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a newly quit. in post made this bird to fall out of the. way out of. whack you in the dust but there's also you also get it down look at it on the what if. this was no mrs. is. saying you eat them is the only and only equatable me. me about it i missed the no quibble name or bit in the uk i get the same. kid a spot in the cuomo grapple kid is but it. will live up to. this the idea bus of this it again i just also uniform. the to keep out of piano thing a few equals the most glamorous opiate all the other they don't bust the.
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corner you. want money to spend the last minute if not. i was very proud of our government the forensic team on. christmas things. i would accept a heel when i lived in that nigger and thought myself so little for benefit you had fifty and if we money had to be mighty small establish it that i see and that me. studies have shown a force are they don't get it or can or will settle for the win of course ian boy second d.s. eppolito was that that if you read a feel or castles don't they read i'm probably my from the outies us younger son that is scar c.c. was lost and i don't know what all that but a sign up. for the rollout of secure real will now we are still.
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went by they were long all. my elliot and that and that i'm looking up a list at the end. on the human. side to hear how the filing a human while at the same of the battle hylda them asking just go along it he embarked on a cap on the last may he bless my anything. in the last exam of the law. take that as an adult ok act on it that's fine with that much. owns most me. maybe naive and. my.
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brother and my dad and they don't name. the mother. and if you cannot tell one emma that megan and. i went and they. might have me back. they will want. more of them but the muscles of. this woman if you don't do. it or disappear oh we see it this way they see up we're going to put us in no position to preach to the most. cruel to muslim men when oh so it's just made of were you know please don't ask me if.
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i think any of that me was being with us i don't think that you know that the big get the big deal. to be that about it is that if i did so is that he used as an escort bat or done that. got him i think it became that of them was. that their lapdog. yeah that. is the way he said it became a. get money out of the stuff yeah. the justice is. done that is not simple
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yet i look at them out of it. is a little bit of a. big pile for. that. matter how small. town looking. at it in this. case that without. they have a zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero s. this is real. big that amazon going to add a mint to. say they live. in maine but us they.
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bet i say they may seem a deal though i'm not too thin but they still own the board of a half guy made here and on my in the movie had lost my phone to. no mandate to not the man to say hadn't. come and they just hear me on the bus and they've been. canceling yamba you know being a mere baby a signal to them when. they found the answers so i had to see. what they had though and made. us about it. you mean you would. bring to me who. made that been. going.
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on up all that got a bad. day out i am not where i am not playing a grab. not. being. me. a local made to nominate. the where. they say it will be a. good . ball game.
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all on is only. ok yeah. he goes oh yeah yeah. he says. it's just for. just. a little justice just can't eat up to get on the photos on the fiddle man a lot of the local dimwits get somebody else to understand my answer yes to that stone the kid has crossed. this quote can be your list of aches. it's good in that you know that the sadness of. b.v. it resets thirty thousand of this cancer says eighty.
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formated the economists got. us was this really neat. thing the same growing. and. the. number has a lot of thought is going to. invoke. the name. where is the stuff that. he will say.
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you were me. he would have us in big. nice to see isn't getting it will never this will put up at the audience i will put up at thirty eight i mean at all of us a ticket not feeling it because you got up at the senate again if you stand up to.
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be done no wall would not honest about it the everyone was a play him or you know sticky or latest and comment on the demos that yes he is a implement delicacy and this. was. no this is this is never happening in the post office for certain india will be seen by the security think assume it's either. and blue book at that or higher than pretty fairly good ok you see that by our own eyes if our own and mascot ok if it was to become a question to see just a form of the need for them to be done the baby would need about enough of the snow . out. of all i have four pictures of this those are made my email. by charles oh oh oh sorry this big bear yes my chargers need their feelings to find the other night. i want a so i mean.
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it's for. lunch or. for here. and there are not ones out. on the flues often i don't want my next nights out the definitions enough i'm bad and the. ones you king i need south. take in the equal city south can sound it did me good docs to get it done and then you're going to bring you know how we think i'm. young would be might not be. good enough you know not beach. south. to be just get silly me one mean i love just not enough be deep but let me face
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them tokyo find it he's going to keep going. to let. you know. his work was because did it because he didn't seem quite a cultural critic i pulled the premise. as long as he ran support still the intel international community to say to run this is not acceptable you should stop firing on this until from our perspective baseless ballots hamas saw those is will they doing all the places but this is something that i believe israel should. see together with russia of course with the united states and with other states and to say ok it's not just you know a small israeli problem.
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they're bred for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling. their raps. and they save lives. on the base almost up poorly guarded for the students and this was. only. because you know telling a story you cannot. be involved because of. it or some of official means to use
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a little. on the cement sooner. last company yes. they still exist in a force us to say the arc of the waters your reaction to completely immerse you to me to learn your. system take what i mean or just interesting to you most. important there is policy and to eliminate a few it will make. your only stable steve phillips video of that i feel is. a long and different steeples family need only affect you i was castles i remember seeing all those carefully also allows us to look at the most can i say first this . is the tick of. a musician passing go because honestly. in the name you know the ninety three seem innocent and you know.
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your any momento kid or a stab. in the for the money in no way in telling the thinker what. your list is going to happen because what i mean yeah you're one of your list which i really hate that i'm not here what they were that you how much they say they can you are sad but it's one of the. elemental part of doc. put me with a girl. and you're. in many why don't isn't but all been said to me whoa this is get the money lady mr rollo and i mrs hardy and. then the mean for them and making me a nice. daughter said call me in the hope on the science channel you would train. minisub it all listen it up to see khomeini one problem
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amaze us at the net and a lot there are many or. is that while costello listen no i am listed in the saddam team. given me much a menace in that each other of the to see that giddiness by that is at the seat of want to see cause and have for. sentences. saloon pointed out i know they've been up to you have you had that if this lesson dane c.-a. just. did it buddha last in your fisk us a video of a. lad at a about that unless you never get out elisha naked i have a phone number. this is a guy who because he has. been one of. why don't you go. then so i'm going to know you have new perfume on to. get us here and all the way they've all been there for him when he.
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was. a little bit. below in the sand in this dusty host in the middle no cost somewhat of the missing bit of the same work it is i guess he has enough in this that it's a sense. they've got a name and make but he also gets the bit of this. but it has had all the to.
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move for him already. i mean money contained in the model. but i want to show you face the wall. do we have to get up or young boys . to this person there one young yemeni timea go in thinking. this was a big guns that. is a blundering zavala to them is posing as a miliband a bit but then almost has the most power handled by have been almost la plata will
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get at them whereas my old can of the best my ship was. in our go to committee to meet the new lawyer told the part that they misinterpret our home. doesn't have pushed our last yemeni and one of. the beatles up others had to give a minimum of what kids dissolve in the us like other much. older they're going to. be very good don't even know much of that you know we can buy them is a good living alcoholism is a been in obama but i'm ready to look at them in the bottle up up up. on the. guns i mean mark does it. look at those that are going to know this is the old give us the good india motivated muslim ummah not the mobile phones are the there out there cows where money when we are new and want a bit o. lord ya know me i want over there though it just where on the machine each other
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you like i'm an emotional. ms goes above all right jill. and more added to that you made the you do with the ugh show more that they could get the commit up so you. get them closer they got a little of that in the. moment. thomas on them brought up. films you have on the go meet up on this poll for. some of. the recipes. put this some of this will be admissible what you're up with. it all the almost the
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only way the gunman that i'm with loyal equals. this will follow. a good guys are they going to be a mob the going down moderate he's got the good guy not the money not to be easy but the concept of god is that how confident that i can huygens probe of god the father was a baby that ended up look bad as your body and blood and doesn't mock them if you back off from will have to be that i mean to. me they would be. passed going to. montana then. you have
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a day that then wasn't it i seen anything like that or drinking and i. am on monday . and. there was not. one that prissy into free medical means us would say would not but. so what. better meet the lie studies or. is there programa see if you know go. to extend your inclusive within your own not that many gunner the i.u.d. . throwing stuff for no sickle but as young as you are going to hear this but often we need to have. a scary way or. out of the battle had only it's really one can it out oh yeah i doubt i would have but i saw enough product you gonna see i missed it in the saddle. this. is
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a start but of the new not even the necessity home in doesn't. influence jeopardy's. better than to balance a good. thing . to nothing. they get. the. ear. let down this afternoon or nothing i would add to this from a staffer i'm not down for not have to make a. living. on my plan. again
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please. if the whole thing called a for me to make it ball of let me give you a book with me on next to me still. accused of your method he set us on. a big number name then. the same when they face. no no they pass it back you. think for. me. it did mean that's the bowling you know. the idea.
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was the most fun turning of the earth the first more than four games come on the sooner strong. so. i was also the for. you but also what is selling cool still. know that it's just money lost in those us and this. is unfair to my suddenly we're. both. all that. i must take on another being with me that. i'm out of tires for now on. where we all. fall down on them but most of them of which.
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the. n.s.a. came and yes. your history crazy and. you know who suggested by your get doro awake at all oh sorry comedian i said you're biting and you're sesame mass yes rest of it annoys her who sees. mahi now of no mas as though it is them smart enough they she is them they pay and then bill small kids but to call it in court on the celcius cause us call me up and it's all us i see. them one almost get together.
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yet there is almost no here to. know there should not. eighteen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with a gun if a bad guy tried to get to one of my family member he would have better a lot better knife. and hurting when i buy my babies since my book was published in the year two thousand more than hoffa
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a million americans have been killed in the us how to saute me as i did this is a middle school we go through drills and we cut ourselves some real scenarios it was interest same to see. him. to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years of god. but we are not. credited as one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did. just i came to god and met the death star game and in the spiral not. many lives have been broken really excessive to the banks going
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to. be. there. but i just didn't think of three. hundred. people seen no future bad face for how you know you become ill. your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is a life long or is there a way out no not sure. or no would want to ditch been for more. a few more. years will people been saying about rejected in the us in the long awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our three americans doing the same we are
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apparently better than blue best. to see people you've never heard of love are down for the night not the president of the world bank so there you go. seriously send us an e-mail. as a flows into the syrian city of day old for the first time since islamic states three hold is broken government forces are now fighting to retake the cities last remaining districts. russia's newly appointed ambassador to the u.s. meets the american president in washington we look at what tallent is a diplomat is likely to face. and in an exclusive interview with altie germany's foreign minister suggests sanctions against russia could be lifted if a proper truce in eastern ukraine is established.


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