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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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see. you can see live pictures now on your screen from the center of paris where nationwide protests in france turn violent as people throw projectiles and flares to counter problems new labor laws that would come into effect in a week. with islamic states territory in syria crumbling the races on to retake oil fields from the terrorists with russian assistance and the u.s. backed forces both closing in. on the u.n. security council adopt new sanctions against north korea after the resolution was watered down from a stronger u.s. draft.
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you're watching out international live from studio with me in india today welcome to the program protests have turned violent people have taken to the streets in major cities to vent their anger at the president's labor reforms which come into effect in a week projectiles and flares have been thrown by the crowds. so the protests are being held in several major cities like. say demonstrators
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promised to run for files in separate strikes and almost two hundred rallies across france correspondent joins us live now from paris ali the unions promise a day of disruption have they did. they have in the atmosphere has definitely changed just an hour ago it was pretty jovial i was in amongst the fun fair protesters clowns entertainers and now we've seen projectiles go off flares being thrown and we've just been approached by somebody wearing a mosque saying you know you need to be really careful because there are people there who could break television equipment who don't like journalists it's really changed you just hear the projectiles going off in the background and there's riot police french riot police on to the teeth ready to respond should disturbances get sinn fein's of course all of this in protest against the changes that emanuel wants
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to make to the labor laws here in france and he really did himself no favors here during the week last week when he referred to all of his opponents as lazy take a listen to what he had to say. and that phrase appears to have really galvanized a lot of people to come out on to the streets a lot of people here waving banners saying we all the slackers slackers of the world unite but really people very unhappy head the trade unions with these changes to the labor laws that meant to liberalize the working market head that meant to make it easier for firms to hire and fire personnel which emanuel my son seems to
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think is going to change the pretty dire situation here with the unemployment rate front has a stubbornly high unemployment rate it's double bottom of fronts of the u.k. and germany but the trade unions are all dead set against it take a listen to what the people we spoke to had to say. this lowers anti social because it's. good but in the world of oil this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the public and the private sectors we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement should be for the draft or franks eighty million workers the majority of french workers will significantly limit their rights to make it easier to find people when it's not justified that. we represent the people and the movement we're protesting a number of laws in the name of the movement so we want to do it to me first of all . why did it fall apart it's about
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a law which is harmful for us this would leave us without any more guarantees. and there are protests taking place all across france but it's really being seen as a litmus test this demonstration today because not all the trade unions are taking part in my. team spent a lot of the summer trying to woo some of the trade unions placate them and some of them one taking part but we're already seeing injured people from some of the. ashes that have been taking place on the road show the atmosphere really very different and this is really been billed as a showdown between the people that are against these changes to the law and of business president who is we determined to push through parliament these changes as soon as possible i'm going to see how we don't fall later on throughout the day. will certainly do wait to see what happens there thank you polly rocha reporting
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there from paris thanks. frances seen violent onto labor no protests in the past let's take a quick look back. i . i. i i i i. i i. the syrian army breaking the siege of dairies or islamic states hold over the country is rapidly collapsing only fifteen percent of syria remains under the
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terror group's control and that no longer includes any major cities that's according to russia's defense ministry it also says this week alone four hundred fifty terrorists have been killed and a large amount of key eisel infrastructure including ammunition and those destroyed meanwhile ten tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered to the previously besieged teri's all. and it seems that u.s. backed kurdish militias are also heading there from another direction artie's it looks at what's at stake as the two hundred terror forces close in on each other. what has the. american led coalition in northern syria been up to lately rocko short thing but there's more here's this weekend statement by the guys in charge of an hard to resolve syrian coalition commences offensive tools don't resume. their
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resort it's only the biggest city in the country's east which just had its blockade broken i grew our god. fearing government troops are already inside doing the d isolate so why would the coalition get involved ah it was a mistake quick correction the coalition's on the way to boot islamic state out of the hub or river valley not quite their ads or but just to the north of the city all sort it keep reading the priestess mistakenly released an unapproved drove regarding the fight in the river valley the draft indicated that. a moment to resume this is not the case i thought first of all they were meant to be anti eisel forces we have very little to do with syria other than killing isis many times in the studio of explain the great strategic importance of controlling their resort and the state islamic state will find itself and if they lose it
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a different perspective there's still plenty of oil around this area once. you get it but even before islamic state gets fully erased from the map of syria government troops may well come across coalition forces or vice versa trust me this potential proxy conflict would be formidable to say the least earlier this year the pro-government forces were hit by u.s. air strike at least five times in the deserts of southeast syria just because they happened to turn up in the wrong place at the wrong time the united states conducted strikes against two technical vehicles later this morning after the. first incident the united states also shut down a suspected program drone speaking of sudden clashes breaking out as various and to arsal forces come together just recently ended north american troops along with curtis units came under fire by the turkish backed rebels the ones that loads the
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kurds well when it comes to the east watch this space as it gets a bit crowded. here trove of blank syrian passports has been stolen from the country's government jemmy's authorities say that over eleven thousand of them might fall into the hands of islamic state adding fake passports give the terrorists easy access to europe peter are the picks up the story. eleven thousand blank syrian passports could be in the hands of isis starts according to an investigation that was carried out by the build on sunday newspaper citing documents from the german police and from the german interior ministry once filled in with a person's details these passports codes allow terrorists to into europe undetected using a valid passport disguising themselves as refugees developments in connection with the refugee situation has shown that terrorist organizations a using the opportunity to smuggle potential attackers all supporters into europe
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in germany undetected fake or altered passports are mostly used for illegal entry without further motives like carrying out a terrorist attack this is more news that should to worry germans after it emerged earlier this month that a group of sixty four members of a group linked to al qaida may have traveled disguising themselves as refugees another group are accused of war crimes and carrying out numerous massacres we've also seen an uptick in the number of those accused of having being fighters with terror organizations facing trial here in germany one of those is the rebel commander able to him if he's accused of having tortured people in syria he entered the country as a refugee at the end of this month prosecutors from stuttgart will bring charges of murder and belonging to a terrorist organization against for syria nationals accused of being members of
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joe but. we contacted the german authorities and asked them what they have to say about the potential risks of terrorists arriving here in germany using refugees as cover is long be known but so-called blank post bills was stolen from the syrian regime these documents are listed on the interpol lost documents database so that the possibles can be matched with passports presented on the right. not quite blonde say attitude to blank passports potentially being in the hands of isis isn't going down well with some the problem itself is far bigger than we actually realize and that the mainstream media is a big stewards of broadcast and bring to the attention of the citizens of the world the sheer number of terrorist incidents we witnessed over the last three years the link to us in european countries shows this that even with a small number of terrorists to off the radar the governments don't have the
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ability to cope so if we're looking at such a high number you know in the thousands definitely going to be struggling to do it to cope and woefully incapable of doing such german authorities uncovered a scene a half thousand cases of people trying to enter the country using false documents and twenty sixteen and the news that isis may have access to over eleven thousand blank syrian passports means that migration authorities are going to have to be on watch to make sure the documents handed over at the border much the real identity of those doing the handing over peter all over. while i still find his are trying to make their way into europe thousands of previously gone to fight for the terror group in syria from abroad the lion's share of foreign i thought recruits came from tunisia russia france germany and the u.k. are also among the countries from where a significant number of citizens left to fight for i saw many of those who went to
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syria and iran to fight for islamic state families along with them but with the terror group suffering a string of major defeats the wives and children of a large number of killed fighters have ended up in refugee camps with uncertain futures auti was first to talk to some of the widows of foreign extremists in iraq where hundreds of families are stranded the location and identities will not be disclosed for their safety i just know it's not important for us for the visually people should. negotiate with. someone cut off wasn't hurt so it was illegal fate of the wives of isel fighters is not clear yet meanwhile in europe last year around six hundred people were put on trial for terrorism with more than three hundred fifty prosecuted the ties to
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jihadism should the wives of ice or fighters be treated in the same way as other islam ist extremists well we discussed the issue with political commentators on day walker and no one saw. well i think the most important thing we have to do is avoid these people coming back to our countries these people have joined a terrorist organization and they wish to join a state that isn't the united kingdom isn't america isn't russia what we're talking about wives and children of isis fighters who have gone out to syria to iraq to kurdistan and have been found themselves inadvertently getting in broiled as part of as much a victim as anyone else has been in part of these atrocities let's be clear what the argument that no one saw is making is that you are an adult have chosen to join a terrorist organization and just because you're married you should have no responsibility for that whatsoever what mr ali saw say something beyond
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a terrorist organization so i want to know this of you make your own piece of it sir they signed on for you and besides so let's be clear on my position and let's be clear what i look at you actually look a little like your name for yourself as a giant for the majority of iraq just take the air piece out i keep talking the position of the majority of british people in my view is that they do not want terrorists back in the united kingdom they do not want the wives of terrorists back in the united kingdom but there may want the children who are entirely innocent to return to the united kingdom and with that in mind i'll put my earpiece back in these women many of them will be innocent people the children the innocent people they didn't sign up to a terrorist organization it's not like joining a club where you sign up to get a membership form they followed their husbands into a war zone people who have not committed any wrongdoing who are no risk to the state the answer is to integrate them we have the national security apparatus in place to be able to tackle these issues right now the u.n.
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security council agrees new sanctions against north korea more after this break. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to present injury. to someone want to be rich. but you'd like to be close to see what the three of them can be get. interested always in the water as it. should. seem. just don't all. get to shape
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out. and in. the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back to the program the u.n. security council's agreed to new sanctions against north korea the resolution drawn up by the us but the documents hugely watered down from what was originally circulated last week for example washington had proposed a total oil and natural gas and volga on exports to north korea but the final resolution only caps the amount of gas and oil pyongyang can imports the original draft also called for sanctions against the north korean leader personally which included
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a travel ban on freeze of kim jong un's assets however that point was deleted completely from the final variant and it's not just the resolution that's changed but also washington's tone. they will be met with fire fury the shield stands guard. and the sword stands ready a massive military response. and overwhelming nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. we are not looking for a war the north korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return if it agrees to stop its nuclear program it can reclaim its future if it proves it can live in peace the world will live in peace with it meanwhile russia and china have been calling on security council members to adopt a so-called double freeze plan under the scheme pyongyang would stop its nuclear
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ballistic missile tests and return america south korea would halt their military exercises ahead of last night's sanctions votes the north korean leader warned that washington would pay the price if the resolution was passed and the parent reports from seoul. considering this saying sions resolution passed by the u.n. security council is the toughest to date concerning north korea's ballistic missile and a nuclear weapons program and is furious before the vote even took place the government issued a very harsh statement warning they will act tough on the quote us gangsters and promised pain and suffering. the fees calming measures to be taken by the d.p. ok recalls the u.s. the greeks used so free it says through its history now to get some perspective on the government in pyongyang i spoke with a member of the national assembly here in seoul that they saw libya.
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euro. collapse they think they could because they don't have any nuclear weapons if they have nuclear weapons united states war has a. very special value. because they have nuclear weapons. has to be. thinking despite much talk out of seoul underscoring their commitment to a diplomatic solution this week it was announced by office ition a lawmaker as they will include requests for u.s. tactical nukes in their twenty eight thousand budget proposal i asked mr hall if he supported this action and how it would make koreans safer because the weapons they want. they want to have. one obstacle you know tries to supreme trying. is putting some kind of
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it's. going to become somebody this week a delegation of opposition lawmakers from seoul will head to washington where they will likely be made. this request for tactical nuclear weapons china is on the record saying such an act would be a red line as their stand against the presence of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula so if such an action is to be carried out by the trump administration it would surely only inflame tensions further in seoul on your part until r.t. . and this we heard from think a diplomatic solution to the crisis is still possible i think that they wanted some action to be taken and they knew that china and i believe also russia would not go along with what the draft was that it was really a recipe for extinction for north korea korea has also said that if there's a peace treaty signed between them and the united states and there's
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a halt to those maneuvers they would suspend nuclear and missile tests but the united states has brush this off as absolutely unthinkable and so i think that's the real reason that we have an ongoing crisis so you know what you have here basically nikki haley having initially distributed the most extreme. and. perhaps even historically this latest round of sanctions which was supposed to be extremely hard hitting but in the last did the influence of both russia and china in pushing for diplomacy actually signals a possibility and even though things have gotten about as grim as they possibly could with regard to u.s. policy toward north korea there is a rational path. nato member
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turkey has signed an estimated a billion dollar deal to buy russia's advance s four hundred missile system. the as four hundred missile system deal has already been signed by officials as far as i know the first installment was also transferred this process will continue between turkey and russia while the delivery of this particular system is a russian s four hundred system which is surface to air missiles and what we're looking at here is the first installment the first payment on a deal that we estimate is was around two point five billion u.s. dollars and russia's new system is the next generation ed defense system and we're looking at a range of targets aerial targets ranging from aircraft and also nanda craft drones and also very in types of missiles and to take those targets down we're looking at a system that deploys three different types of missiles this new system is apparently twice as good as the old one so let's look at further at some of the capabilities of this particular system it can engage up to eighty targets all at the same time it has a maximum target range of four hundred kilometers and
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a maximum target speed of four point eight kilometers per second so powerful stuff we're looking in terms of those who forces as we say we're talking about the deal china have already requested it and also it looks like india out there they're interested in this particular deal as well and it's also being deployed in syria so that that's the particular deal that's what the system can do but also what are the why do implications because we know turkey is a member of nato it has the second largest army amongst the allies there and washington has already voiced some concerns there have been some so worrying moments from the pentagon about this deal going forward which is now of course it's going through and in the meantime there's been a decline in relations between and career in washington or is it the same time we've seen an improvement between ankara and wasco also at the same time when pressed the president urged to announce this particular deal he said that all the differences with russia are all in the past and particularly any contrivances that they might have had well in their dealings about syria. with our round up for the
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news this hour don't forget to check us out on social media on facebook twitter and of course our website that's our to dot com. i'll be back at the top of the allies so stay with us. nobody not a lot of marshall and. islamic states claims it was behind the manchester terror attack by the militant front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming to go ice is so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me was yeah why don't. you. feel. that if.
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you challenge the. child if the zener. of his temper is got a good plan. to kill him isn't his show. with manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class isn't project themselves. the final. gift certainly the one. we can all middle of the room see. the real news is really.
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greetings and salutation. this week marks the sixteenth anniversary of the attacks on september the eleventh two thousand and one a date that will be etched in the living history of the united states forever a day that will long be remembered for both its tragedy and its controversy because for all of the heroism courage and acts of compassion that they inspire there was
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another form of inspiration awakening inside those whose hearts beat fear and whose only comfort is power and they would set in motion a series of decisions manipulations and votes that would forever alter if not outright destroy the very lifeblood of the united states of america the authority of our constitution and bill of rights this was done all in the name of power and fear one of the made weapons in this endeavor was the passing of the uniting and strengthening america by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism act of two thousand and one or as it's more commonly called the patriot act introduced by republican representative jim sensenbrenner just over a month after the attacks the three hundred forty two page bill was quickly passed through the house and senate would very little objection or dissent.


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