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tv   Headline News  RT  September 15, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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illo. headlines this hour far as a ballistic missile over japan for the second time in just over two weeks it comes up to south korea carried out drills simulating a strike on a north korean military bunker on wednesday. the syrian government recaptures an oil rich area in water on terrorism all provinces it's liberation offensive against eisel continues. and human rights watch report reveals that millions of dollars in aid money meant to help syrian refugee children is vanished investigate. and. swedish police say they cannot cope these days with the growing number of rape
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cases in the country and the lack of resources to investigate all sexual assaults. by very good morning for me kevin owen here in moscow at r.t. h.q. has just turned eleven o'clock here it's therefore not in the morning in london brush and there's news coming in from there breaking news to start with according to reports there's been an explosion on the london underground train within the last hour or so we gather media reports saying that several people according to initial estimates have been injured at the passengers green station police have confirmed that they're aware of an instant they say they're investigating it as a say it's the height of the rush of the busy time of day no indication what could have caused that explosion but early reports being reported by a number of news agencies saying there were certainly a number of passengers with facial burns it's been reported scotland yard saying it's aware of this incident and there are no services on the district court
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wimbledon since we get more on that will bring it up to speed of course but the big story kicking off this morning north korea has fired a missile over the northern japanese island of hokkaido japanese citizens in several prefectures warms to find shelter the sirens went off once the missile was airborne our correspondent in new york is across the latest. we have heard at this point that the missile has touched down in the pacific ocean at this point they're calling it an unidentified missile we are getting some new details about the missile itself it actually traveled a total of two thousand three hundred miles that's three thousand seven hundred kilometers before falling into the pacific ocean and that it reached an altitude of four hundred eighty miles into the sky and many are suspecting that this is a response to the united nations security council recently there were new sanctions imposed on the d.p. r. k. at the u.n. security council north korea promised
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a response this is being seen by many people as that response now we're also hearing from south korea the president of south korea has called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss this recent launch with the general assembly in full swing here in the month of september with a big week many world leaders speaking in the following week so this is quite a time for an action like this to take place all eyes are on the united nations and on the korean peninsula. reporting there with this comes off to seoul tested the. old wednesday imitating a strike on a north korean military bug. the. pictures over it a tourist missile was used it's apparently of striking pyongyang and all of north korea south korea is also recently been holding drills with the u.s. in the face of the six nuclear weapons test by north korea and over the last decade
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some in south korea have also been pushing for u.s. nuclear weapons to be sent regularly to the peninsula but the south korean president. recently spoke about that he's ruled out that possibility from seoul next reporting. put on pill. president moon said he does not agree that sending tactical nuclear weapons would improve security here on the peninsula i do not agree to south korean news from develop our own nuclear weapons or relocate article nuclear weapons in the face of north korea's latest threat. to north korea by having our own nuclear weapons will not maintain peaceful the dream the new salon however as moon has already demonstrated the option of introducing two different types of ed advanced military equipment to the peninsula is not entirely out of the question considering we witnessed the deployment of that here very recently a bad missile defense system despite heavy protests poll shows sixty percent of
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south koreans did support the act but to get a different perspective i sat down today with one woman who organized the main demonstrations against the deployment of the process of deployment of saudi's south korea is not the makati at all it was not transparent the government did not get any consultation or agreement from the villagers living in some june as well as there was no discussion proper discussion in the pilot and the deployment process has been very untransparent we say that this is a part of the us people. so the official reason of deployment is to protect the south korea from the threat from north korea but then we believe that this is not going to work in that way well there you have it it seems tensions escalating on the korean peninsula have much to do with the u.s. pivot towards asia it was a pivot begun by obama and just how far president trump is willing to take it
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remains to be seen we spoke to former u.s. diplomat jim just true superleague is that this all going to with north korea is leading nowhere right now. i think the next thing we have to see is what will be the reaction from washington in seoul in after this this latest north korean missile test my guess is we're going to see more saber rattling more tests more decapitation drills more transfer of advanced weapons to the north koreans by the south koreans there's even talk that south korea now wants to have american nuclear weapons stationed on their territory it seems that the kneejerk response here is to say ok the sanctions and threats against north korea didn't work they continue with their test so now we have to come in with more military exercises more threats and then we'll be surprised when they keep testing their weapons on the other hand if we talk about diplomacy then we really have to be talking about trading something for something if we want the north koreans to rein in their program then what are
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we willing to do to back up in some respect against something like the chinese double freeze proposal which is considered a complete nonstarter by washington policy makers. as folks from syria now the latest from there there's an operation ongoing to force islamic state adair is ill the russian navy supporting the syrian military has had a number of targets close to the city. seven cruise missiles were launched from two submarines stationed in the mediterranean russia's defense ministry says that i still command and communications posts as well as i mean nation depos were destroyed. the strikes were part of a campaign that's a totally drive. to two weeks ago syrian troops reached that city and broke a three year long siege that we had from locals about their experiences during that book a.
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it keeps mort's. be true of. many many shades. of. me time of the development of the syrian army those who retain control of the oil fields and natural gas processing plants and there is zero problems according to reports and if we're trying to take some effect of why it will reserves make the region so strategically important how he ever wondered why islamic states flag is black google can give you plenty of historic inside but it could easily mean oil jokes aside it's the jihad is dearest resource otherwise no oil no money no caliph it.
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it's long been known by everyone after i saw air strikes russian or american have largely targeted all convoys any visible bit of an overly sophisticated smuggling infrastructure the un were trying to deal with it they clamp down on buyers but islamic state aka the seemingly invincible all smuggling empire persevered various estimates suggested that at some point i solicit black gold revenues range from one to three million u.s. dollars a day and invincible though wasn't the right word dyess began losing land as well as the areas where they get crude in the first place. so when it comes to ridding syria of isolate let me go through some stones that could be no less crucial than retaking rock up eyes on the map and the all rich parts of the country remember no oil no caliphate.
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outside palmira damascus troops struggled to take back control but eventually got hold of it and then moved further east also right here a massive victory for the kurds was to clinch the oil field near our house a come from and that brings us to dare as zoar province where there is more crude than anywhere else in syria it's here that islamic state is still holding on and to prevent myself from ever popping up in syria or iraq you now know what it takes no more black gold no more funds for the fly. i mean time to resource children are trying to get back to some kind of normal life after the lifting of that siege not all the schools in the city are fully open but some of the kids are already back at school and have started classes in this new school year but not all syrian children are lucky enough to be receiving an education right now human rights watch is reporting that millions of dollars pledged to get syrian refugee children back to
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school simply hasn't reached them and this is the international community is partly to blame a smear a car has been fun to go a lost generation that's precisely what global power sought to prevent when they pledged to enroll all syrian refugee children in school doesn't seventeen. but a lost generation is exactly what we're seeing donors and host countries have promised that syrian children will not become a lost generation but this is exactly what is happening more transparency in funding would help reveal the needs that aren't being met so they could be addressed and get children into school despite international systems to prevent this over five hundred thousand syrian children in turkey lebanon and jordan are still not receiving an education going to human rights watch millions of dollars never reach arrives late or couldn't be traced due to inadequate reporting major donor countries the e.u. us and the u.k.
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all missed specific funded targets they had already committed to the united states is announcing our leaders contribution new funding specifically to support schooling for three hundred thousand refugees youth in jordan and lebanon on first of all i would like to thank countries like jordan lebanon and turkey who are willing to accommodate this people they need our support for twenty sixteen the federal government will have to pledge one point one billion euros for the humanitarian aid programs of the united nations that was winter two thousand and sixteen when the school year began host countries in jordan and lebanon were both massively underfunded. winter two thousand and seventeen same problem of course that's not entirely the downer spalt certain policies of host countries have also created obstacles in some turkish provinces the syrian refugees face delays in getting the identification required to enroll in public schools in lebanon has an even issued a work permits to syrian refugees and as
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a result families are often unable to afford school related costs pushing kids to work instead of going to school we're not investing in the mechanisms by which that you can get monies to places as quickly as possible and instead of governments being set up to do this in the right manner we are typically looking at outside n.g.o.s to do it some we can do it with good success depending and some not until we take monies from the military which is typically where most countries all are investing as far as and security needs rather than into development needs it's going to this challenge is going to go over and over again so while they may have good intentions the international community may still be held responsible for helping create a lost generation some yahaan party washington d.c. well when you look at the stuff syria is on the verge of an educational crisis certainly with one point seven five million children unable to attend school and
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eight point four million syrian children inside and outside the country in need of urgent humanitarian aid and that's the worry investigative reporter john griffin says that there's a lack of education and we other problems could lead to more terrorism as far as underdeveloped countries corrupt dictatorships there's an active effort to steal aid money and that deprives people at you know at the worst possible place in their lives of the support and the assistance that they need it look at terrorism in the region people who get involved with terrorism are usually the same kind of people who would be involved with violent crime on our streets and western countries there . disadvantage use they're people that need a reason to exist they need a purpose they haven't been able to find that purpose in traditional means like employment or study because those things aren't available to them so they turn to violence they turn to terrorism so that's a very real risk if we don't make sure that these refugees are educated coming up
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an update on a developing story from london you see on the ticker they read that also swedish authorities are warning that they're struggling to deal right now with the spike in the number of rape cases in the country. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down the news business just as the right questions and the right answers. question. we decided to alienate heaven. from all of these political and strategic decisions and we say that it's that
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we were trying to become like this facility in a way where we don't want to involve ourselves in those quotes and see the benefit of. again swedish police say they can't cope right now with the growing number of rape cases in the country that's what they told one journalist anyway wanted to know why a man suspected of raping a twelve year old girl two months ago as not yet been questioned well i just wanted to check to see if you'd like case the suspects or interrogated anyone no no you haven't. no we haven't interrogated the new suspects yet but
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at least we have a name and the investigation will tell us whether or not it's the right person bot . see what i'm getting at is it's been over a month since the rape do you know how many rapes occur and well you might think so but we have so many similar cases and so few people available who cannot cope with the workload we have three year old children that get trained without you being able to prosecute those who do it yes. or the country's minister of justice is now weighed in saying that it's not right that police don't have time to investigate rapes he suggests they should review their priorities the number of sex crimes committed in sweden has been on the rise in the first half of this year the number of rape cases as increased fourteen percent on the previous year reaching three and a half thousand member the swedish democrats party agrees police just don't have enough resources to raid is a problem as we do need to police had the right resources and there are good police
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forces have every other countries did a good to do it or did langridge issues part of the program when we had the great migration review to sweden to police for the trip here so where mary groups came in and we had social programs and prayer and with it the police were did not have the resources to to handle the situation and resource for the swedish park police here and the problem is we don't. know the problems came but i mean isn't alone the german state of bavaria say the nearly fifty percent rise in rape cases this year while the number of rapes involving migrants has nearly doubled we spoke to a member of the german left party who told us so that it is very wrong that or a parallel between numbers of migrants and sex crimes. still there is not really any results. or excite me grades are already been made
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a connection and even the number of migrants and that there is straight and this is some kind of racist response the moment you really don't like it if we want to newly released criminality in any way there is a saying from the nine hundred seventy s. and this is valid until today the best security politics is a good social sort of people are not excluded everyone has the right to work and one has to tell. it everyone has the possibility to live in dignity and there will be less community and this is our law point of view. migration chief says the border controls and systematic id checks within the chandelier a should not be extended as the refugee crisis that was mostly over. the last two years ruth you've been working in crisis mode. now does the moment you step out of the
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crises or i believe is the moment to to go back to the not a month function of what the checks the could now be dropped the money to do some twenty sixteen after around a million migrant center the european union the aim then was to boost security within the e.u. many see the checks as crucial in the wake of those major attacks committed by terrorists moving freely around europe.
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well many are unhappy with the e.u. migrants he's proposal germany for one wish to of course took it more migrants than any other country in the bloc along with neighboring austria thinks that it is too early to give up the czechs the german position is clear as long as the external borders are not secure enough there will also be the requirement for controls at the internal borders to stop illegal immigration and avoid unlawful border crossings we must adapt the deadlines for eternal border controls to the real challenges. three other countries also said the they want to prolong the checks you have an australian people spoke to says that they are essential he thinks the european security security cannot be achieved only by border controls but it's
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a mean at least to know who is coming and who is going the problem is that many states including austrian especially germany they have developed jurisdiction that grants asylum to around fifty percent of the people who ask for it we create a sort of bar called sucking the migrants to europe the union is unable and unwilling unable and unwilling to protect the borders to stop the influx of migrations and that some member states including austria germany but some others as well and we link to stop. inducing the migrants it is a must if there is no other way to stop the illegal in the sense of migration to open the borders have to be closed i hope that the e.u. will come to. will come back to reality and accept that border controls are essentially for the time coming as long as the don't really solve the
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problem of illegal migration. let's go to london the breaking news you see on the red ticket got some pictures coming through from there nine twenty three the morning where rush police say they're investigating reports of an explosion on a london underground train in the district line that leaves were taken place earlier passengers greed you can see some of the kind of bag or content of their own fire that destroyed a lot of the southwest of the city probably left several people injured looking at twitter here people my train reporting a fireball flying down that carriage with this is a white bucket or bag blew up people left fleeing and screaming obviously scary we'll continue to keep you updated as we have more on that we're tracking the story as it comes in r.t. dot com and all our social media platforms as well people to speak as well. the two with the latest from the korean peninsula after the north sent out the rocket over japan that landed in the pacific for now is kevin owen saying good morning from the
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latest bullet in the altie h.q. thanks for watching more now from our. manufacturer. to the public well. when the ruling class is project themselves. the final. we can all middle of the room see. the real news is really. well known but not a marshall an. islamic state claims it was behind the manchester terror attack by the north front so kill the priest every time
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a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming i says so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me it was like yeah why don't. you. know. that if. you challenge the. channel. has got a. look and listen let me show. here's what people have been saying about rejected in that it was actually just pull along on the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that
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really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of our three americans doing the same that we are apparently better than the things that i see people you've never heard of love or down to the night. president of the world but i'm so very. many seriously send us an e-mail. del rosario filling in for lindsay france you're watching boom box broadcasting to you of around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up on the show software meant to block viruses getting blocked by the u.s. government as a moscow company becomes a casualty of russian meddling concerns then falls florida farmers lose up to seventy five percent of their orange crop after hurricane winds were a bit right off the trees hands off the wheel that is the transportation department
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decides companies developing driverless cars will police themselves we have that in a whole lot more so stand by boom bust starts right now. the trumpet ministration ordered all government agencies to wipe off its networks a prominent anti-virus software for fears that could jeopardize national security the maker of the software is a lab a moscow based cyber security firm the department of homeland security issued its directive wednesday over concerns russian intelligence could compromise u.s. system. through that software u.s. intelligence agencies have reportedly tried for years to determine whether senior executive. are working with russian military and intelligence it's
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a connection the company rejects its c.e.o. stating his business is caught in the middle of a geo political fight eugene said it's not popular to be russian right now in some countries but we cannot change our roots and frankly having these fruits do not make us guilty there is no evidence to confirm these false media reports because the lab does not have inappropriate ties to any government the company is a world leader in cyber security and says it has more than four hundred million users around the world but unable to shake these allegations this is just the latest hit for its u.s. business last week best buy announced it was pulling kaspersky products from its shelves while d.h. s. has given federal agencies thirty days to identify kaspersky products on its systems and says it must begin discontinuing use within ninety days the move comes as the trumpet ministration and u.s. government as a whole continues to come under fire for lax a.


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