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so skip the quantity i'm in. general get over it. but if your ubiquitous on the music little you also leave with them you're going to. say or if you're the among honest of equal sign on the. lease us they all go. up but is it i getting me put it to. me to say no to the miss ali i call my mommy or call. sub is kissing you not postpone it this. thinking about a no no no no no not all ten of us here are up with up to develop will stop me i got on them is what i was told. i is the
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last infinity made us. all totally missed both of us and had a muslim a brothel i own you must tell me about how they were but i sure as he'll be in tulsa come get the gun get theirs up to the meeting. last impediment us young. a call me is all there but he gone bust one fake stands saying so and yet it hung on fine just didn't he lived in tulsa set up. the. course i may have also to move. about all with new stuff on but he went on the most of a young woman to quit. this bird to fall out of the. way to the last. two in the dust but this loss on us to get it down get it done that if.
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this was no misses them now. is. so and yet it them is the. only in the may quibble now in the body the methodology and the more play the name of a vision the outcome that the civil yeah bahamadia opiate a study of homo grapple give us but it will be gentle core mccoy will love up. this the oil be a bust of the is it a good i shall send you to forty more to. be to keep out of piano thing a full equal the most limbs o.p.l. the other they don't bust the mc. or are you. one. skin off my to. another.
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i was very proud of our government the priest in the morning. will. think. i would accept a heel when i lay in that nigger and thought myself so little for buffet eat at fifty and if we money had to be mighty small establish it in that me study session if our side they don't get oconee or settle for the window policy and voice i.d.'s eppolito a concept that if you read a feel or castle's don't they read i'm probably my from the outies us younger son not if gussie scene was lost and i don't know what all that but i saw not. all the evil on bro lot of sick every meal now we are still. one and a water bottles warm up all while my elliott and that and that i'm looking up
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a list at the end. on the human. side to hear the filing a human while at the. but you might get that high. school money and he. owns the movie. made you have had people who was dry would go crazy maybe in the us and . then my mother had.
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that make up artist that. i don't use and that might have me back. one of the. more you can but you must. go to someone if you don't. we received this with. as you know proposing a good approach. to muslim and went on to say it's just been over you know please don't ask me. what. i did get about me looking at that one thing that you know that the banks get the bank on you know it's been burnt down dead to me that's about it is that it is i did so is that he is that's an escort that i did and that poured out and got united
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and it became that because they want an up or down beat that they're not going to. meet up and run up the ticket without. automatic. break easily. going to. get my stuff. the justice is. done that is not something. i look at. it. is a little bit of. a bump for them. not . looking. good in this. without.
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getting a. couple of quotes that i was. yes this is real. that i'm going. to. say i think. the main bad us they. made about us a few they may seem a deal not been for the brainiac i may hear them if he had. no mandate to. say. and. they'd just.
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be on a bus and they'd be. assigned yamba you're paying them to babysit go. see. their daughter made. from a been. in the people that got a bad. thing out of a. plane the. most. being.
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they may. be. able. ball. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah yeah my ball game. there but. when. all one is only. me go yeah yeah. he still.
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just. feels this is just the scanner that lead up to that on the photos going to sit on my hands most of the local game would get somebody else to the status of my answer yes to this though the kid has crossed. this quote can you list of a clique those. fired out of georgia. began by you know that it is so sad most kids how do you have. kids b.b. if. thirty eight then know this consciousness is beating. iraq in the for the most this war made of the ico scott found that gives families this is really neat. thing the thing growing more and at the end. of. it
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made. them want to and they know yeah right thing. good they get paid and yeah and i think yeah he. said. no but i think of the thought he's going to hear the rest. and. so. while they labeled the. stuff they did on us our thinking on my history. well we. were made.
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in one of us in big business a process i am us a bit o. a story stand on. nice to see isn't getting it will never this will put up at the audience i will put up at thirty eight i mean at all of us a ticket not feeling it because you put up at the senate again if you stand up to. be done no wall no mistake about it the everyone was a poor human you know stickier latest and comment on that then you know study he is an implement delicacy and this. was. no this is this is never happening in the post office for a certain india the p.c.
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but is it your body think assume it's either. and blue book at that or higher than pretty fairly good ok you see that by grabbing a zipper i don't know and mascot ok if it was to become a question to see this a form of the need for them to be done the baby would not be needed but in most of the snow. out. of all i have four pictures of this those are made my email. oh. you see here is my choice leave there. to find the. i was a so i mean. this for. lunch or. for there.
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as long as you run support still the intel international community say to run this is not acceptable you should stop firing on this ng still open spoke to baseless ballots hamas saw the us is will be doing the place but this is something that i believe israel should see too good or we drop of course with the united states with other states and to say ok its not just you know a small easily problem. you seem years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family members he would have better luck with that better and i think they are and hurting whatever my my baby this is my book was published in the year two thousand called inhofe a million americans have been killed by phones in the us and we had
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a thought to me as i did this this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see who actually got hit by the gun i just saw it to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago i don't know this but we are not. wonder based on what are poorly guarded for less studious a little silence let me know when the point india is that are. all of a must forward is because you know doing a story of the not so young now it looks at the bar the military code of. it's a form of official means to do so long. on the sim it sooner. and yes. they still exist in
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a force us to save the ark of the waters your reaction to completely immerse you to misery learn your circle of. family system take what i mean or just interesting to you most interest your list. it will make. your only so book steve phillips video of that as soon as it is so it. was a case of the allowing it on different steeples foremost you need only pick you i was castles i remember seeing all those carefully also allows us to look at the most and i see first the strategic of. a musician passing go honestly. and then you know the ninety three seem innocent and you know. your ending momento kid or a stabbing. in the from the muddy age in no way in telling the think about what is
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. realistic going to happen because you have media ya know your isp a chair he got a market what they were that you how much they say they can you are sad but it's one of the. elemental part of doc. put me with a girl. and jada. in many why don't. they say give me hope this isn't get the money you missed i learned. years how even the mean for them and making me a nice new. daughter says that call me home on the sly misty initially would drain. minisub it or listen it up to see khomeini one problem amaze us at the net of. ilads are many hall. style corps style or listen oh
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i am listed he said i'm. a lonely demon mean which i mean of the to see that giddiness by that is that the seed of quantity cause and have for that it will be and dances more saloon pointed out i know they've been up you had you had that if this lesson dane sia. just. did it buddha last in your fisk us a video of a. lad out a about that unless you never get out at alicia naked i have a phone number. this is very hard because she has. been one of. why don't you go. then so i'm going to know you have new perfume on to. get us going all the way they've all been there for him what he.
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was. able to. pull over in that sound in this to see what's going on will cost somewhat of the missing bit of the same it is a use he has enough in this that it's a sense. they've got a name and make good to you all guessed a bit of this. and move for humanity. i mean money could then and then more to. you but i want to show you face the wall
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. or young boys. like this. please. to this person there one young yemeni timea. this person who becomes the yes probably. is a wonderings of a lot of them is posing as a miliband a bit but then almost has the most power handle i have been almost all get at them whereas my all can of the best my ship was. in our go to committee to meet the
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nia our lawyer told the part that they misinterpret our home. doesn't have pushed our last young man one. they beat it up others have to give a minimum of what gives this ovi in the us a. little bit. little bit they've got to give don't even know much of it you know we can bomb is a good living alcoholism is a been in but i'm ready to look at them in the bottle up up up. on the. guns i mean mark does it. look at those that are going to know this is though give you a good india motivated mill muslim ummah not the nobles all comes out of this into their articles where money can we handle and on top of the law. want over there though it where on the machine each other you look i'm an emotional. ms goes above all right jill. noida did they made the yale do with it the more that the get the.
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get him closer to go a little of. the. non-involved. thomas on them brought up. his poor form. from. the rest of these. kids some of this will be admissible what you're up with. it all the almost the only way the gunman that i'm with loyal equals. dave. and. the. little fellow.
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good guys are they going to be a mob the moment i'm out there he's got to get my the money from me not to be easy but the concept of god is that how confident that i can huygens probe of god the father was a baby that ended up as your body and blood and doesn't mock them as you back off from will have to be that i mean to. me they would be have. no hand and then. i have a day that then wasn't it i seen anything like that or drinking and i. am on monday . and.
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look. when they receive into free medical means that was a wounded man not. so it is total we are no. better meet the lie studies or. is that programa see if you know go. to extend your inclusive within your own not that many gunner the i.e.d. . me strongest of it as young as you are going to hear this but often we need. a. good way or. out of the battle. only it's the little one can it out oh yeah i doubt i would but i saw enough product in saigon i see i missed it in the saddle. but of the new not even the necessity home in doesn't. influence jeopardy's.
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they get better at the bounce a good. thing . they get then and. the. the in. that down the session the enough to have a. staff on lockdown for not have to make a. living you know i'm not counting on it. would be. a missile silo. it said quote from you can make it almost let me give you
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a look at making for next to mr wilkins t. shirt yeah that's it for the houston figured make it a song. but the number to name then. the same when they face. no no they fuss back. the same for. me. it didn't mean that's the bowling you know. my idea.
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was the most untimely end of the earth of a small you. are strong. so. i was also the for. you but i also don't know what is selling cool still. have. to know that it's just money lost on those us and this. is unfair to my sending leave. out. all that. i must take on another thing with me that. i'm out of tires from now on. where we all. fall down on them but most of them of which.
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the. n.s.a. came in yeah. york is very crazy and. i you know who suggested to go get toro awake at all oh sorry comedian i suppose these are but you're biting and you're sesame mass as rest of it annoys her who sees. mahi now of no mas as though it is the most modern of the she has them they've handled that small kid as bucky called it in courts on the celcius courses call me up and smoke is from wallace i see. them one almost get together. basically took over. here there is almost no history.
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there should not. barcelona dubrovnik and venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and
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hopefully for us on the celestial get out of that it was such a traditional story some not scums i am somebody to see that as we spend our lives on a school my days and i'm on my feet while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of vision totally cool we'll put to the supper will probably go on the dole coffee cup with dolly economy in the bushes up the on some snuck up the suppose it's in the in a. bit closer fine. but. as a tourist phobia fulfill fell into an identity. in
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the. headlines on r.t. international as russia's newly appointed ambassador to the united states meets the . and with three. remaining. a few weeks to go before elections in germany.


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