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tv   Headline News  RT  September 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. normalized. we don't need people with things like this on our plate. this is an incredibly situation. coming up on our tease out korea's president says no to the point nuclear weapons in the country but the opposition party thinks otherwise we'll bring you the latest from seoul. and as government forces in the middle east focus on fighting isis and regaining land a separate terror threat is being largely ignored. in childhood experiences are priceless but could they physically alter your d.n.a. more on these new findings later in the show.
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it's thursday september fourteenth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm ashley banks and you're watching our team america we begin this hour with more threats coming from north korea aimed at the united states and now in japan today north korean state agencies said should use nuclear weapons to think japan and that the united states should be quote beaten to death like a rabid dog and turned into ashes and darkness the threats come in response to the u.s. and japan supporting the u.n. security council's the situation to impose tougher sanctions against north korea meanwhile the leader of south korea's opposition party plans as a washington for tactical nuclear weapons but as our teams on apparent home reports not everyone in seoul is on board with that request earlier this week i reported on efforts from the opposition liberty korea party to convince washington to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to south korea in. fons to reason weapons tests from the
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north well today president. here in seoul ruled that out as an option saying he believes such an act would only excel or aid the arms race on the peninsula speaking today in a televised interview president moon said he does not agree that offending tactical nuclear weapons would improve security here on the peninsula adding he doesn't think south korea needs to develop its own nuclear weapons in order to deter the north however as the moon has already demonstrated the option of introducing two different types of advantage to military equipment to the peninsula is not entirely out of the question considering we witnessed the deployment of that here very recently a sad misfiled defense system despite heavy protests poll shows sixty percent of south koreans did support the act but to get a different perspective i sat down today with one woman who organized the main
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demonstrations against the deployment of that and began by asking her why these protests happened around one hundred south korean civil society organization has set up this coalition opposing the limits of the body and south korea and because recently the government are trying to enforce deployment in a small village in south korea and that is why villagers and also. groups and also those opposed to us went down to his home due to protest against assad deployment we see that there are three major problems some thought his employment in korea. assad is going to be part of the u.s. and the system the missile defense system by deploying saudi south korea that means there will be part of the u.s. people. will eventually threaten tensions in northeast asia. secondly they say that they deeply thought in south korea to. prevent
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a north north korea and a missile threats. but when you see the distance between north and south korea it's quite close to each other and thought is to prevent a high altitude missile. shooting so when they shoot missiles from north korea to south korea will be low altitude because we are very close that is why we say defied it is not going to be effective to defense a south korean peninsula korea from north korea stret. lastly the process of deployment of thought in south korea is not democratic i know it was not transparent the government did not get any consultation or agreement from the villagers living in some june as well as there was no discussion proper discussion in the polish and the deployment process has been very untransparent that is why you oppose assad it is one month in south korea it sounds like bad night be more about russia and china. north korea oh no we say that this is a part of the us people. so the official reason of deployment is to protect the
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south korea from the threats from north korea but then we believe that this is not going to work in that way well there you have it it seems tensions on the korean peninsula are all about the u.s. pivot to asia it was a pivot started by obama and just how far president trump is. our . number of. missiles near the syrian city are to. report. thursday's strikes are really quite significant because many see darrow's or as sort of one of isis last remaining stronghold in syria that we could be seeing the beginning of the end of i saw a final push to take back what little land they do have left at this point and the pictures we have of the seven cruise missiles being launched from two russian submarines in the mediterranean sea really do show
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a lot of destruction being conducted in their targets and of course a statement from the russian defense ministry has confirmed already that all their intended targets were hit and that includes eisel control centers communications hubs and possibly most significantly an ammunition stockpile all and daire is or now of course the fall of there is or really started last week on september the fifth when a landmark progress in the city was finally seen as syrian forces backed by russian air force will finally. tell you i'm really fully liber and possibly the country as a whole from islamics has claimed responsibility for an attack. the people in southern iraq today gunmen opened fire on people at
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a checkpoint near nasiriyah on the t. car province if an attacker detonated a car bomb and during dozens more here and just from today's attack though be advised that was a graphic scene but i. was . there on the. right amount of otherness after. the attackers struck all i says is hanging onto the eastern syrian city pterosaur by a thread the syrian army has punched through the terror group's lines after days of heavy fighting marking a turn and the war against isis but as i said a weekend or remain strong kerry stuck investigative journalism vox's publisher joining me to explain why al qaida is still
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a stubborn problem for the syrian people well there's nothing like. al-qaeda coming to the rescue and. nothing like being needed and he fights i mean that's pretty easy to figure out and while the u.s. and russian resources focused on the isis. yeah it is able to regroup and of course they have both instruments western intelligence so she has been known to be periodically shipped a laboratories and now they're going back. to do the job. on their provoked instruments ultimately of western intelligence because they beat the objectives of the western powers and the saudi arabia and the gulf monarchies them through their partners israel or the to balkanisation of or that region this is all part of the plan and everything's going as planned. and harry i act third to
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a deaf we agree with you out there saying that the syrian army can only focus on one terrorist organization at a time now and a tweet by a former cia operative that haven't mcmullan i want to read you something he said he said my job and if the i.a.e.a. with to go out and convince al qaeda operatives to instead work with us now does this help explain why al qaeda is so strong in syria right now. well i mean it's it's it tells you a lot i mean first of all i mean you know you have to remember that this is the organizational kind of that we spent sixteen years and six trillion dollars and but this was our you know existential enemy and you know now the cia personnel are saying well you know in their apartments so that's that's one good point to remember what house discombobulated this whole thing is to make a statement like that i read that statement of absence remarkable he later tried to say that when of
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a college professor suggested the same thing he said oh you know do you teach this garbage to your to your students so he's going to figure out what what side he's on but yeah. this is very definitely. these these fighters or you know to think that we're we're we're being or force into al qaeda and aces against an optometrist when our bus. was a mild mannered kind of well spoken tom interest has a rather lovely wife these kind of people are the group's leaders and cannibals and this is what this is what the imperial powers are and this is. it's going well it's just a vulcanization and no order out of chaos the old classic line and that's true harry i want to add now into temper sycamore into cia program that openly armed and funded and trained moderate rebels now according to counterterrorism experts these
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rebels have links to both al qaida and i think trump has said he will end cia support from rebel groups in syria yet we see al qaeda has only gotten stronger now in your opinion i harry why do you think that is well i think it shows that you know at this point that these these programs are in a sense on autopilot at this point you know the united states initiate sees things i said on this network one of the time that it's like a wind of it all you know this is the most of financing are in place the gulf monarchies are providing the money turkey is providing logistical support israel has got their hand on it so at this point you know and this is the reason why the centers of power in the united states he trumps guts because he's not giving in the words they want and so that's why they're talking about roe raises them and the sergeant hears that if trump were to start bombing assad you wouldn't hear
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a peep about russian e-mails in the american press so you know this is this is this is let's is what's going on in the truck trump you can say what you want about him but i'll say this he's not giving us the wars that hillary promised him and i got ahead of john. trust and it's not easy to do because all the forces pushing here for war are resisting more well actually. back here in the us a new report claims the pentagon is buying weapons and ammunition from eastern europe to arm syrian rebels as archie's natasha's sweet explains the report questions the legitimacy of the paper trail in which these weapons are being tracked to international weapons monitoring groups are making a big claims that the pentagon is spending a massive two point two billion dollars buying weapons from the former soviet union to arm syrian rebels fighting isis all the organized crime and corruption reporting
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project and the balkan investigative reporting network say they've obtained documents that failed to mention syria as the weapons final destination some documents name places like kuwait and according to the reports the arms are ending up in syria the two groups allege the pentagon is manipulating the end destination of these weapons if true the report claims that this would be quote undermining the object and purpose of the united nations arms trade treaty well they say the program is all part of the u.s. is campaign for the syrian democratic forces which is looking to continue for years to come according to foreign policy's coverage of the reports the department of defense has budgeted five hundred eighty four million specifically for this syrian operation for twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen another nine hundred million has been earmarked between it now and two thousand and twenty two for soviet style munitions totaling to two point two billion dollars well the report questions if
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this is allegedly being done to hide u.s. involvement and the alleged operation has been criticized by officials in berlin saying they've seen large amounts of weapons passing through u.s. military bases in germany in route to syria we reached out to the department of defense for a statement on the claims and have not received a response as of news time and washington and sweets are today. but u.s. senators voted overwhelmingly against senator rand paul's amendment to the twenty nine hundred national defense authorization act had been passed the amendment would have repealed the authorization for the use of military force from two thousand and one and two thousand till i just no way congress would have been recalled required to review each of the united states foreign military intervention the act was brought in shortly after the attacks on september eleventh and has an able to country to launch in numerous wars and the global fight against terrorism alternately paving the way for more than sixteen years of conflict we spoke with
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former u.s. congressman ron paul and father of rand paul take a listen people make money off will learn sometimes they say well we'll have a little war we'll have a little cold war and this will help our profits and they don't intend it to go much further of us so often it gets out of control and actually the policy is totally out of control because here it is sixteen years in this ongoing wars over there and there's no no end in sight except we need to continue our efforts to wake up the american people so that that thirty six votes turns into sixty six votes and then we put pressure on the media the person to. represent us and present the truth. coming up on our t.v. donald trump visits or does more than two and a half a million people are still without power one of the latest on ermac clean up after a short break.
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i think the average viewer just after watching you couple segments understands that we're telling stories in our critics can't tell you know why because they're advertisers more let's zoom. in order to create change you have to be. it's do you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental goodness ends up polluting a river that causes transfer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working.
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now to florida where today president donald trump and vice president mike pence visited fort myers and naples in the wake of hurricane to assess the damage and receive a briefing on relief adverts are to correspondent nicholas sanchez o'donovan has the story well of president trump flew down to south florida today in order to see firsthand how the recovery efforts progress in the visit that was i have to say only three hours long so quite a short one came just a few days actually four days after the state was struck by leave in a trace of devastation especially in the florida keys and in the west coast first trump attended a briefing with state local and fema officials then the president and his rather large raj included first lady melania trump vice president mike pence visited a mobile home park where they serve lunch to many of the victims trump made several
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stops then in naples where he prays for first responders and residents for doing an incredible job on rescue and recovery he also noted state and federal officials for their preparation and response to the hurricane and let's take a listen on what president trump had to say. this is a difficult situation as those hold those holding the roads you know open and the fords are just about over what we had to do to get seven or so people with the believe that we did it so quickly show we're reading the job that everybody around . but the big question now is when is the power going to be back for all of florida trump raised the florida power companies and the truth is that they are working around the clock to restore power and that the number of customers without electricity is decrease in every day but still there is an estimated two
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point five million customers that are still waiting for power while. another story we've been following is that it's sally the death of eight patients at a hollywood nursing home without power today police were granted a search warrant what more can you tell us about that. well tragic events unfolded yesterday at that rehabilitation center in hollywood hills which resulted in eight people losing their lives hollywood police chief tom sanchez said to said at a news conference that investigators believe that the deaths were heat related and confirmed that the building has been sealed off and a criminal investigation is under way we now know the three of those patients died while they were on the second floor of that nursing home and then off to the officials evacuated one hundred fifty people five more died due to the consequence of consequences of the of the sweltering heat hollywood officials explained that
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the facility suffered a partial power lost and potable icy units were being used let's take a listen. the initial investigation has determined the facility had some power however the building's air conditioning system was not fully functional portable eighty units were being used in an attempt to cool the facility. tragically that measure of the asli was and enough and now officials have announced that they are open in a criminal investigation it's like listen. the hollywood police department has been granted a search warrant for this property and officers are on scene continuing their criminal investigation officers are also working closely with the family members of the patients who were evacuated to retrieve from the building some of their small personal items and other effects. investigators own role in anything at all to
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include in carbon monoxide poisoning from generators and they will also look into how many windows were open at the time r.j. correspondent nick le sanchez o'donovan thank you so much for that report. today former cia deputy director michael morrell resigned as a senior fellow at harvard university after the school extended a fellowship to chelsea manning and his resignation letter morel said he couldn't remain at an organization that honors a convicted felon and that leaker of classified information he went on to say quote miss manning was found guilty of seventeen serious crimes including six counts of espionage also hundreds of thousands of classified documents went out to wiki leaks senior leaders in the military had stated publicly that the leaks by mr manning the lives of u.s. soldiers at risk after serving seven years in prison for her crime manning was pardoned by president obama since her prison release manning has become
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a freelance writer and an advocate for transgender rights for morels resignation manning's response on twitter was state it with just one word good. a new study has found childhood experiences can permanently alter human d.n.a. the scientific community has long established certain illnesses are genetic the very few studies have looked at the effects of early life environments on human health artie's were due to santos has a story from los angeles and one of the first and most comprehensive studies of its kind researchers have shown that epigenetic modifications created by the environment can have lasting effect on human health the team led by anthropology professor tom big data of northwestern university tracked over five hundred children in the philippines from birth to age twenty one using a lifetime of data from each participant they showed how nutritional microbial and psycho social exposures in infancy and childhood predict adult levels of d.n.a.
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methylation methylation is a process by which metal groups are added to a d.n.a. molecule that can change the activity of a d.n.a. segment without changing the sequins and can promote or inhibit the expression of certain proteins including those that regulate inflammation. chronic inflammation has been linked to diseases like asthma diabetes and cancer among others the human body produces an inflammatory response to different threats which include factors like low socioeconomic status absence of apparent unhealthy environment and even exposure to certain bacteria the researchers found that children who faced more of these threats showed more dysregulation inflammation related biomarkers those who lived with less stress and were exposed to things like prolonged breast feeding and abundance of family assets exuded better regulation of these inflammatory proteins in los angeles proceed to santos r.t.
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now to some exciting new discoveries coming out of egypt archaeologists have uncovered an ancient tomb dating back some three thousand five hundred years ago r.t. is trying to travis it's a closer look at finding egyptian archaeologists have discovered the tomb of the royal goldsmiths containing mummies of a woman and her two children the mummies are believed to be his family who lived more than thirty five hundred years ago during the reign of the eighteenth dynasty we are inside the body of chandra to discover a. little myth. from the mouth of the middle of the if you've done this to the relief of the conditions for the locals you can see the tomb was found near the nile of the city of luxor about four hundred miles south of cairo the crumbling statue of the goldsmith and his wife greeted archaeologist in the main chamber. beyond the burial chambers hold other mummies sarcophagus and funerary moussa carved wood along with more statues of the couple following the many objects will
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go through the. equipment inside the tomb we have the ones that you have all done. and about his wife one of the was one of their sons in the behind you over the to of the song and the figure is through the you have another chart which was used as a video. during the twenty first and twenty second then the news does with the coffins and mamas and the poultry although the tomb is not in good condition archaeologists are hopeful the contents will lead to other discoveries the will could not turn the ship down to one expecting to find more objects and if the idea of that i would not going to accomplish this is only the latest discovery of a series of finds this year in april archaeologists discovered more than a thousand statues intenser coffee guy in an ancient noble stone also near the nile city of luxor cairo authorities hope these discoveries will increase tourism in egypt reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. all that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to you tube dot com
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slash argue merica and check out our website r t v dot com slash america and a quick reminder r.t. can now be found on direct television channel three two one you can also follow me on twitter actually banks underscore r t and don't forget the question for. you we do. every.
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day you get all the old. according to. come from iraq. the word propaganda gets thrown around a lot but it's always about another government it's russian propaganda or german propaganda or venezuelan propaganda it's always other countries doing the propaganda but it's about time for americans to realize just how much propaganda its own government makes the independent recently did an investigation into the link between the pentagon and hollywood and came up with some startling new figures they obtained a lot of files mainly through four requests that show that between one thousand
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eleven and twenty seventeen more than eight hundred big hollywood films received support from the department of defense that translates to about eight movies a year movies that are made with the support of the us government that's pretty nuts the movies include transformers iron man the hole in the terminator movies that sound like they're just about entertainment rights but if they're just for entertainment then why is the pentagon helping to work on to make sure they like the message and that's why which can only be described as one thing propaganda the independent points to t.v. shows in their investigation too they found over nine hundred shows that have received backing from the pentagon since two thousand and five alone just a little over a decade our defense department has been involved in so much of what we take it's entertainment on our t.v.'s the obvious ones are shows like twenty four and homeland but they're also meddling in shows like ice road truckers seriously our
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government puts its two cents in to hundreds of t.v. shows that we watch thinking it's just entertainment and again there's only one way to describe this and that's propaganda in their report the independent also details some of the specific changes. is that defense department asked movie makers to make so that the movies are more in line with what the government wants people to think and what example they give is from the movie meet the parents in it the writers had originally had robert de niro's character had been a ray of cia torture manuals because they thought it would be funny but the cia actually asked the movie's makers to remove that so that americans don't actually think that the cia has such manuals because that makes them sound bad so yeah our media can try to tell us that it's only other countries that make propaganda but the independence recent report shows who the real propagandists are.


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