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tv   Headline News  RT  September 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on r.g.p. tensions high on the korean peninsula as pyongyang friends of great painful washington then responds to sanctions by reaction from our team on the ground in seoul south korea. and a long road to recovery in florida residents were evacuated for are slowly returning to the states bringing the latest from miami. live thousands take to the streets of france protesting president in myanmar crondall labor law.
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it's tuesday september twelfth five pm in washington d.c. a matushka sweet and you're watching in our team america we begin this hour with threats coming at the united states from north korea in a unanimous fifteen to zero vote the united nations security council approved a u.s. adopted resolution imposing new sanctions on north korea north korea responded to the action today calling the same sions quote vicious reports also say the nation is value revenge and will make the u.s. quote suffer the greatest pain and its history all this comes as the leader of south korea's opposition party heads to the united states to request tactical nuclear weapons from washington r.t. is under par impel is in seoul with the latest seoul can't seem to contain its excitement over the unprecedented and extremely harsh sanctions resolution passed on monday targeting a major north korean industry releasing a statement immediately following the vote reading quote the latest u.n. security council. resolution represents the international community's renewed
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commitment not to tolerate the north's nuclear and missile development it also sends a grave warning to the north korean regime that its continued reckless provocations will only end up deepening its economic isolation and diplomatic pressure however it seems diplomatic and economic pressure is not enough for seoul considering it was announced just a few days ago a delegation of opposition lawmakers will be traveling to washington this week to ask the trump administration to send tactical nuclear weapons to south korea in fact i ate attended a press conference held today by the leader of that opposition party the liberty korea party headed by. who announced his intention today at the press conference and granted me an interview afterwards during which i asked him if washington will be receptive to this goal. president trump and china will get together
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to achieve the nuclear ization of the korean peninsula senator mccain just suggested to deploy the technical nuclear weapons to the korean peninsula more than seventy percent of the korean people support deployment of the technical nuclear weapons you're in korea sixty percent support developing nuclear weapons by year so mr lee told me while in washington he plans on meeting with several members of congress as well as policy advisors to president trump and the conservative heritage foundation however this by numerous run they said he says there is one person he'd like to meet in the u.s. capitol who unfortunately was unable to schedule such a meeting and that's arizona senator john mccain now when mr lee brought up the senator i asked him considering mccain very recently during an interview with c.n.n. said the united states and south. need to demonstrate they will exterminate the
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north if they continue this behavior if he agrees with that kind of extreme rhetoric. senator mccain is really a war expert proper and appropriate in the situation we tried to have a meeting with him but there was no reply it is regrettable that we do not have his answer. so you can see mr levy was willing to speak very candidly to me about his views and intentions in washington and i'm confident his discussion with me will reflect some of the words which will be exchanged behind doors in washington this week and now it's important to note here that sending nuclear weapons to the korean peninsula would be a major escalation one which not only will concern but undoubtedly upset china in fact chinese media is already warning against this and accusing the united states of inflaming an arms race in the region and ratcheting up
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a threat not only to the north koreans but to china and russia as well in seoul on your parm hill. meanwhile north korea blames the u.s. for the latest round of sanctions passed by the u.n. security council pyongyang says washington's goal is to further isolates north korea artie's code to nova that country's response. news conference at the north korea shan forty two russia accused the u.s. of using the security council as an instrument to isolate. the latest sanctions imposed by the u.n. security council a result of the heinous u.s. attempts to isolate in suffolk county home country. and violation of our sovereignty that's why we totally rejects and condemn these sanctions and he also added that washington is trying to shift the blame for instigating townshend's on the korean peninsula is sad that so the u.s.
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is wrong if it believes that it's north korea would change its position after this new wave of sanctions. we've been on the u.s. sanctions and use it was the u.s. that instigated the u.n. security council come up with more resolutions on sanctions against north korea so we're used to living in such conditions and we still managed to achieve everything we wanted if washington things will bend under these new measures and change our position it's lucian to know all this was the way south or the un security council unanimously adopted a resolution which was trapped as to why the u.s. has to impose tougher sanctions on killing if i had of the vote at the security council for north korea warning that should this resolution passed pyongyang would response to with q. action and in a statement which was released on the state media platform the foreign ministry said that if the u.s.
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does rig up their legal and long lawful resolution it would respond in kind specifically it was sad that the measures that north korea will take in response to these sanctions will cost the u.s. the greatest pain and suffering he had ever gone through and as history and for more on there with in a way show the north korea we're joined by john pilger investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. thanks so much for joining us and so what are your thoughts on what the north korean ambassador to russia said today that no saying sions will make north korea change its policies adding that north korea's nuclear program will help his country manage the quote hostile policy of the u.s. don't you think it's just an excuse for kim jong hoon to build up his arsenal. look the problem is not north korea the problem is not russia of the problem is not china the problem is the united states but been a number of agreements in the past nineteen ninety two ninety ninety four. between
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north and south korea to denuclearize to you clear eyes korea. the problem is the united states and you have to look at this broadly. the the problem for the rest of the world actually now is the containment of the united states the u.s. used to during the first cold war talk about the containment of the soviet union but no it's the containment of the united states and frankly it always has been here so it's it's an unpredictable regime but there is absolutely no doubt that if north korea hadn't developed nuclear weapons it would have been attacked for the same thing would have happened something similar would have happened to north korea as happened to libya and iraq syria and afghanistan.
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and i want to play a clip from the house foreign affairs committee who met today regarding sanctions on north korea let's take a listen one of the strategies that the administration is pursuing that bring china to that point where they conclude that it is in the our interest to enforce the sanctions because the danger of a conflict on the peninsula is greater than their fear. alignment by a unified korean peninsula the united states or do you agree or disagree with that assessment i doubt mr secretary i mean i think that is that that's right and i think we've seen the chinese moving. you know in their system for them pretty swiftly toward it recalculation of what they're worried about on the korean peninsula they see north korea's actions undermining their own so. curity through the beefing up of defenses in in their region and they're also seeing you know they're. certainly very alarmed at north korea's behavior and the
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explosion of the six nuclear test a hydrogen bomb right on their border so how do you see it will china help enforce u.n. sanctions and do you think the country feels alarmed over the recent actions coming out of pyongyang so china is mostly law by the united states not by north korea it's always been rather a worry that north korea might provoke the united states but even the sanctions that have gone through the security council the united nations sanctions. china has all ways of getting around them they use chinese currency chinese so they don't really work anyway and china's much much china's main concern is that pyongyang will provoke the united states and that's always historically that's always been china's concern and speaking of
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sanctions to north korea why do you think the united nations is targeting some of the country's biggest remaining foreign revenue streams but leaving its oil alone which clearly it would need for its huge military now i i don't know frankly and i don't think it i don't think it actually matters. because you know these sanctions are just going to not work on north korea north korea has over the years developed . a way of life a way of development a way of developing its strategic weapons knowing that it's going to be almost in a permanent state of siege so i don't think any of these these sanctions matter at all as i say north korea. will be able to stop short at all well anyway but north korea will be i will be supported by china china just doesn't know a different way they they instead of dealing with koreans they deal with chinese
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businessman in korea so like ole sanctions there are ways around them thanks sanctions. are relevant in the sense to this whole debate what is needed is. a peace treaty with north korea between the united states and and north and north korea and the the government in insall. but where it's all heading is the most worrying thing of all and we've just seen although it's not reported as far as i can tell in the united states we've now seen a nato document in in germany. released by. a research group there and in several of the german newspapers says that the they the whole. question of of
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of of whether nato actually. increases its nuclear weapons is the most important one and what it what they still commanders saying is that there is the beginning of the end of the the. they intermediate range nuclear weapons treaty that's the most important treaty of the all call war once you take that away then you've got a real threat of nuclear war between the great powers so in a way north korea is a sideshow to this that's the main game and now it's very bad that president trying . will visit china in november and you know he's invited president xi jinping tomorrow lago and has sent some positive things about the president why do you think china hasn't really stepped in by now to try and help ease tensions between
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the u.s. and north korea does china have too much of a stake in north korea financially so i think china have stepped in to ease tensions. china and russia have a strategic plan that was put to the united states but has been dismissed out of hand that says if the united states and its in the government in south korea stop these provocative military exercises but include as they put it the decapitation of the pyongyang very regime if they stop these provocative. exercises then the the current testing in north korea itself will see so try not china and russia for as i have actually come forward with positive plans . it's as i said at the beginning the real problem to wall this is the
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containment of the world's biggest nuclear power the united states all right we are out of time we'll have to leave it there thank you so much that's john pilger investigative journalist. and tension on the korean peninsula was the topic of today's politicking with larry king larry talked with former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. bill richardson as they discussed at the promise he can save us from another war and here is a sneak peek and tune in for the poso at six thirty pm eastern time in mid on this you wrote an op ed piece in which you said in the new york daily news south korea may be in the best position to help broker a much needed compromise between the united states and north korea how so. because the new leader of south korea i believe the new president he's realistic he got elected as a reform candidate against corruption he has talked about dialogue with north korea
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i think that makes sense they're right next to each other humanitarian exchanges family reunification i think that kind of soft power some soft family human diplomacy is going to be the way that the two countries north and south korea come together it's an important first step so that's why i'm saying this south korean should not be dismissed that the president should not go after his policy of talking to north korea or try to change the us south korea free trade agreement leave it alone there are friends there are allies we're bound together let's not disrupt our alliances let the mess with a political base geopolitical base that we have seen on live from calling him an appeaser. no i don't this is a good president he won overwhelmingly he's got experience you know i think he
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wants to send a message to his people in south korea especially the twenty five million people in seoul that you know let's have a dialogue with north korea instead of threatening a nuclear war or an artillery attacks and land mines that could jeopardize those twenty five million people in seoul american troops in the whole country of south korea so i think he's taking the right steps we should leave a bolo and support up. and coming up on our see the road to recovery is just the beginning in florida after our mess left to the states that story coming up right after a short break. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are into the american play marty america offers more american personnel.
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many ways to use lenski just like you hear. a new cd actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear on. some other part in the world of the world's all the world's a stage we are definitely a player. people have got to know whether or not fair presenter support american people deserve to know these differences at this point does it mean a guard against the military industrial. we shall never on the golden gate i cannot . or should know that there is still imagination
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yes we do what we. think. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture. and when you question more find what you're looking for specific i. want. to go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. our culture is awash in law dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that emerged fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most new society on politics as
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a species of endless and needless for the computer politicians more than just celebrity are to ruling parties are in reality one party for. those who attempt to punk is. universal to me just trying to push through the t.v. and there to really treat the media a little more are pushed so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold it sold for corporate money that we might as well be my team against an avalanche but we lost. two days after hurricane armor ward into florida a staggering recovery is slowly in the making federal officials estimate twenty
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five percent of all homes in the keys or destroyed and this warning residents were finally allowed to return to parts of the area closest to the mainland well things are also slowly returning to normal in miami beach where residents and business owners have been allowed back to assess the damage. has more residents in miami beach have returned home this morning but as you can see things are far from normal hundreds of thousands are still without power due in part to downed trees like the ones behind and beside me miami beach was among the first neighborhoods evacuated as hurricane approached the sun shine stay. today. very much on recognizable business. or metal shutters. tourists visiting the area will undoubtedly be an economic hit for this community
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residents we spoke with say they very much feel. it. could have been much worse and we were really concerned about being. close. to the beach. because i'm a business owner. you know it's kind of expected after a storm. takes a little time and effort to bring about. a life so this is my seventh hurricane so i'm not leaving this was ok for me it was a. can do is something devastating i think millions in the state are still living without power and officials say it may take weeks before
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certain communities get their electricity back public schools in certain cities remain close in till further notice federal officials remain focused on hardest hit areas like the florida keys and jacksonville where relief efforts and rebuilding efforts are expected to take a very long time morning from miami beach marina port r.t. meanwhile after irma hit florida as a category four storm and then downgraded to a tropical storm on monday right now it's still causing problems there are still high winds downed trees and severed service lines in multiple states hurricane left more than two hundred twenty thousand people without electricity in south carolina and around one point one million people in georgia are feet were already wet who decided to just write about it and there were plenty of people out so it was a good decision government officials and the florida georgia and south carolina are
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preparing residents for a long recovery from hurricane. well for one the weather extreme to another and california residents there are feeling the heat and this week alone thousands of lightning bolts lit up this guy in the southern part of the state sparking more fires this as many cities across california are dealing with triple digit temperatures artie's prodigious antos is in los angeles with this story more than forty thousand lightning bolts have flashed across the southern california sky this week all within a twenty four hour period people have reported flashes in los angeles santa barbara san luis obispo and ventura county as rain hail and strong winds have also been reported by the national weather service along the northern california coast lightning strikes sparked a fire on santa cruz island in response to local forest service sent smoke jumpers parachuting down to put out the flames tuesday morning the national weather service
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reported twelve hundred cloud to ground strikes and fifty eight hundred in cloud strikes in the san francisco bay area all the activity has californians bracing for the worst however the ensuing rainfall so far has totaled less than one inch in most places a marine layer is now heading in a nice reprieve from the raging wildfires that burned across the state earlier this month including the latina fire which is the largest los angeles has ever seen the golden state has been in the middle of a record breaking heat wave leaving climate scientists scratching their heads and wondering if cooler weather will come this year in los angeles brigitta santos. meanwhile disease is taking a deadly toll in san diego the city began power washing its city streets with a bleach water mix to combat a hepatitis a outbreak. the primary goals of the city of san diego are two. and we've achieved that over the weekend. placement of the hand sanitation
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stations but more importantly getting the streets cleaned and sanitized according to the local government fifteen died since the outbreak began in march with two hundred seventy nine hospitalized officials said the disease is incredibly contagious it's hitting the homeless population hardest in part as a result of swapping dirty needles in drug use an expert told r.t. america officials waited until now to address the issue in this way due to city county and state jurisdiction issues and also funding. and breaking news out of baltimore the united states department of justice won't be bringing charges against the six officers involved in the death of freddie gray last according to the family's attorney the officers were first charged by state prosecutors after the twenty five year old's neck was broken in the back of a police transport wagon two years ago where he was handcuffed and shackled at the
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time three officers were acquitted at the trial while baltimore state attorney maryland dropped the remaining cases internal disciplinary trials for five of the officers are scheduled for october thirtieth. teenagers in claremont new hampshire are being accused of tontine a bi racial boy with racial slurs before trying to hang him from a tree artie's trying to explain its bowling took a turn for the worst one a group of white teenagers apparently tried to hang an eight year old biracial boy from a tree using a noose according to cassandra merlin the boy's mother her son was so severely injured he had to be flown to the dharma hitchcock medical center she said in a facebook post my son is being flown to dartmouth after a fourteen year old decided to hang him from a tree i don't care if this was a so-called accident or not my son almost died because of some little teenage kids the boy's uncle also took to facebook to express his concern his post read my
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nephew was home from a tree by. a fourteen year old who claims it was an accident i don't care what kind of excuse this teenager has but you do not play with someone's life the boy's grandmother told the valley news she thought that the august twenty eighth incidence was racially motivated and intentional saying the teen taunted her grandson for being half black according to the article the teenagers were calling the boy racial epithets and throwing sticks and rocks at him the situation then asked elated when the team stepped onto a picnic table and grabbed a nearby rope that had been a part of the tire swing allegedly putting it around the boy's neck and pushed him off of the picnic table the eight year old did sustain cuts to his neck but luckily he will be ok meanwhile claremont police chief mark chase told a newspaper his department is investigating an incident he declined to provide details about the case because it involves juveniles chase did not respond to our team's request for comment reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. coming up on our teeth out of the syrian passports were stolen and could now be in
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the hands of isis fighters have the details in just a few moments stay with us. it's a real irony going. to. responsible for its new people and there is always well that's what it was always interested in seeing is do you believe the ordinary you know hold still surreal when you see all you have already while as you mentioned she's been in trouble has used the social media site online always on the story goes it's garbage it's real and you see. the. good old you should. be put to a lot they didn't show the reject. so when you're the first. wanted . to go and. see what. you did you
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get. interesting. i should. think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that are critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth the parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you
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know what they're working. all the feeling to. everyone in the world. and you get it on the old old. old according to gesture. coming from iraq. if you guys and i made a professional is power point sure you are to america it's been the greater media landscape. laughter all right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see his bar graph we don't skew the facts either talking you have left these talking head righties oh there you go above it all to look at we're all artsy americans in the
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spotlight every really might have no idea how to classify as and it actually took me way more time and i care to admit that it's. over to france now where thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest president in mon cause labor reforms or france has seen violent anti labor laws protests in the past let's take a quick look back. tests
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today have turned violence in paris four thousand separate strikes and almost two hundred rallies have rocked major cities all across the country r.t. is polly boyko is in paris with the story. the little. the little to. the. no. arrests. the atmosphere has definitely changed i spoke to just an hour ago it was pretty jovial i was in amongst the protesters clowns entertainers and now we've seen projectiles
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go off as being thrown and we've just been approached by somebody wearing a mosque saying you know you need to be really careful because there are people there who could break television equipment who don't like journalists well this demonstration today was billed as emmanuel not running around to sum up by one of the news right here in front of the bus large demonstrations to hit the streets of paris since he was elected president earlier this year and it's all to do with the changes he wants to implement to the french. he wants to make it easier for companies to be able to hire. because he wants to shake up the labor market in order to tackle francaise stubbornly high unemployment rate he thinks that pushing through these changes will make that more problems at the trade union all the dead set against it now that late last week the french president to all those again proposed changes to them so i've been a lack of three minutes. speaking
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a little bit earlier on he had this to say about the gaffe that he may be silly. but it was for me to make excluding it made it clear that you know you can do it you can do you think little you know if. i his was a patriot match perhaps the opposite effect based will on the flyer they've galvanized that small people to get out and following these demonstrations we've seen plenty of paste is talking about being slack is lack is of the world unite and has hit the street and people here are saying that they like the energy against this new law take a listen to what some of the workers we spoke to had to say. this law is anti social because it's reliable for workers this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the public and the private
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sectors we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement the draft or effects eighteen million workers the majority of all french workers and will significantly limit their rights to make it easier to fire people even when it's not justified. it's about a war which is harmful for us this would leave us without any war guarantees and the action today was told by one of france's very good trade unions we've seen public sector workers private workers people who work for the french rail company are actually control it even roy is all protesting previous french presidents have tried to push through similar reforms but it has never worked a kid's demonstrations like this again momentum and just like earlier this year and to france where i learned many of the street protests got violent so you today is really being billed as a showdown between a pro-business president who says that he has a strong mandate to implement these reforms he's feeling pretty confident he's
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jetted off to the caribbean to french dependency bad to deal with the fallout of hurricane mr man you might want isn't even in front so you face these demonstrated hands of the trade unions of course you see this as their last chance to change your but also got this law before it finally ratified in the coming weeks turkey has signed an estimated billion dollar deal to buy russia's advance as four hundred missile system turkish president says that he's already paid a deposit on the deal artie's partridge has the details the as four hundred missile system deal has already been signed by officials as far as i know the first installment was also transferred this process will continue between turkey and russia well the delivery of this particular system is a russian s four hundred system which is surface to air missiles and what we're looking at here is the first installment the first payment on a deal that we estimate is was around two point five billion u.s.
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dollars and russia's new system is the next generation edge fence system and we're looking at a range of targets aerial targets ranging from aircraft and also nanda aircraft drones are also very in touch with missiles and to take those targets down we're looking at a system deploy that. three different types of missiles this new system is apparently twice as good as the old one so let's look further at some of the capabilities of this particular system it can engage of to eighty targets all at the same time it has a maximum target range of four hundred kilometers and a maximum target speed of four point eight kilometers per second so powerful stuff we're looking in terms of those who forces as we say we're talking about the psyche deal china have already requested it and also it looks like india that they're interested in this particular deal as well and it's also being deployed in syria so that is that's the particular deal that's what the system can do but also what are the why do implications because we know turkey is a member of nato which has the second largest army amongst the allies there and
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washington has already voiced some concerns there have been some so worrying murmurs from the pentagon about this deal going forward which is now of course it's going through and in the meantime there's been a decline in relations between and karun washington or is it the same time we've seen an improvement between ankara and wasco also at the same time when pressed president erdogan and not just this particular deal he said that all the differences with russia are all in the past and particularly any controller says that they might have had well in their dealings about syria a huge trove of blank syrian passports has been stolen from the country's government german authorities say over eleven thousand of them may have fall into the hands of the islamic state and those big passports could give the terrorists is your access to europe artie's peter oliver has the story eleven thousand blanks three impossible could be in the hands of isis starts according to an investigation that was carried out by the build on sunday newspaper citing documents from the
5:40 pm
german police and from the german interior ministry one thrilled him with a person's details these possible codes allow terrorists to entry you detected using a valid passport disguising themselves as refugees developments in connection with the refugee. situation has shown that terrorist organizations a using the opportunity to smuggle potential attackers all supporters into europe in germany undetected fake or altered passports are mostly used for illegal entry without further motives like carrying out a terrorist attack this is more news that should to worry germans after it emerged earlier this month that a group of sixty former members of a group linked to al-qaeda may have traveled to the skies in themselves as refugees another group are accused of war crimes and carrying out numerous massacres we've also seen an uptick in the number of those accused of having being fighters with tyrol organizations facing trial here in germany one of those is the rebel
5:41 pm
commander able to him if he's accused of having tortured people in syria he entered the country as a refugee at the end of this month prosecutors from stuttgart will bring charges of murder and belonging to a terrorist organization against four syrian nationals accused of being members of joe but. we contacted the german authorities and asked them what they have to say about the potential risks of terrorists arriving here in germany using refugees as cover is long be known but so-called blank post balls with the and from the syrian regime these documents are listed on the ins a poll last documents they debase so that the possibles can be matched with passports presented on arrival that quite blonde say attitude to blank passports potentially being in the hands of isis isn't going down well with some the problem itself is far bigger than we actually realize and that the mainstream media is able
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to accept lower cost and bring to the attention that you know the citizens of the world the sheer number of terrorist incidents we witnessed over the last three years the link to us in european countries shows this that even with a small number of. terrorists that are searchable to break the government started if you can it's right so if you're looking at such a high number you know it's thousands and i think that definitely going to be struggling to its account wifely think a part of doing some german authorities uncovered a sin a half thousand cases of people trying to enter the country using false documents and twenty sixteen and the news that isis may have access to over eleven thousand blank syrian passports means that migration authorities are going to have to be on watch to make sure the documents handed over at the border much the real identity of those doing the handing over control of a. taliban artsy when robots fall into the wrong hands the consequences of
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a cyber attack could be enormous have more interest in a moment stay with us. politicians to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to trust. them. to do i. should like. to get. interested. question. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south in taken your last. year at the time to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these
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things that i never got a chance to. remember when we first met my life turned on each. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more and i keep my seeking still some more fun to feel. those that didn't like to question. them secretly promise to never. get say one does not mean the same as one in mind consumed with this. speech. aimed at mainstream media has met its maker. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the break.
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i'm going to cut your last trip to. washington for. exactitude night is a comedy show all of it not t.v. same kind of. goal after the global race since it just lawyer lives profit over people at the turn. back it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer though for all the stress that the news puts of under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some
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satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight is where it's at. a recent poll indicates that an alarming rate of information security professionals are refusing to acknowledge the potential for artificial intelligence to be weaponized by hackers in the immediate future but this study why make you think twice last year two scientists from zero fox conducted an experiment all they wanted to see who was better at getting twitter users to click on malicious links to humans or artificial intelligence all the tests revealed the artificial intelligence was substantially better than its human competitors joining us is legal and analyst. on media thank you so much for joining us today so we want to
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know after seeing that study alone how can these professionals not see that hackers are already in a position to use a high for their schemes if they're not already using it. two particular reasons come to mind one it's been suggested in the past one is almost fanciful you know those stories where the police come to some poor husband and they say your wife has paid some hitman five thousand dollars to kill you and the hitman actually is an undercover police officer and here it is and here she is recorded planning to kill you and the husband says can't believe something that i love someone that i love would want me dead that's the first part how do you ask people in the a.f. i departed to imagine that what they're creating has got to kill that one day and the other part is practical it's not a good idea natasha for people who are in the ai department to say publicly you
5:48 pm
know a lot of bad stuff could happen if this ever fell into the wrong hands you know if one of these ai little bug glitches happened we could have you know a third world war and it just goes to show you that we still don't understand that artificial intelligence and i'm saying this for the millionth time that's not a robot robots are programmed artificial intelligence programs itself it learns we are confusing the two but also to taj what you know and everybody knows is that one something is cool one something is crazy like today the world went crazy over the advent of a thousand dollar surveillance phone that's going to be out of people are going to wait in line anything that's technical anything that's new anything that is told to them is being hip they will absorb and no worry about the consequences later oh
5:49 pm
they're young i don't worry about that come on this is the future and everybody's sins asimov and highly everybody from from robotics one to wonder telling you that artificial intelligence. is programmed to outsmart you and to override you and to replicate itself and i don't think anybody truly understands that and so do you think this is a conceptual problem or is this share knowledge. exactly it is the idea of what this means you know let me go back to the first thing you know when you ask people to explain this in the ai division have you ever heard certain certain networks i'm not going to mention their names but when they're asked what do you think about accusations that you are fake news quick for one hundred dollars what do you think they're going to say of course so it still is something that they
5:50 pm
can't understand because when they're working on this they're saying to themselves this artificial intelligence will one day save lives robotic surgery pacemakers and then you say well what happens if this particular device decides how to kill its host how to do something like a petulant child would and to look at you and those don't say that so when you ask people who are doing this to monitor themselves to basically put themselves out of business to to suggest a scare and a fright pattern that could make their very livelihood extinct it's not going to happen but i am telling you right now this is an existential threat this is like the aids virus oh cyber horrors because if this gets out of control edge start to replicating
5:51 pm
a pandemic almost be solved mutated in fact a device worse than a virus the implications of this i want somebody turned around and i say president suite imagine that presidents we we've got a problem everything in the world. is controlled by ai it's all corrupt missile systems door locks cardinal braking systems everything and you're kind of alluding to it but can you explain what the bystander fact is it sounds as though humans are just kind of out of the loop or are most people in general about what could really happen they are so two reasons number one they're in awe of what's happening but they almost have this distant does this this defense mechanism just like for example with this week when hurricanes are going to be fine now now that that's other people that doesn't happen to me oh no no no wear your seatbelt on no no no there's almost like a it's a strange kind of
5:52 pm
a psychotic defense mechanism that says this can't go wrong mankind creates this defense mechanism this question from thinking bad things but also we have and i'm telling you right now today when apple announces a new gadget we are gadget fetish is this is the new crack the new met so we're unable to differentiate i phone x.'s from robots to ai it's one big stew one big slumgullion that they consider to be just an example of man's progress and don't get in the way of this and i'm telling you right now it's going to happen luckily we have human beings in charge of weapons systems and not artificial intelligence and now credible we're unfortunately out of time but as always we really appreciate your insight legal and analyst. on media thank you you thank. and watching the hawks is coming up next right here on our team of wallace joins us
5:53 pm
for a quick preview i have a. show well in tonight's no watching mogs we're going to go green and turn our watchful eyes to the skies in east texas as pesticides now rained down on them and we head down to the amazon to discuss recent reports of contacted peoples being brutally murdered finally we welcome journalist and author karen mulvaney into the hocks us to discuss his recent travels to the top of the world in the dangerous polar ice melt that's taking place there it's all part of our environmental edition of watching the hot sex week they don't want to miss that sounds very interesting thank you so much tom thanks the data well does it for now for more of the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash our team america and check out our web site or to dot com slash america and of course you can follow me on twitter at the top this week's question more.
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well the world. and all the news companies nearly players but what kind of part is already america play r t america. our team america and. many ways to use it just like you do you really use a good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear all. of the park in the world of the world all the world's a stage we are definitely a player. but. i do not know if the russian state packed into john podesta e-mails and gave them to we but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided read of it to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing. months before the revelations provide. by edward still he denied
5:55 pm
the began to say was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the u.s. . the hyperventilating or the us once again proved to be an ethical government claims that cannot be verified. would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up or rather. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era where truth and search are becoming interesting. you might have recently heard how facebook accepted ads from the evil russians
5:56 pm
during the twenty sixteen election since the story was about russian meddling it was everywhere and everyone was talking about how she was for facebook to let those evil loosies place those evil that but in true hypocritical fashion the media just ignore it another massive case of meddling that is wayland socialist regime just ran a huge ad in the new york times against the american government and the new york times accepted no less than two hundred thousand dollars for it according to a venezuelan news outlet the ad was entitled open letter to the people in government of the united states of america by the people of venezuela as if that is the women's vote the letter not the government and the letter basically just says hey americans we hate your president and we think he's being a total jerk the letter talks about how president trumps policies and venezuela could lead to higher gas prices and worse unnecessary military action the letter mentions iraq as a case study that america and terror and unfair and baseless military intervention in their overall while and that could be exactly what. trumps trying to do now with
5:57 pm
venezuela and the poor venezuelans want to avoid that at all costs they even end the ad by john they need saying let us not miss this opportunity in the words of john lennon let's give peace a chance. now you can be a communist or socialist and believe that gosh this time it's going to work like all those other times you can believe only capitalism brings out greed in people and that giving more control to the government somehow will equal more freedom and utopia go ahead believe that or you can also believe the un's report about how venezuela's socialist government is committing lots of human rights offenses and is trashing their own country right now i am not venezuelan i do not live there so i am not going to try to say what's right or wrong for them i'm just saying where's the outrage over this meddling by venezuela and the new york times seriously the new york times just took two hundred thousand dollars from the socialist then as well and government to run a giant ad against their own government and nobody bats an eye at the same time they're losing their minds over facebook's meddling where is the outrage at the
5:58 pm
time it's not existant which seem to make it sound like people are less interested in the madly then they are in that grand american tradition of good old fashioned russia bashing. it's called the feeling of. everyone in the world should experience phillida and you can get it on the old the old. the old according to just. welcome to my world come along for the ride.
5:59 pm
i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the story about the ugly side of. corporate media everything uses to talk about the car. i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cool for her conduct is be a model these are stories that you no one else can get on my pepto your post of america only question. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest ratings in truth to stand down lose business you just need the right questions and demand the right answer. the.
6:00 pm
question. greetings and salutation. today talk watchers let's talk about come to ailes yes i said live on t.v. the dirty word that no credible same news anchor should ever ventured on live television oh my goodness yes chem trails now if you traveled any conspiracy site online you'll find a whole smorgasbord of different kinds of drills some that some skinny some bunk some honest but today we're going to focus on the pesticide variety the pesticide variety that is currently being deployed.


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