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tv   Documentary  RT  September 9, 2017 11:29pm-12:01am EDT

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donald trump are interchangeable our civil and political discourse has been poisoned by celebrity gossip and entertainment masquerading as news the decline of print is not simply about the shift to a digital age it is another step away from reason nuance depth context logic and the search for truth that defines and sustains a democracy. thank you for watching you can find us on our t. dot com slash non-contact see you next week. i'm on city is not coming from the trumpet ministration which is being victimized
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by this the imaginary hobgoblin of a russian collusion with the trump campaign is being used by trump and the means and adversaries to do just his presidency. tell us that you know but a little. menace was i mean did i miss almost no. no no. that he had or they're trying to tell them who they can use what they do have. faith in them to see how yes i am. stupid that and then you get it right when you knock down. yeah and your you know enough for your
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cousins how is that done. with the schools because it didn't seem very high. most of them were being raised. by this morning boys so this is when they deal with. it with. my. own.
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kids. big people the sequel which will require someone come one two of you know me this in this in these i have a need i go to school fees to take the kids. give them get to them it does mean i was been used. to get ahead so i tried to the five way you'll. get ten steve. was. you know no. no no. no. no no. no . that is was you know out of the window we see you know the.
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model of the movie the best. life is that i'm going to. be met by yes and i was actually very much. less than that that when i was up to some off ones off not done one might of tonight up the definition sit up i'm back and me. would you king i mean. south gate i want to go when i meet. them. and their assets get so many i'll just. run it is proof we come once and we lose only to our last. morning because this is too hard. i know that i'm going to lose you got. that one i do i do i need.
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you to do. that. right there's a lot you need. it would be a. disadvantage to me the best. oh oh oh. do you know who would be right now. i'm going to let you know we're not beach. south well now i do. know i know i think. i do want to love what i didn't know any of you tell me as it went in for my fun for right now yeah we've heard. me say and believe that one know. that when a young man you seem to take to the by it's
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a very hate he sleeps with. you feels like he's clinched. it's. that michel's are not these. could be how so many partners in their lives so they tend to think about this was a practicing six hundred different city so best deal intoxicate it feels when you snipped me that's for sure according to the young men it feels like just the people who don't fight each little bit. some of the people who believe that when a stickler does for sure and your costs maybe you want passed by yes for sure if you go and sleep with one now that granny it's late because his court. appointed him a good ski guest should be a good as you get. the day because i needed to get her that's key get. you. you know yes you should have been
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at. the our. next guest really mean for me i love this that you know better than you in the face. find it in going to happen keep going to play you going to eat you out by me some will let you go no one do not. know. i can deal. with them fifty to eighty eight to find one fav yes she can only do the job on skills the one place for me i should know the physical skills and it can be to keep you from. what.
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has out. i did thank you i'm sorry i'm sorry. we. when you talk of old school cultural he still blocks books with young women or ordered ladies or did old grannies get more to go through because of insecurity and begin to believe about point. out that he saw many cases when he. asked me what god may do to you somebody.
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else i was a have been betrayed by six people by the people. who . are allowed to present a very bad decision to their. date and that it. was difficult to prove. that they were always where he was sure that if he. was there he will still say to me as he should to me it took care to. take care. of this there should be a. stoning it should be. mostly not the fact that their front seat was there so it's just i don't believe that memphis is. the first home bill is creepy just because it's a trick to be. able to take people to the. one of the world or for.
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this dental oral culture to be no i don't laugh again i must of been come from this once came business that they do and most of them depend on the dental plates and also most will be made using. the founder. to be engaging in crime or even. face is that. we. suffered the. trouble.
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i mean bradley's there. as a single. last. month. says i. need to run london now one that really. does not mean. that it. was one of the. last sounds of the room and not.
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being in a good film going to what's. known. as a. good work. experience. or not. it's a bad day. to go. into a good deal into. doing. my. main thing is i think you. know my. feet. and you don't know and then of course you are sure so no one will know as sure sure
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i'm on the. mountain and you are one and may not be a million and he. cannot if you were. made to me call me. nothing please not you. can only do investors in goodness ought to. know more and for a. good deal. equal.
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by. too much work smoke and. burned women. so you into she day need. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more so more want to be
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preached. to the right to be prosperous what before three in the morning can't be good i'm interested always in the waters of my house. pressured more. desperate for a single purpose. faith of a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. just. give me not a little. bit. of it because.
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this was when i was kid i've used to know he really loved what is yet to come here to issues to come to see this play out is to be a chisel can be you could see you could sit and play at home because it's me this isn't true at six fifty it's a kind goldstein's can still seems a bit kids i think and he's doing it's no different giving. up and try to enjoy it more more and. oh.
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oh did you like that. on the issue of her ok i am not i love being the nanny. is how i began but before you have broad based yes. but we've closed two of them because overlap of one set is still maliciously that communication that we can take on even laugh at two hundred people over. to take them to because of something some of them putting. some of their father and they have died because of her debut. in that. thank you i know many. of them have. told
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them but one thing. on the road after we left i don't. know i have. a little a good one i love the idea of them feeling i have i have two boys. but yeah you know school. i'm going to visit one show's class which had. asked baby so we are going to use it to have a town hall quick question. but all oh. yeah they. did.
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both. now luminescent back yonder i ask who. you know i thought might is that you can be. as. i thought the dog would you are to. me again and again you i see i thought that the young women na-na na-na na-na. na-na it out in the.
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in the nothing but. that's no secret didn't. need the end up. going to feel what it was come a thought that only thing i miss. you are reading was on you and i do funny. too bad. wanda why do gun. and who. doesn't say to me. this oh. yeah. yeah yeah new food including a sign is that what i asked you. if you don't know enough. about this wish i wanted to. just leave and i'm.
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not going yet i at least i believe i. just. said that you're really good. that you did not joke you know i know you don't want to be you wanted me. to start with i and i don't want to miss my. magic. you know one of them are just awful because then i want to delete the number who doesn't but why did he out you know. when you knew enough and they justified what the condition was about was. about not that i'm going to be number one up in a car w. i'm sick but it's what i want these. are all white cleaners i had in that respective areas that is in the fight slums where they walk so our chinos when they
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are high and fast they go through what you call clear weeks intensive after that is this true with intensive touch to actually know was the full one mia so the train alone saved actually no one's been helpful when mia as the chick or me want to teach my youth not to be up find out. about what we're going to need going on now for our. phone number one. so when i got this young girl. with this i was out with us out of the for the switch because they wanted to know. not. to say no to the minister such. as yourself that you have no question. but you got them and i am going to be going to my one zero.
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zero. zero zero. zero. zero. zero zero difference. and fifteen it's just. going. to be given me. no no no. they hit back to the. i have. to this group you just never if you saw me. you don't know me when i was you moved by. sam ya know i'm glad to be. back and not that guy. who got me. going i mean it wasn't different.
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you know my yeah i knew my yakking. now. oh. oh oh oh oh. oh. one day he was smoking from my house when no one could see him behind it just all night and to me i didn't know if some. i mean behind behind me so catch me which made me decide to goodell and after catching me i used my hide my hands to bow down and i quote they actually don't know what they want of the money and the money i make i sound when i knew which make me to finish them off and they've been that way to my house. one night now my truck let me ask do you know when i think trucking those look i love when i am out let's go out here.
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she. don't you know you. don't. go to. the. corner and. i thought. no and in the. nine hundred. ninety. the zone. that would. i. need to.
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know. if there's work to do. with. i mean.
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if that's what he said he did at. the. ok to me in. mit said that the. feel is a fair bet for you by left but with us.
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you feel good. if you believe you can be think that game over country be. the going to get if we work on speed to win yes but if you do you run not supposed to be played believe me you're not going to be because you're going to do this kids to defend us since you can't walk in the mud you kind they were shit you can give money but in the event
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he. was me i'm. ready to be really good i think. he's good at everything he's done yet. who do ya soup eat there. i'm not.
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out of my city it's not coming from a trumpet ministration which is being victimized by this the imaginary hobgoblin of the russian collusion with the trump campaign is being used by trump's enemies and adversaries to deal with him his presidency.
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the syrian army breaks islamic states a blockade of a key air base and there is or as the operation to force the terrorists out of the city bridges its final phase. moscow's new ambassador to washington meets the u.s. president amid a diplomatic route over the seizure of a russian consulate. and germany's foreign minister tells our team that sanctions against russia could it be lifted if a truce in eastern ukraine is established. those are your headlines that does it for me the incomparable rory sushi will be here in about an hour's time with a full look at your news washington fashions.


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