonization winds down either too fast or too slow in the u.s. virgin islands is the perfect example of what happens when you kick the decolonization process down the road so the un special committee on the colonization was established in one nine hundred sixty one in order to help non-self governing territories like the u.s. virgin islands to throw off the shackles and become self-governing and yet the un just this december again expressed concern that quote fifty six years after the adoption of the declaration on the granting of independence to colony colonial countries and peoples there still remain non-self governing territories including the united states virgin islands the last constitution they presented was rejected by the us congress in two thousand and ten now while the u.s. virgin islands is in the midst of one of the worst natural disasters of its known as story the n.r.a. is condemning the u.s. virgin island firearm confiscation plan as
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a move that violates the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens using the two thousand and six law signed by then president george w. bush prohibiting the complication of guns from law abiding citizen during states of emergency. here is where the outrage is a tad misguided if you truly do believe in the concept of liberty and justice for all the u.s. virgin islands governor kenneth about did not order the confiscation of law abiding citizens firearms the fact he doesn't actually have the power to do that either by virgin islands law or the us constitution it was simply a standing order that u.s. virgin islands governors get during natural disasters that empowers the government to spend government resources on land weaponry and munition or other supplies from stores and authorized dealers that may be required by military forces to ensure the safety of citizens but hey that won't stop certain media and special interest groups like the n.r.a. from government shouldn't be dictating what version islanders do with their guns or
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anything else in the first place. no and look at the end of the day like we don't have. people ringing outrage bells old stuff that's truly nothing i mean like you were telling me earlier all it did was say hey look if we need to spend money you know what a shot at us you don't to try to everybody is the same as if we you know it's this idea where you're building the wall they're saying taking people's lands and acquiring land they want to pay them for it that's it that's all it was but if i want to read the whole thing instead of obsessing about the problem you're obsessing while these people and everybody's looking for something to say about the u.s. virgin islands the truth is they can't vote they have no represent representation in congress but we're expecting them to just do everything we said why do we still have colonial terrorists were amassed those twenty seven to a little bit beyond that at the end when i live liberty state or give them their own kind of whatever it is representation of their lives until one day to be held
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under our laws with no representation in congress period that includes a fair point all right out of the day and remember everyone in the world we're not told we love the wall i love you i am tyrrel but for capital to keep on watching. hawks and have a great night everybody. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media report uses to talk about news karner news coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how the rug corporate conduct has been in
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modern these are stories that you know no exception to my parents or your host of americans question. i do not know if the russian state hack into john podesta e-mails and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied that the n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo chamber for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are
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becoming indistinguishable. well gold welcome to reject in. the big show is a big one tonight i talked with ray mcgovern a twenty seven year veteran of the cia and now an activist for peace transparency and accountability in our government in two thousand and three he co-founded a group called veteran intelligence professionals for sanity made up of mostly
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retired members of the u.s. intelligence community for the past fifteen years they have fought to bring forward the truth whatever it seems to be counter to the government line or the media propaganda machine most recently they came for with a bombshell analysis saying there's no proof that russia hacked the d.n.c. last year and in fact there is evidence it was a leak from inside the d.n.c. their report up bence everything our government and the mainstream media have been feeding us forcing down our throats for months so the big show here now my conversation with ray mcgovern. right thanks for being here and welcome so since even before the presidential election we were already seeing our media push this russia russia russia storyline narrative you know new cold war the end of that they've been pushing you and your cause.


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