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tv   Keiser Report  RT  September 15, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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north korea has launched a new missile which has plunged into the pacific ocean two thousand kilometers away from japan's island of hokkaido this is just a day after pyongyang threatened that the four main japanese island should be sunken into the sea by a nuclear attack. russian submarines that strike targets around the city of. or in syria as moscow continues to support government forces in their campaign to liberate the country from terrorists. seventeen anti-doping organizations are now calling for russia to be banned from the olympic games in south korea next year.
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broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our to international i am sean thomas and we start with breaking news this hour north korea has fired a missile from the tsunami district of pyongyang according to japanese media the missile probably flew over japan's island of hokkaido and the u.s. has reacted to the new launch saying that north korea's provocations only deepen its diplomatic and economic isolation secretary of state rex tillerson also urged china and russia to take a direct action against north korea our correspondent in new york has more. we have heard at this point that the missile has touched down in the pacific ocean at this point they're calling it an unidentified missile as the type of missile exactly
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what type it was it has not clearly been confirmed we don't exactly know what type of missile it was we do point to the south korean military the missile was launched from pyongyang nearby young and there is an area in which the pyongyang international airport is located that's called sunanda that was apparently the site from which the missile was launched now this comes in the aftermath of september third in which north korea carried out its sixth nuclear test the most powerful of its nuclear tests and many are suspecting that this is a response to the united nations security council recently there were new sanctions imposed on the d.p. r. k. at the u.n. security council north korea promised a response this is being seen by many people as that response now we are getting some new details about the missile itself at this point we're hearing that the missile was a was traveling actually traveled a total of two thousand three hundred miles that's three thousand seven hundred
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kilometers before falling into the pacific ocean and that it reached an altitude of four hundred eighty miles into the sky and now it's interesting to note the distance that the missile traveled is actually far enough to reach the u.s. territory of guam that has been a concern there's been talk of the possibility of guam being hit by a missile or being attacked by north korea and we do it have confirmation that this recent missile that flew over the japanese island of hokkaido actually did travel far enough that it was within the length and distance the u.s. territory of guam in response to the south korean military conducted a ballistic missile exercise launching a huge mood to projectile off the eastern coast this comes after yesterday south korea also tested a range missile as a response. what they perceive as a threat posed by north korea that was the taurus missile and it is capable of reaching people young and all of north korea south korea has also recently been
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holding drills of their own with the united states in the face of six nuclear weapons tests by the d.p. r. k. now that test comes after the un adopted a us draft of the resolution to impose new sanctions on north korea on monday artie's. pole is in seoul and brings us the latest. so far today did past and identified. directed towards the east apparently crossing within japanese airspace and in reaction seoul has called for emergency meetings at the u.n. security council and has fired off its own test missiles and her first foreign but i should note this isn't the kind of news which necessarily rattles people the average people here in korea simply because they've been basically in a permanent state of her own with the north since one thousand nine hundred fifty three and the division of korea being more solidified through the korean war and the establishment of a permanent u.s. military presence here in south korea there are fifteen u.s.
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military bases but it should also be discussed the fact this week there were many escalation leading up to this point we saw unprecedented sanctions passed at the united nations targeting north and north korea is that second largest industry that's of course the textile industry and we also actually witnessed an opposition delegation of lawmakers from seoul in the liberty group korea party travel to washington and make a request for tactical nuclear weapons to be deployed to the south i actually interviewed the head of that party mr leach told her about his trip to washington before he left when he said he'd be meeting with us several policy advisers from the supposed members of congress to make their case but very good night. we yesterday president moon giant in seoul ruled that out as an off season saying the introduction of tactical nuclear weapons to south korea would only say inflame it
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is an arms race here on the peninsula but as we can all see that arms race is already in full swing as peace tests continue to rattle on from the north it's evident saying since the end of flaunting military gear from the united states as south korea did this week is not going to deter defiance from the north any time soon so we can only expect to see a continuation of these escalations unless some sort of a diplomatic solution is put in place or at least the wheels of which start to roll . you spoke to a former u.s. diplomat jim john times who believes that the ongoing tit for tat with north korea is leading nowhere i think the next thing we have to see is what will be the reaction from washington and seoul in you know after this this latest a north korean missile test my guess is we're going to see more saber rattling more tests more decapitation drills more transfer of advanced weapons to the north
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koreans i'm susie the south koreans there's even talk that south korea now wants to have american nuclear weapons the station on their territory it seems that the kneejerk response here is to say ok the same sions and threats against north korea didn't work they continue with their test so now we have to come in with more military exercises more threats and then we'll be surprised when they keep testing their weapons on the other hand if we talk about diplomacy then we really have to be talking about trading something for something if we want the north koreans to rein in their program then what are we willing to do to back up in some respects against something like the chinese double freeze proposal which is considered a complete nonstarter by what washington policymakers. earlier south korean president. that his country doesn't need to develop nuclear weapons despite the perceived threat from the d.p. r. k. . i do not agree to south korean news from our own nuclear weapons or relocate
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nuclear weapons in the face of north korea's nuclear threat. to north korea by having our own nuclear weapons will not maintain peaceful agreement. that announcement comes after south korea's defense minister asked his american counterpart for more nuclear weapons to be sent regularly to the peninsula explained the call for more tactical assets saying that many of the country's lawmakers as well as the media strongly support that idea american tactical nuclear weapons were present in the north korean peninsula almost throughout the entire cold war and were withdrawn only in one thousand nine hundred one as part of the global nonproliferation deal however a recent poll in south korea shows that about sixty percent of people would back a nuclear armament. and that's been a similar debate on that in the recent deployment of american anti-missile launchers as well the system known as that it caused huge protests as demonstrators clashed with police at the base now hosting the military equipment.
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was was her was her was the opinion poll has been agreeing to it could south korea with nuclear armament and also to install the anti-missile defense system now i believe there has been a lot of going on on the american side to trying to before these popular opinion in south korea it also explain why present one has to change his position so drastically since july now i think this is for a difficult situation for present the moon because the situation now he's on one
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hand the americans one tool can't dismiss our longest aid to call in seoul and china is being. thought that in china it's now the problem similar con thomas our system near the north east asia and also all deploying counter-weight the system there now if these situation continue to escalate i think the biggest roussel will be the korean people. different region same topic kind of the russian navy has targeted a number of i still held areas with missiles near the syrian city of dairies or arties jaclyn volga reports now. thursday strikes are really quite significant because many see daire as our as sort of one of isis last remaining. stronghold in syria that we could be seeing the beginning of the end of i saw a final push to take back what little the land they do have left at this point and the pictures we have of the seven cruise missiles being launched from two russian
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submarines in the mediterranean sea really do show a lot of destruction being conducted in their targets and of course a statement from the russian defense ministry has confirmed already that all their intended targets were hit and that includes control centers communications hubs and possibly most significantly an ammunition stockpile all and daire is or now of course the fall of dairies or really started last week on september the fifth when a landmark progress in the city was finally seen as syrian forces backed by russian air force were finally able to break the three year long blockade of the city and it's also believe that a number of very high level eisold militants were killed in the massive air strikes conducted by russia and while fighting of course does continue in the city today's successful strikes by russia really do bring syria one step closer to finally fully liberating that city and possibly the country as a whole from islamic state. russian athletes are back in the firing line
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after seventeen anti-doping agencies have called on the international olympic committee to ban team russia that is with the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics in south korea edging ever so closer but he's probably will go as more. well this is a statement that's come from a number of the world's anti doping agencies it includes the u.k. and the u.s. anti-doping agency as well and it contains very harsh rhetoric in relation to the international olympic committee and russia specifically they say that the i.o.c. hasn't done enough to investigate allegations of russian paying they say that the reluctance to hold russia to account threatens the future of the entire elim pick movement and that the i.o.c. has been kicking the can down the road and failing to issue meaningful consequences for russian athletes and when they say meaningful consequences what they really mean is they want russia to be banned outright from the upcoming winter olympic
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games in just a few months away but the timing of this statement exerting pressure on to the international olympic committee is very interesting because just this week there have been revelations leaks from wada the world anti-doping agency that ninety five of the ninety six russian athletes mentioned in the now notorious mclaren report they have been cleared and when asked why if that was indeed true they said yes because of a lack of evidence against these athletes and in light of this information coming from wada we've suddenly got this pressure being exerted on to the i.o.c. from these separate anti doping agencies from around the world and there's already been reaction from russia one russian official has called on observers to just ignore this statement and says that it's aimed simply at prolonging this negative light surrounding russians warton it's been timed as well to coincide with the
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i.o.c. being in session but the wider picture here is that there is a vicious cycle that takes place and when there is good news for russian athletes that they may have been cleared. well the rhetoric from most of the anti doping agencies around the world is we're still not convinced there's got to be evidence somewhere we still think no matter what you all guilty. earlier we talked to two radio sports host alan moore from moscow's capital f.m. he thinks that the latest calls to ban russia from the winter olympics are just unfair. is based on very flawed evidence is based in a whisper who know the russian authorities can't even gets the american authorities questions of what all he knows and how it was being done so basis is open like going to russia however it seems that everybody is complicit in some way or shape or form so it's kind of a case of like how much how much is too much and when will it be enough for jeez
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kind of like group of seventeen very much boy is interested parties to just say ok . prove just keep prove that you're doing the right thing you kind of wouldn't want to your motives for these people to be pushing and pushing and pushing because it really isn't fair it shows great consistency on their side that they're able to be you're pointing the finger when their own houses are very very far from being in order however we have to look at what's going right in. the u.s. has prolong sanctions a relief for iran for another three months in line with the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal yesterday donald trump again voiced his opinion of the agreement on his way back to washington he called it one of the worst deals in u.s. history. the only one of the more steals ever seen. certainly and it really the spirit of the deal. just introducing him to the iraq deal it's not.
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a fair deal. it's a deal that should never ever. think you'll see what we're doing. getting up thinking it's going to be it's going to be an opto drums words shed little light on the administration's future decision regarding the deal but washington has had no shortage of harsh words for tehran over its alleged activities. and has upped its bad behavior in many instances we've seen the harassment of our sailors we've seen what they've done in syria we've seen hezbollah going into syria causing more problems we've seen our rand continuing to supply weapons to other fighting forces they are doing a whole lot of bad things we have to consider the totality of iran's activities and not let you be defined slowly by the nuclear agreement so it continues to be under review no final decision has been made. however the u.s.
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has prolonged relief for some sanctions it is extending others and going after entities and individuals said to be tied to iran's missile program and alleged cyber attacks about includes an engineering company linked to an army missile program and two ukrainian firms accused of supporting iranian airlines plus seven individuals allegedly part of a network which has been implicated in attacks on u.s. financial systems and we spoke with. on the matter he is a political scientist and former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiating table. those sanctions that are largely symbolic of little or no effect on iran's economy or diminish program or dimitri and really be based on intention of. detain and scaring potential trade partners with iran mainly in western europe and i don't think that ministration is going to get is schools that unfortunately conscious such as israel and saudi arabia appreciate it appreciating washington to
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adopt the strong anti iran stance and i think that the sanctions imposed today reflect. pressure by ideas country is on the white house so i really think that the trump administration which is at the crossroads of a scrapping or sticking with did deal should be realistic and if it wants to talk to to talk to a toilet these issues look at the shared interests as well not just the d.c. of points. of view i've ever wondered if there is life after losing a presidential election hillary clinton showing there is nearly a year after her shock defeat to donald trump she has released a book called what happened. now aside from a few personal touches and i'm proud to explain what railroaded her campaign for and more than a few accusations that people countries and organizations our washington
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correspondents america looked through the chapters for us. looks like hillary clinton is back in the headlines promoting her memoirs and giving interviews left and right to discuss what exactly went wrong in two thousand and sixteen when she suffered an unexpected defeat to reality t.v. star donald trump. and it seems like she's compiled quite the lists of exactly who and what to play verses that were in two thousand and sixteen russian wiki leaks are press nothing from the democratic party bernie's not a democrat jim called me my primary opponent and a lot of his supporters sexism in the massaging the resentment the stereotype. a lot of people didn't want to hear my plans. for an even more detailed explanation of hillary clinton has just released a new book entitled what happened in the book clinton managed to blame everyone and
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everything under the sun including jill stein songe barack obama and of course. mentioning him and russia about three hundred thirty three times clinton even leveled attacks at senator bernie sanders for impugning her character but here's what else happened the e-mail scandal when it turned out clinton lied about handling classified information as secretary of state there is no classified materials our investigation found that there was classified information so it was not true let's not forget the constant shaming of supporters you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable zx and then there was a major strategic miscalculation when she chose not to campaign in the rust belt losing the democratic fire. all that obama won in two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve the same rust belt voters bernie sanders won over during the primaries hillary clinton says she doesn't plan to run for president again but she's definitely making sure she steals the spotlight with her swansong. samir hahn
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r. t. washington d.c. . in the book clinton goes on to compare herself to a character from the fantasy t.v. had game of thrones and they got a mixed response check it out. they shouted fealty you don't seem like they're really just sounds and you must throw chanting shame shame well so see lancaster walked back there and. he's very pleased to be mine to lead us to state no matter. what that.
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having said all this why aren't i fifty points ahead you might say. did you make another mistake sure so to lose the election without it maybe other things. i will sit down that. you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable. everyone who isn't. isn't it basically you're saying that there's no there's nothing you're going to do differently as a way to try to win over his supporters i am i am let's start from that premise for losing the. you have the people you think i can.
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the u.s. is it building up its presence in poland with more than a thousand military vehicles they include nearly two hundred tanks and an entire infantry division as part of the existing nato force in eastern europe the u.s. general heading up the european it deployment says it is in response to drills which start today between russia and belarus now he added that a deal is needed to allow the free movement of troops across europe similar to the ears open border showing going to agreement that would allow u.s. units to be deployed in nato member states with the country's permission but only five members are said to back that idea meanwhile american troops are also taking part in sweden's biggest military drills in more than twenty years aurora seventeen is taking place on an island in the middle of the baltic sea here's mcgillis francis santiago with his very own take on why the neutral nation feels the need
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for a large military exercise. there is a video out there on sweden that peaceful beautiful land full of green fields good food and very generous social programs. but actually this video turns into something hard and heavy right away turns out it's promoting the largest military exercise of the past two decades. award me to somebody else. he added and let you know in advance in camp seventy two small let us down see the whole. economy at them not on good books that he and. i.
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and not just any exercise but one designed to deal with a quote a larger sophisticated opponent that one will approach from the east nineteen thousand participants just from sweden alone as well as military forces from eight other countries have joined these drills called arora seventeen and you guessed it the united states is also there the united states with their allies and partners are doing this this is normal business for us that's going to be our posture normal business we train all the time we work soldiers work always to be at the highest level of preparation not alert but being prepared that's that's our job that's what you would expect us to be ready just like you expect the fire department to be ready at the hospital to be reading very nice business as usual but not for sweden it's getting back it's mandatory military draft which was canceled the two thousand
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and two. now in twenty thousand at least four thousand swedes will get the call all in the swedish military is now going to enjoy a nice growth in military spending for the next few years even the low key swedish resort jewel of gotland with its sandy beaches and intriguing limestone has been introduced to the swedish military they've been stationed there since two thousand and sixteen and still to no avail no attacks have come from the east but wait a second there was a russian spies submarine alert a few years ago the scandinavian military went full swing into a large scale search mission in the end it all turned out to be nothing but a fishing boat seriously so now the swedish military are staging these massive drills to make sure they can protect the nation from an attack which they themselves the my quote unlikely seems like an overreaction i wonder what's that about perhaps stockholm taunting
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a thread that doesn't really exist as sweden's favorite album once sang that's the name of the game at least when it comes to russia miguel francis and thiago r.t. . bardem a member of the no to nato action group a believes that the drills are being forced upon the swedish people despite a lack of popular support. this is the first three meeting of the host to land agreement that sweden took with the united states this was the last spring it went to the parliament we know that the swedish people did not want this agreement but pushed it through the parliament the spine the fact that we are against it there are several parties in the parliament that they're against that they push that there and this is the first big men who were to show that one can train together we hear every day on our newspapers and then the t.v. we have interviews with the military saying oh this is very important we must have
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these training exercises. and to children who were rescued from iraq and i saw there now back home i have my story much more on our international and that's it for me coming on i'll be here in thirty three minutes i have with us. we decided to alienate heaven. from all of these political and strategic decisions and we say that it's a we were trying to become like this was a living in a way where we don't want to involve low self-esteem and those quotes and see the
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same god but i think. here's how it's. starting with u.s. households sinking ever deeper into debt encouraged by the government and the banks to take out mortgages even those who did not have the means to do so until the day the bubble burst this has been a star exeunt asterisk at this hour the lehman brothers investment bank appears heading toward bankruptcy in two thousand and eight the poorest homeowners unable to meet their mortgage repayments began to massively sell off their properties the real estate market collapsed and along with it the banks who become embroiled in the subprime loans.


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