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wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. by the u.n. security council. north korea he says the new resolution is nothing to write home about. but certainly. certainly disturbing to hear these words from donald trump in the aftermath of a vote. at the u.n.
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security council that was widely perceived as a victory for diplomacy the words that we heard from u.s. leaders on the floor of the security council were rather diplomatic and favorable to peace and cooperation at this point we're hearing u.s. leaders again talking harsh talking about the possibility of sanctions against russia and against china if they don't comply with the new u.n. resolution if china doesn't follow these sanctions we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the u.s. and international dollar system and that's quite meaningful so now we have these words from trump downplaying the u.n. resolution and many people whose hopes had really been raised for peace and diplomacy being victorious well those hopes are starting to dampen the there is starting to be some some fear that perhaps once again we are in the danger of a global conflict or some kind of war breaking out and the crisis in the korean peninsula could be once again intensifying despite what was seen as
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a step forward for diplomacy and when security council's unanimous approval of the signs was hailed as a victory for diplomacy because washington how to negotiate to get other countries agreements initially the u.s. had wanted a total oil natural gas embargo on the home and state but in the end of the resolution only placed a cap on the resources pyongyang can buy north a total limbaugh go the original draft also called for sanctions against kim jong un himself including a travel ban and an asset sprees over that provision was removed completely and former u.s. diplomat says washington is sending a confusing message to north korea. this is just another dip on the roller coaster and saying this seems every week with the war where it goes up very high then then maybe this some conciliatory talk some cooperation some diplomacy and then more threats of military force and it's really hard to know what to make of this yes we
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do have a positive that the original us draft was watered down considerably it was acceptable to the russians or the chinese but then we have this fire breathing talk coming from young hearing we don't know what the next step is going to be the real question is going to be when do we actually get to a diplomatic track that allows both sides to step down and to my mind that's got to be something like the double three proposal that china has put forward the russians agree with but is absolutely unacceptable to washington it seems as not only the white house those dissatisfied with the new sanctions strong pyongyang is not too happy either north korea's ambassador to russia says it's been news channel to believe that the north will break under sanctions. we've been on the u.s. sanctions for ten years it was the u.s. that instigated the u.n. security council to come up with more resolutions on sanctions against north korea so we used to living in such conditions and we still managed to achieve everything
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we wanted if washington things will bend under these new measures and change of position it's delusional or filmmaker john pilger believes that the problem lies not with pyongyang. the problem is not north korea the problem is not russia of the problem is not china or the problem is the united states the problem for the rest of the world actually now is the containment of the united states sanctions are relevant in the sense to this whole debate what is needed is a peace treaty with north korea between the united states and north korea and the government in seoul but where it's all heading is the most worrying thing of all the. protests have turned violent in paris where people have taken to the streets to vent their anger at the french president's and labor reforms which come
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into effect in one week four thousand separate strikes and almost two hundred rallies have rocked major cities all across the country projectiles and flares were thrown at the protest in paris. i. i. i. i. thought it was. opponents of the reform are angry as it gives employers more power to negotiate conditions it also limits compensation for dismissal and mergers workers councils correspondent pony boy reports from the
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paris protest. one of the big newspapers here in france and i know my son's christening of these all the biggest street protests to take place in front ever since he was elected president this year and people here are very unhappy about the labor law that he wants to implement he wants to shake up the job market and make it easier to hire and fire and now he thinks full time is up and the high unemployment rate here in front. of that rate in the u.k. and germany all the was we can see you say that they believe that this represents the likes of the employees in front i know it's the employees will sit through this lowers anti social because this. is the body of the world that this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the
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public and the private sector as we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement should lead to additional draft or thanks eighteen million workers the majority of french workers will significantly limit their rights to make it easier to find people to see even when it's not justified the kind of test am we being built as a showdown between the president business president who's come to power to shake up the job market bonds the trade union movement. as the last opportunity to stumble upon this long. walk through. over the next week. only a few months of hell and president approval ratings have taken a nosedive in this recent assessment of the protestors could deliver a new blood to his popularity.
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with no major city in the country. the terror group's control the group is now even on the back. travel to see you know. who. the. terrorist attack.
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there screaming. that someone needs to do something against them and for me. why don't we do something against them because our problem. is now surrounded by u.s. backed syrian democratic forces consisting mostly of kodesh militias clashes all wrong going as the terrorists are still in control of several blocks in the city we spoke to the director of the documentary about what had teams went through during the filming when we went to make this film we had no idea what we're going to come across we had literally no idea we started to build our story.
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three points are on the road to rock and the first point was the medical point the second point was the women's point and the foreign volunteers point. of the one quality of the unites all of them is the very altruistic they're very idealistic anybody wanted to criticize them they would say well they're coming like foreign militias to fight a war that's not theirs but it says they mean they think it's their war i says acting community every country and it's like people are paying attention for one day two days and then acting as if everything will be normal. now that's not what we were talked several times there was snipers usually so the main problems around iraq are snipers and mines and the drones the little drones that isis sons
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with little grenades so they drop the grenade and groups boards and so there is actually one that i talked while we were not have been on a permission yet we were about to go to operation. the grenade exploded in midair so it dropped from it didn't calculate the height so if it fell lower it would be done. the most shocking story was one that happened when it got to be morning and when everything got to be peaceful and all of a sudden someone showed up with a huge sword. and started beating random things isis just executed just through a few minutes or maybe an hour ago his three kids all of a sudden maybe two minutes later we heard screaming and he just started running to
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the isis space just started running there without a rifle just with a with a sword i think they do strike from the emergency because they probably sold them on the satellite so they were isis. you know was one of the medics that we were filming. we are the only generation that will never say we want to go back to the days when we were young. from all accounts from one of the key battlegrounds in syria you can watch the full documentary on off the international next monday. and on another front in the effort to rid syria of terrorism syrian army is now close to pushing i still have dead as all people have already started to return to the city after a three year siege was broken with the help of russian power that's despite some pockets of resistance still remaining.
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they told us first don't forget you're in syria and forget all about it second if you have to go to bed early t.v.'s banned radios banned cell phones have banned a woman can go outside dressed so that the only thing which can be seen is her eyes . and in the south. we saw them breaking into houses and they approached our house they were banging on our doors banging and banging the first i didn't open it for them but they smashed it down it got inside a smashed double the things in the house. the myths about you i spend seven days in the jail and then i was taken to the chief of the court sentenced me to sixty lashes but they made me stand against the city.
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for the old enough to my next year and i went driving along the main road when a bomb or not a fragment of the bomb hit my nephew and he died each other i didn't have enough time to save some people who called an ambulance but he couldn't be saying that he died even before he got to the field hospital. laments in the most sort even when we were living under the blockade we had no cucumbers tomatoes apples or potatoes i have all that now thank god we get groceries and food boxes from the red cross we are very grateful to them but i'm very happy that the blockade has been lifted. and i thought international flights are joining us so fast all those are stories coming your way on this wednesday the joe. media hunting. expected to be meddling in the election. more after
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the break. dropping bombs brings peace talks forcing you to. produce the tell you the gossip to. tell you on the. hawks that we all know what. syria. is a situation like israel in palestine is not a country where i meet a lot of people. everybody.
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is a very serious situation people have been much more. today . it's good to have you with us today with the elections less than two weeks away media outlets have been chasing down russia for whom as they assume it's high time to meddle in the european powerhouses vote. if you haven't been in a coma for the past year you've likely heard a thing or two about alleged russian interference and america's recent presidential election the cia has concluded russian hackers intervened in the u.s. election with the purpose of helping donald trump when packing and leaking that the administration says the russians carried out connect the dots russia did it and
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while those claims were never backed up by any solid evidence just a lot of speculation and hearty assurances that hasn't stopped the world from pointing the finger at moscow and also predicting that the big bad kremlin would do the same again in europe the russian hacker scene is huge german security agencies and cyber experts are alarmed own evidence points to russia that's why we cannot rule it out why we are preparing for a similar efforts to influence germany's election many warned that the upcoming german elections would be a prime target for those pesky russian hackers so security was bumped up and investigations were launched but even a year long search by german intelligence for potential russian interference failed to uncover any evidence of kremlin backed meddling or not though that hasn't stopped anyone from seeing russia as democracies enemy number one a recent article by the washington post examines what sinister implications there could be behind the fact that we have yet to see moscow's hand trying to steer berlin's vote it's just not an election anymore without russian hackers with one
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think tank director saying the silence worries him quote it doesn't feel right the article edges that the lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean moscow is innocent perhaps they just haven't been successful or moscow is simply biding its time and it goes on to say that russia's attack me only be seen after the election speculating that russian linked networks may try to manipulate the vote count so remain alert the washington post even quotes a german security association that works closely with german teligent agencies who came up empty when looking for sophisticated attacks coming from russia we did not find any evidence that there are more sophisticated attacks coming from russia in the pre-election period. but that mark is credited to germany's resilience in stringent new legislation against the spreading a fake news legislation that doesn't come into effect until october but you know whatever the article also concedes that perhaps moscow decided to leave berlin alone because they're close trade partners something that putin himself has said in the past and usually is that we did not interfere in the u.s.
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elections so why would we created the problems here so we have good relations with germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe but he is russian after all statements really only become fact when western powers make them so the clear message for russia is here damned if you do hack and you're damned if you don't. and another race related scandal in the united states a british conductor was fired from a prestigious festival in the state of oregon of a mocking the accent office friend and african-american tenor however the tenor himself says the joke was innocent he's been victimized and i'm very upset about it it was an innocent joke that has been entirely taken out of context and from the deep south a math you of to make fun of my southern accent just design of the make fun of his british accent it's understood that a woman overheard the two friends conversation and reported it after that matthew holds contract was terminated despite the fact that he's been artistic director of
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the oregon back festival for two years he's actually known as one of the leading chorus vosges in europe. the. pressure on the festival organizers to reinstate a holes is growing with other musicians coming to his support. reginald mobley fears his friends career will suffer after being tarnished with the incendiary label of racism and political satirist horowitz says that the word racist is losing its meaning as it's all too easy to use it. the reality is that this social justice crusade that we've been seeing over the past few years has been eating its own where are we as a society you know it's stories like this and it's the use of language like this which essentially did new did all meaning from the word racist they've hollowed out the power of that word and the implications of that are massive and most notably
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when the biggest implications is that when you're really trying to call out racists for truly being racist that doesn't have any meaning the more doesn't have any power anymore it's the irony is that is the left has become pattern azing to the black community is the left who in fact has become race is not the right i think that's what's so ironic about the entire episode and it's distasteful truly truly distasteful. the largest military drill in over twenty years was launched in sweden on monday on an island in the baltic sea. in santiago taking a look at why these exercises are being held. there is a video out there on sweden that peaceful beautiful land full of greenfield's good food and very generous social programs.
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but actually this video turns into something hard and heavy right away turns out it's promoting the largest military exercise of the past two decades. i want to meet somebody. you know. i. am not just any exercise but one designed to deal with a quote a larger sophisticated opponent that one will approach from the east nineteen thousand participants just from sweden alone as well as military forces from eight other countries have joined these drills called arora seventeen and you guessed it
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the united states is also there the united states with our allies and partners are doing this this is normal business for us that's going to be our posture normal business we train all the time we work soldiers work always to be at the highest level of preparation not alert but being prepared that's a that's our job that's what you would expect us to be ready just like you expect the fire department to be ready at the hospital to be reading very nice business as usual but not for sweden it's getting back it's mandatory military draft which was canceled the two thousand and two but now in twenty. at least four thousand swedes will get the call all in the swedish military is now going to enjoy a nice growth in military spending for the next few years even the low key swedish resort jewel of gotland with its sandy beaches and intriguing limestone has been introduced to the swedish military they've been stationed there since two thousand
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and sixteen and still to no avail no attacks have come from the east but wait a second there was a russian spy submarine alert a pew years ago the scandinavian military went full swing into a large scale search mission in the end it all turned out to be nothing but a fishing boat seriously so now this week's military are staging these massive drills to make sure they can protect the nation from an attack which they themselves deem i quote unlikely seems like an overreaction i wonder what's that about perhaps stockholm taunting a thread that doesn't really exist asked sweden's favorite album once sang that's the name of the game at least when it comes to russia miguel francis and thiago r.t. well news continues in a half an hour. in
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case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington washington media. and voters elected to businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business never been done before.
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candidate donald trump ran on a campaign that not only question many foreign policy. but also lashed out against neo conservative views of the world today the president is surrounded by men in uniform some are calling this a soft coup. greetings and salutations today hawk watchers let's talk about trails yes i said live on t.v. the dirty word that no credible same news anchors never ventured on live television oh my goodness yes chem trails now if you travelled i'm a conspiracy site online you'll find a whole smorgasbord of different kinds of some that some skinny some bunk some honest but today we're going to focus on the pesticide variety the pesticide variety that is currently being deployed to the hurricane harvey ravaged region of
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east texas to help combat the coming swarms of insects like mosquitoes and flies who love multiplying exponentially in the heavily polluted standing water left in the wake of the massive flooding that overtook that area and while i massive effort to control the spread of disease and bugs through a pesticide spraying campaign may look good on paper for the short term especially for those corporate chemical giants in the pens pesticide industry the after affects the after effects name may not be so great for you know the rest of us in the long term yes long term a word pairing more frightening to politicians corporations and wall street traders than trail could ever hope to be you see the primary pesticide used for killing mosquitoes and bulk by the air force reserves according to their press release the environmental protection agency approved unregulated material nala a pesticide that according to mint press.


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