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military and intelligence it's a connection the company rejects its c.e.o. stating his business is caught in the middle of a geo political fight eugene because he said it's not popular to be russian right now in some countries but we cannot change our roots and frankly having these fruits do not make us guilty there is no evidence to confirm these false media reports because the lab does not have inappropriate ties to any government the company is a world leader in cyber security and says it has more than four hundred million users around the world but unable to shake these allegations this is just the latest hit for its u.s. business last week best buy announced it was pulling kaspersky products from its shelves. while d.h. s. has given federal agencies thirty days to identify kaspersky products on its systems and says it must begin discontinuing use within ninety days the move comes as the trumpet ministration and u.s. government as a whole continues to come under fire for lax approach to cyber security risk
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management firm security scoreboard recently ring to government third to last in overall industry security rankings so to talk about the holes and how to fill them i'm joined by sam currie chief security officer at cyber reason sam i want to start first by talking about our top story do you think the decision to pull kaspersky is based on any actionable intelligence or is this more of a risk based assessment it has to some degree be based on information that we don't have access to right a lot of national security is done in the intelligence community through classified briefings and to some extent there must be some fear here however this person is a company that's been around for a long time has been doing quality security research i think everyone is interested to see how this plays out but the government has to act to make sure the software on their networks is understood and are known quantities now the white house cyber security coordinator rob joyce he was asked whether there was a smoking gun that led the white house to this decision and he said. as we
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evaluated sec knology we just decided it was a risk we couldn't accept so could there be a smoking gun we're not hearing about or or is it really just something that they decided based on all of the rhetoric that's been going on with russian meddling that this was something they had to take care of well he put it well right i mean the response decision and the thing is we don't get to see outside of the government what those factors are there might be one there may not be one and it may be more than that but i would expect the dialogue to evolve over the course of the next few weeks and months that says what you can to take for companies like that should others others appear to be able to meet the risk management of the government puts out and say yes it's acceptable or not and you said it yourself because it's been around for a long time they are a world leader when it comes to cybersecurity me anti-virus software have we seen software companies at the same level as conspiracy be involved in spyware in the past it's not spyware so much spyware usually involves the after and person identified information i think perhaps ties with espionage or with nation interests is going to be the concern but again we don't really have much to limit you there
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we've seen other companies that have come under the under the gaze of the government before and say do you have back doors and certainly foreign provenance software is always a concern we can't speak to what developing conditions are like and even manufacturing in other nations and so the government has to pay close attention to supply chains especially in a globalized economy we can get software anywhere and from any number of places but for this for that matter there aren't that many government agencies to the best of my knowledge actually use because persecute this point and i would say that there's really three theaters here there's within russia there's within the u.s. and then there's the rest of the world because he has a very strong presence in the rest of the world but i certainly see other brands as the big brands mantei virus and similar type to companies inside the u.s. federal government well let's talk about the federal government and cybersecurity when a quarter of the members resigned last month to his advisory council it was in part because president. response to charlottesville but it was also because of cyber
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security in that resignation letter they said you've given insufficient attention to growing threats to cyber security at the critical systems upon which all americans depend including the election system what's your take so far on the trumpet ministration of the attention it's given or lack thereof to cybersecurity i can't speak to what maybe is on trump's agenda any given day the president probably has a lot of things to trade off but he expectation was that he would have something when the first ninety days and he didn't come with something until may and i think that probably surprised if you people in this day and age we have to get cyber security right we all want to embrace what the technologies that are rolling out everything from you know color clouds and internet of things we want to embrace that and that's beneficial to all of us as human beings it behooves us to get the security right because if we don't we're not going to enjoy those benefits and i think it's very important for the government to come out with statements and they have in may about how this will be approached so i think probably
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a few of the things on the agenda to start with but now we've got some guidance and i think it's time to start responding to it and start to fill in the gaps when it's not just the trumpet ministration obviously this has been an issue with the federal government for years prior you know security scoreboard at the ranking that i mentioned as we introduced this segment the government was ranked third to last but it used to be ranked last and it still found that the government was lagging when it came to replacing outdated software patching current software there was a host of ip issues how do you tackle those problems at such a big level well governments are very big organizations and their networks are huge the executive order actually highlighted the fact that risk management is needed in the nist framework is something that has to be adopted but also the systems have to be upgraded upgrading can bring issues new systems can have new vulnerabilities and they can connect new features which can be exploited but part of the executive order from the trumpet ministration was it's time to start tackling some of these things and right now they're doing those investigations are coming up with the plans so do you think that this executive order that he put into place do you think
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it's making waves right now through the agencies it has to within the agencies are now going to be held responsible for the highest levels for their cybersecurity strategy that's a big part of this but they've been given timelines anywhere from ninety to two hundred forty days depending on the part. plans and this is really now for about one hundred days and it's now going to start to see them and so you should think of it is the assessment in the planning phases will be ending and it's time to start trying plans and start executing on them because otherwise the results will be there well and as you said the first deadline was ninety days and we've already passed that has everyone met their deadlines well i haven't been following it and tracking it isn't who's doing their homework or not but this is what the media and the pressure be paying attention to some of them are ninety digital deadlines some one hundred twenty and some hundred fifty and ones actually two hundred forty these are again big things to get the policies right and then it's up to frankly to have a debate public debate with all the stakeholders and say so what are we going to do our reaction and improve critical infrastructure in the government infrastructure that's what i'm looking forward to seeing and hopefully we'll get some actual
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action and it's something that we need to be. about what just happened with equifax what can we learn from hacks like that while the x.x.x. is hacked is one of those things i have a pet peeve by the way which is people who aren't on the inside of it they shouldn't be commenting on it i'm waiting for data to appear and frankly one hundred forty three million people's identity and their information we still don't know who might have it and the extent to which it might be used so i've see a lot of opinions circulating but really equifax is the ones who know about it and i would say that this type of hack makes the world less safe in general but it also is a big threat to privacy the sorts of information that somebody like an actual facts has can be used to make information about all of us more readily accessible and cheaper and that can be very dangerous as well so i think attention is needed for privacy reasons equifax i think still has a lot to say to us about what happened and i'm waiting to see how it plays out over time as far as the government is concerned which agencies do you think would be the biggest targets and the most dangerous for hacks are the ones that might have the
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most impact well there's always those that are in a war fighting capacity we worry about those you should think of nation states out there developing cyber capabilities they're using it is you call it an extension of politics by other means right there's new tools available in the war chest both for cyber conflict which is a form of really cold war but also for hot conflict that kinetic battlefield in the cyber intersect so most battlefields of the future will involve a cyber dimension so i would say we need to make sure we can wage war we can defend and very importantly we can protect our infrastructure we can protect civilians we can protect our constituents and trade and so on so i won't guess which department would be the worse they'd all be pretty bad if they were sick if they were significantly targeted but we do need to make sure that we have resiliency and we know where a single points of failure are as a society and real quick i'm sorry only about twenty seconds to answer this one but when it comes to cybersecurity should we be working alone on this or do we have international partners we should learn is never
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a good thing alone international cooperation is always good intercompany intergovernmental communities are always stronger and frankly less us and them more coalition building i think is needed on all fronts ok sam currie chief security officer at cyber reason thank you so much for your time today. citing national security concerns president trump has blocked a chinese backed investor from buying an american computer chip maker the chinese company canyon bridge capitols partners was looking to acquire portland based. semiconductor corp now it's just the fourth time in more than a quarter of a century that a u.s. president has stopped a foreign takeover of an american firm over national security concerns the white house said the deal is fraught with risk of potentially transferring intellectual property to china and is concerned about china's support of the deal considering the u.s.
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government's use of latino products that china is already the world's largest chip market and it's been looking to build a domestic supply here in the united states but a u.s. government panel that reviews foreign investment proposals had already given the deal the thumbs down and trump followed suit it signals the administration's attempts to closely scrutinised any takeover deals coming out of china and china commerce spokesman meanwhile expressed concern over the u.s. creating a fair and transparent business environment saying that while the u.s. has the right to conduct security checks on sensitive investment it should not be used as a protectionist tool. the u.s. had no problem making deals with a different asian country this week but just how lucrative it remains to be up in the air on tuesday president trump welcome malaysian prime minister to the white house we're talking about trade very large trade deals were working on one deal where. between ten and twenty billion dollars worth of boeing jets are going to be
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purchased ok but just hours later the tentative deal struck between boeing and malaysia airlines hardly soared even close to those numbers trump mentioned the current sale of sixteen planes is worth just three billion dollars still malaysia's prime minister put more promise. in the year saying there is a strong probability the country will add twenty five more seven thirty seven's in the near future so trump's ten billion dollar figure could become reality now malaysia airlines is trying to recover its reputation and win back its riders after two deadly crashes in two thousand and fourteen time now for a quick break stick around when we return. plagued with calls on washington for more relief after hurricane irma and the bodega battle store owners fight to stay in business entrepreneurs try to replace them with the now as we go to break here the numbers the closing bell.
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rats. and they save lives. we decided to alienate them. from all these political. and strategic decisions that we say that it's that we were trying to become like us with solutions in a way where we don't want to envelopes those two million dollars clothes and see save god the benefits of the from. one else seemed wrong but. just don't hold. any belief yet to shape out these days to come to advocate and engage equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. florida was looking at a very promising orange crop this year then hurricane arma hit and winds ripped off as much as seventy five percent of the fruit from trees now this could prove could tast could catastrophic for the state where agriculture contributes more than one hundred billion dollars to the economy each year and then there's always the danger in the mix of all the disaster catastrophic loss of the city and the keys which really need to focus on all the other parts of the state that's lost. it should have been a comeback year for florida growers after a decade of decline and it's not just oranges suffering grapefruit and sugar cane suffered losses as well for oranges harvest season starts in a couple of months and while early year estimates put yields at around seventy five
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million boxes which would have been six million more than last year now growers will be lucky to get even half of that on wednesday the department of agriculture announced it would loosen rules to give farmers easier access to federal relief funds following hurricane or by an attempt to keep farmers above water when much of their crop is still under it. also looking for relief as puerto rico on thursday it's governor ricardo rosello met with white house officials to discuss the impacts of hurricane but on top of relief money the governor had a laundry list of things to discuss here in washington joining us for more on that now is boom. first let's talk about hurricane i mean how much was done to puerto rico while during that press conference today governor said that the total damage is now estimated to be around one billion dollars which is up from the initial estimate of six hundred million dollars he did and the size of that arma luckily didn't hit puerto rico as badly as it did to the other caribbean nations which is why puerto rico has been taking in refugees from those countries they've taken in
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two thousand and they're expecting another two thousand by tomorrow and then an additional three hundred that after that. but still you know they are very reliant on theme aid in order to help all those refugees on top of the communities in puerto rico that were hit really badly and they also announced today that president trump will be making a trip to puerto rico the days aren't official yet but sometime soon to help the government there assess the damage and even if they were hit hard we know that power has been an issue on the island and puerto rico's government run power company has been getting a lot of attention but what can you tell us about that so which is the state run electricity company has been suffering with the rest of the government in terms of finances in fact right now they have about nine billion dollars worth of debt and even before may hit about twenty percent of their users have lost power so for the past few years that they've been struggling with a financial crisis this debate about whether they should be privatized has sprouted up and it's become a very very divisive issue in puerto rico politically and there was
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a rumor going on after the hit that was intentionally delaying services to sort of build up support for privatization whether it was price partially or a total takeover so at the conference today i asked the governor about that and this was his response. so being the absurd notion we serve the people who believe. they should. believe the best. efforts possible so that we can have the ability to see this possible and we have a broader view. so he clearly denies any truth to that but you know it's important to keep in mind that he took office in january and in the past he has been quoted as saying that maybe could become an opportunity to deal with the verses another continuing problem so those are you know obviously very vague words but privatization isn't necessarily off the table in the future and if you talk to
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people on the island they know that they have been incredibly burdened by their government run utility program so always two sides to a story out there aside from when it comes to hurricane earl or the governor also mentioned at this press conference you got a few things he wanted to get done with congress what can you tell us about the proposal that he has yes so the government of puerto rico basically wants to work on three specific things with congress they want to work on health care especially right now during the storms and be having refugees coming in and many of them will need immediate care but also in the long term they want to be able to provide better treatment there are so puerto rican have to travel to the mainland to get help they also want to continue working on which is the bill that was passed last year to help them sort of rein in their crisis which you know part of it has been implemented but there still is a lot of work to be done but they really emphasize that they want to be considered in the tax reform that is allegedly being discussed on capitol hill right now and today at the conference the current governor spoke but so did the former governor
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and he emphasized that puerto rico is a part of the u.s. and needs to be considered in the tax reform debate. very good with the states. being those who go. we will be with are they going to be we will be there for the world. and. we're going to be going to be ready for. years. but for now we don't. believe you are. so there like overarching theme today was that puerto rico might be a territory not a state but the problems that are there are domestic they're not foreign issues and they want to be included in any of the sort of reforms that are happening in congress we'll see if washington hears them. thank you so much for reporting on that for us.
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well whether the government takes a hands on approach with puerto rico is one thing but it's taking a hands off the wheel approach when it comes to autonomous cars the transportation department revealing it will allow the companies developing driverless cars to self police its safety measures that announcement of course getting mixed reviews let's bring in legal and media analyst lionel of lionel media for his thoughts on the matter what side of this do you fall on. a whole let me tell you. as a lawyer a trial lawyer this is the greatest thing ever well i mean i i hate to say that somebody is going to have to suffer for the. simone you have no idea how horrible this is going to be this is going to be i mean you talk about from one catastrophic from to this first if you get
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a chance to read the transportation department idea they said in order to improve technology which could save thirty thousand or our lives a year we're going to allow you to develop this technology on your own or that of the oversights just do this and let us know and we don't want to wind peed because this is so important to save lives by providing you with the only oversight and let me ask you something and how forthcoming do you think they're going to be when i mean they the the autonomous you know car driving society but oh likely view things of all they're going to say wait a minute we just found a glaring glitch that could cause hundreds of people injured let's let the world know about it because after all we are we promised the world that we
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would let them know or would you say. but that one will it get to that later so i think we know what side of it you stand on line on but there is something to be said about regulation sometimes standing in the way of technological advancements is this a case where the transportation secretary in the transportation department as a whole is just saying maybe these car companies know better about what is needed to develop this new industry. absolutely there's a tremendous balance i want you to wonder number two but think that you know when you see these recalls now look at this can you imagine first of all you've got to you have to have a tremendous sense of. of self respect to dr that what ever comes of our own dr and on our own if you want to get in that that's fine oh by the way some of the masters of the are you going to have a level one or level two is your car going to be totally autonomous or you going to
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be able to override so much i'm a control freak i'm going to need to override it line on how about you out well what happens is you're going to be in this and you're going to ask yourself why am i buying a car now i might buy get because of performance acceleration or am i buying basically a living room i'm buying based upon the seeds and how many gadgets like you look at because i am giving up driving think about this what i used to look the car the speed the power because you're driving along and that car may tell you one day you're not going to go over thirty five i don't care how fat no i've got to go it's an emergency sorry no no you don't understand here let me this is the wrong way sorry i got a better one for you let's be real conspiratorial shall we oh boy let's assume you're of a demographic. of the type of person or
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class or whatever in various countries not here of course and you decide you want to go to a part of the country a part of the city part of whatever that you've never been to and you punch in the coordinates and it says no. you're not going to you've given this up you have given up this autonomous it's autonomous not you you've given up your ability to go where you want to go do what you want to do all of that over with because the allure right now is that this is think about this your own private home james i don't have to drive and you put me down that was nice lionel i can't lie. you know why because you don't see the horrors of the future as i do and you i am here you always see that lionel and we appreciate your insight on this legal and media analyst lionel of lionel media always
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a pleasure having you on thank you so much sir thank you. ok a self driving car may sound nice to some maybe not lionel but automation has its downsides and a new concept by two former google employees may be a prime example of that the idea here is simple do away with your local corner store or your bodega entirely instead of an actual store you'd buy from a five foot wide pantry box using an app that's called bodega now the boxes are already being tested out in the bay area they're found in apartment lobbies dorms office buildings gyms now it sounds convenient but there's a lot of mom and pop store owners that are really not happy about the added competition now these are people who have already been facing higher rents and competition from delivery services meanwhile these vending machine like but they won't have to pay for retail space at all so they'll have a clear advantage here and then there's the people that are bristling at the term
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bodega in general it's it's thought to be taking aim at the shops that are run by the immigrants that these bodegas naturally popped up in these neighborhoods and these boxes are likely going to put them out of business own fact the company has even apologized for hitting a nerve but it will be up to consumers decide which bodega they want. single interaction or just a grab and go box all right thank you so much for watching us today be sure to catch us on direct t.v. that's direct t.v. channel three two one that's where you can find our t.v. and if you missed us there you can catch us on you tube that's youtube dot com. thanks so much for watching see you next time. the obama. marshal an. islamic state claims it was behind the manchester terror attack by the. front so kill the priest every time
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a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming to go ice is so bad someone needs to do something against them for me was like yeah why are you doing something. that. you. told. me that if you. let me. check if. i was going to get. a look. let me show. you seen years ago i traveled across the united states exploring america's deadly
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a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's saying here's what people have been saying about rejected and. it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to you know what it is that really packs them. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of redacted the next president of the world bank very. seriously send us an e-mail.
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to moscow tell of the morning in london why now that's what the breaking news is this so police and paramedics a call to the same. never reported explosion this morning on the london underground just over an hour ago witnesses say several people have been injured more on that coming up than. the other big news of the morning to pyongyang fires a ballistic missile over japan for the second time in just over two weeks it comes after south korea carried out drills simulating a strike on a north korean military bunker on wednesday we were told by the ramifications of our. values from syria the syrian govern.


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