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tv   Headline News  RT  September 9, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the headlines on. russia's newly appointed u.s. meet the american president in washington we look at what challenges the diplomatic might have to face. as if humanitarian aid convoy serious or for the first time since islamic states three has been broken government forces are now fighting to retake the city. the terrorists. just a few weeks to go before elections in germany the country's foreign minister. gives an exclusive interview to discussing the crisis. and russia german relations.
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this is the international live from moscow a very warm welcome to you from everybody. i knew a russian ambassador has taken office in washington as the rhetoric between the two countries seems to be cautiously easing and i totally torn off has already met with the president donald trump during the meeting the ambassador for money presented his cruiser credentials to the american president in washington our correspondents american explains what challenges the new ambassador is likely to face well a much anticipated meeting between russia's recently appointed ambassador to the u.s. and u.s. president donald trump has taken place antonov predecessor was constantly targeted by the western media portrayed in a negative light over a number of allegations given the controversy surrounding the previous diplomat
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there are now many speculations around the new figure and as with all u.s. russia meetings this one also attracted media attention especially amid rising diplomatic tensions antonov in particular. expressed russia's eagerness to normalize relations with washington as russian figuration. improve relations between the two countries and to the relations between the united states and russia . international peace and progress as well as strategic stability according to the diplomat the meeting took place in a warm and constructive atmosphere commenting on the meeting the ambassador said that moscow is ready to take concrete steps to improve relations with washington and despite the ongoing diplomatic spat between the countries that saw us russia relations sink to one of the lowest points in history antonov said he believes the situation is mendable provided there's enough well to cast aside political
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differences and work together now this is all quite a positive shift from the rhetoric we've been hearing from both sides lately and it seems that improve relations between the two countries seems even more promising considering the new russian ambassador was actually a key member of the team that worked on the two thousand and ten new start bilateral nuclear arms reduction agreement we did what we could to improve our relations with the u.s. unfortunately we still haven't reached a consensus on many issues. because . the policy of containing russia seems to be the main focus of many western countries at the moment the current crisis in international relations unveils the
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real nature of some western governments which openly try to dictate their will influence the pseudo democratic values on others. it's time. that. it's up to washington. to good relations a lack of dialogue and the possibility of a further escalation in tensions would benefit neither russia nor america that's according to political analyst charles alltel it's really difficult for me to understand why are either side is going down this path i mean you know we could quibble and say you know in terms of our population we have a larger population that you could come back and say well we have larger territory and whatever but i mean this is really you know i have two children and occasionally when they would fight over small problems great opportunities you know
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i would try to teach them. to regard the united states and russia as children but you know with all the problems we face around the world in particular our joint problem with radical islamic terrorism. an economy that seems to be still that finding its full potential like you go on and on and on with all those problems with with so many shared interests i fail to see the wisdom of going down this path . with islamic states three year blockade of syria's yet as zoar effectively broken by government forces the aim now is to retake the remaining parts of the city from the terrorists some of the latest pictures from the ground. and the break of the terrorists blockade of the city was made possible after a series of successful operations carried out by the syrian with the support of russian airpower and with i saw a losing ground in the city the full liberation of the area is just
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a matter of time that's according to a syrian army officer by the mackinnon after the syrian forces lifted the blockade from the western side it became much easier to fight the terrorists. the blockade of the airport god willing you will hear some good news soon meanwhile the humanitarian convoy has reached the city for the first time since i saw those three broken residents queued up for food water and other vital supplies and we spoke to some of the. people on the brink of starvation we would say for food and water to reach the city that was all we wanted and thank god help is now arrived. we cannot describe how relieved we are that people were dying we would like to think the army and pay tribute to them for lifting the siege and. the syrian army has made significant progress against eisold in just the past few months and he said.
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it's gained around eight kilometers a day and the army has also succeeded in joining up with one of its brigades that had been trapped inside the city. caught up with that brigade which is now joined. on. i am a just a three kilometers away from the one hundred thirty seven degree gate i am a just less than one kilometer of all these little gatherings in the samantha reach area be just behind that building now the residual area of data store is just about seven hundred meters it's worth mentioning that some medical equipment and other food supplies have just entered the city here i was again the next time i did meet is the military at all posts i'm sure that you're hearing the evidence in the sky now the side of me that there is the military arable today result it's a just
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a few kilometers and also it is witnessing some juicy clashes between the syrian army and isel militants. it is r t international germany's foreign minister gabrielle is now the country's most liked politician edging ahead in the latest poll the head of the country's chancellor in just two weeks now germany holds federal elections and here's a quick look at germany's you favored. the rest. of you as i visited the country i like to think i'd be able to
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refrain from triggering any foreign policy crises with my words. just. and perhaps in part because of blunt gestures like that gabriel's party the social democrats are the closest rival of the ruling christian democrats led by anger. in an exclusive interview he told us his view on the upcoming federal elections europe's ongoing migrant crisis. we need to recognize that as a nation we live exports not just to anywhere but to the rest of europe when we do well for european neighbors are doing well so i want people to vote in germany's interests and in their own interests we want this country to prosper and that's
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possible only within the united europe those who are turning against europe will weaken our country in the long run. i think russia is just as concerned about islamist terrorism as we are and russia like us is concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons if north korea continues down this path and other small countries follow we will want the same thing as russia arms control nucular disarmament and measures to ensure peace establish trust and defeat islamist terrorism our countries have plenty of shared interests. but this europe should not limit itself to developing just from the inside because in reality there is no real distinction anymore between internal and external if we do nothing in africa if we fail to fight hunger and poverty what will happen next the influx of refugees will continue we can build high walls and send as many ships to
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the mediterranean as we want but if people only face hunger and poverty in africa then what will they do with their families they will try to get to europe so i will say this our life inside and our trade outside are now much more closely connected than thirty years ago a year of strategy must reflect this. i said i was very happy when two days ago the russian president vladimir putin publicly announced plans to request a un mission of course the conditions proposed by russia are not the same as the ones we or the ukrainians proposed but i consider it a good first step and what we need to do now is negotiate with the goal of the stablish in a cease fire and pulling back heavy weaponry and now we have an opportunity to do that my advice to all those involved would be not to refuse a deal because not all of our conditions have been met but instead to talk openly with russia about the conditions of such a blue helmet mission i think russia's initiative for
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a peacekeeping mission is sensible even if you krane or europe have a different vision of what this mission should look like it's always like this at the beginning people don't immediately share the same opinion now we should start talking to each other so an update on hurricane is coming your way there's no good news for residents of america's sun shine state we are back in just. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around. preparations from washington to washington. voters elected to run this country business. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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but now china has taken the bold step here in the twenty first century and after they've built our economy on the backs of all american jobs all the american jobs to china and the middle class out of like hundred years ago fifty years ago thirty years ago before the world trade organization they were accepted into the average you know chinese person was surviving on dirt like they were nation eighty but now they're all frickin middle class pinpoint mining. headlines here on our international new york times article has claimed to reveal another technique used by the russians to sway american elections allegedly russian ball swirl creating fake accounts to pay for political ads and to spread anti
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clinton messages on twitter and facebook. takes a close one. well your group has an army of internet trolls a legions of trolls that they have spread in program one message saying the problem is mission was to hurt the us democratic process to hurt hillary clinton and undermine her presidency. facebook and twitter were turned into action stars deception and propaganda fingerprints on the hundreds or even thousands of fake. mr clinton's denials of questions many have been cool. mr putin interfere in the twenty sixteen election put him self ordered the attacks gave his cyber experts broad direction.
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wow you might think this looks like a new t.v. show that's about your screens but no it's actually a new york times article use your imagination now kremlin bots turn into americans who influence the u.s. presidential elections since ational plotline the script must be amazing well here's a spoiler it was inspired by a post by facebook's security chief which said they had discovered hundreds of bots purchasing space for political ads our analysis suggests these accounts and pages were affiliated with one another and likely oprah rated out of russia this plotline also has a hint of mission impossible to sway the elections for just a hundred thousand dollars compare that with the whopping clinton campaign budget and what was the impact of that mish well facebook estimates that out of all the
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election related content posted on the platforms only one tenth of one percent resulted from information attacks like the alleged kremlin pain they'll need to do better than that if they want to sell this dollywood but ok what about the main villain i think you know what i'm talking about ip addresses can simply be made up mr putin said referring to internet protocol addresses well showing the striking familiarity with how cyber attackers might cover their tracks president putin mentioned that ip addresses can be masked and anyone can pretend to be someone else seems he knows way too much about how it all works there's even a spin off on twitter it turns out the russian bots reply directly to trump on twitter oh those clever russians clearly this was an effort to influence donald trump they know he reads tweets. so what exactly does that prove nada zilch zero zero zero zero zero well the title was so promising but it turned out to be the same old story with nothing proven and nothing tangible we go r.t.
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all our facebook recently changed its view on alleged interference and influence leading some to question the credibility of its obligations right after the us elections c.e.o. mark zuckerberg said it was crazy to think that fake news could have influenced the outcome of the u.s. presidential vote you know personally i think the idea that. you know news on facebook which you know it's a very small amount of the content. influence that what the election anyway i think is pretty crazy idea right and it's. you know voters make decisions based on their lived experience facebook earlier claimed it was unaware of any paid ads designed to meddle in the elections and on wednesday the company said that it had found three thousand suspicious. however the company refuses to release
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any any of the alleged russian found in fact at the very same time google says it hasn't found any evidence of suspected targeted ad campaigns well earlier we spoke to historian erika's weiss the things that these allegations are ridiculous. facebook earned sixty six billion dollars from advertising just last year alone and be a legit campaign as that two year campaign with one hundred thousand dollars obviously that could not have schrade an election anywhere except maybe in a small transform in an presidential campaign there are hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent no one in the government or it facebook or in the news media is presenting even a single one of the words three thousand on line advertisements the lack of true shipley shows their intent i mean that they would present this garbage to be heard
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like it's not even worth presenting at all all the allegations are so brave the special counsel who's investigating to try to find a reason to have the president impeached is looking into everything that he can. the state of me and maher is facing condemnation from muslims over its failure to stop violence against the country's persecuted religious minority pakistan afghanistan russia and other countries with a large muslim population are among those protesting the years long religious oppression in myanmar or the country's government claims it's only trying to establish peace in the country by fighting terrorists or the reputation of the country's de facto leader unsung suchi is suffering because of the alleged genocide of the row hinge of minority she previously and global respect for promoting
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democracy in the country and even won the nobel peace prize for her nonviolent advocacy for that of human rights but with the situation concerning me and mars rover muslim minority escalating activists are now calling for unsung suchi to be stripped of her nobel prize here's a look at how the prestigious award can sometimes be motivated politically. the nobel peace prize is supposed to honor those who have done the most for fraternity between nations their bullish and of standing armies and the promotion of peace that's how alfred noble envisioned it more than a century ago but the record of some prize winners and nominees has sometimes been juby as in two thousand and nine the newly elected us president barack obama won the award despite his campaign promises the american military were actually at war for every year of his eight year term airstrikes a raid were held in seven countries and in twenty sixteen alone over twenty six
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thousand bombs were dropped by the u.s. air force years later a former noble prize secretary even admitted to his frustration over obama's ability the prize did not have the positive effect is obama there when i have positive effect especially in the u.s. another contentious choice is a european union the bloc was rewarded with a nobel prize in twenty twelve for quote six decades of contributions to the advancement of peace and reconciliation democracy and human rights in europe the same year europe saw spike in terror attacks two hundred nineteen happened that year in the e.u. member states also in twenty twelve some european countries were engulfed in mass protests against the sterett emerges the bloc had imposed the same year the syrian rescue group the white helmet was nominated for their ward that's despite its members being alongside al nasra terrorists and even at execution sites the white helmet reputation was also in question after it stays the fake risk video taking
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part in a so-called money can challenge. well i think anytime you have. a prize around peace. and that is going to be political nobel peace prize has you know historically sometimes been a political tool the committee that controls the nobel peace prize nominations and how they select sometimes do it because they are hope for their trying to push an agenda so with obama for example it was only about ten months into his presidency when they gave him the nobel peace prize he hasn't had a chance to even set up as desk at that point if you look at some of the people that chose one of the ones that you mentioned today on sun suchi the reason why she's deserve the prize is she says she worked for years and years in a nonviolent way to change a country i don't think her actions to today are that of a nobel peace prize winner but i certainly don't think that you should take the
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prize away. hurricane which is expected to make landfall in florida in a few hours time has been upgraded to the maximum level of five officials are warning of a large scale catastrophe the storm has been battering the caribbean islands leaving a trail of devastation and has claimed at least twenty lives. october o'clock the governor of florida has told everyone in the most part thoughts more than a million people to get out of the disaster zone marina porter has the latest this storm is being taken very seriously and as each hour passes everybody in the state
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is not being allowed to forget the dangers that can bring when she approaches and hits land in florida six hundred sixty thousand people have been instructed to leave their homes in miami dade county that is the largest evacuation in this county has ever seen a total of forty three shelters in miami dade will be opened up with enough collective space to accommodate one hundred thousand people the federal government said no one in florida has experienced a storm with the intensity of urging all those in evacuation zones to get out now if you are told to evacuate leave get out quickly. the roads will fill up quickly so you need to go over again it continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the united states or florida or some of the
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southeastern states i'm located in one of the zones that was instructed to evacuate i'm in a neighborhood called brickell this neighborhood has a lot of high rise buildings and a lot of buildings under construction one of the many reasons residents here were told to evacuate is because of the construction sites and the construction cranes these can cranes also route miami. that litter the skyline are actually being left up they have not been taken down despite the fact that city officials knew irma was on her way more than a week ago it is not clear why they have not been taken down by they oppose danger to any building around it so all those that live around a back construction cranes have been told to evacuate burkle is one of those neighborhoods plus all of those people that are trying to evacuate many are succeeding many are failing we heard from some were at the fort lauderdale
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international airport fortunately i was able to buy a one way ticket to memphis all the tickets were sold out i kept trying all week over and over again and lucked out now please i have never experienced this in my life in my entire family and so i just thought it might be you know unsafe for me to get out because i am never been in this before and i just want to get out. one hundred eighty five mile per hour winds these are strong winds that florida has never experienced before everyone. every hour that irma will be ferocious when she hits florida. meanwhile mexico was bracing itself for cata a category two hurricane as expected to be dangerous flash flooding and mudslides on top of mexico was dealing with the aftermath of the most powerful earthquake it's suffered in a century which claimed at least sixty one. president has declared three days of
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mourning to honor the victims of the devastating quake the eight point two magnitude shock was felt by fifty million people in flattened large areas in the south of the country the mexican army has been mobilized for a shoes rescue operation with an unknown number of people still trapped under collapsed buildings and we understand around two million people were temporarily left without power. but will be giving you more updates all day long here at r.t. international regarding about hurricane systems across the gulf of mexico and beyond in the meantime though your worldwide headlines continue. with this manufacture consent to public will. when the ruling class is a project. we
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can all middle of the room sick. as long as he runs still. say to run this is not acceptable you should find on this in. perspective. the place but this is something that i believe should see. good there we draw schools with. the states and to say ok it's not just you know small these really pulled the.
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time lindsay francis and broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight credit scoring company equifax gets hacked nearly a million and a half people are affected and on top of that executives made some quick money before the announcement was made and hurricane irma barrels through the caribbean and right into florida we take you straight to miami and it's an odd couple top democrats united with president donald trump to keep the government running and it's got his party crashing a tad my guest says there's much more to tom stand by us starts right now.


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