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around corporation corporations run washington washington post media the media over voters elected to businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are in t. america play party america offer much more artsy american personal. many ways the music landscape is just like the real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never you're on. so much parking all the world all the
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world's all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. just. one. for the real. world according to. bad good i've got more to say that ever so what it is the world according to jesse well you know just after sit tight and find out because the show starts. the war. machine. governor it's been over two years since our last show and now we're here starting the very first episode of this new show kicking it off right here in the nation's capital we're going to be
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airing every week on r t america on fridays at seven thirty pm and ten pm eastern so we'll also be available on you tube and facebook but most importantly for thirty minutes every week our viewers are going to get to see and hear from you completely unscripted and uncensored so tell us how is this show going to be different from everything else on t.v. well first of all because you. it's going to be dangerous because if they're hearing from me people need to know and especially international people who is jesse ventura who is this guy well i'll give you a quick scenario who i am i graduated from minneapolis roosevelt high school i immediately join the united states navy i served four active two in the reserves and i am a member of the big bad u.d.t. seal community naval special forces i then went on to a fifteen year career in the world of professional wrestling for all you spanish people it's called libra and then i went on from there to become the mayor of the
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sixth largest city in the state of minnesota brooklyn park beyond bad i served one term i then became the thirty eighth governor of minnesota but the key to jesse ventura's this i am not a democrat i am not a republican i am an independent i don't belong to either one of these gangs i despise them both equally so when you hear me talk about democrats and republicans you will always know you're getting the truth for me because i owed them nothing in fact bridgette of a fear me they fear if i would come back in that political arena again because i'm too an old boy they've never beat me yet and so that's who jesse ventura is i'm also worldly i'm a one percenter can explain that to us well a real one percenter doesn't mean you're some rich guy from wall street a real one percenter means you are
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a outlaw biker and jesse ventura also has that on his resume so what i bring forward is worldly experience on the job training but yet i've held office governor and mayor most of these talking heads you run into they've never held political office bruges they haven't. them on both sides are here of our goals the democrats and republicans are let me say this i love my country but i believe like thomas jefferson said you have to be vigilant you have to hold your government feet to the fire to have a good government that's what i do i despise hypotheses and on this show bruges you know we're going to show a lot of hype ocracy because i will make you uncomfortable people i will take you out of your comfort zone you may not like that but you will need it you need to be out of your comfort zone so that you could understand what mainstream media shoved
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down your throat today all right governor everything in the news is russia russia russia but what about all the foreign elections the united states has interfered in i don't want to keep talking about the elections like everybody else on mainstream media but i want to do what you said and address the hypocrisy here between one hundred forty six and two thousand the united states has committed electoral misconduct and at least eighty one elections across forty five countries and that's twenty two percent of the world according to researchers at carnegie mellon university this includes elections in iran guatemala yugoslavia and she lay to name a few and it does not include any attempts for coups or regime change which would bring that number even higher now this study shows that most of america's meddling occurred during the cold war while the united states was trying to contain soviet influence but even after the collapse of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one the us has continued its electoral misconduct in fact since two thousand the us has attempted to sway elections in ukraine kenya lebanon
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afghanistan and more and while the united states the sanction in russia over election meddling the united states has never been sanctioned itself for similar behavior so governor why in the world is it ok for the united states to do this interference but not for anybody else. that's what our government is built of our. do is i say not as i do now i remember they told us when this whole russian thing started which i'll tell you i don't believe it. where's the proof they talk about these are the same people that took us to war in iraq and told us there were weapons of mass destruction and ties to al qaeda untrue lie took us to war this is the same intelligence that gave us the gulf of tonkin incident in vietnam now that's been proven a lie now people are expecting me to believe this after i've been lied to by my government on things of war that have really put us into two fifteen year wars
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based on lies and now i'm supposed to believe because they told me so that russia interfered in our election well first of all people let's take a little history lesson here if we may you don't elect your president anyway do you know you don't the electoral college a lacks the president not the people so unless russia interfered in the electoral college and got a hard core democrat or hard core republican to change their electoral vote how can they possibly say they interfered in our election because it's their system of our election with the electoral college wouldn't even allow it to happen and get it out there telling us it did this also goes into the myth of american exceptionalism everything that you're talking about with these war is lying to us to go and america is great and it is holier than thou yeah i mean were they told us that one
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point that interfering in our election was an act of war well then there's forty five countries out there whatever that number you said who should be declaring war on the united states because we've interfered in elections are you kidding me that's standard operating procedure at the central intelligence agency interfering is interfering in a country is attempting to kill another leader does that count how many times that we try to kill castro and think they did not count that in that so that number what . to be much higher but you see and so we're out there doing all of this stuff now we're going to put sanctions on russia why united states of america do you want to go the cold war again you know there was a there was a poll done by gallup a couple of years ago and they asked two thousand i think people outside the u.s. and one of the questions was if you went to war today who do you think it would most likely be against twenty three percent said the united states of america eight
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said china six said spackle stand russia wasn't even in the top three so i as a veteran in looking at that hang my head to shame and gov the rest of the world thinks that the us is who they'll be fighting but that's the leadership we have we are a war based country now and obviously they want us out war all the time how can you name any president who hasn't had his own war to oversee know they all get on they all over it war is continuous we have a war culture now and when it starts winding down they look for new places to go to war look at the ok let's get out it's a little different subject here but they're always trying to take my weapons my arms are second amendment right well i got news for you us government you can start taking my guns when you quit selling weapons of mass destruction and war throughout the rest of the world we are the biggest gun dealer in the world the united states
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of america so how dare them say to me give up your second amendment rights while were shovelling weapons everywhere around the world to go to war all the time do you think trump is going to start a war do i think trump will start a war i don't know but we sure seem to be itching for one i mean the cold war has ended my position is simple my mom my dad and mom both fought in world war two my mom taught. my dad i should say talked about when he got to berlin the friendship he'd had with the russians and yet it was done before the war was even over they've been our enemy for how long now the entire cold war i got an idea let's try being friends with russia try it for five years we can always go back to being enemies but let's try friendship let's see what we could accomplish going with russia instead and now we're opposing them again and you hear mitch mcconnell
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say russia is not our friend what have they done. what has russia done to incur our wrath have a different form of government well that's their call isn't it what they want to be and what kind of government they want to be and so to me it is utterly absurd that we are out there bringing the cold war again and our mainstream media who is supposed to be the fourth branch of government they're not anymore they're bought sold and they carry the water for what ever it is the government wants to accomplish no to any final thoughts here final thoughts i'm just beginning but i know we've got to go to break don't we pretty much and i know you'll do that to me . right when i'm on a roll you'll said you know right now i'm about to interrupt you red silk a though all right stay tuned after the short break we're joined by t.v.
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hosts and commentator ed schultz to talk more about media hysteria. the war. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's drowned out a lot of boys that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our to america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable.
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rejected tonight is a comedy new sold it is not the fangs by the corporate media. would you go after the corporations that just more your lives profit over people at every turn. redacted tonight for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer joke from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at. eleven. in case you're new to the game
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this is how it works now the economy is built around currency corporations from washington to washington controls the media the media over voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. politicians to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president. or some want. to break. the cycle before three of the more people. interested in the why. question.
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yes. the media has been all about russia but when it comes to the coverage the news is often biased and even flat out wrong here are some examples. where brad can host of our america's news with ed schultz ed joins me now to
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discuss the state of the media ed jesse who did this a good to see you of a horse thank you getting to this russian deal at. aren't they killing the messenger rather than the message mainstream media because now correct me if i'm wrong but i understood it that there were e-mails that clearly showed the democratic primary was fixed there's no question about that bernie sanders was railroaded by the establishment he really from the start had no chance to win the nomination the fix was in and what's so sad and you come from minnesota i have a lot of interest in minnesota as well as a longtime resident there the two senators from minnesota both close to char and franken put their electoral vote for hillary clinton their superdelegate vote for hillary clinton when bernie sanders won the people that's the problem the fix is in there was political money that was going to all of these super delegates before
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anybody was given any debate speeches or any kind of stump speeches that they were committing to people that they thought were going to win they thought the party was going to the best chance to win but all of a sudden bernie sanders came along and he proved to america how crooked the system is it even got so bad where donna brazil was feeding debate questions to hillary clinton if that's not cricket i don't know what is so that's the point i'm getting to know mainstream media is focused in on russia true that russia exposed this allegedly well shouldn't they be focusing in on the fact that the democratic primary was a fix and that should we actually be think if the russians did it should we be thanking them for exposing the fraud of our own election and then we could fix it so something like this wouldn't happen again but instead they're killing the messenger old let's get russia let's you don't hear one word about the fix the
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democratic advantage all the democrats certainly didn't put any pressure on the last president barack obama to do something before the election other than to try to jawbone vladimir putin who has said all. long that russia did not meddle in the election it was not state sponsored there's hackers in your backyard there's hackers down the street there is hackers everywhere it's been proven that none of the. you know the machines were the vote tally was changed the people of. pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin ohio they were donald trump because he talked to them and hillary clinton didn't that's the bottom line up and what about my point that we don't elect our president anyway the electoral college where we don't we bring we got a focus if i may just be sure all of these sanctions ok when you and i were growing up it was the old soviet union that was the bogeyman that we built up our military because we were afraid that we were going to get nuked but now russia in our system has become the political bogeyman the fact that ninety eight senators have voted to
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put sanctions on russia before the investigations have even been completed before so they were meddling you know why because they don't want to go home to the commercial jesse that says candidate x. is soft on putin candidate x. is now siding with the enemy kennedy x. is is going to be soft on national security that's really what we're dealing with now and donald trump is trying to go to the g. twenty he has a good handshake with putin they have good discussions in fact the media was upset because they had an hour meeting that nobody knew about maybe the guy was striking up a relationship he comes home the senate votes the way they vote he says wait a minute i'm trying to do a better deal with russia and you do this to me he's politically caught so now we've gone from the nuclear and from the military age to the political age where russia is so in tangle in american politics our senators are fearful to ask the questions or even come on this network and ask the questions that's
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a sad state of affairs or i've never seen you wound up like there said it took my show to do it you're always under control of the woodwork i like act common sense has lost the. off the building totally and now it's all this fear mongering going on holy smokes i'm going to run for the senate i can't go home to this commercial where my opponent is saying that i didn't want sanctions on russia because they're going to think i'm anti-american they're going to think that i'm soft on national security this is crazy in the meantime we spend six hundred sixty five billion dollars on defense you add up the next seven countries it won't even surpass what i said if. you're going to add up the top one hundred three we spend more than the top twenty three nations combined on defense in fact let let me cause some controversy and took some people off for a minute can i it's good at that we just named the u.s.s. general ford this new aircraft carrier of that cost billions of dollars we've built
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i find it interesting gerald ford comes from michigan as a congressman he was never elected v.p. he was never elected president he assumed the position and was appointed to them when he did run he got beat he changed the bullet wound of the warren commission sort fit the single bullet theory may have made it that he now gets an aircraft carrier costing billions of dollars named after him while the people of his own state of flint michigan are still drinking polluted poisoned water so it's more important for us to build a mayor craft carrier than to give the people of flint michigan clean water that is a travesty and of course this network has been accused of propaganda we were the first ones in in flint michigan telling the story about the water being tainted and people getting sick from drinking it so is it propaganda if we do a story showing that the american people shouldn't be consuming their water the fact of the matter is corporate america is in the back pockets of county
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commissioners mayors governors state representatives to the point where they would speak up and speak the truth and do the work of the people that's the problem with america that is a per. that story that you're talking about jesse and bringing up in the connection that all politics is local and with the kind of money that's filtering into the american political system it goes all the way down to cash whip and the county commissioners all the way down to cash whip in the state representatives as one of the reasons why the hard right in this country has been able to take over so many state houses they're spending the money the democrats aren't in many respects when and i asked this hundreds of times when there's our country going to wake up and stop electing democrats and republicans well here's the key in this let's go back to the last democratic president did it for me well there are the two party system is starting to fail the american worker number one the two party system right now is failing the middle class in this country we basically have two americas the
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haves and the have nots the stock market's going nuts that means the habs are down a heck of a lot better there have been wages are being depressed wages are not getting better laura people are working harder and longer just to pay the bills discretionary spending my family's in this country is off and if that's the kind of america you want you want to concentrate the wealth then go right ahead and do it but it's just going to be a pushback by the people some day and part of that pushback was bernie sanders campaign that was railroaded by the established and should we be spending money on what you're talking about rather than creating a new war with russia a new cold war with russia absolutely bring all our resources away back into their scrap we've done for my entire adult life because i can honestly sit here and tell you i'm from the year of duck and cover it out i had to do that you had you had to get under then you would get out as it is great whatever the right like vats going
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to save me from nucular bomb but yet and i'm sick of it had i want to say let's be friends for a while see what we can accomplish we can always go back and that's one of the reasons i took this job. i want to try to build a bridge between russia and the united states of friendship one final comment just may about the mainstream media today we're now living in an age were unnamed sources is now the story and c.n.n. is the biggest whore in all of this they go on the air with stories that they can't back up and they have ginned up the emotion of the american people to the point where all of a sudden if you don't hate russia holy smokes you're anti american the fact of the matter is is that they have had executives jeff zucker running c.n.n. who is allowed his people to go on the air with unsubstantiated reporting that has sway public opinion that has been iraq pat mentality that other networks have followed to the point where we've got this hysteria in this country to the point where the united states senate wants to sanction countries that shouldn't be
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sanctioned well it's absolutely outrageous and no one is asking the questions by the way can you give me a name in that report you know if you go into a court of law you have to have a document or you have to have testimony in the media in this country all you've got to have is a talking head so why not talk to two guys up on capitol hill on who they are but they were telling me this is what's going to happen with health care and when they don't know their ass from third base and mainstream media wonders why nobody trusts them they wonder why they have no credibility and they try to blame people like our to. their lack of credibility and somehow we're unpatriotic because we work for the opposition check the polls i'm not going to reel off the top of my head because there's a lot of them most of the country does not believe that russia is the issue most of the country believes that it's health care and jobs and it is not i will quote a rasmussen poll that came out recently that did say that the american people feel
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like their elected officials serve the media far more than they serve their best interest that says it all thank you and what a way to leverage off and it's all. common there are great ready to be here and great to be a ed schultz the voice of our t.v. how did you get any better than hair governor that's all we have time for today but i want to get your final thoughts on this there are essentially only six sources of news because six companies own ninety percent of the media these are the arbiters of information and the arbiters of quote unquote truth in the united states and going into what you an advert discussing about concentration of wealth let's also mention that there is a concentration of wealth at the top of the media ownership murdoch bloomberg comments and not only that believe it or not my court case against the barrett them snipers crew style has a bearing because i won on a thing called unjust enrichment the appeals court took it away from the jury
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get it because twenty three mainstream media conglomerates came into my court case with the appeal to get unjust enrichment overturned they were successful what that means now bridgie down is that mainstream media can lie all they want that make all the money they want off the law used which people need to understand our mainstream media is money driven today it is not driven by educating you or informing you it's driven by rating points and really making money so the result of my court cases open the door to where they can lie and defame make all the profits and the person that's harmed gets nothing laymen's terms it would be the equivalent if you went out and robbed the bank and got caught you did two years in jail for the bank robbery but then when you get out you get to keep the money and that's the level of
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bridgette a they can lie and keep the profits that they make and that was just in my court case but that's a pressure that it's now twenty three of them came in to a court case that had nothing. to do with their family to help create their screen were mainstream media now can say and do anything they want and they're not held accountable in any way shape or form and the only way that they hold themselves to account is by printing a retraction months later sometimes a year or so later if remember the article has been shared the video has been shared thousands and millions of times in some cases and nobody is alerted when those retractions take place so they are lying they just have to put a little tiny thing there that says oh we have a correction but they don't alert anybody that there is a correction and that's why i'm going to shoot everybody out there you made out like may not like my style but what you will get here is the truth thanks for tuning in be sure to send us your comments on facebook and twitter this is an interactive show after all and we want you the viewers to be part of it so this
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season will be featuring some of the best commentary from social media in the me. do what thomas jefferson told you to be very joe what. are your c. ter. what. are . the world according to shooters. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in our economy is built around corporation corporations from washington to washington the media the
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media. and voters elected businessman to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. there's a real irony going. tobe like the right response by placing people and that's always well that's what i think that's always been it's realistic to call for airing our wholesale surveillance is so you have all the while those who. has used to sell oil are always our lead story because it's garbage real genuine. love and war hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings us to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to stop spreading tell you what we gossip to
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the public life. as we tell you pull it out like. all the hawks that we are or what. i. have. to deny our right you probably know the stance by now we have more people in jail in this country per capita than anywhere else there are there are horrible repressive regimes out there run by the dude you tried to take indiana jones as hard in the temple of doom. look at the number of people it behind bars in our country and our like that that's what do you do with that guy's got ten years for stealing.


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