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as long as you run support still the intel international community should say to run this is not acceptable you should stop financing still from our perspective it's those ballots come us saw this is what they do in other places but this is something that i believe israel should see together with russia of course with the united states and with other states and to say ok it's not just you know a small leisurely problem. the city has a hollywood backdrop the glamour is attracting even more tourists they may well bring in more money than cruise passengers who might buy an ice cream before
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scooting back to the ship and that all inclusive accommodations this sort of tourism in particular makes it difficult for cities to develop alternative concepts such as amazon villa well knows she's researched the issue in other european cities as well. honestly this nation mentioning that out of a question about is a problem a muslim of today's my. center must form in its combustion a yet that's in mcallen implemented only come in their motion with us the double nickel progress sums to solve them a vision. probably a global only talk coffee cup it can only in the bushes up her own sobs in our caucus oppose it to me in a two tone smee slow young women starts send them of their own interest as only one language can govern some that was sufficient of a management of almost finished months or a great comic a cover or going to post on the organisms that she took a tour on their call neck of style nason in the on the other counties i mean. but
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what if the city no longer exists as a communal place for its inhabitants if it increasingly becomes a travel destination with global marketing potential what sort of inhabitants would the city then need. either i'm not as missing something valuable probably a cultist to not sell out something about them and try. to. put the one that's a buy you will need to see last and it's o'clock tonight to make you not accepting the delegates he called to declare by not just all. reality september but it's on the lot it's a couple that. was designed to stress results dubrovnik is suffering a brain drain the exodus of qualified workers and office their skills are simply no longer in the mind. but some take a different view of the changes in dubrovnik. buddy you're going to die oh no
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you don't want to know that he's on the phone you go and all but that's one of the dust bunny when you come out of it i screamed on iraq i said wasn't it and i want you to do them yet no i'm not gonna get this through because he wanted to keep greece the nitish it was beautiful and i don't want to put it at the simply a beautiful not to be but to the minute you honey for the night you will. disappoint you know from an airplane and it was you are not them and they're not that you might be doing this if he's going to want to be like that i did not yet you can't just. to set up a room business in dubrovnik with an escape route in which visitors have an hour to solve a puzzle and adventure games inspired by the game of thrones series. almost a snare which it does actually says not funny at all you need a good feel of it that is the below that lead us women lead usually. and i think
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she at which. point to sleep only at night it should bless the united so we put that does that what it is they are allotted to plan c. and. now twenty six year old diana hopes for a lot of tourists so she can make money with her idea please i'm definitely my mom plays the lead going to dogs is not meant as much misses melkus that just as you have more what would happen but it was like a good enough was that the paper mill puts this on a monday night and i'm the boss and i feel like at. other smoke at the time you can help another motorist. the city is an exception there are jumps here across the country a third of young people are unemployed in dubrovnik though tourism has completely disrupted social and economic strength jobs the tourist guide here in the northern a professor a cleaner more than a teacher who can blame young people from wanting to be on the winning side.
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yes because of a stray feather stuff going on the guy yet provided keep it indeed i spy a boyish that shadowed on the custom going but other macos to coca-cola on board sat yep but i didn't know what a load average company near to start to get out l.c. it took longer than that he made a lot of the eco call a proposal i got out of the soil was a play on the scope which element its me but on the morrow i'll see it tonight first a friend or a curry joining in here are sure to get out always you'll get asked over a natural you cannot stop. cola culture as a souvenir memories of the city merged with the brand what sucked woods to enterprise dubrovnik. leppitsch oh i. don't talk about numbers it took a boat. power. but whose power is it how self determined can the city remain that increasingly sells itself. the danger of being controlled
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by international investors in consortiums is great. but it's also in the nature of democratic cities that the citizens fight back. to keep. the venetians who remain are not giving up without a fight. they've been blocking the judaica canal mouth a two hour was preventing three cruise ships from leaving. politicians scientists and citizens action groups have been arguing for five years about alternative concepts for cruise tourism but so far without success. in iowa but on the advice i mean they don't need to get it to a beyond very but imo you see the emergency. finance that's your nap got
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it not you're my friend will give up that company and i mean to comment on. that day and. it looks like a battle between david and goliath between a few activists and all powerful corporations lead based abroad and reap the profits and tax the supply coming up. because i feel. that. you're going to. find. the travel companies sell the passage through the. as
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a cruise highlight would they still cool with then this if they had to sail around the city what consequences would it have for the private company v.t. . questions the port authority cool down south but they didn't want to make a state either on camera nor in writing. the cruise market is dominated by the anglo-american konovalov corporation twenty five subsidy or is included talian sounding names like costa co-chairing and the germany based aida crusaders. is such a mighty consortium tool the sale of. the concept of a map just a moment that was devalued that eventually but the question is should the ivy. down the bank and i lead today get your money out of the bag of shit if you want to shoot at them in a fair ways to gigante but otoh it will bring off record if you didn't sound.
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that way stay mostly electric. and they intend to repeat the strategy meanwhile unesco has warned that venice is status as a world cultural heritage site is threatened unless measures to protect the lagoon are adopted so the un commission comp itself take action in this regard it can only make recommendations. but in this such recommendations do not see. the stop you. can. see i defied a crystal ball but if. the body. well partially the pitiful but feeling good she thought he they she had the they don't a school she. you know me didn't ask will show up if you know she and put a pizza cause i'll be a father figure this room escapade anything she could i mean take you out of course i mean it's your fault to put on a school because you ask no saul said as he stood out minutes as you could i mean
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that in a funny show if i think one thing the advantage of a funny in no no no value. to the cultural heritage designation though cities are committed to protecting not just their monuments but the overall appearance of the city. to stops and square becoming a camping site stewards point out the rules to tourists and not by their but i think that yeah no because that's a bunch of it up if i can estimate and then this is most famous square dates from the mind century historic site for great state ceremonies and festivals visitors should respect that. they as it was my belief but why is it that where that a head i. wash the feet but it depends on the morning not that beat by that many at it how could i go back that way it is not that big by that had to go
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back to the meat and not feeding the pigeons in the square is also strictly forbidden the birds droppings damaged the buildings facades all fall to that but it's not allowed thanks. elfie be helpful. if i meet then you can receive a fine a losing battle the work of the law enforces reflects then this is fundamental problem with tourism there are just too many visitors and once they leave after a few hours the city faces its next major challenge. that. tourists leave behind. fifty three thousand tons of rubbish every yeah getting rid of it is complicated with venice is narrow alleyways and many bridges. in the city without road traffic gobby just to be removed by boat laborious logistics which cost eighty million euro zone. bond is borne by the local
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authorities. before the first tourists flood in then his has a big cleaning job on. the area around st mark's square is look at pinterest patch every day he and his colleagues make sure that the rights don't take over the city of the inhabitants have to follow strict rules about when to put the rubbish out. of. a lot of. a cozy bed. i say a person up also an all out in the wind it's a forty day. because at a put all pull that off boy they coude president abbas see. who else. was there. with him when the second old boy bought them
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a vehicle with. plastic paint the new kid the period has to cope with mixed rubbish every day the resident should not try to separate the week we see more of it and yeah what you bet they're all going to be. able to shoot oprah will today tuesday so that i mean to a day in defense out the day in this you pick a. i mean what are they so the faith in seattle throw out of the opposed to going to any toady but what they have to fit into out that when you do the. you know if you need to do stuff pollutes a little young bit all. the old stuff old can remember we still don't foresee for the local scene almost it's all its own thing if you think you know your dad look. good for you stark and also off. the floor you don't carve.
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up last night so that on. monday morning i get bored. but there are going to. be god informativeness. it will make. me again i was a navy had been talking to. you maybe naive then a. lot of them i tried to make my own name i want to ask them to eat me out on them as well as for us to love they love the. cutest body of them all get us bodied people would point the love up on this the idea bus i decided i just feel pokey
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what it means to potty i'm ripping the fleas. to heel. and organized sport but it's eat out to sea and if we want to. discuss the scene want to swim and all that but it's one. of the your yes your repeated in the above is a bit about me. going to see. your list of. sadness kids. to some muscle features a means to do so little the same issue in a bun yes the. as honesty such a.
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growing mountains of rubbish constant arrivals and departures forwards of tourists always following the same trail the city's visitors are becoming an anonymous mass which appears to be there only to bring in the money. professor young fundable teaches the subject of economics on tourism at the university of venice he's looked behind the scenes of the tourist industry and especially interested in the sector's labor market. if you look at sort of. structural the tourism industry you see there's a lot of space for forty four more gray or black and up activities it means people working in the kitchen without calling tracts and so forth a fact talking with people from the. tax office. there is this saying that.
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points out that naipaul's and venice are just cities where tax evasion is the high . where not even the city authorities know precisely how many tourists come it's hard to determine what income they actually generate. among the highest earners in venice on the gondoliers they make up to two hundred euros an hour but the number is limited to three hundred sixty making gondolier licenses highly sought after they're in the hands of a few families not in the gift of the city the authorities charge only forty euros a year for using the canals. in the table though of some five hundred thousand tourists being paid from one on the day to the beginning and this money is being earned back in about five years time so yeah. the going for you are about one hundred thousand euro per year the
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strange thing is although it's an extreme if you did that the license exchanges and the table so there's no proof banks has being financing this kind of operate within. the city tax is going to live on the basis of a new snow income of just thirty five thousand euros no receipts are required but who's counting in such a romantic situation. what i love what i like it down to is supposed to lead us on a mission level of those who are going to get him out i've always said that i led. the speech alloca chamish in teddy did. not told him bad he'll want to do what i now do not the sort you know an ok to want to what are you motions he out to want to well i don't want to what i don't confound surely cantante because authority on the budget alone i know that's enough for the budget alone but i am of these depending upon the culture authority to say finally
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a police study from the regular jane to see. if a business will. need to call it you. don't want to go on the course he he appears ok just look at it all yet he went on you know if i'm an eggplant to what i don't know the message to t.c.m. it through sham of a very bad. but thanks to mass tourism living well together is no longer the case in many cities saloon that is famed for its cosmopolitan atmosphere but that's changing along with the idea of hospitality that b.n. being for example propagates but how can tourists know if they're renting legally or illegally will abin be informix customers about it in future. the company declined to comment but the mayor is already taking action. is nothing but then she. broke up with a mess that will be the mc at the lanes if i will die and.
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all of that is that the guy may know that the side of that is that. he play money up with us and see homes that feeds us he simply lay with us. about them and see that. in addition the city is no longer issuing licenses for hotels and holiday apartments in the old city center. but a lot of people who legally tourists feel themselves criminalized by the current criticism like elizabeth us who runs a bloke on the soap she lets her own flat and those who friend. thesea they left at the front row and i thought i think i misspoke yourself to name but i think i meant they seem to end up on santa's lap at a son that's. the end of the line even headaches. but i'm not certain what i mean. the percent that a percent or not but it to me that math. prevent or percent that one. out of
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me that need be that level of alchemy to me advocate george up oil oil oil that when guests arrive elizabeth cosigning us always meets them personally she explains with put the gum permitted in the building the. forty year old elizabeth applied for her letters license years ago it would no longer be possible in her she sees the city's controls so this is a step in the wrong direction and out of the idea that the more lossless yeah but i and they. are going to what i said i think that they're your home i hope but i do know that if you know they pretty much. don't get ok i i guess. they. tell you on. that idea a thousand. yes a no fault and. a paradox is evident. on the one hand
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tourists ostracized with slogans on the other posters offloaded saying refugees welcome but the mass tourism has not come about by china this is the result of long term policies which on the one hand have come this far more a move to one on the other hand have the years failed to invest in either affordable homes subsidized housing at the expense of its citizens. and dubrovnik to some people who are prepared to accept the situation in the old quarter. member of an environmental policy is fighting against the plan to extend the hog and lease it out to a friend to. any god as it's going it's up to you out for the religion itself but all of us will be if you will what i really mean by water below . i mean by the want to put some go beyond.
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the borders of afghanistan in this village was a. misfit had to get out. to do it. but he had me. know probably. just to get oprah to sit out of. business. in my book i was i didn't say. it was i mean i knew providing a get out though just a nod to. me. the very architecture of the city might prevent this development one study has calculated the next olds and has room for a maximum of seven thousand people on some days more than double the number on the critical issue is that the medieval city rules have only three entrances and exits
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. proclaiming pseudonymous the program will be fought but all the accompanying their god will make walking all of them up but i like what's can blow him up it's in your so that all which i say what i'm not sure he's got those words for thirty four this is true you would be. only cream of cuts for said the second was that i must show some just started small but in my. bowels i would separate but is the second was that a sandwich should be there at this or shall i get. there the midst of the men has long been aware of these risks. ali farka sports god what are known you much we have an opium of the show dog in a minute but also another might be fairly may but this is still a decent shot a plot that was a bribe to get at the local mate without a source in the model name yes but not as the occupant annuity not owned at all need kinetic. despite the lack of security concepts
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the old city seems destined for a rising number of tourists. is too broad nick in danger of becoming an open air museum. cruise come to miscalculate just four hours for the visit then the passengers must return to the ship. it's understandable that the inhabitants of europe's favorite tourist destination are critical of this sort of tourism and feel pressured at. first i was on the set i'm a bit. most of the most others are going to be victimized and i just am i left with a lot. of it that employee kind of yelled at us if i can pick up. people because by the time. we went all out of paper for us because i
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thought i don't see nothing is simple get them c.p.a. . and i want that and more but he knows. that in the i want to march on national fall the amount of which i was made on time of i was off my bags i was going on the thought i don't understand this is money and then the. noise of the police that you know case. i guess just. from one time. when i was you expect. a bunch of like a. last battle as it. loses on both sides the local inhabitants and the tourists they're just extras in the game i believe the winners are other opaque consortium's and international investors who put you in the mess the venice and. the cities meanwhile desperately trying to save themselves from columbus. ali farka whose
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rough it is short goes to get is that it is i stood on the go and not. much lower than that is used to put in that c n n e on duty dollars a month well you know the traditional get one and escape that i've done with it i think the seal that kind of back if you know men and women that he's not that i'm enough of what i see that what i'm going to see what i mean yet when a deacon is not only does the duties might even see days i keep a number going to see a seal that and the cd team will then that'll be some of our she only because surely wish them only with a new level that they need to chill out like you know join the arm of they did it because you belive it was that they still exist the big. think. of the numbers limited or most people want to see them for themselves. and who can blame.
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is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a lying down just i came to god and meant that the test i came to god and it was fire not. many lives have been broken like excessive debt the banks got you into trouble i know only big bankers got big. they're going to go. the banks but i just didn't think of the ordinary man the last morning through the back underdone by creditors people see no future bad face and how you know you become ill you turn to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead
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a life long trap or is there a way out those are sure to come to bed hungry no would like to just been for. a few more. years will people been saying about rejected and i still say it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs the. bleep yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than booth at a sea of people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank bill gates. send us an email. years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun bad guy trying to get to one of my family members he would have.
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been hurting whenever my. book was published in the year two thousand. million americans have been killed in the us. this is a middle school we go through drills and we put ourselves in real scenarios it was interesting to see. the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met in those years who god. but we are not.
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north korean media claims but country's leader has ordered scientists to increase its to develop nuclear. washington claims. breaks islamic states three. point in the war against terror a country.


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