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inside a character. exploring things about yourself that you have more doubt you're letting kind of humanity for flow through you through the way you're a vessel for other things i've been born at first got offered the role it was just there they want you to consider playing the president in this movie and i say it is a comedy so i couldn't believe that i was a person to. my son's an actor now larry he's twenty four years old these that been in for movies in a t.v. show and he's doing well but we're in this movie together and kids unbelievable plus being inclusive and in these times i think that's a hard concept but he always said you can always draw the circle the little bit wider you know you have our family but we can always include some one more so all next on larry king. while the larry king special guest is bill paul monk one of hollywood's finest bill
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is known for starring in timeless films like spaceballs the accidental tourist cast for him of course independence day his nose role alongside jessica biel in the drama series the cinema airing widens days at ten pm on the usa network that is already a runaway hit as will come to. those out of the blue i got a letter inviting me to look at the parts by the writer. it was a book. and their excitement in the dead depth the did the german novel for jessica's company as you developed it but the part of the detective who was somewhat of a small town from upstate new york and i'm from a small town. there get my number and this is about a woman who goes. day and kills people. well it's kind of she one person
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so she is the least likely person to you would expect in this small town in there on a public beach and she has a one year old child her husband's there and then someone's playing their music very loudly in the next blanket over and she's. a switch gets hit and she takes the knife she has and kills them and then doesn't want to contest it she said she's guilty doesn't want to lawyer send her away and in the small town of so traumatized by the event dates are up for that but i as a detective have another idea that something bothers me about it also i work to try to unpeel the onion that was there not about the part. what is it good about you. think it's. you know for me he's caught a lot of different aspects of it and somebody who is himself a little bit of
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a mystery to him self and you know i think a good noir are good stories like chinatown or wherever the detective is really looking for himself in a way. you know here's a clip from the sinner let's watch. who are not mentally ill insane people they have motives for what they do that they hide it or not and me coming there is not going stop until i hear something out of you that makes sense. there is someone out there who knows something. maybe its friends who are when your family. they get t.v. cameras following them every minute of the day because of you and there is. a good school give them there for the rest of their lives with no explanation for
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what you did. i met frankie on july third. or she liked what she said testy and she is a good person to other people she's respect for the creative in or she thinks a lot about scripts which she's you know working in the center part and has that honor and as well as you know trying to produce as well but she's there it was a. great it's been a great shoot i just finished shooting on wednesday so i just got back to l.a. tonight the season one you know we started day air while we still shooting so it
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was an immediate success we surprised you know i haven't been that much television you know but i thought. you know there's a lot of product out there there's a lot of stories about crime and everything else what's going to distinguish us we'll see and it was a great success and sold for three weeks you know so and built audience which is rare i'm told so it's going to come in season two yeah there's a big mystery because it and you don't know don't know and the whole thing now does it in season one season one has a conclusion you know it does cases kind of brought to a close i guess in a way it's a sow's question of whether the next season would be ambros my character in another situation other aspect i think yes one idea that they're working on is you read the book you know the writer asked me not to read it he said do your part is kind of
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different in that was the biggest invention i think for the series of the sinner and so he said don't read it so i have a copy of it and i'm going to start reading and now that we're done shooting you know we always talk in roles about women aging. men as they get older are parts difficult to find wow. on this one i had to sign a new deal clause larry a what a nudity clause meaning meaning at sixty three i didn't expect that to do any more of those you know that's where when you get a job and you have to show some skin you know they are obligated to have a contract of how much skin and i will have to show nudity in this there's a new d.n.a. it's not totally new d.n.a. ends up being kind of benign but you know they want you to sign up for and i thought wow the last one i did in these few decades but you know talk about the rules for men i never imagined that there's something this interesting you know
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where he's a very complicated character with you know sexual relations with a. couple different people and it's very complicated. out there but you know do you see scripts all the time yeah there's lots of different kinds of things coming up going to be doing two parts in november october one is just a movie called cheney. j.b. dick cheney would you play i play nelson rockefeller did you ever meet oh i did did you interview on i never interviewed him but i met him at a convention. well my father was a rockefeller republican you know remember that term all they meet in a phone booth now. you still get excited above the job was the love that i think oh yeah what propels you would keep should go i think there's some kind of.
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you know when you're inside that bubble and you're actually. you know inside a character that you're exploring things about yourself that you have more doubt sometimes you know and i think there's a sense of. you're letting kind of humanity feel flow through you in a way you're a vessel for other things if you make yourself available always you a break well you know i think i had kind of being one two punch with the breaks one was getting a part in ruthless people which was my first movie. and that with danny de vito and bette midler and it was just stare at that was the small part but it was memorable and that was the second break was mel brooks saw it and spaceball spaceballs how did you get that part because mel is crazy while i love a man known for years i know you guys go just like working with him you know wild
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eyes while out of the you know it creatively i think like on a genius level as own thing how he puts it he is so bright and he in and came to see me in a play i thought and looking back now i realize how strange that is that a film director would come to see you in a play think about casting you you know but. and then later i worked in alice i worked with and i did scenes with her and then so bozo with spaceballs of fun shoot oh my gosh there was a big get over we had the first sequences out in the desert you know with the little people that planned the danks you know and my god mel riding around in the doomed buggy to get out of the set you know it's crazy. i tried to i wish i had a very busy guy but you know we had
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a the masters of cinema award you know and so. you just did a standup in vegas two nights really when did you see it no but i sort of advertised it was because mel as you know as i was known like them told me the independence day of i was the biggest grossing movie. huge hits and as you know because we. invaded my show we invaded your show. jeff gold bloom and the director of roland emmerich and you know i have so fond of you play two presidents. one on a television show really hissed c s i was a guest on in that interview you on the set bets right sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue very good and then of course independence day what's how do you approach being president well i always you know. think about.
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it oh i remember when i first got offered the role it was just there they want you to consider playing the president in this movie and i said it is a comedy because i couldn't believe that i had i was president should material. the good talking with roland about it he said you know it's really about how you triangulate with other people that if there's another conversation in the room those two people are always triangulating with the president in you realize those there he's always there i love them in the room. independence day was a roaring hit to expect that no no that was an unexpected thing remember that year was it was in in january they were talking about the movies coming out that summer and they listed it was twentieth of twenty movies they talked about that was the last movie on the list barely made the list and then they had a great ad campaign you know july second they came july third they attacked the
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july fourth the day we fought back and that you know bumped it up and so it would became this thing that was highly anticipated in. then the whole publish the around the world well that was you know quite confusing for people a lot of thought i was the president as they. are. what do you think of the current president of united states well it's these are a lot of you know unusual times i think where really you know in a crisis as a country we're looking at divisions that have never looked at so deeply before and they've never been driven so far apart different sides it's going to be a long conversation to come out of it always your fault the things. in a glad my father's know i have to see it i think it would have really discouraged him as a moderate republican he was a moderate republican you know there's a rockefeller would you go up in western new york state small town he was
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a doctor but he loved the republican convention on t.v. you know he was all. love worsening aware and listening to south of rochester new york which was a small town that. it's mentioned in the last paragraph of the last tycoon you know a scottish show on novel where a character gets off the train because he wants to get lost in that city in hornell new york or you know cornell with h.j. fix on the corner not cornell no it's a big railroad hub where they fix the steam engines so when we were telling him who might build coleman want to trade places with for a day how about his funniest fan encounter the answers to these questions and more in a game of the if you only knew will be right back with the great. guys i made a professional is powerpoint artsy america the greater media landscape. and on
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laughter all right we are a solid alternative to the we don't skew liberal or conservative and as you can see it is bar graph. either talking at lebanese talking at righty oh there you go above it all look at world. greatly like. me took me way more time and i care to admit. with bill pullman the airs whedon's days at ten pm on the usa network is set to star in the battle of the sexes a movie about that famous tempests match between billie jean king and bobby riggs bobby riggs i interviewed both of them leading up to that emma stone and steve cohen you play who jack kramer were you familiar with jack curry the great tennis
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player who was the writer graeme you covered that but he was the he was feeding number one and then he began head of the u.s. lawn tennis association then a color commentator with howard cosell so there's someone playing i would howard is playing howard his appearances are done digitally you know getting yes it's phenomenal i can play fifteen some of your own scenes with him i'm not in those scenes no but some of the other some of the girls women on the team tennis team have scenes with them as i remember jack did not like billie jean king and he were all in water and for billie jean jacques was the male chauvinist pig and their big. you know and just reason then jack was about by all accounts a reed is the bridge where the greatest guy in the world but for some reason they'd those two and the night before the big match billie jean says i'm not going to play
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if jack is the color commentator so it's good stand obviously in the film good i really like it i am so surprised that everybody all the cast is great moments it's not a simplistic you know empowerment movie or an ammo play tennis she does everything in this movie i find it it's a brave performance you know because billie jean came out after. that whole thing but she was in the closet and wrestling with it in the in the movie has all that in it as well as the great tennessee which is a husband's name was larry yes yes jean king it was confusing because bobby riggs had a son named larry and my son plays that part my son's an actor now larry he's twenty four years old he's the been in for movies in a t.v. show and he's doing well but we're in this movie together and it's unbelievable we
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don't get there but then we're going to go both go to the film festival for you know way to syria oh we're going to play a game of if you only knew the producers through these questions i just strolled muchas funniest fan encounter funny asked fanning well. i think the idea of the scariest you know you ever made if that's that's not it was funny maybe later but at some point but i was doing appearance on the kelly and regis show you know and they were down in orlando florida in the heart of the summer and they had this thing where you come down a gauntlet line of fans that are there cheering and everything in the new walk upon this podium and i'm shaking hands and bob obliging and then also in this hand comes through and it's got a glove with the fingers cut off and it's just the it's a glove over winter glove in the middle of the summer and grabs my hand and won't
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let go and i'm thinking oh no this is when i'm going to see a gun are what's going to happen and it was a guy and said i love newsies and newsies was the movie i did it's a musical movie at about the orphan boys who delivered newspapers of the turns century and in the movie they cut off all their fingers and so this family saw frazey they had the glove there and i thought all it's not an assassin it's or and biggest risk you ever took. biggest risk ever to recall you know think. i was livin in montana you know and i said i got to go to new york city and try to be an actor and that place we'd most likely find you on your day off. i love my orchard you know i malise you know eleanor should have an orchard and
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hollywood of terrorist up those sides and you know california is unbelievable for growing things if you could play one person dead or alive to lunch who would it be . oh man well i'm filled with nelson rockefeller now because they you know i'm going to play him in this movie coming up and i just met his son mark couche in his fifty's and he told three hours talking about what he was like you know he was quite. a dynamo you know and his vision of what it was to be a public servant was pretty impressive standing on a desert island what three things do you bring with you. oh man i would probably. i bring a shovel because they're like digging up plants and plants around so i can get my little orchard going you know and i probably bring. a break bring in
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a copy of. donald cole ross preeti his book trees the eastern new united states which is just this great classic naturalistic count of pullman you're a renaissance man. best piece of advice you ever got. bees of advice they ever got my mother you know she always said she has she was a big about inclusive being inclusive and in these times i think that's a hard concept but she always said you can always draw the circle a little bit. weiter you know you have our family but we can always include some one more you know as odd as they can be we can always drop what on earth today. is there a role you regret turning down. though you never want to mention that because somebody played that part and you don't want to feel like oh i got it and i turned well let me ask you this was it a hit yes it was
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a really great movie. it was i don't know if it was turning down or i couldn't do it because they had another job but it was fargo i really i think that's one of the best movies ever made and that was the part that bill macy played and i think i had another you know it something else was there and i but that is you know one of those movies that will stand the test of time when you sort it would just think. yeah i felt like i can't you know regret i think regrets are good when you have something that you did do and you regret it better than what you didn't do you know so many you trade places with for a day. i would trade places for a day. usually somebody to to. to learn there's a great. you know naturalist name richard campbell who works down
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in florida at the town hall garden and i'd love to trade places with you know it's a superpower you wish you had a superpower oh my god i guess levitation like to be invisible invisible. as. some social media questions read a stevens on the larry king now blog always like to work with mel brooks were you intimidated by him at all. you know i got to just think about this this about a month or two ago the new york times asked me to do a piece write a piece and i wrote a note john my relationship with john candy and in that movie because he was to me very often troll guy you are good it's a great sense of humor so you need gentle giant canadian canadian for. and mel was working with them and there was that those times where i thought oh my
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god these guys are so funny effortlessly funny and i didn't come from comedy john and rick ran a scam from got him out you know from the no log that person jay z. he just knew everything about you know he talk about you know when like what color is one name of a color is funny and it's a purple you know just like everything he we analyzed for what genius nancy stands on the larry king male blog is there a chance we could see another independence day film. well that we did the sequel and it i die i did it so i don't know if i'm going to come back in it but hopefully somebody else will messy barry on the larry king. al broad did you get the chance to meet jessica biel husband justin timberlake if so was he is cool and funny in person as he seems. yes he's a good guy is
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a good guy as any i mean it's it's really he's that's a pretty. tried and true assessment of justin because he's good father good husband he's living his life so creatively he's taking on a little good singer the actor great actor. fifi and you on twitter do you plan to return to the theater. they get tempted you know and i i. did the goat advert all the new play. you know is a really high point in my life and like the two thousand and i've tried to do a play every two or three years after that and see actors media. you get to do your own editing and all these work must be great to do. you know i was lucky to do a series of his plays. at corrie on the larry king now blog do you ever have the
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privilege to work with or get to know bill paxon if so what was he like. you know it's. already drama to you how did that happen that they were i think it's the plosives b.p. bill pullman bill packs that you know that start is out about the same age about same age you know yes and we did a movie together that's roger corman movie clearly yes ahora it was scary it was in that as a round of like jacob's ladder and altered states it was a mind trip. thing and it is called brain dead and i have a picture of bill and i that i have in my workshop in montana. and of us hugging and. i was in it in some kind of surgical thing but and i was in touch with him and his wife and i went up to visit
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a minnow why is he sick. you know i really had was in a touch with them for the last couple years and i think it was really sudden it was not expected. terrence morgan on facebook what do you think is your most under-rated role today. because the questions you get on your site there. you know i always i'm fond of the orphans the weird ones that nobody else like during the thing you know and some of you know i did a movie called zero effect with jake kasdan and that has its own following strong following their oath of zero effect with ben stiller and i is a kind of modern day sherlock holmes watson story and he was my i played the kind of the zero this great private investigator who's addicted to unfettered means and you know but it was a great great movie and jake is very son and i had met him on the sets of
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doing a couple of larry's movies and he wrote the part for me jane vesco on facebook is there a historical figure you'd like to play on screen. i just have done a couple i did. ralph yarborough somebody is not believe the son of a senator or a arbor alexa's woody harrelson plays l.b.j. this is coming out in the end i don't know november and they've been waiting for that along rob reiner rob reiner each record to direct it and leave i would wait until it is for of yes they've held it in the can on our own i think it's really good movie if you are bros the liberal left of lyndon johnson you know they class and they were both there the day kennedy yes they were in the motorcade and we recreated that motorcade and you did guess with jennifer jason leigh played late
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plays lady bird in woody and it was the tories a kennedy on the morning is less morning he had to arbitrate to get ralph to get in the car because ralph thought that l.b.j. was corrupt you know but you have to have a southern accent no no i well yes i did yes i did. i wished i was short he was short i couldn't get over that but there i tried to do everything else because there's some good you tube stuff on him so that he was someone i did play that i really admired because he was a great environmentalist and all so important for civil rights and finally mary gave me on the larry king melbourne to give not acting what do you think you do. well i think have probably be an orchard to steal you know. things feel so good doing things to my guests builds home and be sure to see this center airing what those days attorneys doing on the usa network will also be starring in battle of the sexes out september twenty second can always find me on twitter at kings
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things i'll see you next time. led to. all the fear we don't need to. everyone in the world should experience the job that you get all the old the old. the old according to just. come along for the ride.
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to be. a heavily outnumbered group of russian military police were powerless surprise attack by terrorists in syria. thousands gather in barcelona to protest against spanish police arresting catalonia junior economy minister as madrid turns up the heat over the region's coming independence referendum. trump slams iran syria and north korea in his first speech at the u.n. general assembly but its overall tone sounds remarkably similar to the speeches over his predecessors. in america we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone i do not.


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