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tv   Headline News  RT  September 15, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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moscow turn of the morning in london right now that's where the breaking news is this hour police and paramedics are called to the scene of a reported explosion this morning on the london underground just over an hour ago with this is say several people have been injured more on that coming up and. the other big news in the morning to pyongyang fires a ballistic missile over japan for the second time in just over two weeks it comes after south korea carried out drills simulating a strike on a north korean military bunker on wednesday we're told by the ramifications of that . from syria the syrian government recaptured an oil rich area did resort
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provinces its liberation offensive against i still continues at the same time as the new human rights watch report has revealed that millions of dollars in aid money meant to help syrian refugee children has vanished in the case of that bus to swedish police saying they can't cope with the growing number of rape cases in the country and the lack of resources to investigate all sexual assault so they're having to deal with. that afternoon for me just. to say ten in the morning in london that's where the breaking news is this morning at nine o'clock in the morning there. because police and emergency services have arrived at the site of reported explosion. a london underground train it's said to taken place at the. passons green station on the
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district line of the chew in the south west of london busy time of the day this. slightly odd with this is that a white bucket or something looking very much like you blew up leaving several people injured and passengers fleeing for terror you see those live shots the chopper in the sky over the very trainability there's a closer in shot of it just now the actual carriage where that explosion i wouldn't says at the scene this. injured passengers being treated there they told of a fire ball going down inside the carriage at one. time and this is a chick who's a correspondent she's heading there now let's talk to on the phone see what more we can get from london about this the police the rome police on the scene there but the being very cautious about saying people shouldn't jump to any conclusions about what this was but the pictures of that thing that exploded did look mighty all didn't they look like some sort of bucket with why is sticking out of it may be
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a mist when i picture is that well definitely you know that have obviously just occurred very recently just a little short while ago so certainly in fact authorities are being careful in terms of how they describe what happened but what we do know so far is yes the reported explosions taking place this morning on the london underground at a very very busy time during rush hour eight twenty am local time where obviously lots of people were headed to work this particular train was headed toward central london and this explosion occurred at the parts of the green tube station which is the west london of the district line which is now partially been suspended and what we do know that yes the number of injuries have indeed been reported including people with thankful barn and panic to commit commuters with that they have been leaving the scene and some eyewitnesses have described what was occurring as a sort of downed plane and we do know that i would have also said that they did in fact be some kind of fire damming from a bucket that was reportedly in some kind of plastic bag. which as you said does
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sound quite an unusual so waiting to find out what officials and police are going to say exactly about in the us whatever that we look at the pictures a bucket kind of on fire the moment when you're talking i'm looking on twitter the somebody is also someone in from a slightly different angle it looks like a supermarket carry a bug's melted down inside looks like i guess could be the type that would normally hoping to see just a you know one guy on a look is saying to jump to conclusions to be a builder of competence and to go into wood with a rusty one you can see something like electrical was coming out of the bag but again it could be a building maybe some chemicals mixed you don't know what's really going on there at the moment there's no indication to say it is anything horribly sinister but it is a peculiar mix of stuff in the bag looking at it right exactly i mean the situation is in fact that we are kind of waiting to find out what this could have potentially been and we haven't heard that it could have been something that's not necessarily a sinister incident but you know given the timing of this obviously it's quite
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bother some and in fact you know with armed police officers they are now into march and see services given the timing of this as london does remain on very high alert obviously following a wave of what were terrorist attacks recently really a wave here and while it struck europe certainly there are concerns but we will of course have to find out later on in the day what exactly happened what we do know is right now. you know following the discovery of the bucket and we did know that eyewitnesses a said there was some kind of a bang so something that he had to be kind of i'm wise exactly what that was we do know that the back carriages of that train had been filled with smoke also we'll see where that smoke specifically came from and at this point we do know that commuters have been evacuated the area has been cordoned off the station is closed there are lots of police armed officers like i said in the emergency services there and again we have to be clear that obviously the nature of this incident is really yet to be determined and we'll certainly be following this story throughout the day and i will bring you more details certainly next hour in that you are welcome. i
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can tell you from this early street no saying trees may the prime minister is receiving regular updates on what's potentially or may or may not have happened there possums great interest in just a minute to go look at your twitter feed there's a software developer from and so feels new wimbledon pretty close where that happened he says he's about ten metres from the source of the explosion when the he says this fire filled the carriage said i heard a boom i want to look around the flames all around he said people started to run we were lucky to be stopping a person's green at the time he described the scene of panic there at the time he said it looks something like a bucket of mayonnaise that went up they said it's not sure if it maybe was a chemical reaction or something else but it looked homemade he says i'm not an expert so very tricky to decide what this thing was but a peculiar set of bits and pieces in that bag no matter how you look at it now it will let you get your ear back to the ground there in london us to church thanks for that will be across the air in the coming hours. there's a big story in the headlines this morning going to tell you about north korea's
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again fire this time a ballistic missile over the northern japanese island of a in the latest development in the regional crisis still bubble in there japanese citizens in several prefectures were warned of sirens and loudhailers to find shelter as this thing passed over is colored mopin with more. we have heard at this point that the missile has touched down in the pacific ocean at this point they're calling it an unidentified missile we are getting some new details about the missile itself it actually traveled a total of two thousand three hundred miles that's three thousand seven hundred kilometers before falling into the pacific ocean and that it reached an altitude of four hundred eighty miles into the sky and many are suspecting that this is a response to the united nations security council recently there were new sanctions imposed on the d.p. r. k. at the u.n. security council north korea promised a response this is being seen by many people as that response now we're also
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hearing from south korea the president of south korea has called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss this recent launch with the general assembly in full swing here in the month of september with the big we many world leaders speaking in the following week so this is quite a time for an action like this to take place all eyes are on the united nations and on the korean peninsula with this all comes off to seoul to sit in at the sophists missile on wednesday imitating astroid cohen a potential north korean military bunker. i. know with the pictures over the tourist missile which had just sold is put on a cable to striking pyongyang and then he targeted north korea so to kohls just about thirty kilometers away from the north korean border south korea is also recently been holding drills with the u.s. in the face of those six nuclear weapons tests by north korea over the last decade
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so what to do will some in south korea have also been pushing for u.s. nuclear weapons to be deployed on the peninsula but the country's president has no ruled out that possibility and have put a pill reports next from seoul. president moon said he does not agree that offending tactical nuclear weapons would improve security here on the peninsula i do not agree that south korea needs from develop our own nuclear weapons or relocate article nuclear weapons in the face of north korea since this threat. to north korea by having our own nuclear weapons will not maintain peace from the green the new slow however as moon has already demonstrated the option of introducing a different type of advanced military equipment to the peninsula is not entirely out of the question considering we witnessed the deployment of that here very
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recently that missile defense system despite heavy protests poll shows sixty percent of south koreans did support the act but to get a different perspective i sat down today with one woman who organized the main demonstrations against the deployment of the process of deployment of bodies south korea is not democratic at all it was not transparent the government did not get any consultation or agreement from the villagers living in some june as well as there was no discussion proper discussion in the pilot and the deployment process has been very untransparent we say that this is a part of the us people. so the official reason of deployment is to protect the south korea from the threats from north korea but then we believe that this is not going to work in that way well there you have it it seems tensions escalating on the korean peninsula have much to do with the u.s. pivot towards asia it was a pivot begun by obama and just how far president trump is willing to take it
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remains to be seen. he spoke to for us to promote jim just true see believes the both sides will continue to ramp up their military drills creating a vicious circle. i think the next thing we have to see is what will be the reaction from washington in seoul and after this this latest north korean missile test my guess is we're going to see more saber rattling more tests more decapitation drills more transfer of advanced weapons to the north koreans i'm seized by the south koreans there's even talk that south korea now wants to have american nuclear weapons stationed on their territory it seems that the kneejerk response here is to say ok the same sions and threats against north korea didn't work they continue with their test so now we have to come in with more military exercises more threats and then we'll be surprised when they keep testing their weapons on the other hand if we talk about diplomacy then we really have to be
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talking about trading something for something if we want the north koreans to rein in their program then what are we willing to do to back up in some respect against something like the chinese double freeze proposal which is considered a complete nonstarter by washington policymakers. focus on syria no news came out of there with the operation to force islamic state of the dia resort areas on going the russian navy supporting the syrian military has had a number of targets close to the city. seems seven cruise missiles were launched from two submarines stationed in the med russia's defense ministry says that i still command on communications posts as well as i mean mission death has that been destroyed in that raid the strikes were part of a campaign to totally drive by so that the deal was just two weeks ago syrian troops reached the city and broke that three year long siege that we had from locals about
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their experiences during that blockade. if you had a law each and i live. me up five now i didn't. like that if dad and. i had lived i don't want to. exclude it so to come i don't. mean any names. but if. adam of going to them i am going to get. a lot of the. many many and often not even a shot
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a long. train to steady well overnight i'll sit in. my back. the. meantime i can report the syrian army's also regain control of all fields and a natural gas processing plant endures or province according to latest trend connects them takes a look at why oil reserves make that region so strategically important how do you ever wondered why islamic states flag is black google can give you plenty of historic inside but it could easily mean oil jokes aside it's the jihad is dearest resource otherwise no oil no money no caliphate.
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it's long been known by everyone after i sold airstrikes russian or american have largely targeted all convoys any visible bit of an overly sophisticated smuggling infrastructure the un were trying to deal with it they clamp down on buyers but islamic state aka the seemingly invincible all smuggling empire persevered various estimates suggested that at some point i solicit black gold revenues ranged from one to three million u.s. dollars a day and invincible though wasn't the right word dyess began losing land as well as the areas where they get crude in the first place. so when it comes to ridding syria of let me go through some stones that could be no
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less crucial than retaking rock up eyes on the map and the all rich parts of the country remember no oil no caliphate outside palmira damascus troops struggled to take back control but eventually got hold of it and then moved further east also right here a massive victory for the kurds was to clinch the oil field near our house it come from and that brings us to dare as zoar province where there is more crude than anywhere else in syria it's here that islamic state is still holding off and to prevent myself from ever popping up in syria or iraq you now know what it takes no more black gold no more funds for the flight. children trying to get back to some carla normal life after all the horror of it the lifting of the siege not all schools in the city are open but some of the kids have already started classes it being new to me but it's only a small part of the picture not all so syrian children are lucky enough to be
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receiving an education this year if you could call it lucky that he when rights watch reports that millions of dollars pledged to get syrian refugee children back to school simply isn't reached them and it says that the international community is partly to blame a similar account reports. a lost generation that's precisely what global power sought to prevent when they pledged to enroll all syrian refugee children in school doesn't seventeen. but a last generation is exactly what we're seeing donors and host countries have promised that syrian children will not become a lost generation but this is exactly what is happening more transparency in funding would help reveal the needs that aren't being met so they could be addressed and get children into school despite international systems to prevent this over five hundred thousand syrian children in turkey lebanon and jordan are still not receiving an education going to human rights watch millions of dollars
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never reach arrives late or couldn't be traced due to inadequate reporting major donor countries the e.u. u.s. and the u.k. all missed specific funded targets they had already committed to the united states is announcing our leaders' contribution new funding specifically to support schooling for three hundred thousand refugees youth in jordan and lebanon on steps first of all i would like to thank countries like jordan lebanon and turkey who are willing to accommodate this people they need our support for twenty sixteen the federal government will lead to pledge one point one billion euros for the humanitarian aid programs under united nations that was winter two thousand and sixteen when the school year began host countries in jordan and lebanon were both massively underfunded winter two thousand and seventeen same problem of course it's not entirely the donor spalt certain policies of host countries have also created obstacles in some turkish provinces the syrian refugees face delays in getting the
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identification required to enroll in public schools in lebanon has an even issued a work permits to syrian refugees and as a result families are often unable to afford school related costs pushing kids to work instead of going to school we're not investing in the men. in is a means by which that you can get monies to places as quickly as possible and instead of governments being set up to do this in the right manner we are typically looking at outside n.g.o.s to do it some we can do it with good success depending and some not until we take monies from the military which is typically where most countries or investing is for is and security needs rather than into development needs it's going to this challenge is going to go over and over again so i couldn't see in the box there which we've just lost let's go back to full screen a member of the met police talk about i think what's happened here we go let's listen in to small and remind people to remain alert and report anything
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suspicious to the emergency services. like yeah ok well we just came in at the end of that unfortunately but just to remind you will agree more details that a minute a bit fuller but it was an explosion of some kind on a metro train this morning in the west of london on the district line there no major injuries it looked like some sort of tub had caught fire certainly exploded albeit only in a reasonably minor way these latest pictures you see a lot of police on the seat in the nearby i guess that's the distance they're going to that bridge you see a lot of police activity there and also a chopper in the sky there reports earlier on from a guy that was on the train just check out the latest twitter feed here it's pretty we missed that police happens british transport police are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior officers remaining at the scene
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there at parsons green they say they ask anyone and everyone to remain vigilant report anything suspicious to london mayor city and says that he's in contact with scotland yard over the incident and what else we got here seems a young man who declined to give his name. looking at the twitter feed he said he was on the cheap at parson's green when what happened about eight fifteen this morning just about the height of the russia he says i got into the first courage of the train was heading into town to work towards earl's court was a terrible commotion and crying and stuff he said they kept us on the train for five minutes then they evacuated the station instead of walkouts in a flat and killed road within the police came and told us to leave our home as police now have confirmed this i can tell you a terror incident that's a new line in. if you saw pictures of that well you can see yourself now on the screen there what looks like a plastic bag a little bag of it. shop to shop throughout europe but certainly in britain
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in yet again what one witness is described as something looking like a big mayonnaise tub or maybe a paint and indeed you could see wires coming out of it interesting a line i'm trying to find on twitter it's jumped little bit come but first and second but this explosion reported at parson's green underground station at eight twenty in the morning and the london fire brigade issued a picture is worth a bucket on fire. one passenger again lucas telling a news agency i had a really loud explosion when i looked back there appeared to be a bag but i don't know if it's associated with it he said us or people with minor injuries burns to the face arms legs multiple casualties in that way people were helping each other another witness though talked of. panic people pushing over themselves to get off that train fire crews from nearby fall in wandsworth chelsea
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hammersmith or the surrounding fire stations have all been in attendance. it's only really in the last minute or two now that we're hearing that police have confirmed i guess that was what was in that. police commander speaking there we kind of missed that. top of it but we're now hearing that it has been confirmed as a terror incident some kind of homemade explosive device there. and that's what we know so far thankfully no one by the sounds of it at the moment seriously injured but obviously an alert going out across london what i was at twenty past ten in the morning twenty three minutes past ten in the morning. people going to be very cautious and the police are asking anyone to report anything they see suspicious around them well of course this is the fifth terror instant in the u.k. now since some of this year.
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let's go back to those live pictures if you're just joining us just updating year as you can see the red ticker on your screen there are reports. this morning of an explosion of some kind it's only just become apparent that the police and treating
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it is a terror incident on the london tube i think that's the very carriage with the explosion you see forensic guys there the police just standing by it's all quiet boy wasn't quite that time of the morning without and twenty in the morning coming towards the height of the rush hour of course that we've been busy it could have caused potentially huge problems a lot of damage as it looks at the moment obviously people are very distressed there are reports of some minor injuries to commuters that this morning but it appears that that could have been so much worse i'm sure we'll see in a minute this is what looks like a. plastic shopping bag with indeed some kind of electric wires sticking out of it . looks like there was an initial explosion not a massive explosion but enough to fill the carriage. as you can see it didn't blow the doors off but it caused. on your screens now that thing that was a light not
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a chicken is on the line now from london now since we last spoke when it's ago we heard someone from the met coming out suddenly missed the majority of what they had to say we just got lost but we tell people not to speculate or panic but we're also hearing that they are now treating this as an act of terror this morning yeah yeah kevin that's right metropolitan police did come out with a statement just a few minutes ago where they said that they aren't treating this incident as a terrorist one. and the met counter terrorism command is now going to investigate what exactly happened they do say in the state mansion that it's still too early to confirm the cause of the fire that occurred at the station and left london and basically they're inviting people to avoid the area for now and this place will be cordoned off they are going to investigate but yet so far we can definitely confirm that officials have now confirmed that they are treating this as a terrorist incident and maybe in. that initial idea that this could have been
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a major incident the british transport police now declaring it a quote major incident is that. counterterrorism commander so fifteen is taking over the lead in the investigation the that gives speculation to indicate the possible motive that indeed has as is now been confirmed because they're often involved in terrorism and. examining the indeed it was terrorism something else backing it up as well story saying that trees a may as been receiving regular updates on the situation they're. returning to see long with london ambulance service and london fire brigade law obviously goes a little disruption on that particular district line are you actually at the scene yet or are you still trying to make that nothing because because the district line where part of the greens your station. explosion then three plates is actually partially suspended i am in the area between. close as possible to there right now
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so we could do a sort of vision live report with you with them as possible but so far traffic is quite heavy in this area and i'm trying to break through right now to get there but we do know yet that the station has been closed and obviously people like i said earlier are being advised to avoid this area so it's a little bit tricky and obviously a very heavy police presence at the scene right now with armed police officers emergency services certainly as we were talking just fifteen minutes ago initially when it wasn't yet clear that this was something that was being described as a terrorist incident we were discussing how i witness is had reported that what they saw was some kind of fire stemming from a bucket and they heard some bang but it wasn't exactly clear you know what kind of explosion this was so that remains to be sort of found out as the day unravels we do know still now that there has been a number of injuries that have been reported including witnesses describing people with facial burns but the we haven't heard a specific number of fish of the from officials in terms of how many people
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actually got injured in this incident that did yet take place today earlier at eight twenty am local time again a very busy time of day this is rush hour so this is the time of day when train their pockets and we do know that this particular train was headed towards central london so we're also obviously going to wait and see why this explosion occurred in this particular location you know whether or not it was intended to potentially have been carried out somewhere closer to central london but all of these are still questions yet to to be found out obviously but now that we do know that the counterterrorism commander investigating obviously this is going to be treated extremely seriously especially given the timing of this obviously as we understand given you know this wave that we have seen throughout weeks and months of terrorist attacks here in london as well throughout europe so certainly i'm hoping to make it as close as possible to i can tell you. there's a hundred meter cooled around that station the moment the police.


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