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tv   Headline News  RT  September 8, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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we are apparently better than. the sea diver heard of. jack the next president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail. america's seizure of russian diplomatic property with the u.s. state department facing a barrage of questions from journalists over the moon. those. horrible diplomatic protocol you know what i don't know if you are working for today or what but i think. russia's plan military drills in belarus calls uproar among western politicians with some saying moscow is trying to increase its troop presence there take a look at closely those claims and rights groups national releases a new report documenting it deadly bahrain crackdown on government critics accuse
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britain and the u.s. of turning a blind eye to the big since. i welcome it's just turned six o'clock here in moscow you're watching the international now the u.s. state department has been facing a grilling over the seizure of the russian consulate in san francisco and even accuse journalists of sounding too much like. more people do that in programs are what's your name let's move on move on to something else if you still consider that sovereign russian property or were those property searched because there was a concern that they were being used for intelligence purposes which would be like a different issue and it's not going to get into that let it lead in this let's move on to something else here in russia or any other country where u.s. missions that have been deleted have been searched by the host. governments
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you know what i don't know if you are working for r.t. today or what but i think you might remember. the response r.t. said her in chief said the channel does take that comment from the state department as a compliment remarks american is next with more on what was said the state department briefing. a u.s. department of state spokesperson heather nauert was grilled by reporters who focused on the seizure of russian diplomatic buildings last week the u.s. state department ordered the closures of the russian consulate in san francisco a trade mission complex in washington and a trade office in new york us security services subsequently searched the buildings and denied all access to them spokesperson heather nauert characterized it quite lightly calling it a tour which immediately provoked a backlash from journalists russian officials were invited to come along with us as we toured those facilities to get to you so you think you. think
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this is it was this is it this is a very serious activity it was a very serious damage to me and if i use the word two or and that seemed to light. the activity that took place then pardon me for that the russian foreign ministry slammed this move as an illegal invasion it's spokesperson even said that she views the u.s. raids of russian diplomatic properties as some kind of diabolic circus illegal and pointless well the u.s. state department said the measure came in response to moscow ordering the u.s. to reduce its diplomatic personnel in russia russian president vladimir putin has stated that he has taken legal measures to fight the force closures ordering the filing of a lawsuit still remains unclear where this will all lead and how these latest tensions will affect diplomatic ties between the two countries. well earlier this week vladimir putin said that russia will take the u.s.
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to court over the situation the state department responded to the. sure our american counterparts didn't let russia use its property it's a violation of our property rights i will tell the foreign ministry to go to court see how well the highly praised she dishes system in the us works welcome to the american legal system mr putin has apparently met the legal system that in the united states. is between moscow and washington are up for discussion and not. with russia's new envoy to the un you can watch the full interview throughout the day here on out international president he was campaigning in the show about the words he promised to deliver all improving u.s. russia relations but unfortunately due to many reasons i will not emulate them or or judge them he was not able to do so many countries privately and openly say that too much depends on their little ations and it's not appropriate their solo these
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days. they should be improved and that will be for the best for the better of the world i'm committed to improving these relations working together for the better of the world working together with the united states another part of this of course to counsel an outside the security council i hope that step by step will lead us there if we see the the movement. in the the the movement on the other side to. now i think jim election in a little over two weeks time many d.c. a victory for angela merkel is a foregone conclusion but not the chance of a cell. ladies and gentlemen we hear
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a lot here that the german election has already been decided i'm telling you that this is simply not true but i just polls show that anger merkel's party is breaking away from her main rival martin shelves a social democratic party however the so-called third parties may also play a key role if a majority can't be forn formed in government as peter all over expects. with most pundits already calling this german election a win for. schultz there isn't a great deal of intrigue that. has been the battle for third place and who will perhaps become the kingmaker in the next coalition government the smaller parties in germany providing a lot. of guns. to the. amount of.
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time. to. bring some scandal and controversy to the relatively calm seas of the political scene. germany it looks like they will enter a pall of it. election and they run on a message against. policy and what they see is the islam isolation of the country even drafted in one of the out agencies that helped promote trump in his campaign and not seen them produce some role the provocative post is.
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a. good alternative for germany it's not going to be halted any coalition with. the chancellor and said so repeatedly likely to be part of a coalition with the mrs merkel all the free democratic. liberal pro-business traditional ally. christine union. but this time around they call it something of an added benefit they film charismatic and photogenic leader has appeared front and center of the campaign however he does appear to have lifted so of his migration policy right out of the alternative think jodi playbook if peace prevails refugees must return there's no such human right for cheese in your place in the world i'm not being harsh this is lauren realism speaking to a troll for the dot com entrepreneur has been to by some as a potential next foreign minister showed angle of a joint in
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a coalition with them but one thing the a.f. did may prove to be a wise move as he looks to shore up his own party's position basically this is just political maneuver to get more voters from this from this side of the spectrum f.t.p. said the moment constantly collecting in all kind of fields voters for example with all these digital subjects they took all these photos which are coming like more from the digital natives area and now with this new statement about refugees they try to pick of course also people from the if the from the right wing side the likud has already ruled out forming a coalition with the left party the greens this time out at the lagging way behind in the polls there's even the possibility that we could see you know the grand coalition with the social democrats and that's when it comes to coalition possibilities there are even some that would see him do
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a little cool not be the next chancellor of germany however the most realistic options are that the free democrats will not only return to the fold to start following september the twenty volts vote but that they will also be part of the ruling coalition peter all of a. team on the german capital one cultural center is taking unusual steps to help refugee children integrate into society by giving them kung fu lessons we went to meet some of those involved. i i don't think my brother my friends started to come through so i came to i wanted to learn more about the cultures of other countries i skipped all kind of little space when i first did a class was just day after jess i saw that they had no discipline i realize that
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conflict might help they still want to get it out and help them integrate into german society better one teenager who came here to train had has some issues for the police because of fighting age as in the conference last is to learn to shield from and try and john why spiraled because here nobody is allowed to use martial arts also dick clark what else you object to that the train helps him pull himself together and develop this a person. i was good for is good both for your body and mind and it helps me with school. and other news this evening one of his imax state's highest ranking commanders good mood odd how is believed to be among forty extremist militants killed in a russian airstrike near the syrian city of did is all that's according to the russian defense ministry how involved he was the group so-called war minister moved to syria and joined deisel in twenty fifteen prior to that he was
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a special forces commander in the former soviet republic of the g q stan and had been to the us numerous times for training including with the notorious private military contract to blackwater now known as academy here he is in a propaganda video. this you are so loyal a politician thirty but it is she was a lawyer a world class. black what's up while another i still remember thought of being killed in the strike was about mohamed ali he was of saudi arabian origin and was arsenal's finance chief he's also suspected of organizing the twenty fifteen paris terror attacks meanwhile humanitarian convoy has reached it is all for the first time since i saw three year long siege was broken there on tuesday forty trucks delivered food and medical supplies to residents who had up to that point being relying on air drops.
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still to come this hour rushes neighbors in eastern europe are raising the alarm over its upcoming military drills despite moscow's assurances that they are purely defensive we'll have a look at that in detail just after the break. here's
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what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull on. the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packed a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than that and see people you never heard of love right back to the night i'm president of the world bank so take. it seriously send us an e-mail. the feeling. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to josh.
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come along for the ride. welcome back crushes upcoming military trails and better research its neighbors in eastern europe but despite assurances from moscow they are purely for defensive purposes because france santiago looks at why. russia and bell the rules are to hold joint military training exercises this month i was planning to be real serious about this but hey how can i resist when the reactions pouring in are just so colorful what washington thinks russia does they're about to do an exercise in below ruesch russia that's going to tail up to one hundred thousand russian troops moving into into that country the great concern is they're not going to leave and that's you know that's not paranoia on did you get that one hundred thousand troops
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that's just the russians not counting the forces and bella ruse i mean that's probably enough to storm europe and yes they are concerned what europe thinks russia does it is undisputed that we have seen a demonstration of the capabilities and power of the russians and one who does that has only to look at the high number of forces participation in the exercise more than one hundred south that it doesn't end there there are more fantastic predictions was that a neighbor's think russia does less seriously worried the head of the zappa twenty seven thousand drills is numerous aggressive forces taking part in it and there is a demonstrative preparation for war with the west now russia and belarus are allowing three nato observers to monitor the exercise even though the alliance thinks that is not enough but hey they are supposed to be a hundred thousand troops yet at the same time nato secretary general mr stoltenberg says there is no i quote imminent threat to any of its allies confusing
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right and how this bell or see the upcoming drills we should just stop making excuses whether our drills are defensive or not we have an army we have a join russia and belarus military formation in the west and while it exists which we did make a secret off we're going to train it how to fight just in case now let's take a look at the real numbers from the russian ministry of defense in fact it's thirteen thousand soldiers around a quarter of them arriving from russia plus three hundred military vehicles and twenty five aircraft doesn't sound like a blitzkrieg now does it. no one can protect you that's the title of a new amnesty international report on bahrain's violent crackdown against activists and their families over the past year the rights group is documented the deaths of six people including a child as well as numerous cases of arbitrary detention and torture.
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the report also reserves haskel harsh criticism for the international community for its silence over bahrain's rights abuses in particular it takes aim at the u.s. and britain is they are seen as being in a position to influence the kingdom's actions on the trumpet also lambasted for approving the sale of fighter jets to the gulf state and his dropping of human rights demands the report says their use gave a green light for further repression in response bahrain does deny the allegations
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made against it and accuses government critics of trying to undermine stability in the country side. a member of the bahrain freedom movement they told us that london and washington are essentially complicit in the crimes. but. of what is doing is that he's been secured thing before the political stance of london and goes into have direct impact on the policies of the regime there are gene knows that without their support if there are survivors if without the support of the british and americans of course and the saudis there as you would have collapsed saw i think strongest from washington on london will definitely lead to improvement over human rights situation and broadly a political transform it into those democracy but they don't want.
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the leader of a muslim organization in norway has found himself in the headlines after refusing to shake hands with the country's immigration minister because she is a woman but the man on the t.v. you see leads a group called islam net of the minister a bunch of flowers the beginning of a t.v. debate instead didn't go down well though we got reaction from hamish feet from the ramadan foundation and also stephen morris of the english democrats party. trying to do is push his religious beliefs onto other people and what he's doing is actually not integrated you don't want to integrate shake your hands it's just a gesture of friendship and it's not down to religion it's not religious based however not shaking these hummed we'll insult you well i'm not here to defend that particular remark but i'm here to defend the right of people to choose how they practice their faith we have in our country and europe many orthodox jewish people
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who refused to shake the hand of women so actually it's something which goes on it's not disrespectful it's a form of respect this is about religious freedom and you know nowhere in what i've just seen or is one of the i'm sure. the june. well let me show it is not unlike their leaders so sorry you believe an issue it let me finish let me let me finish ok it's not about you telling other people what they can and cannot say air and it's not about you to decide to determine what's acceptable or not if there is somebody within the jewish community orthodox jew jewish community are refusing to shake people's and do you have a problem well when i run for mayor of greater manchester the ukip candidate was jewish refused to shake hands with women. and i said that was not right that was against our culture so it's not just against islam or what you're talking about is one hundred friendship being given to somebody and it's been thrown in the face
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when we go to morse or we go to synagogue we expect two other women to have a headscarf we expect to take our shoes off and very sort of things which we do as a matter of respect are i'm saying to you is you've got to understand that if somebody individually wants to express their own way of practicing their faith why do the jewish member of our society why there are muslim or a christian or whichever faith they're from all they have to do is. decided it is their choice to do that we have to respect up. another new saving people have been ordered to leave florida without delay is her erminie is it could amount to one of the largest evacuations in u.s. history if you are told to evacuate leave get out quickly. the roads will fill up quickly so you need to go this storm is wider your entire state is expected to cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast seven cities in
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florida have been issued mandatory evacuation orders school and universities have been closed in order to use them as shelters the hurricane has already killed eighteen people in the caribbean has been dubbed one of the most devastating hurricanes in history. ok let's quickly return to one of our top stories this hour russia's upcoming military drills with bellerose we're joined now by the director of the british american security information council. good evening to you paul
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a lot of consternation in western countries over this is the good reason for russia's neighbors to be concerned here do you think. well there's always good reason to be concerned when there are minute military exercises on the other hand military exercises are essential to any modern working military organization and particularly if they're going to be cooperating with allies other countries so the fact that these exercises are happening should be no surprise they regular happen every four years there's no strong indication that these exercises are any pressure you to any significant military action so so no i don't think there's any reason for the neighbors to be particularly concerned but as i say every military exercise involves some level of concern because military exercise demonstrates the willingness to be ready for military action the whole point of military sure any surprise though over perhaps the his theory given that nato chief said look there's no imminent threat here. no i are not at all surprised at the history of its
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form the eastern european countries are particularly edgy and of course you know recent years have given them some reason to feel a little a little bit edgy but on the other hand there's no rational reason why russia would be wanting to actively threaten those those particular neighbors so it's a classic case of. concern on the on the part of those countries that are close and. and and. every reason for russia to be to be exercising because otherwise what's the point of having a military. and on the issue of numbers that are being bandied around we hear western countries saying look one hundred thousand troops involved russia says really it's only thirteen thousand how can the be such a discrepancy. well because the exercises haven't happened yet. but
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you know analysts here in london who've looked. indications like the number of trains that have been have been allocated to these exercises to transport troops and the like are estimating several tens of thousands but nowhere near one hundred thousand i think these are this is a classic i mean i use that word a lot but it's such a common thing that people look for the worst only ministers of defense on every side are worst case scenario planning because they don't want to be caught out so they're always going to be looking at the the worst possible outcome and and so they need to feel prepared and of course nato is going to deploy a few extra troops itself to give assurance to those states but i but i think that this is particularly a storm in a teacup at the moment it's possibly i mean it's signaling on both sides it's and
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the problem overall here i mean if we take step back the problem is is that it is very natural when you deploy military assets on either side of a conflict like this a low level conflict that you step things up in an arms race in situation because people are paranoid this is the nature of ministers of defense we have to actively look at the way in which we we we move to either be over reactive over paranoid or on the other hand to trigger that paranoia on the other side and take active steps to to to ratchet it down that takes leadership it takes courage on both sides and at the moment unfortunately there isn't a great deal of sign that people are willing to take that form of leadership and of course in the united states in washington we have a leader who seems to be particularly willing to. talk tough. to deploy military forces and when the americans to ploy you know military exercises with the south
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koreans which are very very concerning for the north koreans we seem to be surprised when those military exercises trigger a great deal of reaction. so it's very much a case of. black on the other side who were to see see the character that we have to leave it always good to get your insight know those pulling grim director of the british american security information council thank you. yeah. ok that brings you up to date so we'll be back with more as usual in just over. time when the francis is broadcasting around the world from washington tonight we've got a resignation on the fed board governors another nominee isn't confirmed yet and
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say janet yellen may not be first chair it's a panic and the race is on here in the united states as the government begins drafting laws for self driving cars also my guest and i talk budget and how the president has lassitude congressional democrats to do his bidding at the shop my gas says he saw it coming down by starts right now. well it doesn't look like the european central bank is ready to slow its stimulus program just yet during a press conference on wednesday e.c.b. president mario draghi announced the governing council's decision. b s.


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