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tv   Headline News  RT  September 16, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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fear santy police brutality protests break out of the u.s. city of st louis with activists hurling bricks at police officers some points and also the home of the mayor placed pictures from a story coming up to islamic state has claimed responsibility for friday's bomb blast on the london underground train b. fifty terror attack in the u.k. this year. and the u.n. security council holds an emergency meeting over north korea's missile launches as the international community looks for new ways to try to diffuse the ongoing police . broke a show that is a little of the provocation vicious circle. morning
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out at the weekend it's ten am saturday morning here in moscow now kevin zero in first of this live news update that and he police brutality protests in the u.s. city has sent louis have turned violent overnight with demonstrators vandalizing the mayor's home at one point and assaulting law enforcement twenty three people have been arrested is the latest figure in ten officers injured that unrest happened kicked off when an ex policeman was found not guilty of murdering a black motorist last year around a thousand protesters have been out on the streets with groups looking into sex in the city area and gathering in front of the police department to tear gas and pepper sprays been used to disperse them earlier images of also emerged of demonstrators vandalizing a police car too. americas
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us to be following the demonstrations overnight. protests have erupted and the city of st louis and the national guard is on standby following but i'll quote oh a former police officer jason stokely thirty six year old stokely was charged with first degree murder in the case of twenty four year old anthony lamar smith shortly after the verdict was passed down several hundred protesters reportedly blocked a highway ramp and popular intersection near the courthouse as they march through the city local news reports police deployed pepper spray against several protesters and the early afternoon this verdict was handed down even despite calls for the officers conviction from the ethical society of police according to the probable cause statement used in the case shortly before the answer then stokely approached
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smith's a window firing a five times into the vehicle hitting smith with each shot and killing him additionally prosecutors say a firearm was found in smith's car but it was later determined to only have the officers d.n.a. on it now some activists in st louis they pledged quote amount to serapion it still plea was acquitted vowing that the outcome would look a lot like ferguson the potential for on the right has a group the st louis region ever sent ferguson officer derrick rose and shot and killed unarmed eighteen year old michael brown back in twenty four. islamic state says it was behind friday's rush oh a bomb blast on the london underground that instance being treated as the u.k.'s fifth this year than an improvised explosive device that was went off inside the chub train. twenty the morning local time busy time of the explosion and the resulting stampede left million teen injured including a young child witnesses describe having seen
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a fireball shoot through the carriage the u.k.'s prime minister to reserve may is raise the national strike level now at a critical meeting that a further of could well be imminent. the joint terrorism analysis and to see independent organization which is responsible for setting the threat level on the basis of available intelligence has now decided to raise the national threat level from severe to critical so they can the city's mayor said in the past that living with the threat of terrorism is just silly londoners are going to have to accept these days. although it was a year ago the words preceded a deadly wave of violence and terror in the u.k. indeed honest as the next looks at the spate of attacks the briton seen in twenty seventeen. yet another terrorism related incident in the u.k.
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a twenty seventeen pandemic of terror with this now the fifth and every attack demands more security measures and public vigilance now the. following the van attack on westminster bridge they put up a concrete barriers to prevent a similar assault earlier this month london's metropolitan police came up with another measure to stop the vehicles targeting large crowds still spikes road maps to be rolled out a big advance but just days after the announcement london was hit by a different kind of attack. the weapon this time was concealed in a simple plastic bag and bucket and left on the tube during rush hour cordoned off behind me is the area where the fifth terror related incident to shake the u.k. in recent months took place early friday morning in a train topped with neuters where a homemade device partially detonated commuters described the scene as a stampede with people running for their lives cement. so we all piled off the
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train and just ran for our lives we were literally running for our lives and i thought for a second i'm about style a bomb is about to go off people jumping over all or like. to try. jumping into the speech jumping into. that you understand another terror attack has slipped by the authorities but the location this time has left many shocked and questioning where they go from here to the feet and scream you took to. show. the structure is terrifying anybody. can do anything like that we're not taking the subway like let's take let's walk this kind of scary as authorities investigate this latest incident to see what should and could have been done the attackers seem to be one step ahead creating a new unnerving and unpredictable norm and a hearty london. u.n. security council condemned the latest north korean missile test of an emergency
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closed door session and called on all members to fully implement previously agreed sanctions that meeting was called off for pyongyang fire the ballistic missile over japan on friday photos of the launches since been released by the north media although no new approach to the crisis was agreed upon russia's ambassador to the u.n. security council said that we're seeing a vicious circle of aggression now. we were discussing for a while that we're really in a vicious circle where. it is illusion a provocation pro occasion it is a listen with another provocation. and we were going to play things many people raise an issue that we have to think maybe out of the books. this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country and a generation. these sanctions will cut deep.
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today's resolution builds on what we're already the deepest cutting sanctions ever leveled against north korea those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. these two pictures you don't see very often it's been a long time dairies all that syrian city that spin really on the brink and which is now almost free that of the scourge of islamic state this to show you next the latest video we've received from there where government troops with russia's backing of battling to drive out the remaining pockets of extremist militants that city spent three long years over islamic state see each and then on the fifth of
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september that was lifted some freedom again the early stages of it humanitarian convoys was soon delivering aid to the people who'd been suffering that we've been reporting on these two russian children two who were rescued from eisel territories in iraq of the suffering of the group they've now been reunited with their families here in russia after a nazi campaign called bring them home help trace the children's relatives and some safety for the. thank you yes it was. you know. and we recognize the man or the doctor say he's all right we need some psychological treatment he will get better. it was painful at first then we felt joy we knew that we found him as soon as we saw him there are no worse to describe it it was so hard thing got that we found him and
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you brought him back to us. i learned on how did you there were initially taken to a baghdad orphanage after the rescued from territory those previously held by ice in the city of mosul both of them had physical injuries but there was so much more too there were too traumatized to talk about their experiences after what they went through thought i'd lost his mother and brothers in the fighting so two more youngsters finally home after their relatives play but many more are of course still stuck in iraq.
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that was for the. the good of the world. he was president of the trump was given a hard time critics even before his presidency began however when it was supporters are now turning away from him because of his failure to deliver on key policies including building that huge border war with mexico on thursday truck did tweet that it is being built on the existing fences he said of being renovated but that's sort of after so samir khan reports make america great again the slogan many trump supporters chose to stand behind wearing his signature maggot hats with pride. and now they're burning down words smirking america great again we love truck we
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love truck i thought i owned several campaign promises leaves me no choice. so why are they angry well in their eyes trump has softened his top stance on immigration one of his key campaign promises he's now negotiating a deal with democrats to protect young undocumented migrants and there's no guarantee fees actually going to build his infamous border war with mexico what building the wall we're building the wall for the building we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall for a while and we'll see how it works. we're going to get the border security part of that. what. trumps bipartisan outreach seems to be the final straw for its most ardent supporters in return for
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this concession the president receives nothing no into the chain migration the president isn't even getting of border walls though he insisted he will somehow get one later possibly when it gets in the wall i'd prefer a president. at this point who doesn't want to jump in beached predicts or viewing trump's attempts to trim democrats as a transformation to a normal president. but this transformation might come across as confusing to both his supporters and his opponents donald trump supporters and i don't speak for all of them but they expected donald trump to actually accomplish significant pieces of legislation and now here we are in the middle of september and there's not a lot of concrete to show for donald trump's time in office he hasn't managed to get a lot of people confirmed in key positions so i think we have to view donald trump as a young presidency as a presidency where the people who elected him elected
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a disruptor people are growing frustrated among his supporters and obviously they're saving anger and resentment among his opponents i think it's high time to actually see our concrete bills that address the core structural problems inside our country which households address humans' address for some reason our washington d.c. crowd doesn't want to address that's what we want to see people are becoming impatient there's a lot of talk where's the action where are the results so the question is who will try to please his base which carried him to the oval office or his critics. well one thing is for sure and certainly can appeal to both. from your high on our team washington to. those who want to miss weekend off the break lot more including french police holding rallies across the country today in protest over there working conditions we'll bring you the details.
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seemed wrong. just don't hold. the belief to shape out just because you add to it and it. equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be this is what before three of the more people. interested in the waters.
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ten sixteen apartment sunday morning moscow time thanks to be with us so the french police will be holding protests in cities across the country today over their working conditions that calling on people to join in and support them to offices say the really frustrated with the increasing number of violent protests these days and then go to cope with.
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in one illustration of just how unhappy french police officers are with the jobs at the moment seems four hundred twenty riot control officers reportedly failed to turn up to a labor law protest on tuesday one police union official told me that the number was actually are probably about a thousand. now looks at the planned police demonstrations for today. french police say the government isn't doing enough to protect them on the front line with the country in a permanent state of emergency and unions are complaining that office is a force to work in insufficient i'm delighted dated conditions. french citizens have a misleading image of what's actually going on with law and order all the police here whether it's on the street or the investigators they're working flat out they're doing everything they can but they don't have the resources to do everything that they can the national police are working and deplorable conditions offices have even tried to use some humor to draw attention to their concerns these
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images of vermin and rundown police stations were submitted for a police union photo competition asking for proof of poor working conditions adding to the pressure is the increasing number of terror incidents with security services failing to prevent seven attacks within the past eight months alone and the police themselves are often becoming targets french police officers a fallen victim to increasing violence over the past year back in april it was here on the show say that a jihadist gunman shot dead a police officer and injured two others and in october twenty sixth outside of paris youths held petrol bombs four police officers one nearly died of his injuries . that incident sparked protests from police unions demanding that the french government do more to protect them and protests are under way again across from the
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new delhi they're protesting simply because their resources their morale is a rock bottom each subsequent government promises things that the never deliver the police have had enough and that's why they're protesting with emanuel not quantised president police unions in the country are even more concerned. macron promised to cut public spending and tackle france's public debt but french police say the country simply can't afford to cut corners when it comes to france's frontline security. are with universities retracted an invitation now previously sent to the us military whistleblower chelsea manning to become one of its visiting fellows it says that designating her as a visiting fellow was a mistake you know when it comes after the university was criticized by the cia director mike pompei oh he says harvard's offer legitimizes manning's quote
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treasonous actions so severely of course was the release of hundreds of thousands of classified u.s. government documents she was charged with espionage after handing them to wiki leaks in twenty ten she was sentenced to thirty five years in prison for that that was commuted though in the last days of barack obama's presidency and she was eventually released back in may of this year. after her invitation to become a visiting father was retracted then the whistleblower took to twitter calling america a police state where the term is what's being taught in educational facilities we
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spoke to former british and u.s. intelligence office about this controversy now they told us that the situation is shameful they thought for both of us and the cia. i think that was a mistake in itself you know they didn't get their ducks in a row academic institutions especially independent this this be academically rigorous and they're supposed to want to investigate the truth however inconvenient it is and harvard is one of the best in the world allegedly ceasing it would have the guts to stand up for the principles of truth telling proper investigation proper research and this is something i think someone with chelsea manning to contributed to so much and the fact that they put out the invitation and then rescinded it in a few days because of political pressure you think they would have sources tells ahead of time and i'm sure that the leadership in harvard probably did sound out the authorities and were told it was ok and if someone who threw a hissy fit in the back rooms of some intelligence agency somewhere who's feeling particularly spiteful vindictive to with a whistleblower this is
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a shameful situation. harvard and other educational institutions depend very heavily on government funds and are heavily influenced by what we call the deep state chelsea manning has the same rights as pompei o. does it's an outrage there pompei zero should say the harvard cancel that fellowship harvard has has been a down in the billions of dollars but i guess they feel they still need all the government money that comes in other ways to support this or that institute none of them study torture techniques or any there were abuses there pompei oh it's favoring here. in spain the pressure keeps mounting on authorities in catalonia ahead of the rest of regions a dependence referendum coming up the country's government that is now banned barcelona from using public funds to hold the public vote which is already declared
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illegal if it does cut loney will not receive part of its budget meant for services and salaries. not a single euro of the catalans will be directed toward an illegal referendum that is wanted by a few. it's the latest in a series of measures taken by madrid to prevent the referendum but a week ago the spanish constitutional court suspended the law which paves the way to vote on this wednesday madrid launched an investigation into seven hundred twelve cattle mers who pledged to support the referendum so as the tensions between madrid and barcelona rise hundreds of thousands of cattle and residents been rallying in support of the vote one cattle we spoke to says the druids treatment of catalonia shows democracy is a bad way right now. if you. ask i think it's very sad it's more than just indignation to see the democratic generation of the spanish state and this feels bad this is what we regret most of all but that's all we are calm we have a lot of work to do in the municipalities and we'll continue working for the people
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that's what is important for us the majority of the members of the parliament of the catalonian parliament are in favor of the wind up and learns eighty percent of the cattle and six and shape is in favor of their referendum of several terminations to ask catalans if they want or not. the referendum by without despondence a state because that's what we want we don't do it unilaterally because we want to hide anything. they keep offering the spanish to state. never share and to be. paid in these democratic exercise but it's. phonics which apple unveiled the big press event on choosing a wide range of next level features over well and good and one of the most significant is face id very clever allows users to unlock their devices through
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facial recognition could go wrong by simply looking at it but many customers are concerned about this new feature could be used at this. all this work with a photo of the face no no will not it requires an actual face see need the whole ng to remember the movie face off with john travolta nicholas cage yes yes thank you what is the maximum number of faces the phone can recognize six just just one just your i have six.
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as the old saying goes you can please everyone all the time thanks for watching this latest live update from r t international visit
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a website to see more of the pictures of anti police brutality protests in the us since in st louis please save deployed tear gas to rest at twenty three protesters . i'm kevin owen fans watching from. their brains for a single purpose. of a super. training very young. eight months of intensive school. raps. and they save lives.
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was. when i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just. because. you need filling in for lindsey graham if you're watching boom bust broadcasting around the world right here in washington d.c. coming up on the show we're how's it changes in china don't have a very bright future ahead i sat down with the former u.s. trading commissioner to discuss what it could all mean. and natural disasters could the impact of hurricanes and irma offer a positive turnaround one guess will tell us what she thinks and where did it go a new report shows just how much money can tora has blown through since its diplomatic row what that's called neighbors stand by them but starts right now.


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