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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i. am looking for a way about the families of suspected. in a refugee camp in iraq is among. the un. these women's faces not to reveal their names and most importantly not to tell anyone where. the u.n. security council. sanctions against north korea latest nuclear test while the united states. all trade with all countries that do business with pyongyang. paid.
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a big. headlines live from all of us here with. a very warm welcome to you. over a thousand wives children of suspected eisel fighters are waiting for their fate to be determined this refugee camp in iraq following a series of defeats suffered by the terror group is among the news networks to access the facility the location though we won't disclose for security reasons our correspondent. the following report which contains the first video interviews with the people. oh my yes much of the more i feel. it says china.
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because it's because it is such a dumb as it is now but also to the earlier this year this woman's husband was killed in mosul he wasn't one of the good guys he was in a slum extent fighter until you know it was important i guess for that visit. with the fall of. they had nowhere left to run the wives and children of presumed isis fighters finally surrendered the biggest concern now is safety and security the u.n. has asked us to blur these women's faces not to reveal their names and most importantly not to tell anyone where they're being held because isis so do a lot of hatred in iraq they spilled a lot of blood and there are people here who would come over just to throw a grenade across the fence we filmed these women. in order to avoid unnecessary
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attention for their own safety the first thing many told us is that they never wanted to be here in the first place. like the killing. them women. conceded. that many of the gun use english effectively cheated out of them. almost all of these woman a foreigner as a dead giveaway isis encouraged bringing families over there terrified they fear the iraqi army they're even scared of aid workers because to. get the first. can someone. tell us this is. what
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you do it's a no brainer. some school just does the fixes and that's all she gives out is the registrants unit known to china she didn't have to have some of them one on the any such as if she had said yes until a business in the new bill of us was me just as looks nobody has come up with. my alice yet and then sitting. up with. the woman we found russian speaking but the majority of turkish there are also blue eyed europeans africans chinese and asians americans many iraqis see them as something alien too far gone. too deeply to forget the ideology.
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that feeds them a sense of. mission is. to see if you think i don't need not feel i need to be i'm not a young person can pluck up. that much again that. you have a problem is the kids there are families from dozens and dozens of different countries currently held by iraqi forces among them more than a thousand children and many of them orphans many will be able to tell you their names because of trauma or age and getting them out is paramount. and now when you can but for many. family groups including the u.n.
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are working around the clock to establish identities but it's slow and dangerous work and falls to the woman to contact relatives let them know they're still alive or not it is my opinion. some of these women may be telling the truth others may not they've broken laws just by being here some even took up. and it'll be up to cool it's in iraq in their home countries to establish guilt and the children. are essentially hostages in a war they don't even understand or i guess d.m. . from iraq. expected.
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north korea following. the resolution was drafted by the united states and pyongyang has already reacted to this move. in case the u.s. eventually does review of the illegal unlawful resolution on harsher sanctions the d.p. r. k. shall make absolutely sure that the us based you price. looking at what it would take for washington to actually fulfill its economic threats a lot of the loud and angry noises are coming from washington directed against their longtime foes in pyongyang u.s. leaders are now even discussing an oil embargo economically punishing those who do business with north korea the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and it's not just bombast the trumpet ministration is actively planning to block all trade with d p r k i have been executive order prepared it's ready to go to the president it will authorize me to stop doing trade and put sanctions and then he
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does trade with north korea the president will consider that at the appropriate time once he gives the u.n. time to act so what country does trump have in mind well it's no secret that ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china so is the usa ready to target beijing that's a little bit easier said than done at this point there's huge business interests that are at play and over trillion dollars in u.s. debt that's held by china the usa is currently pressuring russia and china to vote with them at the united nations in order to put sanctions on north korea we believe that the policy of maximizing passion on north korea including through sanctions has been exhausted as we have said that repeatedly we stress that the russian chinese joint initiative namely the very edge map for korean settlements is a new proposals and additions safe no alternative has been presented so there are many other issues that are also at play here according to the government of south
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korea over eighty different countries currently do business with the north it's not just longtime foes of the u.s. on the global stage. longtime us allies countries like singapore the philippines and even nato countries germany and france so would the punishment apply equally to everyone is the usa ready to put sanctions on eighteen different countries it would happen r t new york following washington's tough rhetoric over the past several months trying yang last week claimed it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in response to the u.s. ramped up its military presence in the region investigative journalist under a wilczek says it's unlikely that washington will be able to force all countries to do business with north korea to stop it will be very difficult to impose to force the whole wall to keep the sanctions or the level of sanctions that are being recently proposed particularly when it comes to china oh i think that china will be
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doing quite a lot to show that is neutral in this case but the north korea is a very close ally of china historically actually china helped north korea to sort of life against the western invasion during the so-called korean war this is a direct hit of occasion against north korea and to this also a message that is sent to the wall what we will do this to you if you disobey we will do this to you if you truly fall to fly. other foreigners capital sacramento is desperately trying to come up with new ways to combat gang related crime and violence. there are concerns over sacramento is growing again.
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the mayor has promised to do more for the area so is anything changing. you can measure the number of crimes that are reported the number of guns that you receive but you can't measure the number of crimes that it probably prevented. in a bid to tackle gun violence so sacramento was paying gang members to be well behaved the program dubbed advance peace is set to run for three years and is funded by private donations the whole idea behind it is that only a handful of criminals are responsible for almost all gang related crime well it's
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not just about the money the founders of the program say that those who commit gun crimes are actually victims of the violence. well we asked some sacramento residents what they think. pain people not they kill people it just seems silly to me i mean i was taught that behave myself to be a good citizen to honor and respect people. and not shooting people and here in the city council wants to pay someone to behave themselves doesn't make sense to me criminals are going to take the money. and still commit crimes. the softer criminals ok that i can see because it helps feed their families and they don't have to do the drugs anymore but it depends upon how hard the criminal. is investigative journalist things there's no place for such an initiative in a lawful society. state governors of california are basically admitting that they
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can't deal with the gang violence situation. so what they're doing is they are setting aside several million dollars to pay certain gang members. commit. this encourages essentially crime madness is saying we will help you we're going to forget the fact that you're committing violent you offer them cash payouts if you offer them free government services government services in return for what you're talking about murderers rapists people who shoot innocent people that's a serious mistake if you want a society with any law at all. at least twenty eight civilians reportedly killed and sixteen injured in u.s. air strikes in afghanistan's herat provinces afghan villages since return to what's
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left of their homes. when the afghan and u.s. forces started the battle against everything was destroyed people are living in the ruins. we fled when the fighting started and came back when it was so over to find our homes reduced to rubble. the coalition has acknowledged that so far this year over one hundred civilians were killed and nearly fifteen hundred injured in air raids now according to the united nations assistance mission the number of civilian casualties due to strikes has increased by forty three percent compared with just last year the figures were released off the trams announcement of expanding the u.s. presence in afghanistan where previously he had been rather critical about the afghan military campaign we will also expand authority for my. you know armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks afghanistan is
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a total and complete disaster let's get with it get out of afghanistan president since he has no blue or foreign policy of the ground situation in afghanistan not easy interested in what harm he's going to cause as well as to civilians in afghanistan he has decided to send in at least four thousand more troops and also increase in the backs which is causing civilian casualties which is going to isolate america from the average afghan needs only the taliban have been opposed to usa and to president from now the average afghan is going to hate america for what it is doing to the common people and most of the attacks which have recently been carried out it is live in men and children that have been targeted and not even the men and not a single taliban has been hurt in those so it is what intelligence we're battling
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war strategy and heartless conduct of a few of all as a busy monday for worldwide headlines here on r.t. international we return in just a moment. that's. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be prosperous like the before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters and my heart. says should. think you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington washington controls the media the media
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control over the voters elected a businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. thanks for joining us today for your news georgia's former president mikhail saakashvili has made a rather unusual return to ukraine entering the country illegally on sunday it's a crowd of supporters actually swept him across the polish border onto the ukrainian side and saakashvili recently became stateless after having had his ukrainian citizenship revoked by the country's president.
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earlier on sunday saakashvili attempted to cross the border by train but was forced out by gods but later he managed to get past a checkpoint with the help of hundreds of locals ukrainian police say he will now face criminal charges for illegally crossing the border something he denies doing. now saakashvili came to power during the rose revolution in georgia in two thousand and four four years later he launched an offensive on south a set here in a bid to take control of the breakaway republic a few years later he faced criminal charges in georgia and fled the country and he moved to ukraine and became the governor of the city of odessa where he became a vocal critic of the ukrainian government ultimately distancing himself from his previous ally president petro poroshenko r.t. correspondent kate partridge a look at how the two western darlings who were once the closest of allies swiftly
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became rivals. remember this guy. the former georgian president turned ukrainian governor has gone from state's man to state less in less than two months the western backed star who'd once led the anti corruption rose revolution in georgia launched an offensive on the former breakaway republic of south ossetia. plus the georgian president chooses over his next move is he we could or stronger than before and even been hillary clinton's nobel peace prize nominee so what had gone wrong. in twenty fourteen he flew to ukraine amid the my down uprising gave up his georgian passports to become ukrainian and set about reforming the city of odessa but it didn't go as planned. ironically it really is
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opponent is ukrainian president and former friend petro poroshenko another darling of the west who brought saakashvili in to help drive the kind of change that did once made him such a hit in georgia but the two have clearly fallen out of love most. of the. apparently saakashvili lied while applying for citizenship and bar shankar has since renounced that citizenship of his university powell while the latter was visiting his own call in new york. both men were backed by washington both raised to power on the wings of popular uprisings and both are now all but failing saakashvili seems a spent force he's without
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a state wanted by his native georgia and not want. by his adopted ukraine maybe it's time for another period of us exile while poroshenko zone popularity is in tatters the latest poll says only two percent of ukrainians still support him the revolutionary idealism that brought him to power amid the flames on the my den has descended into disillusionment. perhaps the chosen leaders of popular uprisings are always vulnerable to having the various support that put them in power taken away or maybe it's just something about ukraine either way the two one time friends and western allies are playing out a very public spat during personal decline political commentator martin summers told us that saakashvili is dealings with ukraine underscore the political disarray gripping. has really of self is wanted for corruption in georgia was as we know of course the danger of him coming back like this is that the ukrainian authorities
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who fall out with the most experience in but it's georgia to face trial there so he say he bit of a risk by trying to come back into the country is very old the play such a big role in ukrainian politics unseasoned ukrainian and being given the governorship of the disagreed which is very keen region especially because it's cold large russian population or he was parachuted in really boy boy the western powers i think what's going on is just shows how in disarray ukrainian politics all . you know the revolution is turning incredibly sour nobody really knows what to do next the call of these in free fall they're not going to be joining the european union it's on soon they're talking about joining nato but all that will do is press potentially spall for the war. with less than two weeks until the german elections angela merkel's christian democrats are way in a front in the polls there are expectations about a possible coalition with the s.p.d. they're among the mix of likely losers that have the green party once quite
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a popular party some now say the greens have lost their connection with their voter base. what is the craziest thing you have ever done. i'm not going to tell you that here it is in the. rocky road the rocky road from during economic wants to be in a coalition with the c.d.u. that is crazy crazy now back in the eighty's the greens were founded by environmentalists and peace activists when they entered the bundestag in one thousand eight hundred three a few years later their popularity enabled them to enter a coalition with the then ruling social democrats and fact their party leader was even given the job of foreign minister and we spoke to the party's m.p. poor about the claims the greens have lost their way. we would like to pass immigration law regulating those who can enter the labor market we want the fundamental rights that exist in this country throughout our history to apply to migrants we also have to take measures against attacks and
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refugee camps so those who've seen fear in death can finally find protection. together we will do everything to share that germany provides help where help is needed. the federal government was silent for too long fearing the refugees and failed to stand up to present to one in twenty boards of arms exports needs to be looked at as well as economic support in the customs union. i think the four point two million euro in prick session funding which turkey every season or this membership process should be halted for turkey remains our partner half of the turkish population voted against the constitution proposed by erdogan and for those people it might make sense to keep the prospect of turkey joining the e.u. even though turkey present is cut off from that i am in favor of freezing precession funding nevertheless such a step should be thoroughly considered fifty percent of people in turkey we live in the us. is extremely problematic to live with a president in such
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a powerful position we have no idea what his next step would be this unpredictability is alarming we must stand together as europeans the e.u. is the answer the problem we have with trump is he isn't predictability earlier we spoke to former german intelligence officer runner up he believes that the greens are no longer you nick. there are more locally in korean in life mentor korean if you go to. the economy yes the site is they have long lost all the other artists have. taken over the aims the other originally called political values of having me in hockey oh. they have already have thrown out they have become very much. what you call or to nish to but i cannot really see the greens social democrats and their lives to get enough votes to tool. run
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a coalition government. you know monday while the headlines resume their research. with lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle the roots to. the real need. to. own.
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one else seemed wrong all all just don't call. me. yet to see palin does the attic and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took the whole gist i came back up and met that the text i came to and in the spiral not. many lives have been broken by excessive to the banks got you into trouble and all the big bankers got big. money by the banks but i didn't think of the.
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creditors people see no future bad face from happening you know you become ill. your relationship breaks down and become a casualty is dead a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually come to a bit of an old right hook to ditch bill for. a few more. that image was quite controversial some people sore as irresponsible something of
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the sort is dangerous threatening whereas other people including use or as a symbol of something very different what was it you. powerful. protecting. us from our freedom. that the people who criticize you want to base. a right wing lunatic. eighteen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly love affair with the gun i witnessed the grim results of these weapons in hospital emergency rooms morgues in the confused of to mass of mass shooting spree. after each new massacre the newspaper headlines were always the side why did it happen here.


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