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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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a heavily outnumbered group of russian military police repelled a surprise attack by al nusra terrorists in syria. thousands take to the streets of boston learned to protest at the arrest of fourteen officials madrid's latest bid to prevent the upcoming catalonian independence referendum. and c.n.n. is reporting donald trump's former campaign chairman was wiretapped by the u.s. government just several months after the same network poured schooled on the president's claims the secret service had been snooping on his team.
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you're watching l.t. international line from our moscow studio with me in india today welcome to the program. a small group of russian military police stationed in syria have been caught in a terror ambush according to the defense ministry they managed to repel fighters despite being surrounded and heavily outnumbered and this is some of the latest video of russian strikes targeting al nusra positions as part of the air support for ground forces said one of the main goals of the terrorists was to capture the unit operating inside the zone of deescalation. for ports on the latest from syria . the rebel offensive in north hamad was apparently huge in magnitude supported by tanks by artillery by personnel carriers and joined by hundreds and hundreds of jihad fighters in violation of all established and deescalation deals in northern
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in. a few details of the rebel offensive. russian military says. around and kept. russian military police monitoring the deescalation. tentative in the area apparently it devolved into a ferocious fighting the group of the group of russian military police just twenty nine people were rounded and outgunned nevertheless they held their own. as a result of the ambush a platoon of military police numbering twenty nine people was trapped for several hours and was forced to repel enemy attacks despite being outnumbered the russian military police units are said to have withdrawn without casualties the syrian military has gone on the counterattack supported by the russian air force as well as the syrian air force they say they've killed more than eight hundred fifty
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hardest fighters the eleven tanks full armored personnel carriers as well as dozens and dozens of pickup trucks and. blunting the significant rebel offensive. says this was initiated by the united states. to distract the. he did in its fight against isis which is going very successfully in the vicinity of the. province. honoring the russian military's claim the attack was instigated by american special forces the pentagon said u.s.c. that alice reza terrorist organization had not changed with this commentator abdel bari atwan gave us his take on the story they actually the american they have a plan b. don't want the syrian army to. which is very close to being iraqi border
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being don't want pool to to create or to allow some sort of connection between or perceived between the iraqi army and the syrian army in that part of syria but you sort of see that this is this is the most dangerous thing it seems that america they actually would like this boulder to be closed for ever and the same time they don't want to let the syrian army took control there is simply because it feeds it has gas fields and also it is very strategic position and they see the army there is all war this will be the last war on the syrian territory so maybe the americans they would like to prolong this war well as long as they can. to spain now where tensions over the upcoming independence referendum in catalonia are reaching boiling point in the latest developments an eight hour standoff in
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bath between police and protesters ended with officers abandoning their attempt to enter the office of the region's pro independence party apparently without an official warrant. this comes after fourteen catalan officials were arrested by authorities the region's president has branded the move as coordinated a question and accuse madrid of putting in place a state of emergency in the region. over the the year i stop objective we do know the cattle and government has been subjected today to a coordinated aggression committed by the police forces directed by the spanish interior ministry the objective has been to stop the cattle and society to express themselves freely and didn't peace on the first of october this aggression is outside of the law it damages the state of law and all of the constitutional guarantees it also damages the european union bill on human rights in the last few days and particularly today the spanish state has suspended the self rule of catalonia and has put in place
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a state of emergency. here as has been widely criticized by the public with titles of taken to the streets of protest that could janice colace and i think this has been covering the protests for us. was we are in the center of the matter right now is taking place in the heart of arcelor not think it can be our way thousands of times are under siege you are invited to participate during these mourning because of the pressure of the national government we remember that these morning what has to be the stuff that you came in to different places around the city looking for information and people there are friendly that will take place the first of october to see the sense of barcelona as it reacted spontaneously to what they say is an attack to their modesty and of freedom of speech. i came here today because i was born in
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a castle and my grandparents account salon's my languages the catalans and all that i am is here in this land and today this land is attacked by all the democratic ways possible from the spanish state. push me but it hit forty years ago we had a dictator today we have another actually there are quite a few in the government see but i mean this is a ripper. i couldn't believe it when i saw the news so we left everything in clean here but i think it is a really important moment and we should be here in the streets we're sending in peaceful message and we need to express ourselves ok ok i think that you must follow the laws of course but there's been a belief through of repression not so many years ago so action today like it was forty years ago is very dangerous i think that they are playing with fire. evening and it seems it will be a long night here in barcelona but not only here other cities like you do on our side and we're taking by see the sense of asking for the right of fourteen on the
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referendum on the first of october. despite the push for independence the country's prime minister to abandon what he called an impossible dream. a lot of their argument is that those in charge of the cattle on government who are the protagonists in this challenge to our call existence i ask them to seize in their illegal activities they should abandon their objectives they now know that this referendum cannot be organized it was never legal all of the met it is now no more impossible dream what is wars' the xcuse that some seem to have found to deepen this bleed that they have provoked in the guy the landfill sites in. madrid has used a range of measures and attempt to stop the referendum from taking place it declared the upcoming vote illegal and conducted numerous raids to seize pro referendum material currently more than seven hundred men under investigation over their
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support for the vote and most recently madrid's announced plans to take control of catalonia budget in order to ensure money won't be spent on referendum purposes. a member of the barcelona city council believes the international community should be stepping in to prevent trade abusing the region. they don't want to latest vote but people are voting with their feet they are actually crossing the street going over to wherever the intervention has taken place and defending the institutions from the street massively this is an attack on the block recy this is actually a state of exception we're the military police are intervening in the normal democratic functioning of the catalan institutions and this is why our people are on the street blocking the entrance to some of these institutions saying that
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whoever enters will be able to come out unless the people suffering right now and in the street allow them to come out and we ask the international community to intervene and stop this abuse this abuse on the catalan people on democracy in catalonia and in europe in general this concerns all of us because right now it's catalonia tomorrow it could be the rest of spain or you in other places in europe. donald trump's former campaign chair was wiretapped by the u.s. government both before and after the end actions c.n.n. is reporting and i was just six months after the president with months of claiming his residence was trapped attacked him and has learned that investigators wiretapped former champ campaign chairman paul made a fort under secret court order both before and after the twenty six thousand election welcome to obama tapped my phone ireland population president trump
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to recap in march the president tweeted that he had learnt obama wiretapped him at trump tower c.n.n. as this was done because his campaign was yet again suspected of quote having ties with russia. from a campaign chat poll demanding the justice department immediately probe the obama administration's actions and reports. trump's former campaign manager may have been wiretapped by the f.b.i. c.n.n. citing its sources says that paul man a fourth was wiretapped before and after the u.s. election under a warrant issued by the foreign intelligence surveillance act this sounds serious but remember how no one took trump seriously after he claimed he was tapped where is the proof i mean it was an idiotic move to anyone here disagree he wasn't going to hold anybody radionic where to get these ideas where is he getting his information we have a quote ridiculous unquote president well now it turns out that perhaps donald
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trump wasn't losing his mind after all especially when you take into account that paul man a fourth has a residence at trump tower now the c.n.n. report about the f.b.i. spying on man a fort could of course be wrong but if it isn't it suggests that lawmakers from both parties and leaders of the intelligence community misled the public i have not seen any evidence that this is occurred intelligence committee has not seen evidence of this is occurred what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true there was no such wiretap to be mounted against the president the president looked at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign they can't talk about wiretapping or trump scandals but up throwing russia in there somewhere the c.n.n. report suggests that data collected from spying on paul man afore it shows that he encouraged russia to help out with trump's campaign the spokeswoman for russia's
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ministry of foreign affairs says she can't wait to hear what comes next do you see russia's role you're right to legitimize their legal actions without this external factor it would be a new watergate but with this foreign madly the. story was sent on the alley of national security the finale will be spectacular can't wait to see it now there's a lot of contradicting claims from a lot of high ranking people at this point there's a lot of key players involved obama trump manna for the democrats the republicans and the russians now paul man a fourth says he wants an investigation to help clear things up but it could easily have the opposite effect cable up and artsy new york. hollywood likes to crack down on russia for this break.
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welcome back to the program hollywood star morgan freeman has targeted russia in an unusual video for its oppose it meddling in the u.s. presidential election we have been attacked. imagine this movie script of former k.g.b. spy angry at the collapse of his motherland plus of course the real big lead he sets his sights on his sworn into the united states. stands by and this is no. eclipse promotes the committee to investigate russia and ukraine created by artists but question marks are being raised over who is behind the project is daniel holkins takes
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a closer look. hollywood legend morgan freeman is those stranger to dramatic movie scripts like this one welcome to the cia's course at a time of the creasing tension and it is going to. america we're going to listen to. strangers we suspect the truth playing a cia director at the center of a tense standoff between the usa and a hard line russian president sound familiar it seems the boundaries between hollywood fantasy and real life politics are increasingly blurring indeed freeman himself supported hillary clinton's presidential bid i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. to law school you could have joined a high priced law firm but in spirit she worked to reform to canal justice in south carolina her life's work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency now he's waving to the russian election hacking scandal his latest video
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is part of a new initiative called the committee to investigate russia a lot of pretty big names from the film and media industry such as hollywood director rob reiner teaming up with the government elites as if the multiple investigative committees already looking into alleged russian meddling weren't enough here's a team of true patriots the media does talk about it a lot and for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be penetrating into what we what i refer to as the real americans i mean patriotic americans that wave the flag and speaking of patriots rob reiner has made it pretty clear what he himself thinks of donald trump supporters how do you explain the millions and millions of people who actually like would be here from donald trump and are taking messages and orders from us and the media how do you explain that what was there there are a lot of people who are racist my. position is clear here's another member
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of the committee a familiar face to those following. the russia us election hacking saga james clapper former director of national intelligence investigated moscow's meddling but didn't find enough evidence to prove collusion between the trump campaign and russian foreign nationals but he's still convinced the russians did it after all it's in their blood the russians who typically. genetically driven to co-opt. purgatory to. gain favor or whatever so we await their latest findings perhaps one day they will be the subject of their very own hollywood blockbuster a climb in spokesperson downplayed the video noting actors can be misled ever once actually going on media analysts lying or added some context to the story. vladimir putin apparently seeking revenge for the collapse of his country against what the
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united states that caused this but then we have a group of people a couple of neo cons and intelligence head who said that the n.s.a. never spied and his people said that there was no wiretapping of of trump or anybody in his news group you had the individual mr frome who came up with that classic axis of evil and then you have the most preposterous cobbled together glued theory of how by virtue of this rivendell russia yet again somehow caused this election to be hacked or lost or whatever absolving hillary clinton of just losing it wasn't her fault and the sixty three or so american million americans who voted for drop they were part of a brainwashing some weird kind of telepathy that from the kremlin where people all the sudden found themselves like robots voting for donald trump for reasons they
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don't know why hollywood imbues certain people with this sunset of expertise and everything they are actor they play roles they inhabit positions that they're not they're almost chameleon and all of a sudden and given the opportunity to do so to become experts. that hollywood is far from the clamping down on moscow as us nor make has issued a bill that could belong russian broadcasters from being shown in the u.s. samir khan takes up the story. amendments was proposed by senator john mccain and could potentially create a major barrier for russian channels broadcasting in the u.s. it would not require distributors to carry content from television networks owned or controlled by the russian government the proposal is bundled into a defense spending bill if this becomes law it could jeopardize current contracts
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between russian channels and u.s. distributors could potentially impact our t.v. which broadcasts in the u.s. now to put this all in context r.t. has been the focus of a long running witch hunt in the united states back in january r.t. was singled out in an intelligence report which accused the network of trying to sway the u.s. presidential election in donald trump's favor the report however contained no evidence whatsoever only citing what's viewed as a negative reporting on hillary clinton r t is also a regular topic at senate hearings russia today a propaganda call them whatever are probably going to or the russian propaganda on steroids or again of the russian government i don't know whether average citizens find it more persuasive but. i'm afraid they do in the area of public diplomacy. each hour. it's also worth noting that there are several foreign governments who funded channels in the u.s.
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including france twenty four which is fully owned by the french government all jazeera owned by qatar also a b.b.c. which is funded by fees set by the british government but russia is the only one targeted so as always russia seems to be getting special attention. the critically acclaimed netflix drama nor course has crossed from friction to brit reality about softer one of the location manages carlos when yes portal was shot in mexico it's claimed portal had been scouting for new locations ahead of the show being sent from colombia to mexico in its upcoming fourth season the victim was found dead in his bulletin call in a remote part of a border state the area is considered a disputed for a number of notorious drug cartels speculation is rife the murder of the t.v. executive is at the hands of gang members.
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yet it's not the only controversy the creators of narcos of selves in roberto escobar the brother of one of the world's most infamous drug lords recently slammed the use of his all his brother's imagery in the first two seasons of the series he warned the streaming service of dangerous consequences the escobar family has had issues with the series before. and. doesn't have any real experience in acting does he have any real experience in making kane transaction. and would never do to survive in the jungle or colombia i have done that.
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was my offer to provide them with the factual information from my point of view somebody who was there but they were not interested in that. live. escape was planned from when the jail was constructed my father ordered them to leave a few bricks loose i would have liked the show's version to not be so sweet. around the need to get you will find us all over social media on facebook twitter and of course our website i'll be back at the top of the outside to stay with us. local blog selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that. the new socks for the tell you that
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celebrity gossip and tabloids by file to. talk about advertising telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we all love watching. german interests in your opinion firsts are really deeply intertwined with each other i think the the the world. thinking about. having these interests that truly opposed to those of other nations to one side goes toward the opposite coast abuse that's really exactly the world. it isn't relevant to.
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this day and which will mean a minute i can only get a little closer to the muslim mass animals than you but i. know both of us better get some kind of sign of this yes or see a dump on a hand just in the center of the south. where the blue he won't get sick good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. becky so i. know. when i i started
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she was just really. really . a strange story out of florida this morning where the mother of three children drove into the ocean off of daytona beach. the pregnant mom spoke of demons before driving into the atlantic. police say they've never seen anything like
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this. the tiny city of newburgh new york is trying to come to grips with the deaths of three young children who died when their mother drove them into the hudson river among the victims are two year old lance pierre and his eleven month old sister cops we should take nothing for granted not our loves nor on life's our families or friends even a sanity one minute all is well the next we're plunged into darkness unable to process what is ringing and what is mercury's. autumn stringin realized this old too young is the summer after i turned eight she should not be in line and she knows it was the moment. that shattered trust. you know how do you know how to trust.


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