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tv   Headline News  RT  September 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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we shall never go anywhere in our world. or should know that there is room or yes we do but we're working. on our new missiles fired on the korean peninsula but this time they're coming from south korea to bring you the latest from seoul. and bill from bernie sanders to overhaul america's health care system is gaining steam in the senate. then it could artificial intelligence to detect a person's political leanings or sexual orientation all in a facial scan what it could mean for your privacy. it's wednesday september thirteenth five pm in washington d.c.
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on the toughest weeks and you're watching r.t. america we begin this hour with the ongoing tensions between the u.s. and north korea president donald trump describes the resolution of the u.n. security council sanctions against north korea as quote not a big deal however he did say the unanimous vote speaks volumes this comes as the south korean government started testing long range ballistic missiles artes on your parm pill is in seoul south korea where tensions between the penciler countries are expected to rise as officials here meet to discuss how to implement the unprecedented sanctions passed by the u.n. security council this week targeting north korea and the foreign ministry underscores its commitment to apply economic and diplomatic pressure in order to weaken pyongyang today and provocative military activity south korean government launched a long range ballistic missile reportedly with a capability of. three hundred ten miles meaning if launched from anywhere near
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seoul it has the capacity to hit the entirety of the northern half of the peninsula it reportedly was launched from an f. fifteen fighter jet and dropped off the western coast successfully hitting a target after going through obstacles at low altitude this comes after seoul and washington additionally reached an agreement to remove the weight limit on warheads for south korean ballistic missiles meaning tensions on the peninsula are certainly slated to rise now this is just one of the more overt acts south korea takes in order to demonstrate its strength against its neighbor in the north however it's not the only thing it's not the only trick i should say seoul has its leave in fact today i spoke with the former deputy head of the south korean
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cia to discuss some of the other strategies seoul and washington employ to target the government in pyongyang do you believe the obama administration's in durance policy which focused on putting pressure directly on the government in pyongyang was an effective one you know obama. characterizes. strategic patience. with. north korea will gradually be weakened to its own extinction in due course of time provided. be kept from being resupplied. however. it is sort of
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a race against time and. we have come to conclude that this table. initiative in terms of teaching patience was not working i'm personally very much. aware of what had transpired in poland during the reagan administration era and the reagan mobilizing reagan crusade. in collaboration with the pope. and he he made a lot of investment in bringing some freedom into poland which resulted in the overthrow of the communist regime in one thousand nine hundred one or two which led to the. establishment of voluntas democratic government which let loose.
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before of the dominus of communists communism in europe it sounds like what you're describing is a situation in which the united states would encourage some sort of color revolution in order to reunify under the south under a more capitalist and pro western system. that is still hoped for by by the bulk of the south korean population. i was honestly surprised by how honest and open mr lee was in our discussion but that's just one of the very many interesting things he had to say in an interview with me which will be featured at length in a special report i'll put together upon my return to washington in seoul on your part until our team. president has said the latest sanctions are only a small step in the right direction today u.s.
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secretary of defense james mattis visited my not air force base in north dakota visit that was scheduled before the tensions began known as ground zero of american nuclear firepower it's home to more than one hundred land based to clear missiles and planes that can carry nuclear bombs and to dig deeper into the north korea nuclear missile crisis we spoke with peter nick a professor at the american university r.t. correspondent ashley banks is live with the story in the newsroom ashley so natasha president trump said the latest u.n. sanctions on north korea were just a small step towards handling the country's nuclear program which includes setting a cap on crude and refine oil exports to north korea banning all north korea textile exports and prohibiting nations from authorizing new work permits to north korean citizens around the globe trump said in a comment i don't know if it has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen north korea's ambassador to the u.n.
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responded saying quote the forthcoming measures will make the u.s. suffered the greatest pain it ever experience in its history we spoke with peter because nick professor of history and director of nuclear studies institute at the american university he told us why he believes north korea feels it needs a missile program the reason why they need a nuclear program in their eyes is that this is the deterrent this is what stops the united states from invading and overthrowing them that. and that's why they're continued to do their missile tests and their bomb tests so kim is holding on to that capability as a way to keep himself from being. killed and the regime toppled by the americans and the south koreans amid the tensions between north korea and the u.s. secretary of defense james mattis begins his tour of nuclear facilities here in the u.s. today maddest first stop in north dakota you visit the mine not air base which is
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the only air base that has two ladies of the nuclear triad which are strategic bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles and short this base is equipped to respond to any nuclear threat posed by north korea he said he is convinced the u.s. must keep all three parts of its nuclear force adding it's necessary to keep the submarine base component which has the ability to fire nuclear weapons from planes he said the triad is the right way to go in order to persuade any country that attacking the u.s. with a nuclear weapon would be suicidal on thursday matters will travel to omaha nebraska where he will meet with the u.s. strategic command leadership and discuss strategic deterrence options that will repair the u.s. to handle any nuclear attack from north korea and on friday the secretary's trip will end in mexico not is hoping to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to the bilateral defense relationship with mess mexico and the north america community because nick says experts warn we're living in the most
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a dangerous time for nuclear war almost all the experts believe that this is the closest we've come to nuclear war since the cuban missile crisis in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. we are really facing a very dangerous situation that has to be defused but instead of being diffused you've got these threats going back and forth from both sides so you've got trouble threatening fire and fury like the world has never seen north korea north korea making threats that we're going to take out american cities we're going to take out the american bases in guam. tom you know this is a dangerous situation because these kind of situations with cruise ship when can we learn during the cuban missile crisis is once a crisis starts you can't control it however the question that remains is what will ultimately put a stop to north korea's nuclear program because nick says china's freeze for freeze program needs to be implemented and they could possibly stop north korea from launching any more missile a military solution is is not real the possible in this case but what we can do
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is what the chinese and the russians are calling a freeze for freeze proposal and with that with intel would be north korea freezing its nuclear program freezing its missile program no more tests in return for which we would have finally settled the korean war into that he said russia and china want the u.s. and south korea to stop these war games that they are becoming bigger and threatening their own are not helping to lessen the tensions in north korea natasha thanks so much as actually being supreme live in our newsroom. well the senate has voted against an amendment that could have ended the wars in iraq and afghanistan have a mop and has the story. she year the u.s. congress passes the national defense authorization act which supplies funding and authorization to the u.s. military for the following year or now in the aftermath of the september eleventh
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attacks the national defense authorization act began to start having a section of it added to it was called the authorization for the use of military force is essentially allowed the united states to carry out military force in the fight against terrorism now u.s. senator rand paul from kentucky who is a noted opponent and critic of intervention by the u.s. military around the world he's been described as an isolationist libertarian and a paleo conservative he put forward an amendment to the national defense authorization act that would remove this section it remove the authorization of military force which has been present for the last sixteen years as part of the m.d.a. he would have removed it and essentially his removal would have required the u.s. to start bogging down and restricting its foreign involvement around the world it would have restricted the war on terror and essentially not allowed the united
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states of the commander in chief the president to continue authorizing and carrying out these military interventions now not surprisingly it was voted down even though there was quite a bit of anticipation in the lead up to the vote as the votes in the u.s. senate went down it was sixty one against thirty six in favor now rand paul has said that he intends to make a bigger deal out of this there's talk of potentially a filibuster he's tweeted out a great deal of frustration saying where is the antiwar left demanding that the war's end where are the constitutional conservatives demanding the right of congress to reclaim the war powers sixteen years this national defense authorization act has included the authorization for the use of military force each year it has been passed and now we're seeing rand paul demanding that it be removed but he has been voted down and it looks like the now. national defense authorization act will proceed to go to the house of representatives with out this amendment proposed by rand paul to syria now where the islamic states grip over the
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country is rapidly collapsing the terror group no longer has full control of any major city in syria well calls have already started to return to deir ez-zor after the syrian army broke a three year siege on the city. they told us first don't forget you're in syria and forget all about it second is you have to go to bed early t.v. is banned radios banned cell phones are banned a woman can go outside dressed so that the only thing which can be seen is her eyes . we saw them breaking into houses and they approached our house and they were
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banging on our door because banging and banging the first i didn't open it for them but they smashed it down you'd go to the side and smash double the things in the house. to myths about you i spent seven days in a jail and then i was taken to the chief of the court sentenced me to sixty lashes if they made me stand against the city. for the old enough to see my nephew and i were driving along the main broke when a bomb went off and a fragment of the bomb hit mine i feel and he died we didn't have enough time to save some people called an ambulance but he couldn't they say that he died even before he got to the field hospital. i meant too much sodium when we were living on the blockade we had no cucumbers
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tomatoes apples or potatoes we have all that now thank god we get groceries and food boxes from the red cross we are very grateful to them i'm very happy that the blockade has been lifted. coming up on our ts residents start returning home to florida henri said then over the cost to repair the damage to insurance companies help or make things worse will be right back. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are in t. america playing party america offer much more artsy america first. many ways to use landscape just like to hear real news big good actors bad actors and
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in the end you could never hear all. the parking all the world's a stage all the world's all the world's a stage we are definitely a player. people have got to know whether or not fair presenter supply american people deserve to know your difference at this point does it make you must guard against the military industrial war we shall never let go. or should know that. we do what we. want. yeah. the secret.
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i'm john harshman and i'll give you what the mainstream media chant the big picture . taking a little and when question more on what you're looking for the shut down. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. in the recent days following our mother hurricane has not only devastated the sunshine state but also ignore some home in hollywood florida reports say at least six nursing home residents have died from losing air conditioning caused by a long power outage at the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills well police are looking into this as a criminal investigation as the facility has had
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a safety violations in the past. well this time we have all the patients in critical care right now the building has been sealed off that is we're conducting a criminal investigation if they we believe that this may be related to the loss of power in the storm but we're conducting a criminal investigation not ruling anything out. well so far one hundred fifteen people have been evacuated from the building because of heat related issues with emergency care another eighteen from a nearby facility were also moved and treated at a moral regional hospital we began receiving patients of early this morning and quickly identified some issues inside of the facility with our rescue and immediately evacuated the building we have a number of patients in our emergency department and as you know there been six confirmed fatalities related to this incident most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress dehydration and he related issues the florida
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health care association says it will begin checking the other one hundred fifty nursing facilities out of the seven hundred in the state that have also experienced power failures. and from houston texas to florida and the caribbean hurricane victims are picking up the pieces of what's left of their homes many are wondering exactly how much it will all cost but past events like hurricane andrew made national insurance carriers like state farm and all states are cutting back on the right home insurance policies in florida citing catastrophic risks well for more on this i spoke to the head hameed finance professor x. for international university's international hurricane research center and i asked him if there were issues with price gouging with insurance companies i think the risk is fairly high and the insurance companies have priced it in such a way it's that to basically a con for the risk and also the interest rates are heavily regulated in some sense
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if not office of insurance regulation. has the authority to cap rate increases and they do so and when you talk about some of the fees that people are incurring there seems to be a lot of confusion among the flood and hurricane insurance so do you think consumers who are a little fuzzy on their rights are getting taken advantage of. while we have the regular insurance does not cover flood and unfortunately only about eighteen percent of homeowners in florida have flood insurance so we're going to have essentially a lot of litigation lawsuits et cetera because homeowners that have regular insurance will probably claim that the damage was done due to wind or rain followers etc and the insurance companies would argue that it was flood and that the female program flood insurance program should pay for it so that conflict has happened in the past and that may happen in the future. but clearly we have
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a problem in terms of participation rate for flood insurance and so until our men came along andrew was ranked as far as most destructive storm causes twenty seven billion dollars in damage which would now quake to forty seven and back then twenty two insurers failed so that was leaving a whopping one million policyholders without coverage so i know we're still in the early stages here any idea of how erma compares. yeah well we dodged a big bullet basically if the storm had gone through the east coast we did some simulation the losses would have exceeded hundred billion dollars we're talking about introduces a lot given that it went to the west coast less populated area less valuable property. the estimates are anywhere from twenty to fifty billion dollars the interest industry can take care of that i believe they have a capacity of in excess of sixty billion dollars. with all the reinsurance that
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bitch. in place also one should consider the high deductibles that homeowners pay in florida. many small claims. for two thousand three thousand dollars if you have your fence down or subtree down a minor damage probably will not be paid by the insurance companies because of the high deductible so if you have a category one hurricane for instance. or winds that a category one as much as fifty percent to seventy percent of the burden would be on the homeowners. insurance yeah i see and so now you were quoted as saying irma could be a hurricane that could possibly bust the insurance company do you think it will at this point. i don't think so it would have it the storm had gone to the east coast fortunately for the insurance company and for fraud and sometimes not so much for the west because it went through the west coast and it weakened so we got very
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lucky and when the people start having to make payments and are there any circumstances like obviously missing work that will enable some people to pay off payments for some time. the if you're referring to payments from the insurance companies that will come soon the adjusters will come in. evaluate the as long as soon as they are able to do so they have access to the homes and so on and they will. from the expect i was here during andrew in my experience and andrew was that they came in they looked at the at the damage and then they wrote a check right away the problem would be that with the reconstruction because. many were in some areas where you have a lot of properties that damage it would be hard to find a construction company or builders or or to do the repairs and that would drag on i think and quickly we're almost out of time but is there something that we can learn
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here for future storms. well sir. a couple of things one is even though the building code has really really improved dramatically since hurricane andrew and we have some of the strongest building codes and the houses that are being built are fairly strong but when it comes to category five it really all bets are off and we need to really drastically rethink our construction designs and so on we have timber roofs we have wooden roofs in most of the residential houses that's not good for american promenade is we'd need to think about concrete roofs. senator bernie sanders is introducing into his health care bill today it would phase in a universal government run health care program over the next four years and children at eighteen would be enrolled in medicare right away eligibility age or the program which is currently sixty five for most people would decrease over the next few years and by the third year the medicare eligibility age would be thirty five down from forty five and for more about the health care decisions being made
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in washington let's turn to ed schultz host of news with thanks so much for joining us you bet natasha good to be with you thank you and so as you know many democrats criticized bernie sanders before because he was actually criticizing the affordable care act are you surprised at how much the democratic support he's getting and do you think that politicians are also looking at the future of the party as it is kind of coming left there's no question about that this is today the official annoying thing of bernie sanders as the most influential democrat on capitol hill and in the country bernie has got the country with him on this sixty percent of americans want universal health care if donald trump were to win reelection with sixty percent he would be all over the country calling it a landslide so i think that lawmakers are looking at this this is election influence hangover from last november this is the kind of impact that bernie sanders had and it's also
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a political statement as you mentioned that all of these senators who are on stage they've got to get on board if they want to run for president or if they have any future aspirations of doing so because this is where the country is bernie's given him the play book now i think these senators are picking it up and running with it it's the right thing to do the big question now is how are the democrats going to sell it to the country they've had a hard time selling plans at a hard time selling you know obamacare they've had a hard time selling public education and they caved in and many respects so what are they going to tell the country that's the big thing they've got to and i think . bernie is as is really hit on something very important i mean both parties it seems they are kind of divided at the moment but a lot of republicans are kind of criticizing this saying that it's going to make taxes skyrocket what about leaving it to the states because that's kind of how the constitution already kind of works is leaving everything that the state as opposed to how the government wants to run it well you could leave it to the states but is that what the people want this is the nerve the burnie is touched on washington is
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not working for you you've got to make washington work for you and this is really a big big step forward that seventeen senators are now on board including bernie sixteen and himself that are stepping forward with this kind of influence and so feverish will be making the pitch today it was one after another it was almost like an acknowledgment to bernie supporters say i need you if i want to go further as far as the republicans are going to are concerned i think they're on the wrong side of history i think we're headed every industrialized country in the world has this i think we're headed in that direction we've proven through war funding that we can find money we can do whatever we want it's going to be interesting fight here in washington no doubt about it in the republicans came out with their plan today to with lindsey graham and so they'll they'll be they'll be a spirited battle in all of this the white house is against what bernie's trying to do but i don't think trump wants to go against the masses and i sort of trance always agrees with lindsey graham either i guess fred have parties
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a little divided at the moment and i know republicans have to come together before october do you think right now that they can agree on something and that they want to repeal obamacare all together do you see that happening at this point i don't i don't i think repealing obamacare would be a death knell to the republican party there's too many good things happening for people who really need the insurance so why take it away from them and rates are going to go up no one ever said that rates weren't going to go up rates were going double digit during the bush years that's why obama ran on doing something about health care there are fixes that. need to be made today was a major proposal by bernie sanders and hopefully they can actually get with the hospitals in the. pharmaceutical companies that are actually causing such a inflation and rates now everything else but do you think this will actually become law while donald trump is in office. but i think that this is a this is a big part of identity politics for the democrats they're either going to move to the left and go with this and get on board or they're not and i think it could
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split the democrats says you had an interview the other day with this gentleman and i did as well who was leading up to this third party effort and i want bernie to split from it look this this is a defining moment for the democrats i've got to figure out exactly where they want to go if you want to go with the people this is the best issue really appreciate your insight thank you so much to be with you that ed schultz host of news with ed schultz monday through thursday eight pm right here on r.t.e. america. and coming up on our t.v. is the bluetooth on your smartphone remember you were hoping to be in half the story in just a moment stay with that. there's a real irony going. on the people and there is always someone that's always been something. wholesale surveillance you feel you have already in while those who and this is the cause used to sell you.
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real. good politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to express what you. want. to do right. this is what the three of them will be. interested in. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't
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tell when you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american public what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical that chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know what they're working. over five billion devices may be susceptible to a new type of cyber attack it's called blue born and like an infectious disease the
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virus is airborne users with past iowa last android or windows devices are being warned to update their operating systems mobile phones smart t.v.'s and even cars could be at risk of being taken over by malicious actors are pretty the santos has the story from los angeles researchers have identified a new attack vector that may affect nearly five and a half billion devices across android linux windows chrome and i o s it's called blue borne unlike traditional cyber attacks it doesn't require a use. or to download malicious files click on links or even be connected to the internet and here is real c.t.o. and co-founder of the security firm that discovered the vulnerability told me this attack is airborne and it spreads locally over bluetooth two unpatched devices within reach basically what happens is that your invite can be optimized.
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and basically. hackers who gain access to vulnerable phones can then act maliciously without a victim's knowledge because the screen will not lock and no clues will be visible . this type of water or any special harbor or especially off work early what would happen or what. area you. i evolution factor it's ice and that device can be made to attack other devices and you can figure out a situation where you're. going to approach the foreigners or your guest last banks there are any number of scenarios where there are close proximity a lot of devices that transfer more on average it if you will or. for banks this type of attack could be disastrous. they would not even if a compromise device was there suggests it to the bank and starts affecting other parts of second base system starts affecting their futures don't want to lose all
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due to falls to the smart t.v.'s that are along every base and those devices without sharing all that attack attack other devices other attacks include taking control of the victim's mobile camera or microphone or possibly even their car because you know how they're connected car systems are there's no way to know what this tight oh traffic you're going to. have a lot you're already go researchers say the only way people can protect themselves is to patch the vulnerability by updating their software to the most recent version for those who cannot update software turning off bluetooth is an option although it won't protect all devices from different types of malware with one hundred thirty million old i phones still in people's possession blue born is unlikely to disappear in los angeles pretty to santos r t artificial intelligence researchers believe that soon if not already i will be able to detect whether someone is gay or
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straight conservative or liberal or how intelligent they are oh my skinny in photo joining me for more on this is legal and media analyst. media so lionel what's your initial react reaction to this do you really think that sexual orientation is one of the many characteristics that algorithms can predict all through facial recognition. let's see what. this is the five years story i've heard yet let's go back in time ok first especially in view of this i phone ten or x. as my friend all of a does big this big thing with an interesting facial i could use a minority report does this country have any ability to suspect that a ok let's go back to this fantasy ok that i said there's this thing that that determines if somebody is gay or somebodies i guess
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a conservative or somebody smart or intelligent let's see who's gay want to throw trans in there as well you want to do that good let me show you some pictures mr ai let me show you a picture of bruce jenner nine hundred seventy six go ahead have at it this is ridiculous this is the idea that somehow you can that there are characteristics this reminds me of for analogy i mean i imagine it is it's almost i would bring up it but it's a hilarious in terms of the calipers where there are these bio metrics and there's these these these these factors that will allow an ai program to determine this but let me let's be kind of crazy for a moment which is always fun but it's assumed there's a despotic leader some crazed leader of a country homo phobic absolutely horrible to gay people in prison that is a like uses program to basically run background checks on the entire country which a basically
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a brute force computing system could do are we going to now have somebody labeled gay or not or i don't know whatever the alternatives are by virtue of this i mean this. it is so absurd it also implies that there's almost a symptomatology to it and that leads to believe very insidiously and perhaps eventually to the idea that gayness is a sickness that this will diagnose you now when you go to ai here's how we're doing it in medicine all the time this is cancer this is not this is cancer this is not so the artificial artificial intelligence model if you will says ok i've got it now learn from this pick up trends look at these like this x. rays or radiology look at the shadings you got it ok how you could do this with gay people how do you do that this is a gay this was not learned this it's absurd where you bring up a great sign because i mean even with political views what if you're an issue voter
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and you vote all over the place i mean it's kind of hard to differentiate according to your face i mean that sounds insane but let's just play along for a moment and say if this were true what could go wrong to think this could be the base to support extreme discrimination which you kind of already alluded to and what about not taking a book by its cover i mean i don't know about you but my mom always taught me to not judge a book by its cover that sounds like that there it would just be thrown out the window completely well your mother's right i'm less you're trying to judge the cover which is a different story but let's go back to this you know if you think you know how we have these the people with bad credit going back and correcting a mistake or gee that was a mistake on my driving record how do you correct a mistake that you're gay or not let me also just say this again there are people if you listen to what they say they talk about sexuality as being symptomatic of something i mean that's like saying for example did this person
5:39 pm
has a trade for does disease this person by virtue of this look this afaik whether you realize it or not when you try to talk about fetuses in utero being. that did by hormones differently and then perhaps giving off different ways you use seem to almost unconsciously suggest that there's an illness to it there's something wrong i guess of before you you tell me look at these pictures and tell me who's normal forget to tell me what normal is let's look at the control group tell me what it is is straight to normal is that it is that the baseline for this and let's also look at intelligence look you look at look at ted kaczynski photo ok is he crazy or maybe crazy is he smart this is absurd but let me just leave this before we run out of time the scariest part is that nobody is just rejecting this nonsense like i am nobody is a laughing at this you've got
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a bunch of people today especially young people i'm sorry to say born in captivity who listen to this and say well what do you know maybe there was something to this there is nothing do with it and say interesting indeed thank you so much legal and media analyst. media we always appreciate your insight thank you although washington post recently published an article titled as germans prepared to vote a mystery grows the russian article quotes a security expert saying quote it just doesn't feel right that the russians haven't struck yet all the report as the reason may be that germany has now the cyber security but it also says there is no evidence and the attempted meddling has actually been detected artie's jacqueline takes a closer look at the story if you haven't been in a coma for the past year you've likely heard a thing or two about alleged russian interference in america's recent presidential election the cia has concluded russian hackers intervened in the u.s.
5:41 pm
election with the purpose of helping donald trump when packing and leaking that the administration says the russians carried out connect the dots russia did it and all those claims were never backed up by any solid evidence. just a lot of speculation and hearty assurances that hasn't stopped the world from pointing the finger at moscow and also predicting that the big bad kremlin would do the same again in europe the russian hacker scene is huge german security agencies and cyber experts are alarmed only evidence points to russia that's why we cannot rule out why we're preparing for a similar efforts to influence germany's election many warned that the upcoming german elections would be a prime target for those pesky russian hackers so security was bumped up and investigations were launched but even a year long search by german intelligence for potential russian interference failed to uncover any evidence of kremlin backed meddling or not though that hasn't stopped anyone from seeing russia as democracies enemy number one a recent article by the washington post examines what sinister implications there
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could be behind the fact that we have yet to see moscow's hand trying to steer berlin's vote it's just not an election anymore without russian hackers with one think tank director saying the silence worries him quote it doesn't feel right the article edges that the lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean moscow is innocent perhaps they just haven't been successful or moscow is simply biding its time and it goes on the say that russia's attack may only be seen after the election speculating that russian linked networks may try to manipulate the vote count so remain alert the washington post even quotes a german security association that works closely with german teligent agencies who came up empty when looking for sophisticated attacks coming from russia we did not find any evidence that there are more sophisticated attacks coming from russia in the pre-election period but that lack is credited to germany's resilience in stringent new legislation against the spreading of fake news legislation that doesn't come into effect until october but you know whatever the article also
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concedes that perhaps moscow decided to leave berlin alone because they're close trade partners something that putin himself has said in the past. is that we did not interfere in the u.s. elections so why would we created. problems here we have good relations with germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe but he is russian after all statements really only become fact when western powers make them so the clear message for russia is you're damned if you do hack and you're damned if you don't. follow it up on our it see a centuries old mystery may now be solved we'll tell you all about it coming up after a for a break. but hold to. put themselves on the law. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to discuss. something i want to be rich. to do it to be
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she was. able to keep it. interesting. question. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taken your last turn. your out caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to those that didn't like to question our art. and i secretly promised to never like it said one does not believe that the same is one and mind it's consumed with death this. speech is you know what they.
5:45 pm
claim that mainstream media has met its maker. we're decade the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to. your watchers are. historians have long wondered how navigated their way to her seat and now thanks to
5:46 pm
a team of researchers in hungary that mystery may be solved artie's trying to chavez has more. whether it's cloudy or overcast no matter what the weather conditions the vikings are thought to have navigated across the vast atlantic ocean and to the north sea and for over a half a century historians have long wondered how viking sailors did it now hungary and researchers may have shed new light literally on how they may have achieved this using special crystals called some stones. the researchers believe the crystals are made of calcite quarter rate or tourmaline which work as polarizing crystals which can help determine the position of the sun when it's cloudy or overcast if the crystal was positioned a certain way which is known as the sky light polarization method and a series of studies published by the royal society a team of physicists have tested to see exactly how accurate the method was in bad weather conditions the researchers a value weighted one thousand eighty different sky conditions throughout the year
5:47 pm
and attempted to use the navigation method in each of them in most cases the sun was hidden by clouds and the finding showed the skylight paralyzation method to be most effective when skies were clear or less cloudy but when the skies were overcast the method only worked at the sun was low in the sky this summer solstice and spring equinox were found to be preferred times of year to navigate this way as the angle of the sun remained at less than thirty five degrees although the hypothesis has many supporters there are still those who say the study lacks hard evidence or in other words still a bit shady reporting in new york trying to get chavez r.t. . a russian that caused the not to end to nasa astronauts have arrived at the international space station the soyuz spacecraft launched to say evening from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan flying about six hours before reaching the space station the nutria will spend five and a half months aboard the i assess meanwhile scientists at nasa are concerned about a mass of space junk which is orbiting earth and poses costly collision risks
5:48 pm
joining me now to talk more about it is retired nasa astronauts and pariah says commander leroy chiao thanks so much for joining us today so what's this space debris how close is it to earth and is it dangerous for us well space debris is one of the bigger concerns that we have as a dangerous space craft frankly there's a lot of it up there and any time you launch anything into space you know you have just anything from paid clicks to come off to bigger pieces to spread to derelicts satellites and you've got natural things to basically little micrometeoroid single rocks flying around out there orbital speed is lowered the orbit is around twenty five thousand kilometers an hour so you can imagine an impact from a small object at that speed could be catastrophic and that's why all spacecraft have some shielding the i assess the international space station certainly has shielding as did the space shuttle and other spacecraft but it is the number one
5:49 pm
concern that we have for spacecraft flying into you know a good god. that's native and is the i assess or the space telescope at rest here a knowledge. well i mean spacecraft is going to be at risk to space debris now or said you know different entities around the world can track space debris but only of a certain size you know maybe maybe a sphere of a size of a softball or something like that or larger so you can get the smaller pieces and they're not as easily tracked and know what you were talking about the proliferation are coming through liberation of small satellites they're going to be in lower orbit around the orbits of the i s s operates not be higher rates where we have traditional telecommunications satellites operate and so it is a concern. and so who is responsible it's a claim the space can't are there any international treaties or guidelines on then
5:50 pm
. right so nobody has a way right now of cleaning up space debris what happens is orbits naturally decay even up in space there's still enough air molecules that it'll slow down an object like a satellite to where it will eventually fall back to earth now if you're in low earth orbit and generally speaking you designed so that your satellite will take maybe twenty five years or less to decay and come back down and burn up in the atmosphere but you know there's no current past rule on that and that's why these small sats and lower orbit are going to be more of a. threat because you know it's very well understood by the united nations body the international telecommunications union they were designed to manage communications satellites much higher orbits from twenty five thousand miles above the earth a well of a b. i assessed which operates around two hundred fifty miles and so when you've got a pollutant ration of small sets that are hard to track because they're small they're going to be about that softball size and you know it's this organization
5:51 pm
like all of us organizations they don't have absolute authority that isn't really a cop they can't make you do something the ground license based on the radio frequency you want to operate in and then it would be easy to cheat and instead of watching one set like you watch you know and so. there probably needs to be more regulation and i think even the industry itself recognizes this and so is nafta doing anything to lower the amount of counting face. well mass is not really in charge of cleaning up space debris like i said nobody has the capability right now there's some ideas on how we might do that and so what nasa and other entities do we try to minimize any space debris so for example on the international space station we make sure everything is tethered and we we try to bring back in everything that we brought out when we do spacewalks things like that and we're very conscious of trying to you know plan the end of the spacecraft then we're
5:52 pm
going to be you know. like satellite or something that we're going to make sure that it reenters the atmosphere and burns up in a timely manner rather than just letters out there if at all possible they were a former nasa astronaut and i assess commander we really appreciate your insight thank you so much our pleasure thank you watching the hawks is coming up next right here on r t terror of internally just for a quick preview tara all right it's another watching dogs it appears that many members of the u.s. congress are now gunning for a fight with north korea in our two years on your part will brings us the latest on the ground from south korea and then my co-host extraordinary tabitha wallace tackles the latest controversy surrounding sports giant. and going to be an interesting show i don't want to miss this i'm sure it will be thanks so much tara thank you as it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash artsy america and check out our web sites are to dot com slash america and a provider r.t. can now be found on direct t.v. channel three twenty one you can also follow me on twitter at and pleats question
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more. i'm john harshman and i will give you what the mainstream media chant the big picture. a little and when you question more what you're looking to see a little. we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. i.
5:54 pm
thin and just ran a new program they made called the reagan show which included a ton of footage from the one nine hundred eighty s. during reagan's presidency as someone who grew up in the eighty's it was really amazing to watch because i remember watching the same footage as it aired live way back then but after having worked in news for a while and being a professional media skeptic i caught a few more things in cnn's presentation that i found pretty interesting first i questioned why the hell they decided to make this documentary about reagan right now and air it in the first place because they spent a lot of time planning on where they're going to spend their money in a very strategic way they didn't just make this show on reagan for history's sake and after watching it the only reason i can come up with for them is that they wanted to make reagan look like a horrible president since a lot of people are comparing trump to reagan right now
5:55 pm
a guy who came from the entertainment business and took over the white house the fact that they even called it the reagan show points to that itself since people have started to call what's going on now the trump show and the entire documentary is edited to make reagan look pretty stupid it even starts out with a clip saying there have been times in this office where i wondered how you could do the job if you hadn't been an actor in other words the presidency was a farce then just like it's a farce now that's the obvious narrative they were trying to create they showed tons of clips that make reagan look really awkward which is not how i remember looking back then in the eighties. that all so c.n.n. editing just reeks of an attempt to make reagan look stupid as a way to make trump look stupid now since there's all these comparisons but the clip they included that really brought that comparison home was the one about fake news the clips of reagan talking in one thousand nine hundred five they're talking about russia of course because the cold war all the rage back then too and in the
5:56 pm
clip reagan actually says about the washington post that they're pro gorbachev and that they're not on our side in other words they found a clip where the president is attacking the media just like trump is attacking the media and now the parallel is too obvious to be a coincidence and proves that the reagan show was nothing but yet another way for c.n.n. to attack the current president and to once again make this show all about their favorite topic which is themselves. your launching on our team got special report. this bugs you installed me
5:57 pm
but basically everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be posting this on the normalising file. we don't need people with things like this on our planet. this is an incredibly tense situation. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that burst fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most deluded society on politics as a species of endless and needless political theater politicians more than just celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one part of the corporate world and those who attempt to puncture this. breathless universe of fake news just signed to
5:58 pm
push through the cruelty and exploitation of the media little more are pushed so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must. the mission of newsworthy is to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say you know i think average viewer knows
5:59 pm
that r.t. america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of archie america. we give both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that journalists are not getting anything get in your way to bring it home to the american people. people have got to know whether or not fair present or supply american people deserve to know your difference at this point does it may must guard against the military industrial war we shall never go. to war you should know that there is the old mantra yes we do but the most important thing.
6:00 pm
future doesn't. greetings and salutation was a very interesting vote took place this week on capitol hill hawk watchers a vote critically important i quickly important vote that sadly you probably won't hear much about you see buried behind all the hullabaloo over hillary clinton's new do it yourself book on how to lose elections and not get blamed for it and bernie sanders instilling more fear and big pharma in the health insurance industry with medicare for all than a kid seeing.


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