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tv   Headline News  RT  September 11, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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terrified regretful and looking for a way back the families of suspected eisel fighters await their fate in a refugee camp in iraq our team is among the first news networks to gain access to the camp. you were exhausted. to reveal their names and moved the border north to tell anyone where they're being held. the un security council is set to vote on tougher sanctions against north korea over its latest nuclear attack the u.s. threatens to block all trade with countries that do business with pyongyang.
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and nationwide strikes are expected in france tomorrow amid major concerns in the country over the president's plans for a sweeping labor reforms that come into effect next week. watching r.t. international live from moscow studio with me. welcome to the program more than a thousand wives and children of suspected deisel fighters are awaiting their fate in a refugee camp in iraq after the terror group suffered a major defeat on t is among the first news networks to access the facility our correspondent sent us the following report which contains the first on screen interviews with people at the camp. the more it. gets is china.
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because it's because it is such a dumb was a victim but also to the earlier this year this woman's husband was killed in mosul he wasn't one of the good guys he was in a slum extent fighting until you know it was important i guess for that visit. with the food left. they had nowhere left to run the wives and children of presumed isis fighters finally surrendered the biggest concern now is safety and security the u.n. has asked us to blur these women's faces not to reveal their names and most importantly not to tell anyone where they're being held because isis so do a lot of hatred in iraq they spilled a lot of blood and there are people here who would come over just to throw a grenade across the fence we filmed these women. in order to avoid unnecessary attention to their room safety the first thing many told us is that they never
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wanted to be here in the first place. like the killing. them women. conceded. that many of the guns used in to nietzsche to put up with them to limit their you know. almost all of these women and foreign as a dead giveaway isis encouraged bringing families over there terrified they fear the iraqi army they're even scared of aid workers and the goal is to. get. can someone. tell us this is. what you do it's a no brainer. some school just does the such as the national guard is the
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registrants unit known to china soon after they have some of the best one on the any such as it has had some yes but still a business and then you will of us mostly just as if it's not pretty it's not. finite is it do you have my alice in yet another. day that the woman found russian speaking but the majority of. their. new white europeans africans and asians americans many iraqis see them as something alien to fog. too deep to forget the ideology. that this is not all us it was some. people. that feel them.
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to see if you think i know not so i let you me i'm not a young person from pluckily. that much ok that. you have a problem is the kids there are families from dozens and dozens of different countries currently held by iraqi forces among them more than a thousand children and many of them orphans many will be able to tell you their names because of trauma or age and getting them out is paramount. to get that feeling. but for many. family groups including the un around the clock to establish identities but it's slow and dangerous work and falls to the
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woman to contacts relatives let them know they're still alive. my opinion. of the indian government in vietnam i. believe some of these women may be telling the truth others may not they've. just by being here some even took up. and it'll be up to cool it's in iraq in their home countries to establish guilt and the children. are essentially hostages in a war they don't even understand. from iraq. security council is expected to vote on a resolution. tougher sanctions on north korea following its test resolution was drafted by the u.s. has already reacted to the move in case the u.s.
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eventually does the illegal unlawful resolution on harsher sanctions the d.p. r. k. shall make absolutely sure that the us based you price. it would take for washington to fulfill its economic threats. a lot of the loud and angry noises are coming from washington directed against their longtime foes in pyongyang u.s. leaders are now even discussing an oil embargo economically punishing those who do business with north korea the united states will look at every country that does business with north korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions and it's not just bombast the trump administration is actively planning to block all trade with d p r k i have been executive order prepared it's ready to go to the president it will authorize me to stop doing trade and put sanctions and then the dust trade with north korea the president will consider that at the appropriate
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time once he gives the u.n. time to act so what country does trump have in mind well it's no secret that ninety percent of north korea's trade is with china so is the usa ready to target beijing that's a little bit easier said than done at this point there's huge business interests that are at play and over trillion dollars in u.s. debt that's held by china the usa is currently pressuring russia and china to vote with them at the united nations in order to put sanctions on north korea we believe that the policy if maximizing pressure on north korea including through sanctions has been exhausted as we have said that repeatedly we stress that the russian chinese to internet should have namely the range map for korean settlements is a new proposals and additions saying no alternative has been presented so there are many other issues that are also at play here according to the government of south korea over eighty different countries currently do business with the north it's not
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just a longtime foes of the u.s. on the global stage but longtime u.s. allies countries like singapore the philippines and even nato countries germany and france so would the punishment apply equally to everyone is the usa ready to put sanctions on eighty different countries it would mop and artsy new york. following washington's tough rhetoric in recent months pyongyang last week claimed it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in response the u.s. ramped up its military presence in the region investigative journalists and the czech believes it's unlikely washington will be able to stop countries doing business with north korea it will be very difficult to both to force the whole wall to keep the sanctions or the level of sanctions that are being recently proposed particularly when it comes to china or i think that china will be doing quite a lot to show that is neutral in this case but the north korea's
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a very close ally of china historically actually china helped north korea to sort of wife against the western invasion during the so-called korean war this is a direct provocation against north korea. this also of aversives that is sent to the wall what we will do this to you if you disobey will do this to you if you truly fall to fly. a new round of strikes will hit france tomorrow as unions continue to express their anger at the president's new labor reforms latest poll shows sixty percent of those quizzed are concerned at a manual micron's plant which are due to come into force next week well to discuss this further let's cross live now to our tease ali ali ko pollies so micron's not going to get his reforms through without a fight is he. no and for him in terms of the presidency the honeymoon period appears to very much be over his popularity really slumped over the summer
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he's now got the lowest approval ratings according to one poll of any french president at this point into their presidential terms and one of the biggest reasons for this slump in the ratings is the label or reforms that he wants to push through that's going to make it easier if he manages to push them through to hire and fire workers especially for small and medium businesses he was elected on a pro-business platform and he wants to give small and medium businesses greater flexibility here in france to allow small companies to bypass trade union agreements and herein lies the problem the trade unions here on happy about these reforms they see all this is an attempt to weaken their influence and to diminish their power here in france where they traditionally have rather a lot of it french workers very highly protected with the labor laws as they currently stand but there is high unemployment here in france that is something
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that emanuel has said that he is determined to tackle by pushing through these changes to the labor laws to morrow is set to be the biggest test of his presidency so far because the two big trade unions here they are going to be calling a general strike and they're going to be demonstrating on the streets of many cities here in france including paris against these reforms. himself remains unequivocal he says that he has a strong mandate in order to push through these reforms in order to implement these changes to the law and on friday he had a thing or two to say about the people that oppose him take a listen. i will be absolutely determined i will not yield in any way not to sarkozy. not to extremists.
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and actually the french government spokesperson tried to backpedal a little bit on those comments by saying that actually he was referring to former presidents over the past thirty year is. chirac who didn't have the courage to push through these reforms they were always watered down in some way and he said that courage takes great risk nevertheless. the socialist leader here in france he had a quick witted response to. take a listen to what men and sean had to say. cynics because all in the streets. and twenty third some. alcoholics people who are nothing illiterate slackers the declarations of law from across to the french are multiplying. well it's not all the trade unions who are going to be protesting here in france tomorrow emanuel micron's team spent
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a lot of the summer courting some of the trade unions here in france and making peace offerings and it appears to have partly worked one leader of a rather more aggressive trade union here has said that they will not be participating in the strike to morrow and that there's no point starting a fight when it's already over so you can see my team has been using this sort of divide and conquer approach towards these reforms towards the trade unions we're going to find out to morrow if that approach has worked thanks for the. reporting from paris and we'll be back after a few minutes after this short break. in
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case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media. the voters elected to business to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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welcome back to the program canada's open border policy seems to be coming to an end as the government u. turns on the issue and it's even deporting hundreds of asylum seekers to dangerous war torn countries which the un recommends against. examines the story. prime minister trudeau was initially a welcome beacon to refugees he even posted what became a viral tweet stating that canadians would welcome all of those fleeing terror and war to show the world how to open our hearts and welcome in people who are fleeing extraordinarily difficult situation but has begun to backtrack on the sentiment that canada is a safe haven for all of his government struggles to cope with the more than eleven thousand people that have crossed into canada from the u.s. since the start of this year the pace in recent weeks has reached up to two hundred fifty people a day many of them fleeing the us out of fear of donald trump's crackdown on
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immigrants but many have slammed canada's refugee friendly message saying that it has given false hope to those streaming into the country not only are they not safe from expulsion from canada the country has actually ramped up its deportations in response to the influx and apparently this is old hat for canada even when it comes to sending people to unstable countries according to reuters for years canada has been deporting hundreds of people to countries deemed dangerous for civilians since january of two thousand and fourteen canada has sent two hundred forty nine people to eleven countries that the government has suspended or deferred deportations to because of the apparent risks to civilians that reportedly includes over one hundred people to iraq sixty two to the democratic republic of congo and forty three to afghanistan all war torn countries now the spike in deportations comes as the country has been scrambling to deal with an influx of asylum seekers and is facing a record number of migrants and apparently at least part of their solution has been to send people back to the countries from which they fled so as trudeau tones down
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the notion that canada is open to all and to the south the us gets increasingly less migrant friendly those fleeing war are seemingly left without a lifeline in north america. ok we're going to go back to our top story now the u.n. security council is expected to vote on a resolution on whether to impose even tougher sanctions on north korea following its latest nuclear test. there as the nation was drafted by the u.s. and we will discuss this further now with craig a. senior market analyst at and craig thanks for joining us here on r.t. if we look at the reports the new draft looks to have significantly been revised from the one that was circulating last week. it's proposed an oil embargo on pyongyang and a freeze of kim jong un's personal assets why do you think in your opinion washington seems to have abandoned some of the the tougher measures it measures it suggested earlier. to be honest i'm surprised they've got through as much as
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they have got through the problem that the u.s. faces is going to be facing opposition from china and russia in particular both of which have veto powers in our interests nor allowing all of these measures to be carried out at this moment in time of course both countries i do think are becoming concerned about the actions that north korea is covering up despite the fact that the u.n. is warning against it but at the moment like a say doesn't have the same interest that the u.s. as in forcing it to stop fire quite such extreme measures i mean craig what we do know is that the north korean people they've already suffered an awful lot from the crisis and sanctions in your opinion if the oil embargo is imposed who is it likely to affect the most. i think ultimately it's going to affect the people of north korea but it is also going to have an impact on the
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regime as well and i think this is part of the strategical move here from the u.s. and of course now agreed upon by all the members of the united nations the idea being that the more pressure to put on the people the more pressure that ultimately puts on the regime now they are trying at least to be careful in what they actually do impose here because they want don't want to too create. humanitarian crisis in order to achieve its ultimate goal because so many more people would suffer in the meantime but what they are trying to do is make life extremely difficult and therefore pile the pressure on the leadership to trade to change its actions and to call to the table and really to re-explore diplomatic response to what is turning into an ever increasing crisis here i mean even mentioned you know looking for a more diplomatic response but you know the truth is we've heard an awful lot of rhetoric that's been incredibly strong i'm seriously considering military a military solution but we are almost seeing a little bit of a u.
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turn here in your opinion this revision does this mean that washington are willing to give diplomacy a chance now. nothing washington would rather give diplomacy a chance i just think it believes that it needs to fight fire with fire and if north korea is making switch it's creating such hard work and threatening the us the us needs to be seen to doing the same i think most of us cannot pass both of these because neither of them seem to be to seem to want to actually follow such follow through with such actions and i think it's imposed interest to return to the negotiating table and perhaps this is a sign that the u.s. is now willing to go down this route but ultimately it's going to be the responsibility of all the countries involved in order to achieve this not just the u.s. and not just of course north korea ok well. if we look at the play is the
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u.s. is being the anyone suggesting military solutions but other countries obviously have and now how likely do you think that the influence of other countries russia for example and their stance on the crisis has got something to do with the change of town. i mean more share in charge of both the of the two major players in this and let's be honest this is a strategic issue the area of the world which we are looking at right now it's. when it comes to these three countries it's very strategic of course north korea coming on the border of china and russia and the u.s. having influence in japan and south korea let's not pretend that this isn't a major factor in these negotiations this is a major factor in the reason why the u.s. and russia and china are not necessarily on the same page that's why diplomatic solution is so important because the last thing we want it's not about escalation in tensions between the u.s.
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and north korea let's face it the last thing we want is the relationship between the u.s. and china and russia fall apart because the more stable this relationship is the more stable the global environment is. ok craig market analyst i wonder thanks very much for your thoughts and comments on this issue thanks. a suicide bomber has attacked a nato led convoy outside a us military base near kabul officials said three civilians were injured there's no information whether there were any casualties among service personnel is the second such attack on the by graham base in just over a week last wednesday a suicide bomber detonated his device at the entrance the attack came just hours after offensive leaflets distributed by u.s. forces in power one province they depicted a taliban flag with a passage from the qur'an on a dog the u.s. commander in afghanistan later apologized for the leaflets. the u.n.
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meanwhile says twenty eight civilians have been killed and sixteen injured in u.s. airstrikes on afghanistan's hair out and logout provinces in just one week afghan villages have since returned to what's left of their homes. when the afghan and u.s. forces started the battle against i saw everything was destroyed people are living in the. long run we fled when the fighting started and came back when you want to find our homes reduced to rubble. according to the un's assistance mission over sixteen hundred civilians were killed and nearly three thousand six hundred injured in afghanistan dream first part of this year the report also shows that the number of civilian casualties due to strikes has increased by forty three percent this year compared with twenty sixteen the figures that were released after trying to land spent of expanding u.s.
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presence in next afghanistan previously he'd been critical about the afghan military campaign. we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks afghanistan is a total and complete disaster let's get with it get out of afghanistan president since he has no blue or foreign policy of the ground situation in afghanistan not easy interested in what harm he's going to cause because all groups as well as to civilians in afghanistan he has decided to send in at least four thousand more troops and also increase in the air attacks which is causing syrian casualties which is going to isolate america from the average afghan needs only the taliban have been opposed to usa and to president trump now the average afghan is going to hate america for what it is doing to the common people and most of the attacks
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which have recently been carried it out it does live in men and children that have been targeted and not even the men and not a single taliban has been hurt in those so it is what intelligence we're betting your strategy and heartless conduct of a few of all. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news so please stay with us. what is the real function of media in the west today to inform citizens or parrot the interests and policies of the political elites it would seem corporate media can't get enough.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learnt. taken your last term caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some marshawn to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different to speak to now because there are no other takers. the same that mainstream media has met its maker.
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donald trump's presidency has been marred by habit domestic resistance from all sides those republicans and democrats hampering white house ties with russia. as a trumpet administration being left isolated and powerless or does it still have cards . while i ask former reagan administration official author and political columnist. president russia and politicians doing the russian card to score points against. the white house's attempts to normalise moscow has so far. with political necessity forced
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two sides to work i'm pressing international problems will be global reality over will. bring about a long awaited for the world's continue to be held hostage by the new cold war. former reagan administration official political connelly's to forbes and other media welcome to the show it's actually great to have you with us. the new low in u.s. russia relations in both countries expelling each other's diplomats and u.s. congress forcing president trump into a new round of sanctions on moscow do you feel that donald trump's compay to idea of and the spat with russia is now a dad for good. it's in america's interests accords with america's values to. approach with russia so why is it that trump who didn't want to pass new sanctions was corner.


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