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tv   Headline News  RT  September 9, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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our broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is art international in trying thomas glad to have you with us and the syrian army says it has a broken islamic states blockade of an air base in the city of dare as or. the syrian army managed to breach the siege over the military airports here in dayton but let me fantasize something that civilians and syrians all over syria are so had be and they consider it as a moment of triumph on the way to defeat as a leader over this this this soil of the country if you are talking about the military operations state run media reported today that the military operations started by the forces into cemetery in the south was the don't result link with
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forces holding the airplanes of the airports and it's all to mention that this is of course the fairest meeting between these forces within nine months important information i have to mention that this comes only a few days off toward russia back forces managed to break the siege over the it was the initial areas here in there's still. some analysts and observers believe that this is would be and maintaining bones in the war against bolton's goal is to liberate all that is the initial areas that are just a few of his then szell areas and districts in the hands of the extremists so his goal is to achieve is a ration and to retake this there is then chill areas again. one last thing to please let me say that civilians live is going to be much easier from now on and their suffering will end. you syrian military has been advancing rapidly in recent
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months back in june islamic state controlled a quarter of the country three months later half that territory has been retaken and now government forces are on the verge of fully liberating the city of various or one of the last strongholds in syria we heard from a syrian army commander on the subject. of the syrian air force played the main role in locating the terrorist forces known as i still there identify their ammunition warehouses and listened in to meetings in which the terrorists planned attacks inside and around their results with the help of russian add power the syrian air force struck these places ahead of the arrival of syrian government troops this weekend isis ability to attack and to call in reinforcements from morocco and palmira syrian forces fought fierce battles the terrorists have planted improvised explosive devices and cobhams all around trying to prevent the army from entering the city in the end the syrian army gained a great deal of momentum and was able to connect with other territories it has gained. in syrian journalist told us that more about the operation to liberate
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dairies or whatever it is. there is always the second largest province in syria after holmes is territories vost without the syrian army the outcome of this battle would have been completely different the syrian commanders realize the huge strategic significance of their resort in the need to liberate it is high school has been defeated in iraq everyone can see that and they're no longer in the syrian desert there is or is the only stronghold so the group has almost been eliminated islamic state turned into the capital as they did with iraq and those with people in this province stood up to ice and fought against them. meanwhile a humanitarian convoy has raged in the city for the first time since i saw a three year siege was broken residents lined up for food water and other essential supplies. people into arizona are on the brink of starvation we would separate for food and water to reach the city that was all we wanted and thank god help is now
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arrived. we almost died from hunger thing god the human ten and eight are right we thought we were going to die. but that we cannot describe how relieved we are people were dying we would like to think they are me and pay tribute to them for lifting the siege job it was the wrong thing god we have been saved from a terrible ordeal things will be different now but we want to thank this syrian army for lifting the blockade and freeing us from islamic state. russia is involved in the aid effort sending supplies into newly liberated parts of the city for the past three years locals have depended on air drops for sustenance middle east analyst told us latest advances could spell the end for islamic state in syria. the entire episode of the syrian army reaching the city of daters or breaking the siege and isis forces dias forces you know fleeing this base and you know mounting
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no real resistance is a huge turning point in a sense because suddenly this sort of fearsome enemy is you know fleeing a battlefield and is not you know able to you know mount in a sense any credible how to use a more rally boosting operation the forces that have been separated in the year poured from the main city about nine months ago are now liberated they've been through terrible ordeal themselves as well. forces are pretty much those that are the three main inside the city are pretty much trapped between the advancing syrian army forces and the river and so liberating the city itself shouldn't really take much longer. russia's new ambassador to the u.s. has taken office at a time of strained relations between the countries. to nava presented his
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credentials to president trump in the white house some reports on the challenges the new ambassador will face. well a much anticipated meeting between russia's recently appointed ambassador to the u.s. and u.s. president donald trump has taken place antonov predecessor was constantly targeted by the western media portrayed in a negative light over a number of allegations given the controversy surrounding the previous diplomat there are now many speculations around the new figure and as with all u.s. russia meetings this one also attracted media attention especially amid rising diplomatic tensions antonov in particular expressed russia's eagerness to normalize relations with washington and russian for your nation. to brief relations between the two countries to relations between the united states and russia. international peace and rigorous as well as strategic stability according to the
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diplomat the meeting took place in a warm and constructive atmosphere commenting on the meeting the ambassador said that moscow is ready to take concrete steps to improve relations with washington and despite the ongoing diplomatic spat between the countries that saw us russia relations sink to one of the lowest points in history and said he believes the situation is mendable provided there is enough will to cast aside political differences and work together now this is all quite a positive shift from the rhetoric we've been hearing from both sides lately and it seems that improve relations between the two countries seems even more promising considering the new russian ambassador was actually a key member of the team that worked on the two thousand and ten new start bilateral nuclear arms reduction agreement political analysts are charles we're told told us of the current tensions are harming both russia and america. it's really you know difficult for me to understand why our either side is going down
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this path i mean you know we could quibble and say you know in terms of our population we have a larger population that you could come back and say well we have larger territory and whatever but i mean this is really you know i have two children and a case that occasionally when they would fight over small problems and or great opportunities you know i would try to teach them a lesson or two i'm not saying upright regard the united states and russia as children but you know with all the problems we face around the world in particular our joint problem with radical islamic terrorism. and economy that seems to be still not finding its full potential like you go on and on and on with all those problems with with so many shared interests i fail to see the wisdom of going down this path. germany's federal election is just a two weeks away and the foreign minister has overtaken chancellor merkel as the country's most popular politician but get this he's not even in the running for the leadership.
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liz. i was close to being arrested in the wrong china turkey and saudi arabia because i visited those countries i like to think i'd be able to refrain from triggering any foreign policy crises of my words. about. oh. i gave an exclusive interview to our team sharing his views on the upcoming election and of course sanctions against russia. voice of
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i was very happy when two days ago the russian president vladimir putin publicly announced plans to request a u.n. mission of course the conditions proposed by russia are not the same as the ones we all ukrainians proposed but i consider it a good first step and what we need to do now is negotiate with the goal of the stablish in a cease fire and pulling back heavy weaponry and now we have an opportunity to do that and if we manage to implement the truce at least the political process of reconstructing done bass may start then we can start lifting sanctions against russia and i was criticized yesterday for my position on ukraine but i still believe it's correct. by i want people to vote in germany's interests and in their own interests we want this country to prosper and that's possible only within a united europe that those who are turning against europe will weaken our country in the long run but. wasn't always had good i think russia was just as concerned
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about islamist terrorism as we are and russia like us is concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons if north korea continues down this path and other small countries followed we will want the same thing as russia arms control nucular disarmament and measures to ensure peace establish trust and defeat islamist terrorism all countries have plenty of shared interests on a limb or goal is widely expected to win a fourth term as chancellor but some believe that after twelve years in power it is time for her to step down on saturday in march was held in berlin with of the message merkel must go activists denounced her controversial decision to allow more than a million migrants into the country over the past two years they were confronted by a rival march in support of the chance. right switching gears now russia has condemned poland's decision to remove a world war two memorial the foreign ministry described it as an outrageous
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incident and part of an anti russian policy the red army monument stood at the site of a mass grave. t. . or. warsaw recently barred moscow from a project to build a memorial at a former nazi death camp sobibor operated for a year during the war and a quarter of a million jews were murdered there the camp was closed after a large uprising led by a soviet officer when six hundred prisoners attempted to escape only a few dozen lived to tell the tale and the polish government recently demanded a trillion dollars from germany and war reparations and poland is also demanding money from russia. now warsaw's deputy minister of justice wants moscow to pay
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compensation for the polish soviet war which ended in one thousand twenty one however he made no mention of the red army's liberation of poland from nazi germany in one thousand nine hundred five eastern europe analyst bernard gave us his take on the story after in one thousand eight hundred ninety eight destroyed quite a lot of monuments especially the monuments of general coney it. would surely be rated some monuments were left and now would be i can say they finished the joke if you ask people in under street didn't poll and what they think about that they think it's pure event but you know wave media polish media and government is working they don't talk about dural of this soviet army in deliberation of poland the problem is with new generation because the new generation where growth of the schools where they teach history do way i told you
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in the fall and it would be very very tightly without. border soviet union helped build into a house of shared second. more than six million people have been forced to flee their homes in florida as hurricane makes landfall the edge of the storm is now battering of the state's coastline has left a trail of devastation across the caribbean already. further. as the eye of the storm heads for florida highways have been jammed with vehicles
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and gas stations are running out of fuel the florida governor has urged everyone in our midst path to flee but many people in miami are unwilling or unable to leave and are boarding up their windows to limit the damage he's nicholas sanchez o'donovan is there for us. through the morning we didn't see anybody on the street . something built into the boarded up all the fuse in sandbags. is going to be. what we. will. the concepts of. how is. it. that it almost right at the top of the building we. sound.
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pretty like a big brick built around the construction site. that almost. nobody but the. old south florida. right at least three hundred thousand muslims have fled me and maher over the past two weeks this according to the united nations the refugees say that the military has burned down their villages although the government has been denying these reports. because. i. was.
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there. i was bleeding and could not even lift my hand i had to find a stick with support i walk slowly with the people who came here after breaching here i was taken to the hospital. i was. the military crackdown has it dealt a blow to the reputation of the country's de facto leader aung san suu kyi previously earned a global respect for campaigning for democracy and won the nobel peace prize for her nonviolent struggle for human rights now officials around the world have called for her to be stripped of that prize however the nobel committee says it cannot be revoked here's a look at how the prestigious award is sometimes accused of being politically
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motivated. the nobel peace prize is supposed to honor those who have done the most for fraternity between nations their balloon of standing armies and the promotion of peace that's how alfred noble envisioned it more than a century ago but the record of some prize winners and nominees has sometimes been jube use in two thousand and nine the newly elected u.s. president barack obama won the award despite his campaign promises the american military were actually at war for every year of his eight year term air strikes already held in seven countries. and in twenty sixteen alone over twenty six thousand bombs were dropped by the u.s. air force years later a former noble prize secretary even admitted to his frustration over obama's award the prize did not have the positive effect for obama there when i have hosed effect especially in the u.s. another contentious choice is the european union the bloc was rewarded with
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a nobel prize in twenty twelve for quote six decades of contributions to the advancement of peace and reconciliation democracy and human rights in europe the same year europe saw spike in terror attacks two hundred nineteen happened that year in the e.u. member states also in twenty twelve some european countries were engulfed in mass protests against the sterett images the bloc had imposed the same year the syrian rescue group the white helmet was nominated for their ward that's despite its members being alongside al nasra terrorists and even at execution sites the white helmet reputation was also in question after it stays the fake risk video taking part in a so-called money can challenge. oh bill peace prize has you know historically sometimes been a political tool the committee that controls the nobel peace prize nominations and how they select sometimes do it because they are hopeful or they're trying to
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push an agenda so with obama for example it was only about ten months into his presidency when they gave him the nobel peace prize he hasn't had a chance to even set up as desk at that point if you look at some of the people that chose one of the ones that you mentioned today on sun suchi the reason why she's deserve the prize is she says she worked for years and years in a nonviolent way to change that country i don't think her actions to today are that of a nobel peace prize winner but i certainly don't think that you should take the prize away. and attempt to end to the saudi led blockade of qatar appears to have broken down riyadh announces that all dialogue has been suspended after a phone call between the qatari leader and the saudi crown prince earlier donald trump offered to help resolve the dispute despite having accused qatar of sponsoring terrorism if i can help mediate between cutter and in particular the
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u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. at a very high level the u.s. president made those remarks back in june when four countries cut diplomatic and transport links with the gulf nation saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the u.a.e. accused could tar of supporting terrorism. now the u.s. has its largest air base in the middle east in qatar around eleven thousand american troops are stationed there just weeks after the blockade president approved a fighter jet deal with doha worth twelve billion dollars a professor of politics at the university of tehran told us that arms sales are a top priority for the u.s. trump really is completely discredited outside of the united states behaving in a provocative manner across the globe from is very unpredictable so. therefore it's very difficult to say what he's up to and therefore what the position of the united
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states will be. in the future but obviously one of his objectives is to milk the countries in the persian gulf region they're there for seeing that the kuwaitis to buy more weapons the. more weapons the about amy's and the emirates and the saudis supply more weapons from the united states. let's lighten things up moscow's marking eight hundred seventy years since the city was founded celebrations have been held with special workshops exhibitions and sporting events city day and it with a fireworks display in the heart of the russian capital. a riot of noise and color lit up the night sky over the city more than thirteen thousand fireworks were used to mark moscow's big day and to entertain the thousands of revelers standing out in the city streets or on my balcony actually to
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watch the spectacle. as part of the city day celebrations a new park opened it is the first major new park in moscow in fifty years. on the site of a vast soviet era hotel that was pulled down in the early two thousand the president. the new facility as. just to see what the park. would you believe in the middle of a typical russian forest well the trees around me will tell you that it is quite possible. two hundred meters away. on a red square. new part.
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of. the history of the place is really complicated. was. water. street until. the. build here was a real lot. basically. two thousand and four they realized the heart of. the government ten years to come up with the brilliant idea let's just have a park here. so what are the highlights of. the walk through the park. for. you.
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and finally what's known as the wetlands and right now i'll show you a place stocks definitely because the favored spot for most people here it's called the soaring bridge which ironically will take you to the other side of the river but you'll find yourself at bosco's new selfie central. you heard from the architect charles renfro and a landscape designer mary margaret jones who were involved in creating the park barrio day is in itself a piece of open space a public space that accommodates everyone where we're very conscious of making it appeal to all kinds of people all times of the day it's open twenty four hours it's right in the heart of moscow it's really an extension of red square it's just
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next door to the kremlin and to st bay's olds it will be calm and new destination of within the center of the city like in those places already are we were very fascinated with the russian sort of attention to the forests in history in fairy tales in literature even in music and to bring that forest into the city is fairly unique that none of the other parks in moscow really do that. all right we have heard from a syrian journalist we've heard from all sorts of different people through this newscast more headlines coming up in about half an hour's time i'm sean thomas stay with us.
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still to public will. when the ruling closest to protect them so. we can all middle of the room sit.
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on the welcome to the worlds apart after years of being unable to strike a peace deal with the palestinians israel now wants to have a say in the resolution of another conflict this time in syria its objective is to minimize the regional influence but just a little bit late in the game. well to discuss that i'm now joined by three believe me a prominent israeli politician and for my foreign minister of israel ms livni it's great to see you thank you very much for talking to us thank you now you are currently in the opposition to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu by this far as i understand when it comes to the issue of iran most israeli politicians agreed that it represents a major deadly threat to israel that has to be curtailed through all possible means .


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