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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 14, 2017 9:29pm-10:02pm EDT

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i knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arcade and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make . plain.
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greetings and salutations do you remember rock watchers when it was announced back and roughly mid july that the cia would no longer be funneling our rooms to the syrian rebels remember remember that yeah it was kind of a kind of a big deal back then well according to a new investigation the pentagon never got that memo in fact it's recently been discovered that the pentagon has racked up over two billion dollars worth of receipts running guns into syria in a joint report published this week by the organized crime. corruption reporting
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project in the balkan investigative reporting network they claim that the defense department of defense is delivered two point two billion dollars worth of soviet era weapons to various rebel groups within syria like the kurdish peoples protection units or y p g and these self-styled syrian democratic forces the investigation alleges that not only is the pentagon circumventing established checks on international arms trafficking but that they are also reportedly removing documentary evidence of just whose hands these weapons will ultimately be ending up in ivan and jalabi one of the report's authors told foreign policy quote the pentagon is removing any evidence in their procurement records that weapons are actually going to the syrian opposition and despite the recent reports that isis is finally on its last legs in syria the report states that the number of weapon deliveries to syrian rebels are set to increase in the coming years with as much as
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nine hundred fifty million to be spent on soviet style ammunition by twenty twenty two. so with billions spent millions more on the way one has to ask is stopping ice is really the reason for all these gun or is the answer much deeper an ugly year than we could ever imagine let's find out and start watching the hawks. what. it looks like. is what. lies at the bottom. like you that i got. this. week. well over like. a robot
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or a and i'm tired of it while it's two point two billion dollars any big big money big money we don't have money to feed. people who are hungry or no help people in florida right now. but we have money we have guns soviet era guns that we've been taking from like the baltic states you know. speaking their old leftover weapons that we probably have is good because in these reports they're saying that they're actually getting more like the bottom of the barrel to they're taking anything now normally the safeguards of like all those guns but a little moldy and dusty for too long made it on them or they're just taking it what's interesting is they're buying arms through two separate channels one is special operations commander or so-called which oversees basically all special forces across the across the planet because sadly our military is all over the planet now. and the picket to me arsenal which is a little known u.s.
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army weapons facility in of all places new jersey apparently they're like funneling all those arms traffic through there and then out to you know the various countries that will then bring it into syria as its end result yes but the interesting thing is that they're not really marking it off that way and all the checks and balances no no they are absolutely. what's also clear. they're not actually doing that in fact they're breaking the rules are they not yeah you know one of the things they're talking about according to the report is that to secure these arms imports letter export license in other countries the buyers have to provide this end user certificate guaranteeing where the weapons will end up and when some of these reporters had seen some of the certificates issued by so under this syria program what they found was that syria. it doesn't mention syria is the final
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destination breaking rules what its own set list socom as the final user stating quote. the material we use for defense purposes in direct use by u.s. government transferred by means of grants as a military education or training program or security assistance it implies this idea that only united states military personnel will be using it and that it will in no way be probably ending up in hands of rebels because you've got a nice and terrible education education and for educational part o. is an education all right. people are getting real educated i mean i get. the read a. fascinating is when you look at how you know we get to this big massive two point two billion dollar number and this is all from running this is you know above board kind of stuff i mean maybe it started that way but now like you said it's really breaking the rules basically this started back in september twenty fifth
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under barack obama and as of may two thousand and seventeen the pentagon has already spent more than seven hundred million on everything from a rocket propelled grenade launchers mortars and other weapons and ammunition more than nine hundred million is constructed to be spent by two thousand and twenty two as i mentioned earlier the trumpet administration has requested six hundred nearly six hundred million more that brings the grand total of the pentagon's intended spending to you know basically these syrian rebels and all these different groups there to two point two billion that's the big catch though tab they're talking about still sending you know enough was an over nine hundred million dollars worth of weapons there by two thousand and twenty two isis is on the ropes you look at all the reports there they're almost done there i mean they're going to sprout up they're not completely vanquished but they're going to they're out there on the ropes they're on their last legs so that between now and then isis spalls and the excuse of to funnel this money you know these guns in there is no longer there you
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think they're going to stop something that money if we want to exercise what the military side. some like i call them up you know what we just don't have as much war in the world anymore so we're not going to any of those got to get batters we're stuck paying for it because politicians made shady deals with the military industrial complex in places like raytheon a boeing and all of these places they get money by having the is it special interest as far as i'm concerned our military budget is ninety percent special special interest at this point and the pentagon the way they responded. as they always do as if they never make a mistake was according to the report when asked about this sort of unprecedented purchase for the soviet style arms for the syrian rebels pentagon said the pentagon said that it had carefully vetted the recipients adding that the equipment must provide it incrementally and is the minimum needed for the immediate mission at minimum two point two billion to twenty five because. no military
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things have ever shown up in the hands of terrorists that we've shoveled in there in the last oh we have a side note i'll be quick recluses the side of the picket to me alone using website december twenty sixth to get a promotional story so liberated them into it'll probably go on award for among other successes barring significant quantities of. the mission they want in total award to run from somebody guns. we've all heard the rumors about how our government officials on one long lose filled nights behind closed doors level parties masters fundraisers mysteriously sponsored facts finding trips to exotic destinations but rarely do these stories enter the realm of well sourced news headlines that is until now thanks a.b.c. news which reveals that treasury secretary secretary steve mention a former goldman sachs executive recently requested a u.s. air force jet to transport him and his bride to their european honey their work
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rest was withdrawn once a prompted some ridicule even among washington's deep. stayed socialites but it does make one wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg what other extravagances do our taxpayer dollars fund the problems really start close to home with hapless local officials and freshman politicos take for example the case of christie goddess an arkansas county official office assistant who just pled guilty to spending two hundred thousand dollars county money on trinkets ranging from diamond jewelry to a pseudo fur rug along with pet insurance for her four legged friend so hog watchers we really are left with only one question to ask what do our esteemed public servants have left of shame were just plain common sense if you know. a former goldman goldman sachs executive i'll give him a little bit of leeway on this because when you that world is so different and the
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truth is the president's world is very different it's it's where the company paid for these things and it's part of the kickback so is some of this just the culture shock of washington is just so assumed you go hey can i use the goldman sachs i'm getting engaged i'm a big seller i mean i would just assume goldman sachs runs out of this government anyway the you know with the amount of lobbying money they've spent over the years they probably you know didn't bar the judge but you know hey you know they really are the ones who run this country anyways so it was it was really a big of a shock i mean. what we're doing our. own little goldman sachs is like room this country tragically with the amount of money and control and lead all their former executives getting these jobs like treasury secretary i mean it's crazy plus when you look at the cost of these things tax but i mean the air force first of all the u.s. air force strat that he was requesting cost about twenty five thousand dollars an
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hour to run if you don't know how much those things cost that's why private jets are expensive it's not buying them it's running them so yeah so they want about twenty five thousand dollars an hour and. that into the average u.s. salary is fifty thousand dollars so there's this completely out of touch i mean as much as we can all say you know hillary was out of touch with working america i think there's a lot of administration officials that all star out of touch with with a little bit about reality of who their base is as well because that doesn't look good to your base that's exactly why they didn't like it remember that you like which turned out to be somewhat falls with numbers like one almost like a billion dollars on a vacation and you were like no it was really like two million but you still when she. thought i'm only two million one normal or do. you know family now is a little out of touch with reality to see well i mean she's the one who has said that instagram picture of her coming off of. air force one with her handbag and
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you know being. you know has taken tom for it has to scarf out a bit of the people down there for the labor stan the working class people i mean really wouldn't but it's interesting when you mention. it because it really does on the local municipal level that's where they learn they learn the trade and you realize it is that these guys who come out of goldman sachs and also my point be less afraid of the guy goldman sachs who's just. dumb about social skills are not understanding how government works but the people who literally are up there going no one will notice nobody cared when my father was was mayor brooklyn park you had city council member at the time like you know having city work crews come out to cut down the guy's shrubs and his front yard you know i mean like you know totally misusing city dollars in tax dollars and things like that and you see this staten island had a case that was very interesting not that long ago and part of this is you know the demise of local papers that really covered this kind of stuff and dedicated local
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news services that really cover local elections and local politics on a much higher level but. staten island district attorney's office. it was discovered the political appointee that was working there had discovered they had to spend nearly half a million dollars on sports tickets vacations to the bahamas and a collection of exotic knives look we've all been there or laid them already we're seen the knife show on the shopping. but sometimes scott put that company credit card down and now by then i will taxpayers you know sweaters for pogs. exotic honeymoon still really are saying how it's going to break or quadruple don't forget to let us know what you think about topics recover the first book and twitter sphere poll shows that are dot com coming up our teams on the floor a bowl brings us of other another report from on the ground south korean tabitha wallace holds back the bail those notorious with the election box with those that stay tuned to watch the whole.
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deck to deny a comedy gold i'm not saying my that. you go after the political race it's just more your life prompted older people and turned. back to tonight for me it's like medicine it's like an antidote for all the stress that the news but to wonder redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some
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satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like redacted tonight. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests a lot of boys that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i mean it's still on our to america i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. is a real irony going. to let me think that a responsible place new people and there is always a well that's what i think that's always it's an example is to see a little more area now wholesale surveillance you feel you have all the while as
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you mentioned two sides and that's the internet has used to sell some new lease on the story because it's garbage real genuine. driven in part by escalating hocks style rhetoric from all sides of the crisis tensions on the korean peninsula show no signs of subsiding as the u.n. security council continues to implement harsh sanctions an effort to cripple north korea's access to cash a new study revealed that north korea continues to finance a significant part of its budget by smuggling out weapons one of its last remaining exports to oriel never be it the u.s. in terms of weapons smuggling meanwhile south of thirty eighth parallel public opinion and comments from both u.s. and south korean officials are raising the question of providing the south with
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a nuclear arsenal of their own forcing the president to move him to weigh in on the issue as the. true war unless the too comfortable with their traditionally scripted protocols president continues to comment on the crisis via his trusty twitter reliably adding fuel to the nuclear fire for her return to our duties on your part . so. earlier this week i reported on efforts from the opposition liberty korea party to convince washington to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to south korea in response to recent weapons tests from the north well today president. here in seoul ruled that out as an option saying he believes such an act would only excel or rate the arms race on the peninsula speaking today in a televised interview president moon said he does not agree that offending tactical
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nuclear weapons would improve security here on the peninsula adding he doesn't think south korea needs to develop its own nuclear weapons in order to deter the north however as moon has already demonstrated the option of introducing two different types of advanced military equipment to the peninsula is not entirely out of the question considering we witnessed the deployment of that here very recently a. defense system despite heavy protests poll shows sixty percent of south koreans did support the act but to get a different perspective i sat down today with one woman who organized the main demonstrations against the deployment of that and began by asking her why these protests happening around one hundred south korean society organization has set up this coalition opposing the deployment of the body in south korea because recently
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the government is trying to enforce a start a deployment in a small village in south korea and that is why villagers and also. groups. and also the support went down to his home due to protest against a father's deployment we see there are three major problems of thought is employment in korea first of all assad is going to be part of the us and the system the missile defense system so by deploying fadi south korea that means they will be part of the us people to. eventually threaten us in northeast asia. secondly they say that they deploy a thought in south korea to prevent a north north korean missile threats. when you see the distance between north and south korea it's quite close to each other and thought is to prevent a high altitude missile. the shooting so when they shoot missiles from north korea to south korea will be low altitude because we are very close that is why you say
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the fog is not going to be effective to defense of south korea korea from north korea's threat. lastly the process of deployment of thought in south korea is not democratic otoh it was not transparent the government did not get any consultation or agreement from the villagers living in song as well as there was no discussion proper discussion into politics and the deployments process has been very transparent. deployment in south korea it sounds like might be more about russia and china and north korea oh we say that this is a part of the us people. so the. deployment is to protect the south korea from the threats from north korea but then we believe that this is not going to work and that way well there you have it seems believe the escalating tensions on the korean peninsula have much to do with the u.s. pivot towards asia it was
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a pivot started by obama just how far president trump is willing to take it remains to be seen. in seoul i'm on your parm pilfer watching the hop. germany goes to the polls at the end of september for their latest parliamentary elections and many who fed the russian interference narrative in the us and france are desperate to pin down the work of social media bias or chat bots that automatically share articles in response to messages but data is showing that not only do automated social media bot seem to be incapable of changing a vote they do seem to be able to discourage a person from voting at all mainly due to the annoying nature of these digital meat puppets and while many would like you to believe that russian spies invented the chasse shows to keep in power the reality is much less political and far more capitalistic then people would like to believe as the b.b.c. itself points out quote there's no definitive evidence connecting bot nets even if they do push pro russian stories to the kremlin but even the search engine like
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goes has been running a bot a social media bot that explores the web and answers questions about it since the late eighty's and brands like the cosmopolitan hotel in las vegas domino's and i.e. are not only utilizing social media bots to better serve their customers but to give the illusion of popularity to their product a tried and true basic of marketing and salesmanship so politics is a business corporations are people and bots are ok to trick an american citizen in the food that's poison or overpriced footwear but not for a politician to challenge the establishment it's almost as if the fear of fake news and scary bharat's is is just being hyped to distract from the real issues much like these social media bots do in the first place. it's ridiculous to be we were talking earlier to mention that. i think the members like ten or fifteen percent women are doing this investigation of twitter accounts are automated automated so
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if you really want the. scourge of blogs you know we're told about. go to twitter and say no motto more automated bugs boom fifteen percent done but as we talk i know when you protect consumers how to protect control of the lot of these fraud and they're selling ads like these pro would trump websites or person a lot of these even after the women's march actually there's been a lot of these web sites that put up all these political messages and then they throw up a teacher if they want you know i am a coffee mug and whatever with this thing on it that's what they're there to do but i don't see twitter or facebook rushing to keep us as consumers protected from scams no no because that's where they get a big bowl and that's the money flow you're never going to and what's the letters about the big crazy thing is at the end of the day you saw this on all sides of the political spectrum overseas and here in the u.s. every country i mean hillary clinton campaigned utilizes both in chat bots and
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automated social media bots like those criticized for you know meddling in the twenty sixteen election in fact. i did my homework and university of oxford is internet institute study identified one hundred ninety four thousand tweets quote pro clinton accounts between nine and twelve of october regarding the second debate by wow massive amounts see all sides use them but apparently of one side uses them then they're evil when we have to stop them and have huge investigations into ridiculous i mean this is the thing when they you know she didn't do anything to put any discussion about correct the record which was that you know super started that really just had people going out and purposely the idea was will pay people to go out and troll people who don't like hillary and lime and tell burning people they have to vote for her the world's going to and that was their brilliant plan but what a lot of people did they were getting paid they were getting paid by the click they were getting paid by the response time in these things so they utilized bots yet
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nobody cared that you would get twenty thirty read tweet saying you're an idiot and that you're trying to. trump elected when you talk about bernie on line and i was all you know it was every campaign uses them every brand is that i thought they were off an ethical as a brand standard ten fifteen years ago and i tell clients it's an ethical but apparently it's ok if a politician does it as long as it's the right politician and the right person they all and they don't because twitter didn't care when people when women were getting harassed we get raped as we're doing this they don't care they're into anything about it they don't care when consumers get cheated they only care about their at sales you know they only do that and then when they get political pressure from you know so and so you know in our group or whatever it is i can listen to buddy up there right but this is the thing you can't the difference between marketing and propaganda is razor thin all he does every single one of the
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methods that are used in the marketing world which i worked in for over a decade is absolutely the exact same things we learned friday in fighting propaganda war is a drug war on drugs very good back to was. made was a good homework assignment for your what i mean. because the whole idea of marketing is make a person feel bad about themselves or make them feel that they're missing out on something or in their in the wrong camp they're backing the wrong team and you know all your friends are drinking coors you should be drinking chorus all your friends are voting for hillary clinton so you should vote for all your friends are drinking the kool-aid so you should drink the kool-aid to those or rather one side is coming from there either telling you you're too fat or too thin or you don't look right or you need more abs or they're telling you who you should vote for it's really ridiculous at the end of the day so always remember you're going to this is going to proceed you from all sides pay attention to what you read and fact check it yourself don't you know don't just sucking everything in a certain expect everyone to be told it was the internet it's
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a free for all anyway and anyone who believes it isn't a free for alls crazy. we live in. time when failure is are paraded about as a way to minimize a person and their stature as if the act of failing was relegated to one's enemies alone but as bestselling author janet finch once put it quote the phoenix must burn to emerge and space x. has proven this by celebrating and even reveling in their failures or as they put it rapid unscheduled this is somewhat various tax released this video it's most epic fails and the successes they lead to their first rocket failure in two thousand and six just thirty three seconds after takeoff was caused by a single roasted nut it's many many attempts to land affordable rocket back on earth well known remember as you can future there's a future is there but if you think you are musk is wallowing in these failures you'd be totally wrong each failure taught that each mistake open their eyes to
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a new discovery see true progress can only be made by looking forward with the knowledge of your failures and as humans delve deeper into the world beyond our atmosphere the mistakes will be vital as award winning author neil gaiman's told a group of graduating students at the university of arts and people of philadelphia go and to make interesting mistakes made. mistakes make glorious and fantastic mistakes break rules make the world more interesting for your being here most definitely most definitely great words were faster than a good writer and your mom gone feel big it's ok well you know the whole point you have to learn from your failures at the end of the you've got to build bridges if you're ever going to succeed trust me i know my family knows you know we all know. when if the fed ever say yeah you're right over interest over all right brothers or not i want to run against democrats nor that i was sure that a very remember everyone in this world were not told the world loved enough lies told you all i love you i am tired and on top of the wall if people watching mills
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office number great and right order. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you pick those for. your wife or. donkey. what's your biggest fear i have a bit on the hay right was the last time you read a book you say if you ever met the best quarterback. it's one topic so simple but. now i could give you due to the question more.
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i've got to do just. that you're watching. us. here. welcome back to the night the only jam today i talked with one of the best political writers i've come across in recent years ted rose fick re he's the editor of the journal which counters the profit driven monetization in justice and serves as alternative to our pile of crap corporate media so anyway
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here's my conversation with a don't. thank you for joining me here thank you for having at least i've been loving your writing you've been doing some great stuff as you know these are these are kind of dire times we've seen crazy climate change related disasters recently and you know this opens up these disasters to be opening up a they always seem to open up a hole for a neo cons in the neo liberals to run in their unexploited disaster disaster capitalism get in there make some money off the people that have been devastated and you talked recently want to go to calls about the n.g.o.s and how they how they help open that door you want to talk about natural disasters but maybe you talk more in africa and i want to talk a little about that how do these n.g.o.s do i think in a way they're the twins of the mercenaries that go.


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