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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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think should. the north korean leader congratulate his nuclear scientists on their latest bomb test and orders them to redouble their efforts despite stern warnings from washington. the syrian army breaches islamic states a three year blockade of the city of dares or. chancellor merkel has a tough week on the campaign trail i head of germany's federal election. broadcasting live from our studios in moscow recapping the week's top stories with
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our weekly program this is r t international and the leader of north korea has told his nuclear scientists to step up their bomb making efforts kim jong un was speaking on saturday at a huge party to mark the country's sixty ninth anniversary pyongyang has continued to defy warnings from the u.s. government. enough is enough i think enough is enough the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now time is short action is required our country's patience is not unlimited the policy of strategic patience is over or is never something the united states wants the united states does not seek conflict only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy all of our counterparts need to impose dissensions we will defend our allies and our territory the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies earlier the u.s.
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rejected a russian chinese plan for a double freeze initiative under the scheme north korea would halt its nuclear and ballistic missile tests and in return america and south korea would stop their joint military exercises but the pentagon has shown no sign of scaling back its role in south korea it recently announced plans to provide extra troops and weapons for u.s. bases in the country aircraft carrier strike group and tie missile ships as well as fighter jets and helicopters will be sent to south korea and as artie's jacqueline vulgar explains the crisis means big profits for arms makers in the north korean threat is something we hear on a daily basis from u.s. officials with the statements pouring bremer and grammar and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. they will be met with fire fury the stakes could not be higher the urgency is now this may not get away with what he's doing lately and the urgency is still strong the u.s.
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rolling out a range of american made weapons to save the day on offer for remaining rocket launchers for the u.s. missile defense system. also increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment which trump this kind we allowing both south korea and japan to purchase and the infamously troubled past. fighter jets also be added to that i think i'm funny but not free of course but look forget that north korea is by no means the only threat to global security and america for decades iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror threatening the region and causing so much of by a lintz all nations of conscience must work together to isolate her and all of those attacks are music to the ears of saudi arabia an american ally and fellow detractors of iran so of course riyadh was all too ready to sign a one hundred ten billion dollar defense deal with from neighboring qatar also agreed to buy over twenty one billion dollars worth of american military hardware
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now trying to approach the conflict is definitely pragmatic make a quick buck if you can right and clearly this guy can sell anything even misapplying a way to been continuing america's sixteen year long war in afghanistan as the prime minister of afghanistan has promised we are going to participate in economic development to help defray the cost of this war to us hey if you can't solve the problem see if you can at least turn a healthy profit instead of i'm a businessman that's what i'm supposed to do that's what i'm supposed to do i think a lot of people project on the behavior of the united states maybe of other countries that it's all about business it's all about making money for the arms manufacturers and the plane manufacturers and so forth the people who make missiles the militarization of the policy of using military threats and military force is the only item in our tool kit his sudden how become so ingrained in their mentality
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they really don't consider other alternatives you have people who believe that the united states is and must be the global head of the un that every solution must be solved by a detached from washington and whatever force and threats are necessary to achieve that end will be employed. this week of the syrian army security a key victory in the fight against islamic state of breaking a three year blockade of the city of local journalist. has details for us. thank. syrian army units regained full control over iran almost quaver in the in throes of their l's over said you and the international highway of their resort now this it cheese month come just off there were a few days of of lifting full siege of the in the city of their resort and just a few hours after they broke the siege of gaza militants on the military airport in
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their resort. this achievements also show the determination of syrian and drash governments to educate extremism on the syrian soil some analysts and observers believe that this is would be a main turning point in the war against islam goal is to liberate all that is the initial areas that are just a few of those areas then szell aerials and districts in the hands of extremists civilians live is going to be much easier from now on and their suffering will end . the syrian army has been advancing rapidly in recent months in june islamic state controlled around a quarter of the country but three months on around half that territory has been lost during the army's advance on bears or it was a gaining around eight kilometers a day now the breaking of the siege it triggered celebrations among soldiers and civilians alike. but i was.
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only the breaking of the siege of the extremely significant militarily logically tremendous booth for the morale of the government and the government forces and we must be a bit cautious not clear whether it will take days or or weeks to clear out of the the the main fifty. and then we.
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can look forward to consolidating the control of the government in some pocket jihad these still. hold sway so it going at beth beth is going to take a number of months before the syrian government really control over the whole of syria. but just two weeks to go before germany's federal election chancellor merkel has been out on the campaign trail but not everything has been going her way . the chancellor was booed at a rally on thursday and two days earlier she was hit by a tomato thrown from the crowd at a similar event but it wasn't just demonstrators who got in the way of her speeches while addressing parliament she was interrupted by her main rival from the social democrats for taking credit for their work that's big box sounding when
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fariba name given the few months you loose. as soon. as. i hate. you or if it isn't my thing was really you know side of about. that when you inspect it when clinton was in parliament it's nice. that she was. on the america looks set to win a fourth term as chancellor with polls giving her party a clear lead over the social democrats the left party trails in third place with the free democrats behind them and the anti immigration alternative for germany party is expected to gain its first seats in parliament are these peter all over takes a closer look at the election ahead. with most pundits already calling this german
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election a win for. schultz there isn't a great deal of intrigue there what's more exciting though has been the battle for third place and who will perhaps become the kingmaker in the next coalition government. documents or p.s. long as the guns. were to. come out of. the president to. bring some scandal and controversy to the relatively calm seas of the political scene it's all to germany it looks like they will enter
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a pall of it for the first time following this election and they run on a message against. policy even drafted in one of the out agencies that helped promote donald trump in his campaign. good alternative for germany is not going to be faulted any coalition with. likely to be part of a coalition with the mrs merkel all the free democratic. liberal pro-business they film charisma and photogenic media has appeared front and center however he does appear to have lifted so of his migration policy right out of the alternative think jodi playbook if peace prevails refugees must return such human rights to choose
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a new place in the womb. i'm not being harsh this is really speaking the a.f. did may prove to be a wise move as he looks to shore up his own party's position basically this is just a political maneuver to get more voters from this from this side of the spectrum f.t.p.'s at the moment constantly collecting in all kinds of fields voters for example with all these digital subjects and now with this new statement about refugees they try to pick of course also people from if the from the right wing side the likud has already ruled out forming a coalition with the left party the greens this time out it's at the lagging way behind in the polls there's even the possibility that we could see into the grand coalition with the social democrats on this when it comes to coalition possibilities there are even some that would see uncle luke will not be the next johnson of germany however the most realistic options are that the free democrats
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will not only return to the fold to start calling september the twenty olds vote but that they will also be part of the ruling coalition feature all over. the russian government responded angrily this week to the seizure of diplomatic compounds in the us videos of f.b.i. agents on the roof of the san francisco consulate were released by the russian foreign ministry they can also be seen removing ceiling panels and searching through drawers and cupboards moscow claims the whole operation made no sense in washington unexpected move sparked outrage in moscow russian officials described it as a gross violation of international law and an openly hostile act against russia meanwhile the u.s. state department spokesperson faced a barrage of questions after she referred to the surgeons as a tour of the facilities. this is normal writing programs are sorry what's your name let's move on move on to something else if you still consider that sovereign
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russian property or were those properties searched because there was a concern that they were being used for intelligence purposes which would be like a different issue i'm just not going to get and i don't let it lead in this i'm so let's move on to something else here in russia or any other country where u.s. missions that had been a d.j. did have been searched by the host. governments you know what i don't know if you are working for r.t. today or what but i think you might remember model number well at the start of this month the us ordered russia to close three diplomatic premises with just forty eight hours notice immediately after the eviction officers searched the san francisco consulate and a trade missions in new york and washington in response president vladimir putin ordered the foreign ministry to take legal action. because the american council didn't let russia use its profits it's a violation of property rights i will tell the foreign ministry to go it's a coup see how well the highly praised she dishes system in the u.s.
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works. two days after putin's remarks the u.s. state department had this to say we would like that's relationship to improve we don't want to continue this kind of diplomatic tit for tat people in the united states need to get over this anti russia hysteria and that's what it is that's being ginned. by the media here and americans need to call for more friendly and constructive relations with russia it's my firm opinion that russia all along has want to friendly relations has wanted the u.s. as a partner and there's no reason that we should reject that all of branch that i think russia has been holding out for some time on us entering that property was a violation of the vienna conventions. and i don't know where it's going to and i do get the sense from russia that they do not want to escalate. hurricane irma has slammed into the state of florida bringing storm surges and sustained winds of one
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hundred eighty kilometers per hour the eye of the storm made landfall on the southwest coast bringing down power lines in turning roads into rivers is now moving up the coastline towards tampa bay more than six million people have fled the storm's path and the biggest evacuation in u.s. history the national hurricane center says that for those who remain in the situation is life threatening over the past week has been devastating in the caribbean islands claiming at least twenty seven lives there. are.
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miami has also been hit by a severe flooding and the high winds have brought down construction cranes there all flights have been grounded at the city's international airport across southern florida more than three million people are homes rather are now without electricity . prove. more. of move. i've. a a. a. former georgian president mikheil saakashvili has received a hero's welcome in ukraine despite entering the country illegally a crowd of supporters swept him across the polish border and of the country saakashvili is stateless after renouncing his georgian citizenship to become the
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governor of and then having his ukrainian citizenship revoked by the country's president. earlier on sunday saakashvili attempted to cross the border by train but was forced out by officers he later caught a bus and got past the checkpoint with the help of hundreds of locals who overpowered the guards ukrainian police say he will now face criminal charges for illegally crossing the border the former official was once a close ally of ukraine's president but they fell out last year after saakashvili accused petro poroshenko of blocking efforts to tackle corruption he has also made plenty of enemies in his homeland georgia and also here in russia here's
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a quick reminder of mr saakashvili divisive career.
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so. let's. just say the self self the self self that's. the theory. and that's the test. the two. six months of each. is complex shots to the system the. tax. cut is. a. political commentator martin summers told this is really his dealings with ukraine show the deep chaos gripping the country. checkers
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relieve self is wanted for corruption in georgia was as we know of course the danger of him coming back this is the trading of thirty four met with the most experience in but it's georgia to face trial there so he's taking a bit of a risk by trying to come back into the country it's very old the place such a big role in ukrainian politics in season ukrainian and being given the governorship of the adesa region which is very keen region especially because its goal is russian population parachuted in really boy boy the western palace i think what's going on is just shows how did it in disarray and in politics all. you know the revolutionists and incredibly sour nobody really knows what to do next the economy is in free fall they're not going to be joining the european union it's on scene they're talking about joining nato but all that will do is pursue potentially spot for the war. switching gears now the work of tank crews has it been honored in russia and to mark the event are trying go went to take
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a test drive in a bonafide war machine. there's a battle ready to hang quite all the training range but before i get close to it i have to test the dodgy terrain myself. you know. we don't like that in the din but i call those those in. one of my goals is a test drive to see if a person with a regular license like myself can get this t. a t. go in. the driver's seat is right here. here we go. in this dirt everywhere.
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trust me there is not much room in here. so. there is no steering turning right. but go on right now. you are running when you're driving a regular car the break or. the other way. but. first. let's get
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a little. mylan one of the shills well obviously i didn't do that well. but at least i didn't get off track and i'll tell you what these guys got a really tough job but side. firing the cannon and three told me everyone at the base has the skills to easily drive the eighty three times faster than me but the wife would see monks moving and we agreed to this so i know other tasks well i spill any water from this cop and pray as driving that try and if he goes full throttle. i'm built by him. old far so good. whoa whoa.
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i managed to keep the car almost full good job and great going to tell him about it . a little while i did the deed by the way to fill me up would you if i'd see into it but i leave. you to train moscow region. trip to cuba. well that does it for me the incomparable will be here in about thirty five minutes time with a full look at euro news russian our two national archives. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us and it's full on
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awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know we live in the really bad . the point oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is going to say we are apparently better than blue that i see people you've never heard of love went back to the night my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. that image was quite controversial something to soar as irresponsible something to
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sort of dangerous threatening whereas other people including use or as a symbol of something very different was it. powerful. protecting. us more for you know. the people who criticize you what the base. a right wing lunatic. eighteen years ago i travelled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun i witnessed the grim results of these weapons in hospital emergency rooms morgues in the confused of to mass of mass shooting sprees after each new massacre the newspaper headlines were always the side why did it happen here. says my book was published in the year two thousand more than half
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a million americans have been killed by firearms in the us. five hundred twenty seven thousand people dead and many more injured i decided to return to the subject to track down each gun owner who i'd met and photographed those years ago to understand why despite this death toll there is such fierce resistance to even moderate gun control laws in the us. is think it was even on the trigger that's now at the picture is about he's not trying to harm me. he's trying to protect me. i'm looking out for myself my family. my neighbors.
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this is. relaxing. the thought that some people would want to take our guns away to me is so ludicrous because the bad guys the thugs the murderous the ripest are always going to have guns and are you would be doing would be to take them away from the good guys from the law abiding citizens people in this country huddle in their houses.


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