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tv   Documentary  RT  September 8, 2017 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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this spirit is. the. black jew in the us but there's also you also get. this. is paul saying dumb is the only on the mic where to put me in a body i missed the. name all business at the same. point . this is the idea of this it again i shall. be to keep out of. the. opiate oh.
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i was proud. moment the pretty. cool. thing. when i. read it that i mean. study session if. they don't get it ok to me and said open door we're not going to see in. that particular eat ass he'll. probably must be outlawed. i don't know what all that but it's one that's.
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real. money and he. owns the movie. maybe you have had people who. are maybe in the us
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and they. feel. that they. might only be. able. modicum that muscle to. do this and when. we see this way they see up we're going to let you know. most. of them in when oh. please. you know nothing.
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for the. bar or. for the. bar all. i did get is that me looking at that one thing that down at the bank at the bank this morning is they've been found dead to be that's about it is that it is i didn't so it is that he is not going to support that other than that poured out and forgot united at the weekend after that then was when the president began to beat that they're not going to meet that demand but i could point out. automatic is the way he's really became of this and we're going to. get my stuff these young. justice is. done that is not something told
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him i look at the list of it. is a little bit of fun for them because. they're. not. looking. good in this. case with us. they have a home to how folks up. close was. this is real. that i'm a son going to. say anything do. i knew about us they.
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made about us a few they may seem a deal but i'm not to then they say oh no born of a new guy made here in the miami movie had. no mandate. to say. and. they just hear me on the bus and they'd be. honest if you're paying me baby to go. see. their daughter made. about it. ok. it's. been. going.
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on now for there. being. a local may. be. able. to.
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when. all one is only. the girl yet. he still. feels this is the scandal that lead up to that are the photos going to fiddle man a lot of the local dimwits get some of these girls to the status of manson yes to this though the kid has crossed. this close to the if you list of a clique those. fired out of georgia. began by you know that it is so sad most kids how do you. get into the b.b.
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if you are sas thirty then look at concerts with this beating. in iraq in the front office in most this formated the e-cards got them both they don't give them what this is they really need. thing the thing growing more and at the end. of. it made. them want to and they know yeah. good they get paid and yeah and i think you know if the eighty. percent. number has been going up thought is going to get a list. in the. same. form. they labeled the. stuff they did on us are they here on the
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hill say. well we. were made. in one of us in big you know suppose i am a bit o. stories down the. unless you see it in ink it will never this will put up at the audience i will put it at thirty eight i mean at all of us you think you know dealing it because you put up at the senate again if you stand up to. be done no
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wall would know. about it the everyone was a play him or you know sticky or latest and comment on that i mean those that. he is a implement i see it this way. or. you know this is this is never happening in the polls most of us are mendieta the p.c. but is it your body think assume. and blue book at their heart and pretty fairly good ok you see that by grabbing a zipper i don't know and muscular if it was to become a question deceit is a form of the need for them to be done the baby would not be needed but in most of those that are an adult. out. of all i have four pictures of this those are many male. by charles oh oh oh sorry to say very nice yes my choice
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there seems to have to find the right night. i want to cut a so i need to help. for. lunch or. for. her. to. pull.
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the not ones out. on the floor is often i don't want my next night south of the definitions enough i'm by any. one seeking any south. and. take in the equal city in the south can sound it to me put down to give the band and then you're going to bring. hell is i think. young would be if he were to be. good enough to know what that beach this week. sounds out. to be this just silly me climbing a leftist i you know be deep but let me say this numb tokio find it he's going to keep going.
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his look was because did a busy dancing quadrille cultural figure i called the grammys. thank. i was. i mean the it was to loosen the look. was was. i. thank. you. one day some of our poorly guarded for the studious and therefore silence let me
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know when he. said. you know him and if my forward is because you know telling a story you can also hear now it looks as if he can only speak of. it's a form of officials and means to use along. the same issue now is the last company asked. they still exist and force us to save the ark of the waters your reaction to completely immerse you to misery learn your. system take what i mean or just interesting to you most interest. in according to this policy until i met a few. because you're only so. phyllis video you must have seen this it is so it really is. a case of the allowing it on different steeples family need only affect you i was castle's i remember seeing all those carefully also allows us to look at the most and i see first the strategic of. a musician passing go
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honestly. and then you know the ninety three seem innocent and you know. your any momento kid or a stab. in there for you money in no way in telling the thinker what the. realistic entrepreneur because what i mean yeah ya know your isp a chair he got a market what they were that you how much they say they can you are sad but it's one of the. elemental part of talk. to me the way you. and your. many why don't isn't my long been said to me whoa this is get the money later mr i learned this area. in the
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mean forum and making me who you. call me me hope on the slightest you know you were trained. minisub it or listen it up to see khomeini one problem amaze us at the net and ilads are many all. just as well cos dolly said no i am listed he said i'm. a lonely demon in. the to see that giddiness by that is that the seed of quantity cause and if for that it will be and dances. saloon pointed out i know they've been up you had you had that if this lesson dane c.-a. just got a lot of did it buddha last in your fisk us a video of a. lad out a about that unless you never get out elisha naked i have a phone number. this is very hard because mr.
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for you nicole. it has had all they way they've all been for him what he. was. going on will cost some lot of. these same it is enough in this that it's
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a sense. but at this. moment i mean money. or young boys. might. have. been mia. this was
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a big. it's a wonderings of a lot of them is posing as a miliband a bit but then almost has the most power handled by have been almost all get at them whereas my old can of the best my ship was. in our book emitted to meet the new i'm laws is the part that they misinterpret our home for us all that doesn't have pushed our last young man one of. the beatles up others at the give a minimum what kids dissolve in the us a government together the dollar the oil price. they've got to get even minimal sure that you know we can buy was a good living alcoholism is a been in obama but i'm ready to look at them it was bottled up up up. on the. guns i mean mark the situation delayed it. a lot it was at that point that no
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this is though give us the good india motivated mill muslim ummah not the nobles all comes out of the their articles where money when we are no and on top of the law here on the me i want over there though it just where on the machine each other you like i'm an emotional. ms goes above all right jill. did they move the you'll do with the auxiliary that the big get the commit up so you. get him closer to go a little of that in the. moment of this abuse. of on the commute upon this poor form.
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so i'm. going to be there simply. put it is some of this will be admissible what you're up with. it all the almost the only way the government that i'm with loyal equals. and. this will follow. a good guys are they going to be in my book going down mother his dad to get my the money not to be easy but a concert of guns that how confident they don't hate you huygens probe of god the father was a baby that ended up as your body and blood and doesn't mock them as you back off from will have to be that i mean to. me they would be had.
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no hand and me. no have a day that. i seen anything like that or human and i. am on monday. you know a lot of democrats. want to proceed and if we want equal means us will say one of my not. so if you so to vote we have not it are more chilled by the. life that he's after. is that program see if you know go. next to your. not that many the i.u.d. . mr. corbett as young as you are going to hear this but often we need. a. good way or.
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out of the battle you had only a store where one can lay it out but i would not but i saw enough product you see i missed it in the saddle. this. is a story i thought they knew not even the necessity home in doesn't. influence jeopardy's. they get. the balance a good. thing . they get their.
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bread down this afternoon not enough to have a dad to staff on lockdown for nothing they can get. on my hands on and. on. and a biggie nominee. the same when they face. no no they pass it back you. think for. a dead man that's the feeling you know being my idea.
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the most fun time we lived during the first mardi four games come out on the sea only strong. so files that almost sold to us i was also the for. you but also what is selling cool still. to know that it's just money lost on those us and moon. is unfair to my selling leaving. oh.
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man all that. i must have done now they're being told me that. i'm out of tires from now on. where we all. fall down on them but most of them of which got me. the most aching in years. this week. are you know who says yes but you look at toro rickets or sorry. good meeting i said but you're biting and yes yes i mean massey addressed it annoys her who sees. the bombs are seeing madi he now must as though it is them smart enough they see as them they've handled that small kids but because it didn't go off on the celcius course us when we happened just some orchestra wallace i see. almost get together.
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basically joke what do you think you. did a sum up you know here we have no national dish and not. the us or north korea continue their war of words while cooler minds pressed for
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diplomacy and negotiations how much of a threat is north korea to the global order and why states threaten force to resolve this conflict. basile uno dubrovnik and venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before this on the celestial get out of them all such as the traditional story son nas comes by him sometime soon as we don't spend any. time that while the city's try desperately not to collapse old powerful corporations collect the profit of vision don't include what will put the couple who probably global in the door coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on saabs knock up the supposed to mean a. lot of times. as
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a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity. the united nations and security council particular should be it should not be a place for. the spotlight to. their athletic skills they should be a place you should be a place. which is the issue of the week should be form its main responsibility to maintain this as a food. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is a full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are
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apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank though they. were. seriously send us an e-mail. the riaa rumbles on over america's seizure of russian diplomatic property with the u.s. state department facing a barrage of questions from journalists over the moon. those. horrible diplomatic protocol you know what i don't know if you are working for today or what but i think. russia's plan military drills and better routes cause uproar among western politicians with some saying moscow is trying to increase its troop presence there or take a look close to the claims and rights groups national releases a new report documenting it deadly bahrain crackdown on government critic.


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