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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 11, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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oh. oh oh oh oh oh. oh right you probably know the stats by now we have more people in jail in this country per capita than anywhere else there are horrible repressive regimes out there run by the dude who tried to take indiana jones as hard in the temple of doom . look at the number of people in behind bars in our country and are like that dumb that's what do you get ten years for stealing a candy bar it's not. our cops brutalised people on a daily basis and often kill more people in a month than other countries police kill in a decade they regularly abuse their power such as the video that actually went viral last week of a cop trying to demand a nurse illegally give him
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a blood sample from an unconscious suspect. how are you going to. go. there i have to. do it do not piss off nurses are right they have the animals they have the end of month. i find . kind of always being nice to those going animists that's rule number one. so considering how out of control in horrific our policing is in this country the trumpet ministration gave it a good long think last week probably about thirty seconds. and they decided you know what cops need more military weaponry yes trump is overturning the restrictions on the ten thirty three program which allows the pentagon to give surplus weapons of war to our local police and they still are trillions we spend on
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military there is lots of surplus in fact there are but there are more than two thousand on used abrams tanks sitting in the california desert because what are you going to do with them all you got i mean you know how it is you accidentally keyboarding extra tanks for jack aids because you thought the brochure instead spanx i thought it said. thank god i just thought i was doing it does it with a load of abrams tanks. do so soon pentagon toys will yet again be in the hands of local police departments things like i am raps grenade launchers helicon sult rifles. and bayonets yes they are gnats because life beyond is you never know when the british are coming you never know you know what you know what do you nobody warned us about ricky gervais's and he's here and he's all over the t.v.
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screen he's very girly liberal yet really annoying kinder with you know we were ready seriously rand paul took note of the bayonets the last time the ten thirty three program was up for debate they listed twelve thousand bayonets had been given out. what purpose or bayonets being given out for. senator. under the program i can't dance or what police force with the debate i can give you an answer no. well the standard well it's sad but actually that's not true rand paul the cops can use their bayonets open they're putting. bread salmon cream cheese on their onion bagel and. like an aggressive yet intimidating manner you know there's plenty of things and they don't sound like a weapon invented by
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a five year old like i want to go with the knife on the end of. a lonely pop on the end of that. but attorney general jeff sessions the plot of the chains starting at the us is facing an increase in violent crime in fact violent crime has gone up so much it's actually gone down. violent crime rate bell fifty percent between one thousand nine hundred three and twenty fifteen but sessions had more reasons for why this is a great idea we will not put superficial concerns about public safety yes superficial concerns such as the us becoming a militarized police state smashing everyone's civil liberties into the mud with their boot that is. that that is a superficial concern right up there where the lying bad acne radio or or when your man scamper goes too far you know making you look like
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a smelly characters. when i got all our equipment no longer needed to be sitting idle when you could be using it here evil random box. tomorrow grenade launchers sitting i know and the cops could be using them to terrorize on our government are akin. you know those are lonely grenade launchers he went on to say this equipment has been shown to reduce crime reduce complaints against assaults on police and make officers more effective but the article points out these claims are unsubstantiated by data. of bad data when lying is a sustainable abundant resource. like life and we did learn early gaga. but that race is keebler elf has a point. it does overturning the ban on the ten thirty three program does send
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a message a message that the trumpet ministration is more interested in our police appearing to be fighting a battle for white supremacy using weapons of war then they are in being a part of the actual community just like obama's original ban on the ten thirty three program was also meant to send a message that our police forces were changing their ways even though obama's moved with actually more of a publicist a stunt of the seven items on the prohibited equipment list six have not been distributed to local law enforcement agencies by the pentagon for years the only one that we were still issuing at the time of obama's ban were the ban announce. so we were basically ban on bad acts. this is like of obama banned baskets and then trump overturned the ban on mars kids and people were like a maniac but he does one must get everyone lousy with muskets so
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basically even after obama has turned thirty three restrictions. you know a bunch of georgia one and a goddamn am rap on mine resistant ambush protected vehicle all they had to do really was write a strongly worded explanation you know of dear government. because . these mosquitoes have got nerve like. they have tails their tails. you never know where you're going to end up in a real street belt with these tanks all right wrap your mosquito is overkill but tell that to my friend jim died by the mosquito it was it was friendly fire from another cop would still tell. this has gotten out of hand so much that five universities have armed their police officers with military leftovers including body armor assault rifles and tanks while campus police at ohio state
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university now own an m. rap are there any good cards out there yes absolutely there are there are a lot until they're pressured into leaving of course one of the. one of them. county sheriff richard burton except of the ten ten thirty three programs we have no intention of ever using weaponized vehicles we don't want tanks we don't want machine guns this is not a battlefield well you turn your police into killing machines and they will act like killing machines it hasn't been like this for over a hundred years ago and. you know a little more there than a guy with a billy club would be on the head if you urinate in the streets right then the cops were given guns and they would threaten to kill you if you continued you're in aiding in the streets then they were given bigger guns and steroids and the promise that if they shot you for your knitting in the street they would not be prosecuted
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now they have body armor better steroids grenade launchers pampers brian a very tiny penis. thank goodness this thing over here is not something to be trifled with. it one speaks to you do not make any sudden movements or are you just did. also do not use large words that just angers them. and finally try your best not to be black. our police have gotten out of control they're supposed to be part of our communities there's supposed to be our law enforcement but instead as with our government the police have been taken over by the corporatocracy they protect and serve the interests of the rich and the powerful and if we don't stand up to its flights twenty twenty five military drones will be taking the place of police helicopters and patrolling from the skies. i thought this was
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a free country of free country would while surrounded in our own cars by don in our emails watched and like happy people in jail but other than that three. years of her. quick side thought how how do you think they train those police horses to be racist. how do you watch you do see the value this is.
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welcome i really can allocate the news from behind a couple of days ago u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley insisted that president could really declare iran in violation of the iran nuclear deal whenever he wanted yes trunk and to clear those mothers in by relation of the agreement just as the world's nuclear inspectors the i.a.e.a. declared that the latest inspections balland no evidence iran is breaching the agreement but but. does it go with our players are saying they're breach of the agreement. what am i going to do with this iran by letting their nuclear agreement cake but could. the whole thing myself. well we'll just have to entertain ourselves by provoking war with who's on deck who's doing that stuff north korea and north korea. who are abuses. to negotiate
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about their nuclear weapons according to the intercept kim jong il said multiple times that north korea would neither put its nukes and ballistic rockets on the table of negotiations in any case nor full inch unless the u.s. hostile policy and nuclear threat are definitely terminated so they would only put their nukes up or negotiations if the u.s. ended its hostile policy that's. actually quite reasonable. and. that really means they are willing to negotiate in fact that's the definition of negotiation meanwhile the us mainstream media runs worst north korea says it won't give up nuclear weapons and that entire us mainland is within firing. mainstream media you guys are still. you you're you're you're you're sicker than i am after
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drinking k.f.c.'s new chicken gravy milkshake. says can see shina is introducing a recognition payment system the machine literally reads your face and charges you for the food and and i was this is how it starts this is how that. minority report for you so recognition privacy invasion gets roland right they want they they don't just say hey we're going to ruin the everybody's face everywhere you go because if they did that we would all get angry instead i go do you want this delicious fried chicken or is this the buttery butter rebuilt you want to put in your face ah yeah yeah you what you get you know you want it you know you want to just give us your face just give us your very well. they know are still out. there this is what i'm the one i want to get to the front of that k.f.c.
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line cannot turn bad. when i did they could be like in order to charge you for this we need to insert two fingers. somewhere on your body all right do you get to pick you the bird and we do our ground i was do this and. this one in the ear and. one in the mouth like. a show recognition is also being used to save lives not just used to end lives be ok i see. new sounds we have did tax pancreatic cancer by looking into your eyes well that is some some good news that could save some lives but that's also like the worst selfie app in the world to punch my grandson love your smile you have pancreatic cancer. you selfie bravo. you ruined my party.
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i want to i'm going to want one we just put all this together into one thing right you go to k.f.c. you put your big ugly face in front of the computerized cashier it says thank you will you for your order here's a six piece chicken bucket oh so you have jaundice type two diabetes ricketson your girlfriend. nicely. done. i don't know i think this facial recognition stuff is bullshit basan of privacy i think nikki haley fully i think are made for the media. and you know how i know all this because i have very good people recognition i do we're going to quit brag but we have lived stand up comedy shows all around the country to come to add years to go to redacted tour john tom or texan was attached to the poor poor poor night on the philadelphia to philadelphia to the outback.
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the mission of news with you is to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say the. rich were bad r.t. america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that one stream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsors no one tells us what to cover how long or how to say it that's the beauty of our t. america. we hear both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that charlie. letting anything get
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a way to bring it home to the american people. going
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back. you may have heard of this terrorist group responsible for more terror plots in the united states than al qaida and isis combined they go by f.b.i. . only one per cent of so-called terrorists nabbed by the f.b.i. were real a larger number of arrestees poor and powerless were caught in the f.b.i. threat factory sting's who discusses our senior an intelligence analyst now may go . we were.
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going up ok the f.b.i. invented some terror plots recently but that's because americans are relaxed. no one's mentioned terrorism in the past two weeks probably a good thing you know only to be in american today you should be in constant fear you should be shot your pants right now. so the f.b.i. has to revive the fear now like a shakespeare revival festival at a small theater. though you have these old scripts a few desperate actors who play parts that are perfectly capable of. children's barely convincing but it makes the papers as a smash it. is entrapping people go there luring them into these crimes that they would normally commit if they were inspiring people. in newly released tapes we learn the walking would be mass shooters samuel mohammad holmes
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said he didn't like violence you see he just needed an f.b.i. informant to release his terrorist and sell him a rifle all of that they sold him a rifle they don't get angry they gave him a great price. is not there arming people this is no you're right it's not the it or they have a way bigger budget oh the f.b.i. recruited more than fifteen thousand informants they paid one hundred thousand dollars for every terrorist they discover like talent scouts you know maybe one of them will find the next osama is sleepy town in ohio because i wish them luck a hundred thousand dollars are going to get into that record well it's difficult work informants can always convince people sometimes they scare them like when i warmed people at a mosque turned in an f.b.i. informant to the f b i. do you think they.
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also put the burden on the f.b.i. is targeting muslims for these. you have the wind twenty three year old jerry vernal who attempted to car bomb an oklahoma city bank seen when it comes to creating terror threats the f.b.i. doesn't see color it's all types of vulnerable people ok it's mainly muslims but the f.b.i. really helped to barnow before meeting the f.b.i. varnell had no money no vehicles since it was schizophrenia. the f.b.i. gave him all that stuff yeah it's like make a wish for people with anti government sentiment. and. good hard to get right where you think the mentally ill were using using their working women than for example an f.b.i. informant who really developed a relationship with harlem swore as
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a twenty three year old cuban man was busted for a key west bomb plot listen to this actual recording of the informant talking and you really sense the connection they have you're a true brother you know i look up to you you know i could go with you she said sir so it's like the two steamy for t.v. scenes from this is. i personally was moved he misses him you also have to watch suarez's. i thought you were were. rather you were. ok these not very caring. you know with a little encouragement from the f.b.i. yes a lot of potential was. i. know
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you're good. the obvious literally directing the jihadi videos yeah well there's that in f.b.i. for these jihadi video industry now you know actually few of them start out with that on camera charisma so basically the war on terror is an allusion this needs to stop this is the least if we don't fear for our lives we can militarize the police conduct surveillance invades our nations if we lose the threat of terror. thing. though they are on the edge of that neutrality seems to be too loudly more removing george just like a massive hurricane the difference is it gets no mainstream media coverage but some are fighting back for more on this we go to a truth bomb that only mcgill. it's
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with a heavy heart that i must announce the death of small business saturday the saturday after thanksgiving where we shop local instead of the friday after thanksgiving where we will local. anyways i know it's dead because thanks to the fight against free and fair internet we might not have any small businesses on any saturday more than five hundred small businesses have signed on to a letter urging congress and the head of the absolute see. not to gut rules that preserve net neutrality because without that neutrality small business of web traffic will be decimated if you forgotten what the process is over net neutrality let me get you up to speed i keep pies a guy who used to be a lawyer for rice and you know the company apparently. even then can you hear me
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now verizon guy who works for sprint i was the slash regulations that make it easier for huge internet service providers to grant fast or slow connections to whom ever they choose this is bad news for small companies who rely on the internet to drive traffic to their businesses the longer your page loads the fewer visitors you'll get and the farther down the search engines results so good luck finding that great local pizza place pizza data ass or that nearby tupac inspired dental practice all smiles on me or your neighborhood animal genital implant business loopholes. ok yes i did make these up to make a point. well not all of them. are to skill or implants for dogs cats horses bulls we have three different models the original is polypropylene the new the cold may actually it's a solid rubber like material that replicates the cave in testicle to exact further
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this what sort of player that. you may be thinking this guy is so next he's untouchable in more ways than one but of pet smart comes out with second chance sacks for dogs this noodles guy is screwed because pet smart is a corporation that has the type of scratch the pay for. small businesses adult point loss of the monks some members of the u.s. senate committee on small business and entrepreneurship including senators rand paul jim bridge and senator jim inhofe inhofe jim. the same man who force than in turn to make a snowball to prove climate change is a hoax these people shouldn't be on committees they should be in a retirement home trying to convince a nurse the bible is the farmer's all in ak but all three senators co-sponsored the restoring internet freedom act an orwellian name proposal told women it m.c.c.
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rules that prohibit. from blocking waddling or prioritizing internet websites and applications in exchange for payment unfortunately blocking and throttling is already happening a four way request for over thirteen thousand net neutrality complaints against comcast proves this and in a vague attempt at transparency the f.c.c. released these complaints one day before the deadline to publicly comment on repealing net neutrality so while the f.c.c. tries to stifle evidence that telecom giants don't have our best interests small businesses can still make their voices heard and i know some of you are watching right now don't deny it you can sign on to that same letter to the f.c.c. and keep the web open for business dot com do it for yourselves do it for the livelihood of fellow entrepreneurs like him if i was put on earth for anything it
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was for this reporting from washington natalie mcgill redacted tonight. do your headlines from the future next monday you'll learn rookie f.b.i. agent never really protecting the nation from f.b.i. would be showing johnston. and next wednesday. nikki haley furiously trying to find part of iran nuclear deal that's as us can bomb iran for signing iran nuclear deal that's our job to get whether it is videos like you're going to get to the poor four point nine nine nine or do you to dunk on the donkey tonight to see how much exactly tonight on that key the candle can we do want until next week.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works my economy is built around quite. preparations from washington to washington. voters elected to run this country business. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents to tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media everything uses to talk about these.
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i'm not a pretty clear picture about how disturbing accounts for conduct is because in my. these are stories that no one else in my pepto and your host of america. question. on the news tonight the u.n. security council unanimously passes the most severe sanctions to date against north korea and tropical storm irma continues its into georgia after leaving a trail of wreckage and flooding in florida and first responders continue to suffer terrible health consequences sixteen years after the nation's worst terror attack nine eleven. tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r t america. good evening.


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