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with the with hulu. yes with. this whole sort of. that's you. know you can always use to keep the article be able to move in when they are. playing at the. incheon to control. the. show to get more. media over my own kind it's what i said if my not. playing in todd and. stern skin on my scale horton or as you hear from paul sloan as i stated i am if you are just you know a computer. it's passed by. the sun not for what you think it. is committed to lead no different. from getting too far off for simply household to
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discover don't pity him and soon have to deal with. ok. magazine. no no to her new one and to try to buy some if you have an argument because they're not an oily so we get the cars though my mouse model. shows a disease on this that's also the d.n.a. code on people. to help odd jobs a woman thing goes on. feeling for. him and it was silly much. minuteness yet. he told you so he made it up but no scare i pad's the school. it was a fairly heavy dose i phone it's great to see a lot invested like you talk to take it so hard on the screen it's great to come into my about naaman and feel about over and over you're going to do. it and i'll go up there. so there is you know as of
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a stage and so that it would have to have both of you know as you get toward had bought if there was this week was it as a magazine did a. bad thing then give yourself. or you can a medium as a hindu can mean. so crass of your french i want to see could be silly only in playing or spawning inflorescence in will follow and proceed so they know they can watch al by paul he find convincing and. yet for mona the road to debt reduction will be a long one the consultants have begun to negotiate with some of her creditors but she will be free of debt for another seven or eight years. helen dumped the money you put in as a consequence of us being to pay so many. men to want to take the. senate iraq through to simply defeat aluna and what was it.
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he started since cable for indeed all. the value in it then most for the most i said as he has all dealing a different i think we do need to. start a war. do for you show me. a reason. for me to also use of. force also so there's a loser law. or no or many delicate overtaking first. or do you as odd well without being content. to be all the first. to be able to go again. also all code or law so the. how it will do for you if. you're going to work
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at the plate to do the helping over indebted people has become a very lucrative business in denmark and yet these two consultants are not the most expensive on the market some of their competitors charge fees of up to five hundred euros per month not to mention the percentage of around fifteen percent that they take on the amount saved through debt renegotiation it is clear for india's who are at men the most on my hoping you can only shreya the. enemy of an aunty alkie in particular is the media often the ticking all getting in for free means k. and so on and on about that we were typically or scooping with it and that's why the victims are going to keep pussy human that and more not more it has some fun so so. so moments he to recount. for paul far some
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grat feyerick has been cleared to face a middy ha. as of this mackey cook who is bullshit artist from markers for a map artist for sit at you get this get a martin and marcus for the head not a for us to first quarter face emitted look the harder it got knocked than normal force it into to burn it up for pour a man to see him and bury some men's come back and say certain and swallow a basin are to do that here. meant because of you rick they demand a shake for boston for vo substracted not matter after football era for my half a lark to face the men's got a deficit for poorer for poor for poor. in this society of abundance for temptation and frustration are present in equal measure ever more subtle techniques are used to encourage consumers to resort to credit and to make it as easy as possible france has widely developed what is called revolving credit
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renewable loans with very high interest rates which can be a formidable driver of overindebtedness. new lebanese took out his belly during the storm. why me that means so many all in this within. me with the who says oh if you re sell your film you. crazy have a p.c.b. that. was a little boxy said crazy over who caused the tree. let it. sit or. extend most a prevent. if you go home or see a federal book see it could put capital. to this entity it be a good. dest and you can. see just what
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the. so you can visit back to duty. on the north. the pioneer of revolving credit in france. currently belongs to be a personal finance who also unsettling it's the number one consumer credit company in france and in europe with twenty thousand employees and twenty million clients represent an outstanding debt of sixty billion euros for its c.e.o. it is only normal that the cost of our evolving loan is a lot higher than a conventional loan. known.
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this song says when you. don't know what i. believe was there are you. be. released. in for with us to grow to a point. the problem is the fees revolving loans figure in seventy percent of files of over a debt of people and sometimes it leads to tragedy indeed some have nicknamed revolving credit revolver credit. one morning in august two thousand and nine jack discovered the lifeless body of his wife claudine who had hung herself in the laundry room of their house with a letter in the pocket of her shorts. to assume
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a local jews in these. little coatings negras the mother of four children and it was she who managed the family accounts as her husband worked abroad two hundred days a year she would fortunes signature and never spoke to him about the infernal spiral she was being sucked into a vicious circle of new loans taken out to pay off the old ones twenty seven in all in the space of three years for a total amount of over two hundred thousand euros in two thousand and ten the french minister for the economy christine legarde passed a consumer credit reform through parliament post tighter controls on revolving credit reporting the up was dongle is on. the home henceforth for all purchases exceeding one thousand euros sales people who offer revolving credit solutions must also offer an alternative a conventional loan. east
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with a lifting his own. happy duke at the table being. home . with the galley lee to. go there to. he would like. to. leave. no salad there let the. city do. it because i didn't have to. he says. yes in two thousand and sixteen five years after its coming into force the so-called legard law does not seem to be respected the consumer association c.l.
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c.v. has carried out a widespread investigation across sixty banners and thirty three french departments lunatic move in for the immediate more could your newfound lift don't preach what some people some of the time but do need. to stock. proof for some people silica in respect to. be exposed to the result pushed. through that process it could change it. was as much younger. but it's said that. this is. simply. not. this not only is the god law not respected more worryingly it has circumvented in two thirds of cases salespeople propose an interest free loan payable in several instalments at
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first sight consumers would be silly to refuse as zero percent financing but there's a hitch to be entitled to as one must usually subscribe to the store loyalty card which does contain early valving credit option. testament that it will be all in. so there was a post office and a. lack of a succinct. critique of this our physical show the.
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international community continues lee emphasize about one or united iraq as a slogan maybe an approach to the politicians but in reality on the ground iraqis are. united. as kurds are not the ones to be blamed what is happening in the rest of iraq and the direct wrong directions that iraq has gone through. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death and. like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site.
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who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was. what i did was. on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. to. consumers are not actually obliged to use the revolving credit option contained in the loyalty card but you to a need or a simple urge many consumers end up doing so and when they do there is no discussion with the sales person and no possibility of choosing a far less expensive mortaza below.
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in the u.k. the government is simply chosen to tighten controls on lenders that offer what are called payday loans a kind of way to tell us as a rule these are very short term loans with weiqi reimbursements which can reach astronomical sums if the borrower happens to miss out repeatedly and we keep payments henceforth in their advertising these lenders are obliged to mention the cost on a yearly basis the a.p.r. or annual percentage rate. for the payday loan from the money shot takes care of like that imagine the. nozzle name calling brilliant that just made today my payday come to the money shell swing two hundred pounds and the visit money shot the t.v. now the cash bank account that was so simple. they just make it so we say in the a.p. oh my god look at the a.p.r. . now. imagine how many have to pay that. cost
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just. one thousand two hundred twenty three point six percent and you dissented right. through the calf well one certain turned twenty three point three. or shrubbery every hundred pound your daughter. you five back. but just over a thousand pounds. it low shocking to consider. when i was working i actually know a man that got so badly and get younger. and. i should've remembered all that when i started getting into debt and i didn't because . your patterns. you get a gift and you pass it. and your fear bigger and you panic more and you panic more
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new panic. or has that stopped. growing get from the white there are people signing agreements for literally thousands of percent a.p.r. so what they're boring and paying back it's it's crazy really and it's caused a lot of problems for a lot of people when you're in a crisis you go where you need to go to do what you need to do to make ends meet if you've got children in you need to put food on the table then you're going to go to one of these lenders people often say well why would she why would you borrow at such a high rate of interest but when you're desperate desperate things and the argument has always been washed surely for those people who are the worst off in society those are the people that should be able to benefit from the best rates of lending but the industry has never been like.
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in each french administrative area like here in strasburg in one hundred eighty nine years law required the setting up of a household debt commission which meets twice a month. and . you can never just say down there is in the form. on their ten songs at home. and i think. same with the redskins so have not their father have a one time down from the medical quiz and i've known do nothing i wanted it to
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settle and they can get us difficult some of them have some cycle. between. the two little clean believe it or not you can both be there to. see him so you can use opals me. if i'm also have. the administrative staff of the commission secretariat compare is orses and charges so as to evaluate the ability to repay if the balance is positive the commission negotiates a reorganization of the debt with the creditors usually a reduction of monthly payments either by extending the duration of the loan or by lowering the interest rates currently around one situation in three is deemed irremediably compromised with no prospect of improvement in such cases the debts are cancelled so that the person does not remain indefinitely in debt to offer them a second chance as it were
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a fresh start in life. some dream of taking this further and to collectively cancel debt in the spirit of the people you believe are the kings of mesopotamia who wiped all the tablets clean at regular intervals to bring back to the city those who had fled their creditors. it strikes me that if democracy is to mean anything if money is simply a series of promises we made to each other democracy means that everybody gets to weigh in on decision just a few central bankers who are not disinterested. so i think a jubilee would be a way of bringing home to people are solutions all problems but it would be a way of saying look we could have hit reset any time these aren't real things these are things that we agree with each other we could we could do it otherwise so a jubilee would want to kick us into consciousness of what the world we're in is really like the. right kind. zeus has set up a nationwide coal center financed by most of the banks and lending establishment which some clients in financial difficulty can call.
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leprosy. that they can do she simply want to priest known to israel and to panel show him in the. community with the kids. oh please you know you get when you get when you get. to compete we don't need we need. is the issue in the sense of some point we're missing from supreme until some progress on them such as. they suppress some new recruit to suppress sunday. and the defense witness to the friday training school that he will join if you go to put it if you put it up you know what if it is you could not let them know this is going to sway the kids it was only those and
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she says she will do more until you get the. idea is that there would be jumping out that doesn't make. me doesn't see this what he wants is that other people other than this is also a story with the whole bill of a new war. through a wall street. still tell us that he knows that she's a. constituent traumatized normally gets in front of the. people so only doubles for some people their bets on wall sources social some president bull market recount do talk more as well. because. mark my innocent watch. this i don't know if they will do much. it will stop bad place manage it better that it will be at. least volatile. i don't share. their quest i thought. because the system could issue
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a small total. to do me beat you to it in this is part of the miss you. all or. to see you need f. you know seek father. maksim to is a repentant before he worked as a financial advisor for a large insurance company but one day his life changed radically he was violently assaulted by an angry client not even his customer and social welfare which was in the throes of restructuring took months to pay his sickness benefit so he went under financially before meeting crazy use. the minister would just because she just as you say.
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more. you. do. so for more. from a christian. also in your. ear. if. you're lucky you. can park your bike because there were. no cars on
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the. part of the work for them because part of the neighbors did turn away. but they got no where they could be that we. have no way to get a choice so there's one going to be zero point. zero six pounds up the. hill you see oh so this christmas the or so but also you know so much of a lot of them it was just to give them a story that i can see because again no i have this idea i found it in the last class this week it up yes well that i mean it's almost like the idea of the always been the film was a field of. thank. you are a great story of how good you know and i believe we. might include you i've been in this house maybe if you say maybe. when you play.
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this sounds here. it's people. who are more into. space but i'm not gay but i still get past you know i'm a shut out of the i don't pee my stuff yet know how much i talk about it like i. thank you notes and such a simple blog saying. what to do social workers are so long. on tuesday just gets results and sings a wave good. bye wrist yes. that's right which way does one by one. pounds of bones that the drug was. to run is that
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the morning science journals on the months or if i was on i just did just to swing through the system urgent serious creatures to slug the drug children to school but it's a very clever way to throw the cedars that. people drink one by one. here one by one it's mostly what i mean and he's not the way we want to we don't we're not again with assistance and he's in a way honestly something. we believe that they way to transform not only the people . from the say the disasters like these. because. you can feel the need for a process of empowerment these emotional wound and take it outside. and a technical one and then to take this political content that you need to fight not just to change your brother to change is just around. the serve.
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it's seemed wrong but old rules just don't. let me.
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get to shape out these days you can stick out again and in again because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the. desperate for a single purpose. they have a super. star training very young. eight months of intensive school. raps. and they save lives. but nobody got a yes no martial and. islamic states claims it was behind the month just
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a terror attack by the militants front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming i says so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me it was like yeah why don't we do something. you've. been told a number. of the cases. you challenge the status of these chinese hafiz whom. has got a good plan this is going to kill innocent let me show.
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the stories that shape the week britain's fifth terror attack that she sees thirty people injured in a bomb blast from the london underground the second man is now under arrest. film yang fuzz a ballistic missile over japan after the international community hits north korea with sanctions and.


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