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the media. voters elected to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done. bracing for the worst hurricane armada wreaked havoc on the caribbean and is gaining strength as it approaches florida tonight residents are fleeing for higher ground and we'll have team coverage of evacuations along with the dangers the entire state is facing. and deadly earthquake in mexico it's being dubbed as the strongest quake to hit the area in a century we'll take a look at the devastation left behind and hear from its residents. american syrian relations where does donald trump stand with syrian relations a professor from mit joins me to discuss the latest in talks were guarding chemical weapons.
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it's friday september eighth four pm in washington d.c. i'm a military man you're watching our team america and we begin today with coverage of hurricane earl as she makes its way toward the u.s. mainland arma weekend on friday morning to a category four but fema warns the damage could still be catastrophic floridians are preparing for the impact of this potentially devastating storm r.t. spanish correspondent nicholas sanchez o'donovan is in boynton beach and has the community takes shelter as the community take shelter rather and prepares for the worst. floridians are preparing as hurricane is tightening her grip on florida there's hundreds of thousands of people the already left the state some of them. flying out of the different airports in florida towards cities up north but
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most of them hundreds of thousands of them are using the road they can only go north florida is a pennant you can't go south you can't go east or west you can only go north and there's only three major highways that can support that traffic days i ninety five there seventy five and there's the turnpike so as i say hundreds of thousands of people are trying to leave florida going up north towards the carolinas and georgia using these three major highways therefore traffic has been very very heavy during the past hours now it's actually a bit better i drove up here beach from miami it was approximately an hour drive and i have to say traffic was fluid that's because most of the people have already left they are already moving towards the carolinas or georgia some of them a stay in in central florida and for those that are evacuating their homes but they
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stay in closer to home they're staying in their towns and their cities well obviously there's hundreds of shelters across florida we heard the mayor of miami dade say that they could shelter up to one hundred thousand people in the city but we're talking about miami that is a big city even going to have stadiums that are going to be used as shelters but this there's loads of smaller towns the use in public buildings such as schools like the one i have behind me here in boston beach up to two thousand people per night can stay in shelters like this one we have spoken to some of the people that are going. spend the night here and this is what they had to say but this is the safest place probably in boynton for people to come to in just feel like you know stress reliever they don't have to worry about you know the storm coming here they'll be totally safe here we have decided being in
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a shelter is going to be. more save than staying home i'm more worried about my life the home i couldn't i mean i could get that back so it's more people life and you know i don't want nobody to damage to this storm or their life and what was their life through this storm now and to worry about well yeah sixty nine years old seventy years i've lived through it all mr tornadoes always a hurricane but i mean. you know i mean i could but i love what they're doing in the way they do it so obviously the people are preparing the authorities are preparing everybody knows. hurricane can do in florida we can't forget that they went through andrew that was a massive hurricane back in ninety ninety two they had vilma and then more recently matthew so people know the drill they're responsible some of them even over packin by in mall food that they can eat in a couple of weeks or more water than they can drink or even stacking up with more
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gas than they actually need that's a big concern and that's one side of it now everybody's looking at the models to see when and where exactly is going to is going to touch and where is it going to go is it going to get these three basically three models one of them suggests that it's going to go north. on the west coast of florida that would affect areas like naples but it wouldn't affect that much big cities like miami another model is saying the hurricane would just basically cut through the state right in the middle that would be devastating basically for old areas in southern florida. and then the third model the most likely one is that it's going to go up north on the east side of the coast that would be devastated areas like miami fort lauderdale densely populated areas so everybody's. looking at these models in
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expectation to see when exactly where exactly is going to hit we do know for sure that the states and most certainly the southern point of florida are going to be hit hard by amos so here there is calm before the storm there is a new sensation a lot of anticipation but these could be the last call moments before finally hits miami. and for more on hurricane armor we have team coverage for you. live in miami florida where the storm is expected to hit this weekend and alex my live it is in toronto for us right up first let's start with you there's been at least six hundred sixty thousand residents of miami dade county that have been instructed to leave their homes it's the largest evacuation in the county's history residents who have nowhere to go are encouraged to to go to evacuation shelters does that include the undocumented immigrants. it absolutely does and this
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is very important for us to point out and know that officials say undocumented immigrants in south florida should seek shelter without fear or deportation in a briefing the mayor of miami dade said illegal status or identification will not be checked at evacuation centers and anyone who needs shelter in miami should seek it this comes after undocumented immigrants in texas reportedly stayed away from public shelters in the aftermath of hurricane harvey for fear they'd be deported now a total of forty three shelters in miami dade will be open by tonight with enough collective space to accommodate one hundred thousand people as you mentioned more than six hundred sixty thousand have been told to evacuate from their homes now by this afternoon many shelters were at full capacity and turning people away at other locations hundreds of people were standing on line before evacuation centers even
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opened more than eight thousand fema staff have been deployed to prepare for irma the agency's chief said no one in florida has experienced a storm with the intensity of erma urging all those in evacuation zones to get out now. obviously there's a lot of evacuation anybody taking place in florida over the last twenty four to forty eight hours heed all little warnings the goal is get out of a storm surge that is wind driven coastal storm surge flooding waters coming on sure that's the most devastating hazard associated with hurricanes get out of that storm surge area and get into a facility that can withstand the winds that doesn't mean you have to travel hundreds of miles to do so but get out of the storm surge area it to a facility that can withstand the winds. the trump administration has waived a key statute to allow for as many ships as possible to bring fuel into florida as
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part of a massive effort to ease gas shortages the state and number in a depending on where. makes landfall exactly and florida officials are warning roughly nine million people could lose electricity during or after the storm meanwhile two nuclear power plants located along the state's atlantic coastline are also a concern for residents how are those facilities being prepared to deal with a category four or possibly category five hurricane. very important question the turkey point and st lucie power plants are referring to are being shut down the energy department says the nuclear regulatory commission expects turkey point to close on friday today at some point by the evening in st lucie the shot about twelve hours later depending on the storm's path both plans are roughly twenty feet above sea level officials from florida power and light the plant's operator says it has invested three billion to protect its electricity grid since two thousand and
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five but no grid is hurricane proof and if stays on its path many f p l customers will lose power about ten million floridians get power from the f.p.o. could be a dangerous situation there and how about you alex hurricane arm of left a path of death and destruction since hitting the caribbean what can you tell us about that so far we're keeping a close eye on it there from appear as well there's a lot of canadians down in that area and if you if you're looking at the situation that's there right now i mean buddha was hit pretty much dead on by this hurricane category five one hundred eighty five miles per hour winds three people died in that situation ninety percent of that island is basically wiped out that's about one hundred million dollars in damage so it's unbelievable what happened to that place and as i mentioned i mean the eye of the storm pretty much dead on so then it moved away from there up to the sea or ten area to people reported dead there and
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continued moving towards haiti and dominican republic fortunately it looks like could be that island would spared of any major damage for of course there are some flooding concerns and now people are a basically a box in themselves in cuba or i should say you get it looking for shelter in cuba specially the northern part again the eye of this hurricane might hit northern cuba evacuations are happening across the board there and then of course into the keys and up into the states now alex i'm sure a lot of people are wondering how many canadian. are perhaps occasionally a or perhaps a live in the caravan and in florida how are they fairing look right now with a lot of the canadian airlines a west jet air canada air tran's that they've sent dozens of extra planes into the caribbean and into florida to evacuate canadians that are down there on vacation or that live there and they've also added bigger planes to their repertoire of planes that they usually send down into that area think about how many canadians are down in florida each year but almost four million canadians that visit florida itself
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five hundred thousand properties in florida are actually owned by canadians and seven hundred thousand of those canadians but at least a month a year in florida so there's plenty of canadians down there including one of my friends actually just talked to her this afternoon she's in orlando she was telling me that right now the situation was or she was thinking of evacuating her family getting out but just to go up to either savannah georgia or someplace in that vicinity just to leave the state she says all the hotels are booked up there even in orlando itself to leave your home and go to a hotel everything's booked they don't even have enough boards to cover their windows at this time so people that are left in that situation you know it's like many others is planning on just hunkering down and basically trying to board up as much as possible and try to weather this storm in orlando could be as we heard a little bit earlier right in the path even if it goes a little bit to the west that critical point which is sort of on the the right so
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the north east part of the storm which happens some say is one of the strongest points just might take a rip out of orlando as well so for canadians in general the airlines are helping out a lot of cruise ships of how to come back and they're just basically going through what our american friends are as well or you know what they're going to have to hunker down a little bit longer because once our mess out of the way that's not the end of it there's another hurricane brewing there calling that one jose what can you tell us about jose jose is a now a category four which is extremely dangerous as hovering over the atlantic. and it's on its way to barbuda so barbuda which has already been hit they want to back you wait that island completely and the path looks pretty much similar to what we've seen with burma you just can't tell at this point but it looks like another very dangerous storm or hurricane i should say on its way right we've got to leave it right there thank you to our team here and alex thank you thank you thank you.
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and coming up later on our team mother nature is wreaking havoc from coast to coast from a hurricane in the thout to wildfires out west and now a deadly earthquake in mexico we'll hear from our resident from that region after the break stay with us. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell you know why because they're advertisers and won't let. you know in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth party's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when it's local ration makes a pharmaceutical big chill speed when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting
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a river that causes transfer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't so it's big picture . still i. am going to push. for. you're looking to see. who go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. would you have for breakfast yesterday why would you pick. up. what your biggest fear of the human right so let's. hold you show you.
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on the topic. now i believe you. were. mexico is bracing of course tsunamis a day after the earthquake of the century ripped through the south of the country at least and eight point one magnitude earthquake hit right off the coast of haka chiapas killing at least thirty two people officials fear the devastation is far from over watching out for impending tsunamis potentially striking the coast of already devastated areas but quake was so powerful it shook residents a thousand kilometers away from the epicenter in mexico city where the city was left in darkness following the quake which i must he doesn't you can see all you
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could hear the. lights room grabbed her phone and i cried and i cried because it scared me to scare me because i've never lived or anything like that i've experienced tremors before but never heard the walls creaking and lights going out and so many people. authorities said the quake injured at least one hundred twenty and there are a lot of the big likelihood of dozens of possibly dead deadly aftershocks. the raging eagle creek blaze has merged with another fire causing eerie yellow clouds of smoke to fill the skies of several major cities in the western united states while the eagle creek fire continues to rain ash down on portland and decimate parts of montana's glacier national park officials say the blaze was entirely preventable oregon state police say a fifteen year old boy from vancouver washington is suspected of igniting the fire they released a statement saying that the teenager along with several other unnamed individuals
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quote may have been using fireworks which started the forest fire along the eagle creek trail however no arrests or formal charges have been filed so far for the blaze which began late saturday afternoon on oregon's columbia river gorge by thursday authorities say the wildfires raging across nine western states were only five percent contained with more than seventy six massive fires identified including twenty one in montana and eighteen in oregon. yesterday president trump met with the emir of kuwait shake subha. trump told the emir that the u.s. was quote has very little to do with syria but added we would be extremely upset if assad used chemical weapons and quote his comment comes in the wake of a new u.n. human rights council report accusing the syrian government of using chemical weapons thirty three times to discuss these accusations we're being joined now by professor emeritus of science technology and national security policy at m.i.t.
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ted postal thanks for joining us professor you were previously pretty critical about the claim that president assad used chemical weapons in the syrian town of. kuhn but now it's evident that the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w has never actually conduct a thorough investigations on the ground there so how can they arrive at these conclusions without really comprehensive forensic data. well i think they can't arrive at these conclusions without comprehensive data but i would go further i would say they have no data. i have looked at the data they claim they have and there is literally nothing could be seen it's it really is like the hans christian andersen fairy tale about the emperor has no clothes if you sit and look at the photographs that they would have had to use to care for their claims there is
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nothing in the photographs nothing. and the o.p.c. . has made it clear years ago that assad's chemical weapons had been destroyed and that he no longer had any more therefore what's the most compelling evidence that you've uncovered in your experience which contradicts claims made by other various western nations including. accusing rather than the syrian government of using these chemical weapons there's a dear simply is no compelling evidence here there are some indications that some people may have been poisoned by serin or sarin like substances which of course is a nerve agent but that doesn't mean this was part of a chemical attack by the assad government we know that the rebels have. had have have these chemicals and for example in one case we have journalists from
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the site where they claim this chemical attack occurred. taking the camera over to a dead goat that was supposed to be near the scene and if you look carefully at the dead goats photographs and i publish this you can see tracks where the dead goat carcass was dragged to that location so i have no idea what happened but i don't think that goes drag themselves to the location where people are claiming they were poisoned by sarah. and the producers tell me that you provided us with some some more images can you talk more about the photograph you provided for us well i provided you with two photographs i can see what's up on your. which photograph is it the one with mushroom clouds in the this one to find the bomb damage it's a comparable are left all right ok. in this you have two images one on the left and
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one on the right. the image on the left is supposed to be the area prior to the bombing. the one on the right is the area taken with it at a different time forty four days later i might add a promise of a light and there that photographs supposedly shows the bomb damage can you think can you find the bomb damage in those two codes can you see a difference other than shadows from the sun right there's no you're having a hard time myself well. i've done this test with dozens of people nobody can find it and i can tell you what they claim the bomb damage is you may not even be able to find it with my with my description if you look in in the very middle of the photograph is kind of a square like building which is somewhat off to the left of center but in the
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middle of the photograph they claim that this building was hit with a five hundred pound bomb now i can tell you what a five hundred pound bomb would do i wrote a report using where this image came from and i in the report i have detailed information about what a five hundred pound bomb does so if you read the report you would know that that building would not be there it would be essentially a pile of rubble the building somewhat to the right across the street would be heavily damaged and it would be just an open space. not not you know not something that where you can hardly tell that was any difference between the photographs how could anybody who claims to be knowledgeable about these kinds of weapons called this crew right well i had imagine if you dropped a five hundred pound anything from the sky we'd be able to visually see
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it on a photo of a before and after and lastly professor but he at the un human rights council report relies almost exclusively on eyewitnesses for their reports in the town which we know was under the control of nusra front at the time and allied. forces even though p c w had had previously uncovered evidence that the chlorine gas attack in the rebel controlled town of al tamanna. was to blame was blamed on the syrian government was staged by al-qaeda operatives. how credible then are the latest claims by the u.n. human rights council well i think you can't you can't attach any credibility to any discussion you had with someone over the phone or organ or view or you must be on the scene to be able to see what actually happened but it's worse than that it's really almost
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a red herring good talk about these interviews because the video evidence that is being used in the u.n. report actually shows evidence of tampering with the sari we know that. first of all there was no bomb dropped on me so i well i think we'll call it and then but it was they said you know is that the evidence all right thank you so much for sharing your insight your expertise with us professor emeritus of science and technology and national security policy at mit ted postal. true. and coming up next on our team america is a bus with our host here lindsey france lindsey's joining us for a sneak peek was a what you got for us here's what i've got we've seen a massive hack into credit scoring giant equifax but to add insult to injury executives sold their stock in the company just before that announcement was made to the public also we've got a capitol hill with split personalities when it comes to the white house it's been
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a big first week back at school for washington and hurricane erma hits we take you to miami for more all right looking forward to it thanks so much lindsey. and that is going to do it for now on one of the stories which is covered go to youtube dot com r t america and check out our website r.t. dot com america you can also follow me on twitter military and right there remember the question we're all for you back here at five pm eastern. full disclosure i voted for obama in two thousand and eight because i wanted meaningful change and that's what he promised he promised to end our country's global aggression among other things and at the time that really resonated with me but then he got into office and instead of deescalating our warring ways he
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increased them he was our first president to be at war every single day of his eight year presidency in two thousand and sixteen alone he dropped over twenty five thousand bombs imagine that imagine just one bomb being dropped in your city near you and a bunch of buildings are instantly turned into rubble and people die now imagine three bombs going off now imagine that every hour every day for a year now imagine a thousand bombs now imagine if you can twenty five thousand bombs that's how many obama dropped in just his final year alone over the course of his presidency he dropped thousands more and seven countries he did this after i voted for him because he said he wanted to make the world a more peaceful place so i kind of expected him to explain to me why he instead chose to drop so many bombs and he's a great speaker and he's really smart really strong art so i figured he'd be able to tell me what was going on but instead what i got was
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a very different response instead i got a president who made selfie videos for buzz feed. a president who won on late night t.v. shows all the time cracking jokes start and mediums and doing my drops a president who kept hanging out with jay z. and beyonce and i don't like them but all i wanted was for him to match his demeanor to the seriousness of the real news that was going on and tell me what was up but instead all i got was some trendy mainstream brainwashing song and dance routine i was disappointed like a lot of other people were and i personally think that contributed a lot to hillary's loss because she then tried to carry out the same silly song and dance routine and a lot of people like me are over that and want some more serious answers but it doesn't look like we're going to get that anytime soon from that camp instead we might get a show called bury in joe the animated series featuring cartoon versions of obama
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and biden the show's creator has a kickstarter for it and he says it's an adult animated satisfies thing a parody of quantum leap and countless other eighty's t.v. classics all for people who intensely miss the duo of buying and obama in other words the culture around obama is still about fame and celebrity and cool trendy left exactly what the world didn't need over the past eight years and definitely not what it needs now.


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